The most beautiful tattoos under the chest: Women's and men's options in the photo

Every year the popularity of body art increases with incredible speed. Tattooing is becoming more feminine, as natal drawings more and more often began to put themselves a representative of the weaker sex. Today the variety of drawings for tattooing is enormous. Someone chooses to be a small modest tattoo, and someone, on the contrary, prefers a large and bulky patterns. Today are quite relevant tattoo under the breast, because they can easily be hidden even under the light summer clothes. And on the beach such a picture will look great and sexy. Many women use a tattoo under their breasts to camouflage a post-operative scar or any other skin flaw.

Spectacular tattoo under the breast in girls

Tattoo under the breast is applied most often representative of the weaker sex. And each girl chooses her picture, which will correspond to her character and temperament and, of course, her mood. This can be a variety of patterns of Tibetan or Slavic motifs. Relevant will look tattoo, applied under the breast with an image of various flowers or leaves. Sexy and at the same time very gently looks under the breast tattoo inscription. Bright and extraordinary ladies choose to tattoo under the breast image of birds or animals.


Flowers always speak of femininity and romanticism. That is why girls choose their sketches for a tattoo.

The following options can be used:

  1. Wildflowers - Romantic, simple, in love.
  2. Tulip - Belief in the future, good luck, symbolizes spring, awakening.
  3. Flowering thistle or burdock - Masculine austerity and firmness in a woman's body.
  4. A blooming sakura - youth, romance, the cycle of life.
  5. Magnolia - A symbol of self-respect and a willingness to sacrifice oneself for the benefit of others.
  6. Orchid - Grandeur over others, power, desire for power;
  7. Jasmine - A symbol of eternal love.

Many flowers have colors in which they are painted by the master also have their symbolism. For girls, it is recommended to use natural shades.

Men's variants of tattoos under the breast

Although the tattoo under the breast implies the presence of the chest, that is, it is a purely female tattoo. But you can argue about it. Beautiful tattoos are also very common in the nudes of men. Wonderful tattoos in the form of inscriptions look original under the chest on the male body. But such inscriptions differ from the women's brutality and even to some extent aggressiveness in the style of the image phrases. Although a small phrase of a personal nature, located on the side, looks modest and intimate. Very popular in the male tattoo under the breast image of flying birds, in particular the image of an eagle. Still such an image can be, as the beginning, and the end of a complex tattoo, which captures a large area of the male body.

Useful tips, tips

Before you decide to stuff a tattoo, you need to carefully think about the place where it will be located.

Then the style and the sketch itself is chosen. According to the stylistics chosen by the master. Professionals often work in one or two directions. Someone prefers graphic, someone traditional and old school. That's why the work in the portfolio will be different.

After choosing a salon, it is important to make sure that the master works with quality and sterile materials during the session.

After the end of the work in the salon should give all recommendations for further care of the tattoo.

Beautiful tattoo of flowers under the breasts

For a tattoo with the image of flowers, the appropriate option for the application is the area under the breast. Such a tattoo turns out to be very beautiful. And that she will be gentle or defiantly bright, depends only on your desire. Floral pattern looks great as a monochrome and colored variations. Want to get a modest tattoo, choose a single small flower and place it on the side under the breast. A single rose also looks great. More vivid, but at the same time, not less gentle get a tattoo, made in color in the form of several buds. But in this case, it is necessary to choose dim colors. Large tattoo in the form of flowers will attract the attention of others in the beach season.


The sunflower has always been considered a symbol of life, good luck and longevity. In most religions, this flower is associated with love for God and the sunlight, refusing to worship dark, magical forces.

The tattoo under the sternum in girls with a sunflower is printed in compositions with insects, bees, butterflies or ladybugs. In most cases, a colored drawing is used, although there are sketches with black and white sunflowers printed on the outline of the plant.

Another option is the drawing by small multicolored squares of shades of yellow, orange and green, imitating a mosaic.

Tattoo under the breast: photo of large-scale natal images

Very often the tattoo is used in order to hide any skin flaws. Under the drawings you can hide burns, scars or scars from operations. Life situations may be different, and the appearance of scars in women overshadows further life. An experienced master with ease will correct this situation, beautifully composed picture, for example, starting it under the breast, dropping it to the navel and sexually leading behind the bikini line. But we must remember that it is strictly forbidden to apply a tattoo on fresh scars and scars.

Small tattoos under the breast

Want to get a miniature image on your body, choose a tattoo in the form of a flower. Such tattoo, can be executed in one color or it can be such a peculiar fireworks of bright, multi-colored stars. Utochno looks mini tattoo with a inscription, a heart or an insect, for example, a butterfly.

Specific meanings

A heart tattoo with a halo or angel has a special meaning. This is a religious image that means love for God. If a flag is used instead of the standard coloring, the symbol indicates patriotism.

With wings
A heart with wings.

The presence of other details may indicate personal preferences. For example, a heart and a cat's paws mean a liking for cats.

A heart with paws.

Tattoo under the chest on the side

Many members of the weaker sex choose for a tattoo under the chest image, which is placed slightly to the side. The most popular is the branches of plants. Apply the floral image from the center under the breast. Performing such a tattoo in color - get an original and bright picture. Beautiful and attractive looks tattoo in the form of a flying.

Tattoo of the heart under the breast

Tattoo in the form of a heart applied under the chest looks beautiful and sexy. Such a tattoo is preferred by women who refer to drawings, as to a certain symbolism and put in such an image a certain meaning which can be clear only to her.

What is the difference between the meaning of realistic and cartoon images

The realistic image has a more complex meaning, unlike the conventional one. It retains the meaning of the cartoon drawing, but such features as spirituality, vitality, optimism are added to it.

The anatomical heart symbolizes love, but less romantic and more profound. It is a connection between souls. The color of the tattoo reflects the nature of the relationship. The closer the shade is to red, the more positive the interpretation of the tattoo.

The anatomical heart is a symbol of life. It is a kind of amulet. In the figurative sense, such a heart is a backup. It helps to overcome obstacles without losing health and optimism.

Anatomical heart.

A narrower meaning of the tattoo - endurance and physical strength. Sometimes the drawing symbolizes openness. The person does not hide anything and is ready to communicate. The tattoo indicates the inability to conceive of something bad, purity of thoughts.

The image of the anatomical heart is a symbol of doctors and medicine. Tattooing is most often done by surgeons. A person who has undergone surgery or suffers from heart disease can put an image on his chest. It serves as a reminder of victory over death or the fragility of life.

The heart is a symbol of the medical profession.

Women's tattoos with an inscription under the chest

The tattoo inscription is very often placed under a woman's breast. The inscription can be done in any language. But mostly prefer such tattoos in Latin or English. There are representatives who choose Chinese characters. If you chose the inscription, be sure to take care of its accurate translation. You can depict a small saying of a famous person or an aphorism, applying it neatly in a circle under the chest. Or it can be your vital dates, the names of your closest people.

Tattoo of lace under the breast

Lace style images are becoming very popular today. It is a three-dimensional picture and looks as if your skin is neatly covered with a layer of lace cloth. Such a tattoo is usually done in large sizes and looks very realistic. When you look at a lace tattoo, you get the impression that part of your skin really consists of the unique fabric that women love so much.

Sketches of tattoos under the breast

Pattern tattoo sketches can be varied. It can be Gothic, Celtic and Slavic motifs. Such a pattern is allowed in different sizes: from a small drawing with a small amount of details to large-scale compositions. Among the sketches, you can easily choose the tattoo that is perfect for girls who love small tattoos or do it for the first time. Sketches of drawings made in color look wonderful and bright.


Watercolor is the best option for a romantic girl. Tattoos are done in a delicate, pink and blue color scheme with touches of yellow, green, and purple. Most often drawings are applied in the area of the solar plexus.

This can be a rose or other flower with "flowing" colors from the petals. Popularly traced the outline of an animal, most often a mythical elephant, deer, cat or wolf, on the pre-applied drops of paint with no clear outlines.

Tattoo under the sternum in girls. Photos, sketches and meanings: inscriptions with translation, small, beautiful, flower rose, heart, gothic

Beautiful tattoos under the chest

Choosing a tattoo to apply it under the breast, it is necessary to take into account the shape, size of the breast. And remember a tattoo is a drawing on your body, which remains for life. Therefore, when applying a tattoo, you need to consider the physiology of the human body. As your skin ages, deformation of the design is inevitable. Only when you take into account all these nuances, your tattoo will emphasize sexuality, femininity and will always be pleasing.


For women

For men