Tattoo linework - description, male and female tattoo designs, beautiful and stylish photos of works

To achieve the necessary level of exoticism, men and girls of all backgrounds choose fox tattoos. They are always the right mix of friendly and colorful.

Are you ready to get a tattoo that reveals your quick wit and potential talents? If so, a drawing of a fox can bring you tangible benefits. Fox tattoos are well-received in all sorts of social circles.

In pop culture, they have an affinity for suave older men, so authoritative gentlemen can cement their "silver fox" status with the right body art.

People who are proud of their red hair can also successfully combine it with a fox tattoo.

Asian mythologies and Native American religions are filled with various stories elevating the cunning rascal; therefore, people who are interested in mystical occurrences also regularly apply a fox tattoo to their body.

They are shy and playful critters, but there is usually more going on beneath the surface. In fact, they are true masters of deception and manipulation. If you appreciate these characteristics, the image of the fox is the most appropriate choice for you.

Each culture offers its own interesting take on the fox, so you can express yourself in different ways with these little guys.

History of Tattooing

As a style of body art, linework was formed relatively recently-just five years ago. However, more and more representatives of the modern generation are choosing it. This style can be confused with Dotwork, the main feature of which are geometric figures.
But linework gives more creativity to the tattoo, because it allows you to mix different styles and directions in the art of body painting. The word "linework" itself contains the English words line and work and translates into Russian as "line work" or "line work.

Most often the work done in the described style is performed in black, less often in red. Sometimes such tattoos look like Polynesian ornaments with some elements and details of realism.

The most famous master working in this style is considered to be Haiw Miklev, doing tattoos in Berlin. It is by his work that novice tattoo artists learn.

The main features of the style:

  • clear and concise features and lines;
  • The texture of the design;
  • a striking image that stands out on a certain part of the body;
  • details of abstractionism and ornaments similar to realism or avant-gardism;
  • Mandatory symmetry of the tattoo;
  • harmony of shape and size;
  • Mixing of different styles of tattooing;
  • red, black and blue colors predominate;
  • the contours of the figure of people;
  • floral and vegetal ornaments;
  • the presence in the image of geometric shapes and patterns;
  • a large selection of subjects.

Tattoos in this style look good in combination with Dotwork, blackwork, as well as with watercolors. The main rule of the style - the image should not be distorted or asymmetrical. All outlines must be of the same thickness and uninterrupted. Additional details help to express the main plot.

Division into styles and standard colors

As you may have noticed, the Fox tattoo has many different shapes, and a huge number of examples for inspiration. Tell us, do you have tattoos like these? Do you like foxes or do you prefer wolves? Remember, you can tell us anything you want in the comments!

So, if you want to know more about fox tattoos, in this article we have prepared the differences between them expressed in certain popular tattoo styles today:

Fox in the style of Abstraction

Abstraction as a style or a special method of expressing your own vision of the image of the fox through the prism of associations is not something surprising in the world of body art. The style allows unconventionally and more precisely express the character and inner world of the person who decided to apply it. In the tattoo is not necessary the classic red color, but it is easy to see the silhouette of the rascal, while the image does not necessarily have to be realistic.

Fox in the style of Watercolor

Tender images of a fox are the main calling card of the Watercolor style tattoo. Color patches of orange and red dominate the rest. In most of the works, there are no strict limiting contour lines. The images of the fox are good-natured, not aggressive. The Fox tattoo in the Watercolor style is more suitable for girls, smart, bold, bold, with boundless positive views.

Fox in a Geometry style

In most fox tattoo designs, the Geometry style is intertwined with the Watercolor style. A variety of geometric shapes made of contoured black lines contrast and look attractive on a bright red background.

Figures can also act as space limiters, forming the contour of the tattoo, participate in the modeling of the fox or additional elements of the composition.

Fox in Graphics Style

Graphics offers an extensive selection of fox tattoos in black and gray. Of course there are also colored analogues, but the vast majority of tattoos still belong to the classics. Even in spite of the absence of the fiery red color characteristic of the fox, the Graphic style captivates with its meticulous detailing of the appearance of the cunning predator. The narrow face is able to carry emotion and this is its unique uniqueness and distinction from other styles.

Celtic Fox Style

A very rare style, given the specific subject matter. The fox is more of a feminine symbol than a masculine, and Celtics is a style of warriors who are accustomed to act boldly. But in every rule there are exceptions - not having the crushing power of a fighter wins with cunning. And the image of agile, fast and cunning opponent perfectly suited to nimble guys thin build.

Fox in the style Linework

Tattoo of the Fox in the style Linework is built on a sense of harmony of smooth lines tattoo master. Important elements of the composition are highlighted by thick, as far as possible, contour lines. Secondary elements and internal lines inside the main parts are more thin - medium.

Black is traditionally used for the tattoo. If there are any shadows in the drawing, they are made as little noticeable as possible.

Fox in the Minimalism style

The essence of the fox in the tattoo style Minimalism is to apply the image consisting of several lines. It is like Linework, only a much truncated version, because of this tattoo is less noticeable and takes up very little space in area. It is also worth noting that they are inexpensive and serve more as a symbol than an artwork.

Fox in the Neotraditional style.

First of all - this colorful and spectacular style is the most popular for the Fox tattoo, it accounts for about 60% of all tattoos made with the sly predator. Secondly, the design has no gender differences and is equally suitable for both Asian variants and European counterparts. A stunning sense of color and its gradient is able to fully reveal the idea of the drawing.

Fox in the Newskool style

The fox is a popular character in animation. And what is the style of Newschool? That's right, the cartoon genre - where the red-haired rascal has a cute face and big expressive eyes. Style, like Neotradichnom abounds with color palette and originality staged composition. The character is usually endowed with a positive emotion, making the animal absolutely harmless and causing a smile.

Old Style Fox

The Oldschool Fox tattoo is not a trendy piece of body art. It's not even in the top twenty traditional old-school drawings. But a variant of the tattoo exists and they are applied by true fans - fans of the Rockabilly clothing style, which originated in America in the 50s of the last century.

The drawings contain contrasting bold black outlines. The image of the fox is represented in the form of a close-up of the predator's head.

Fox in the Oriental style

Oriental is a traditional Asian style, hence the fox in most of its variations is the heroine of Oriental stories. The style often uses the canonical for such works black background with characteristic curls, and the size of the area of application is the largest, occupying the entire surface of the back, arms, legs or chest.

The main recognizable features of the Fox tattoo in the Oriental style is an image with multiple tails, and their legend is seven pieces or a decorative white mask with red painting.

Ornamental style fox

Most works with a fox in the Ornamental style are models of the predator, consisting of patterns. It is very rare to find a background composed of ornaments or representing a mandala. Fans of the style prefer to decorate the fox with a pattern on the inside. Sometimes partly in the form of semicircles, sometimes presenting it as a complete lace weave.

Usually Ornamental uses the technique of dotwork and black paint. In the case of the fox, these rules do not work, it all depends on the imagination and preferences of the owner.

Realism style fox

We picked up color options, but take your word for it - black and white analogues of the fox tattoo in the style of Realism are no less delightful. Rascal in most works portray close-up with special attention to such an important detail as the eyes. They try to make them alive by imitating the effect of humidity, transparency and reflection glare on them. This is followed by tracing fur and the presence of shadows that create the overall image volume.

Fox in the style of Sketch

Fox tattoo in the sketch version Sketch - a graphic without meticulous detailing. The fox is portrayed quickly, in broad strokes, without correction of lines beyond the point of contact. All work is done in black. One of the underlying ideas of tattooing is the imperfection of the world, which means that the art of body art also falls under this definition.

Steampunk-style fox

It is very rare to see a Steampunk style Fox tattoo and as you can see in the picture is a fox with a characteristic attribute of the genre - a hat-cylinder, decorated with metal gears and closed-type glasses. The animal is humanized, dressed in clothing and carrying several characters. The Eye of Horus on his chest, and the punk sign on the left side of his cape.

The Steampunk drawings are mostly all in black and gray. This is not a very popular genre today and it has already taken its moments of fame.

The fox in tribal style.

Another rare phenomenon is the fox, consisting of black non-contiguous fragments, forming a peculiar pattern reminiscent of a crouching predator. The style has long lost relevance in animal imitations, but is still a success for men in the usual patterned themes.

Trash polka-dotted fox

Trash polka style combined with the image of a fox is not used in its pure form. It serves as a complement or decoration to the tattoo. In the works actively use elements of decoration - dots, spiral swirls, sprawling jagged stripes of contrasting colors.

The style cannot be called calm, it is wary, serious, can be slightly aggressive.

The most popular motifs and subjects

Linework style does not limit the imagination of either the master or the client. You can choose a drawing consisting of three black lines or simple geometric shapes (square, rhombus), or recreate images of various birds, animals and human figures on the body. Particular success and popularity among modern clients are:

  1. Cats or panthers. Such animals speak of a person's sexuality, his inner desire.
  2. Lion. Such a drawing will choose a person with obvious leadership qualities, sometimes aggressive, but with a powerful force.
  3. Portraits of people. At the moment the trend is the image of celebrities.
  4. Inscriptions. Usually for this kind of tattoo use black color, thin clear lines.
  5. Floral ornament. Such pictures are most suitable for girls, they emphasize their femininity, inner beauty and individuality.
  6. Abstract images. Also very popular in recent times. It is created by twisted figures and lines.
  7. Averters. Perhaps such a tattoo can help protect you from negativity from others.

The tattoo can be placed on any part of the body. The choice depends only on the personal preferences of the client and the size of the picture. Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance how the picture will look like.

Popular themes of the linework style

The most common linework theme is lions. At the same time, the effect of the presence of shadows is allowed in the images. Shadows from the dense gradient in the technique of graywash or consisting of dots in the style of Dotwork, do not spoil the tattoo in the slightest, but rather further emphasize the linearity of the schematic drawing.

Often tattoos are decorated with rhombuses hanging down on the lines. Sometimes the lines consist of dots, imitating gemstones on chains.

The works can also be supplemented with various geometric figures. Figures, particularly triangles, form their own intricate patterns and intertwining backgrounds.

Often in the images of animals and flowers can be seen the use of polygonal methods in the form of points, displaying the tops and lines connecting them. And all together creates an image remotely very reminiscent of modeling objects on computers in 3D.

Locations for linework tattoos

The choice of the part of the body where the tattoo will be placed depends on the size of the design. If you opt for a small size design, it is better to place it on your wrists, collarbones, feet, neck or ankles. Large images are better placed on the shoulders, chest, forearms, back, thighs and calves.

Tattoo, done in the style of linework, is great for people who keep up with the times, following fashion trends.

Plots of women's tattoos

Usually girls prefer natal images with floral ornaments, images of birds, animals, butterflies. Sometimes they choose a symbol that has great meaning for the fair sex. Tattoos for girls are distinguished by smooth thin lines. Most often they can be found on the wrists, shoulders or collarbones of girls. Such tattoos help to emphasize femininity and tenderness of their owner.

Plots of male tattoos

Men's tattoos, as opposed to women's tattoos are usually brutal and harsh. The images are dominated by kinks, thick massive lines. Most often, men wear tattoos made in black or contrasting colors.

Men's tattoos are characterized by massive images, so they are applied to the shoulders, chest or back. Drawings of lions, bear, wolf or eagle are very popular.

Of course, tattoos are suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of gender.

The linework tattoos, made in the direction of avant-gardism, are very popular. Usually the image consists of intertwining ribbons. Externally, it looks very much like a spring or a network.

Mainwork is a modern style, which is characterized by the novelty of solutions, unusual design, a mix of different techniques and unusual approach. If you choose an experienced master with a good imagination, your tattoo will look like a real work of art on your body.

Compositions with other elements

We must not forget that the fox by its natural nature is a predator, so to remove the negative message, malevolence and aggression, it is combined with all kinds of objects that are directly related to nature, such as acorns, leaves, berries, tree branches. These beautiful decorative elements can be used both in the upper part of the tattoo, and in the lower part at the same time.

Trapper is also combined with popular decorations - flowers, crystals, amulets. One of the most common is the Dreamcatcher.

In Asian versions, the Fox is endowed with a skull by tying it to its head with a rope. Supplemented with a Kitsune mask, indicating the magical features of the red beastie, which we wrote about at the beginning of the article.


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