Tattoo on the coccyx female - sketches and meaning for girls, photos

Coccyx tattoo a lion
Tattoo of a lion

Coccyx. Tattoo on a woman's lower back emphasizes sexuality. Depending on the image, it will enhance the feeling of vulnerability or aggression.

The figure should correspond to the structure of the body of the wearer, to accentuate the slender waist. The choice of the amount of work and its direction depends on the individual features of the girl's appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tattoo on the coccyx

Society is ambivalent about the tattoo on the coccyx. Some believe that such pictures are worn only by women of easy virtue, while others believe that the picture on the piquant spot makes its owner more sexy and attractive.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx for girls.

The custom of drawing on the body came to modern man from ancient times. Before tattoos became widely available, only tribal leaders, shamans and warriors had the right to wear them. In the XXI century with natal pictures girls of different ages not only decorate their bodies, but also hide various skin defects or scars.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls is painful. This is due to the fact that in this place are converging nerve endings, there is not enough fat and close to the surface are the bones and muscles.

Despite the hypersensitivity of the coccyx, many peoples consider it the basis for the health of the body. For example, in India, they believe that here is located one of the 7 chakras, and they call it "Mulduhara" or "root chakra".

Specialists believe that a tattoo below the waist has a number of benefits, among them:

  • aesthetic;
  • practical;
  • Wellness.

The picture on the coccyx looks beautiful and spectacular. Depending on the clothing, it may be visible to others or hidden under pants or a shirt. Some experts believe that a picture above the buttocks enhances a woman's sexuality and attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

From a practical point of view, the picture on the coccyx can hide the scar or skin defects. In addition, for those who do not like to wear underwear, you can use strokes and lines to put an imitation on the body, which will look out from under low-rise pants or a short T-shirt.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

Acupuncturists believe that the process of tattooing the coccyx is healthy. They attribute this to the fact that the needle, penetrating under the skin, stimulates the movement of energies in this place and removes stagnation and blocks. This area of the human body needs regular massage, and the process of applying a permanent drawing can be compared to this.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

To the disadvantages of the picture in the lower back, in addition to painful sensations when pricking, include the fact that the image requires constant care of the body. If a girl gains extra pounds, the tattoo will stretch and lose its shape and color. Also, it is not worth to put a picture in this zone for those women who have not yet given birth, because with the appearance of the child deformation in the pelvis can not be avoided.

How to choose the color of the tattoo

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls come in different colors and shapes. Choosing a sketch in the salon, the client can order a picture in a black and white version, and opt for a picture in bright or muted shades.

The color of the picture depends not only on the woman's wishes, but also on the style of application, and the client's skin tone. It happens that a person is suitable only for black and white or dark options. Masters note that the color, as well as the tattoo itself, can affect the emotional and physical health of the owner.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

Each shade has its own energy:

  • Evokes confidence;
  • Relieves mental tension;
  • Normalizes hormone levels.
  • Improves mood;
  • Fills with energy;
  • Excites the nervous system.
  • Creates a business attitude;
  • inspires confidence;
  • Makes you feel secure.
  • Stimulates creativity;
  • Strengthens thinking processes;
  • uplifts spirits.
  • Reduces appetite;
  • relaxes;
  • calms.

Despite the positive effect of most primary colors, overdoing it is not recommended, because some of them can cause the opposite effect. For example, an excess of red increases nervous tension and increases panic attacks. A lot of yellow on a body picture causes aggression and anxiety in others.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

Historians note that the first colored tattoos came to Europe from Asian countries and at first were not popular with the white population of the planet.

When selecting a picture and the color scheme in which it will be applied to the skin, it is necessary to remember that:

  • The process of applying color pictures takes longer than black and white pictures.
  • Achromatic designs cost less.
  • Colored tattoos are more painful to do, as the number of punctures increases.
  • Black and white images require correction less often than color ones.

In order for a beautiful and stylish permanent jewelry to appear on the body, you need to choose a good experienced master.

Tattoo size and style

On the coccyx tattoo for girls can be made by different techniques. To find the right style and size of the sketch, it is necessary to make a preliminary fitting. In this case, the master prints out the images of various shapes that you like, and the client in front of the mirror puts the suggested variants one by one, choosing the right one.

For a picture to fit into the person's energy and to be comfortable to wear it, experts recommend to feel the image and to choose the form that best suits the person's character. This is due to the fact that any picture can be inscribed in a simple geometric shape, which, like color, has its own energy.

A circle, for example, gives the bearer sensitivity and emotionality, and the square - hard work, perseverance and a love of order. The triangle is loaded with ambition, leadership and willpower, and the rectangle with curiosity and a desire to learn new things. A tattoo with a lot of zigzags awakens creativity and the ability to admire.

The size of the picture in the coccyx area depends on the client's wishes and the style chosen.

For small drawings, masters recommend styles such as:

  • "Minimalism";
  • "Miniature";
  • "Gravure";
  • "Old skool."
  • "New skool".

Working in the "Minimalism" style, the artist makes a minimum of lines and strokes on the skin. In most cases such pictures are black and white.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

The technique of miniature allows making a small full-fledged picture on the body with details, the size of which will not exceed 5 kopecks. Tattoo can be both in dark colors, and to attract attention with color.

The Gravure technique uses dark shades of paint. A drawing in this style will resemble the ancient work of a master engraver. The lines of the pictures are smooth, and the color does not go beyond the contour.

In the coccyx area are applied images and the technique of "Old Skool". The tattoo is characterized by bold black contour lines and dense colored sketching of objects on it. Bright colors and crisp lines attract the attention of girls to this permanent makeup technique.

New skool style appeared in the mid 80's and became popular with fans of comic books and cartoons. People with a good sense of humor applied fairy tale characters to the body, and the drawings themselves were slightly out of proportion. In today's world, the popularity of the technique continues to grow. Tattoos in this style are characterized by thin black lines and color transitions, where dark blue can smoothly transition to blue and vice versa.

For those who prefer brevity, experts suggest opting for the styles "Ornamental", "Linework" and "Ethnica". In the first technique, floral or leafy ornaments are applied to the bottom of the back. In this case, they usually use dark shades of ink, such as black, brown, blue or green.

The Linework style is characterized by painstaking work with lines. The image is made up of many fine strokes and dashes. Color of a tattoo is usually black or navy blue.

Technique "Etnatik" masters put on the selected area of the body ethnic drawings. In this case traditional motives of such peoples as Celts, Maori, Mayans or Polynesians are used as image. The color of the tattoo is more often dark. Drawings in these 3 styles occupy a large extension of the body.

Those who want a large image in the back and coccyx area, where there are different characters and objects, you can choose something from such styles as:

  • "Watercolor";
  • "Geometry."
  • "Steampunk";
  • "Realism."
  • "Neo-Tradishinl".

In the bright and gentle style of "Watercolor" girls prefer to do tattoos. The technique is suitable for drawing pictures of any volume and complexity. Watercolor permanent drawing differs from the others in the delicate shades of bright colors that go beyond the outline of the object and thin contour intermittent lines.

Using "Geometry," they create black and white drawings where an animal or object is inscribed in a geometric figure. The color of the tattoo is usually black. Masters note that girls of different ages often prefer geometric drawings.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

"Steampunk" - these are bright tattoos, occupying a large surface area of the body. The technique allows you to depict on the skin "hidden under it" mechanism consisting of gears, tubes and screws. Tattoos in this style are done both in dark ink and can add color at the customer's request.

Realistic permanent drawings on the body look "like live". In this technique are applied photos of celebrities, animals, birds or plants. Tattoos made in this technique are usually in color.

The Neo-Tradishinl style is also popular for creating pictures on the tailbone. In this technique dark ink is used, sometimes supplementing the picture with bright colors. Such a picture consists of many small details, which are noticed when looking closely at the image.

A butterfly on the neck: what does it mean?

What does the tattoo "butterfly" on the neck mean? The image on the sides of the neck is perfectly combined with independence and risk in character. Such drawings are applied necessarily symmetrically.

Girls who are willing to do such a tattoo, have courage and willpower. Drawings on the neck are suitable for musicians and artists - creative natures.

What does the butterfly tattoo on his arm

Ideas of female tattoos on the coccyx, meaning

Tattoos on the coccyx for girls have their own sacred meaning. Each animal, bird, plant, fairy tale character or object carries a hidden meaning, which must be known before you put a picture on the body.

A permanent image can include a single character or be a whole composition with a mass of details and objects. On how much and what is drawn on the skin and depends on the meaning of the tattoo.

Most often on the female body in the coccyx area can be found:

  • ornament;
  • flowers;
  • plants;
  • insects;
  • a bird;
  • bow.

There is usually a sacred meaning hidden in the ornament. Its symbols and intertwining protect the wearer and enhance her feminine energy.

Flowers and plants on the girl's body indicate that she is calm and confident, and insects inform others that the owner of the tattoo is scrupulous in matters.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Photo and meaning

Wearing a bird on the coccyx are those of the fair sex, who are looking for love or want to marry well. The same symbolic meanings are assigned to the animals in this zone.

The bow below a woman's waist indicates that her mistress is married and her marriage is strong. Despite this, some treat this picture as a symbol of levity and accessibility.


Popular with women of different ages are small pictures in the coccyx area.

More often than not, female clients ask for a picture on the body:

  • cat;
  • lizard;
  • butterfly;
  • flower.

The cat on the coccyx has always been considered a female tattoo. The drawing indicates the beauty and gracefulness of the mistress.

Lizard on the coccyx Symbolizes renewal and flexibility in everyday life. As this dweller of the fields quickly grows a tail, and the owner of the tattoo easily forget about the past and boldly goes into the future.

The butterfly on the coccyx Indicates the freedom and independence of a woman. Such a picture also informs that its owner loves easy relationships and experiments in relationships.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

Placing a flower on the tailbone, the girl informs those around her that she has a lot of vitality and energy. The tattoo denotes love and harmony in the soul.


Some women cover not only the tailbone area with a tattoo, but also part of the back. In this case, a large sketch of a colored image is suitable.

Popular with girls of different ages:

  • owl;
  • eagle;
  • wolf;
  • sun;
  • dragon.

These tattoo elements are depicted both independently and paired with other objects.

An owl spreading its wings on a woman's body denotes wisdom. The owner of the tattoo believes in mysticism and the supernatural.

Eagle on the coccyx indicates a strong character of the woman. Also, the bird is a symbol of protection of her own territory and freedom.

The wolf in the lower back is a symbol of loyalty. The animal is by nature a lover, so it is also a sign of loyalty and honesty.

The sun above the buttocks is a symbol of fertility, inexhaustible vitality and light. This tattoo adorns the bodies of strong and independent girls.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.
Tattoo on the coccyx for girls: sun

The large dragon in the coccyx area is a symbol of power, hidden strength and motherhood. The drawing informs that its owner can stand up for herself and her loved ones.

Black and white

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls perform and in classic black and white colors. Such a picture always looks stylish and elegant and beautify the skin of a girl of any age.

Popular among such permanent drawings are the following:

  • heart;
  • rose;
  • lotus;
  • tree;
  • crown.

The black and white heart on the tailbone looks original. The picture indicates that its mistress is a romantic nature. If next to the symbol of love are drawn guns, it indicates a past sad experience and that the woman no longer believes in love.

The rose on the lower back symbolizes the passionate nature of the girl, and the lotus symbolizes purity and innocence. If there is dew on the flower petals, it is a symbol of tears.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

The tree originating in the coccyx area symbolizes protection, wisdom and eternity. The more branches the plant has, the more a girl cherishes her lineage and family.

Those who choose to place a crown on their lower back inform those around them that they consider themselves superior to others. This object has always indicated a desire for power and independence.


Among the natal pictures there are designs that are very popular with girls.

These include:

  • dragonfly;
  • a flock of birds;
  • the sign of the zodiac;
  • star;
  • feather.

The image of the dragonfly can be both colored and traditional black and white. The insect symbolizes feminine fragility and curiosity. It is also a symbol of love for freedom and a frivolous attitude towards life.

A flock of birds on a woman's coccyx indicates that the girl has set herself a goal and strives for it, no matter what. Also, flying birds are a symbol of the fact that the owner of the tattoo is close to traditional family values.

Women often put their zodiac sign on the coccyx area. It is believed that in this way they strengthen their energy and feminine charm.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

The star in the lower part of the back symbolizes success and fulfillment of desires. Girls believe that this tattoo will bring them good luck and prosperity in all areas of life.

The feather on the tailbone is a symbol of lightness and femininity. Also, it is a symbol of freedom and independence from public opinion.

Hieroglyphs and various inscriptions

In addition to ornaments and drawings, the fair sex wear inscriptions and hieroglyphs on the lower part of the back. The words can be in a foreign language or in Russian. Most often they indicate the girl's attitude towards sex and love.

Popular among the phrases are such as:

  • "When love is not madness it is not love" - love without madness is boring;
  • "One life long love" - one feeling for life;
  • "Live without regrets" - love has no regrets;
  • "Welcome to my mad world"; "Welcome to my mad world";
  • "Believe in Yourself!" - the most important thing is to believe in yourself.

Tattoo on the coccyx for girls. Tattoo on the coccyx of girls.

In addition to philosophical musings or declarations of love, a girl's coccyx may have a humorous expression on it, indicating the light and cheerful nature of the possessor of the picture.

Among the hieroglyphs placed in the lower back are often:

  • "Luck."
  • "Love";
  • "Passion";
  • "Wish fulfillment";
  • "Stability."

When choosing Chinese or Japanese characters to be printed on your body, you should learn their meaning and choose a craftsman who knows how to depict them correctly. Otherwise the positive meaning of the symbol may change into a negative one.

For girls, a tattoo on the coccyx is a fashionable decoration. A well chosen picture will be a stylish addition to the image of its owner.

Popular sketches

Such an intimate area as the coccyx, often decorated with drawings imitating lingerie, or simply original patterns in the baroque style. Very sexy looks a chain, encircling the hips and descending into the cleavage between the buttocks. Women of the fair sex also like plant ornaments that emphasize a slender graceful body.

The image on the tailbone of a green lizard is considered a talisman against evil forces. A cat with a curved back signifies flexibility and grace, cat feet symbolize self-confidence and a passionate disposition. A butterfly tells of a romantic nature of its owner, and a red pepper with a bow will tell about temperament, unpredictability, fiery and gentle girls at the same time. However, this is only a universal meaning of images. The true meaning of the tattoo is known only to the girl herself, who has chosen such an extraordinary way of self-expression.

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