Tattoo in the form of a girl: the meaning of tattoos for men

Among the most common tattoos, the first place is occupied by the tattoo with the image of a girl. If we talk about the image of a portrait of any particular person, such as a mother, daughter or beloved girl, we can say that there is no symbolism in this. Here we are talking about affection and love for the depicted person. Such tattoos are either printed in memory of a deceased loved one, or as proof of fidelity to the living and most beloved half. As for the portraits of celebrity girls, ardent fans, padding them paying tribute to the talent and beauty. Such portraits are best performed in the style of "Realism", which would convey the vividness and clarity of the picture. All other variations of the tattoo with a girl carry a certain meaning.

The meaning of a tattoo with a girl

Men more often get tattoos than women. Despite the fact that the fashion for beautiful pictures on the body in modern society appeared relatively recently, men decorated themselves with "insignia" long before the current boom. First, it was the calling card of sailors, soldiers and those who were in prison. Now the picture on the body - is part of the way to express or show yourself. Tattoo with girls for men is one of the most popular among the stronger half of mankind.

Perhaps this trend is formed for the sake of aesthetics. Many men enjoy adorning themselves with a pretty woman's face. Perhaps it would not have been clear to everyone if a man's body was flaunting some guy's face. In the last century, such an adornment could have caused an inadequate reaction. Nowadays, countries in Europe are already comfortable with same-sex love and similar body images. Russia is still lagging behind. Our men still prefer images of beautiful girls on their bodies than anything else.

The most favorite parts of the body for tattoos are the arms, shoulders and back. Let's consider how a picture of a girl on the shoulder characterizes its owner in men. Tattoo of this kind what does it mean? Below is the answer to this question.

Tattoo girl on the shoulder in men

On what place to get a tattoo?

To choose the right place for a tattoo, it is necessary to decide whether the picture should be openly demonstrated to others or it is necessary to hide it from prying eyes.

Head, face, neck

The tattoo on these parts of the body will attract everyone's attention, it will be extremely difficult to hide. Tattooing on the face and neck is mainly decided by extravagant people who are not afraid of public condemnation.

The back

The back is great for both large body drawings and small patterns that can be easily hidden under clothing.

Some of the most popular parts of the body for tattoos include the forearms and lower back area.

Breast, abdomen

Small tattoos on a woman's stomach look attractive and mysterious. Most often drawings are printed on one side or around the navel. When wearing short things there is an opportunity to show off the body decoration, and with the help of long things - to hide it completely.

Large tattoos look spectacular on women's breasts, as well as in the area below the sternum.

This can be all kinds of intricate patterns, or a whole picture with a vivid subject. Particularly popular are tattoos in the breast area to disguise postoperative scars.


For small and concise tattoos, the wrist area is perfect. Tattoos in this place are not too conspicuous, and if necessary they can be easily hidden under a watchband or jewelry.

Beautiful female tattoos. Photos and meanings of drawings, tattoo designs for girls

Less popular among girls are tattoos on the biceps or the whole surface of the hand. Such images look good on an athletic build.

On the intimate area

Tattoos on the intimate part of the body as much as possible hidden from prying eyes, so they give preference to girls, whose professional activity prohibits wearing a body image. Small patterns look elegant in the center of the pubis, and help to disguise scars.

Legs, buttocks

Most often, girls choose as places for tattoos ankles and calves. In the second case there is an opportunity to do symmetrical drawings on both legs, or to score an elegant pattern only on one side.

Beautiful female tattoos. Photos and meanings of drawings, tattoo designs for girls

For the buttock area, large patterns that go to the outer surface of the thigh are perfect. Such beautiful female tattoos, located in the photo, help to visually correct the figure and advantageously emphasize the advantages.

It is also important not only to choose a drawing and the place where it will be located, but also to choose a professional master who will carry out the procedure without risk to health.

Variants of images of women

Let's start by first looking at the tattoo itself. It can be in the form of:

  • A real person with a photo.
  • A famous actress or singer.
  • An image of a girl with angel wings or with horns and a devil.
  • A female image of any holy image, such as the Virgin Mary or a nun.
  • Female body parts (headless figure, lips, eyes, hand, and so on).
  • Female face in any artistic variations according to the client's personal sketch.

Real person's image

In the form of a girl, a tattoo on the forearm for men can mean many events. Most often it is a great love and affection. Every man has a woman who is his only one. A tattoo of a real person is usually done precisely as a sign of love and respect. This image on the skin allows its owner to be mentally closer to the object of his feelings.

Someone wears a picture in his purse, and someone makes a tattoo on his forearm. The meaning of this action is about the same. Sometimes a similar tattoo is applied in memory of a lost relative or a beloved dear person. In this case, the tattoo can be accompanied by the date of life of this person. The meaning of such a picture is simple - to pay tribute to the deceased and express your love for him.

The most beautiful tattoos for girls 2021-2022: photo tattoos for inspiration

Here we come to the most interesting - photo ideas. We can talk about tattoos for girls endlessly, but we'd rather show super stylish tattoos, after seeing which you will not remain indifferent to this beauty.

The image of a famous person

Tattoo of a famous girl and its meaning for men is determined by what kind of lady is depicted on the body. With such a drawing, a man can express his admiration and admiration for the celebrity. These feelings can be determined as the appearance of an idol, as well as his talent. Most often you can find images of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana.

Tattoo Girls Meaning for Men

Drawings of angels

Images of girls with angelic wings are found on the body of representatives of the stronger sex quite often. Such popularity can be explained by combining the beautiful with the useful. An angel in the general sense is a protector, a guardian from all troubles. A lot of men are more peaceful to live with the idea that his angel is always with him.

The wings of the lady in the picture say about the owner of such a tattoo that he is a sincere person, kind and reliable. Angels with female faces symbolize peace, protection, beauty and love. Probably that's why they are so attractive to the stronger sex.

Religious motifs

Not so long ago, images of saints on the skin came into vogue. The younger generation is exposed to this trend, because the Old Believers still consider it blasphemy to draw holy icons, angels, even wings on their mortal bodies, as they are considered part of the divine beginning. Think about it, can a sinful person wear the wings of an angel on his back? But for many the image of saints on the body is a tribute of respect and gratitude. Such tattoos are believed to protect and safeguard their wearers.

Tattoo Girls for Men

One of the most common choices is the design of the Virgin Mary, a symbol of purity, hope and love. For some people, this is a very relevant figure in their lives, as it is the one they turn to when problems arise throughout their lives. For this reason, the Virgin Mary is considered the most powerful amulet against all adversity. It is she who can comfort those who seek help.

Some of these religious drawings are accompanied by various elements that can give more effective power and meaning. These are a heart, a dove, a rosary, a cross, flowers.

Chicano tattoos and their meaning

"Chicano" is a Mexican word. If you translate it, it turns out - "Hispanics from the United States."

That is, the style of tattoo was developed by Mexicans living in the states. It refers not only to recent immigrants, but to a flood of immigrants that began centuries ago.

The term "chicano" appeared even then. The tattoo trend was formed in the middle of the last century.

Tattoochikanoi and their meanings-1

The tradition was laid by Latin Americans serving time in prisons in the United States. There were only ordinary needles and ink at hand.

Therefore, to this day, chicano tattoos, performed exclusively in black and its shades.

But, what is the meaning of the tattoos invented by criminals? Are such pictures suitable for good citizens, not Mexicans? Let's find out.

The meaning of the chicano tattoo

The chicano tattoo - Is a symbol of true faith, no matter what. Gangsters of Hispanic origin went for crimes, but did not abandon religion.

Most criminals explained their choice of the sinful path by the harsh conditions of life. While submitting to them, Mexicans also continued to submit to God.

As Christians, the gangsters hung icons of Jesus and the Virgin Mary in their homes and attended church. That's still the case today.

So, Chicano tattoos, the sketches which are devoted to religion, suitable for any believer.

The black and white tattoo style is a classic, there is nothing shameful about it. Biblical themes are signs of faith and spiritual purity, whatever life may be.

Tattoochikanoi and their meanings-2

The woman is another of the main images Chicano tattoos. GirlsUsually depicted nude.

Latin Americans are hot, and in prisons they had only to dream of the caresses of the opposite sex.

Not surprisingly, the object of the dreams was transferred to the body. This was also, once upon a time, what sailors did.

The meaning of tattoos with girls is simple - the beauty, the traditional orientation of the bearer of the tattoo, his amorousness.

Although, if the image of a particular lady is traced, the picture can also indicate a one-lover, devoted to his chosen one.

Among chicano tattoos, photos which are many in the network, often found inscriptions.

In addition to the fact that they are black and white, they are always either mottos or vows.

Philosophical reflection is not characteristic of Hispanic prisoners. The purpose is to remind oneself of important things, to swear to fulfill vows.

On the bodies they display the dates of birth of children, or the deaths of loved ones. Gangsters wrote when they joined this or that gang.

They used tattoos to swear their love to God and women. The meaning of such messages is straightforward. There is no hidden meaning to be found here.


Chicano tattoos whose meaning The tattoos are definitely associated with the underworld.

The Mexicans used them to indicate their occupation. Drug dealers drew drugs.

Schullers drew dice and cards. Murderers stabbed guns. These are symbols of the underworld.

And the application, especially in the chicano technique, carries an unambiguous message of aggression, criminal environment.

Chikano tattoo for men

Given the history of the style, it is preferably male. Many Mexicans use the chicano to express their loyalty to their community and clan.

Danny Trejo, for example, does this. He is a famous actor. Given the peculiar appearance, the nationality of the man, he gets the role of the negative plane, mainly Indians and Hispanics.


Trejo is one of Tarantino's favorites. Danny has six large-scale chicano tattoos. Chicano. Tattoo on his arm. - A woman in a sombrero.

There's a picture of Jesus, the names of the actor's children. Do you recognize the positions from the list of major chicano images?

Trejo added the peacock and hummingbird to them. The first bird is a symbol of the sun and pride. The hummingbird is a sign of life, the love of it.


Tattoo inscriptions chicanoAs a rule, it is men who apply it. They also choose the symbols of the underworld. They are also symbols of death.

The general sense of the direction tattoo - the inevitability of life, its futility. Few girls wish to remind themselves of this.

They are also discouraged by the stylistics chicano. Tattoo "Profstudio" and other salons offer sketches based on black, with gradients of gray.

Almost every painting features tears streaming down faces, or blood. This scares away the fairer sex.

However, some of them are close to the mood of chikano tattoos. Consider the female variations of the images.

Chikano tattoos for women

Chikano style, tattoo sketches Attracts ladies with their own portraits. If men apply female images to emphasize the attraction to them, girls choose sketches to convey their emotional state.

Black and white, sad faces, battle marks indicate sadness, that the woman has been through a lot.

Chicano tattoos are requested as a reminder of the past, or as a sign of disbelief in a better future.


By using symbols of the gangster world, a lady can show her willingness to defend herself.

The girl with a gun in her hand, for example, speaks volumes about her. A bandage around the mouth indicates that the lady has something to hide or that she is not allowed to speak out.

Popular tattoos in Mexico are. chicano "sleeve" tattoos and other images with skulls. They are not feared, but are considered receptacles of ancestral souls and protective attributes.

Latin Americans believe that pictures with skulls on the body drive death away from a person. What sense does it make to take the soul from an already dead body.

This is how the old woman with the scythe perceives bodies covered with the image of bones.

This philosophy has become close to many people around the world, including women. They carry skulls on their bodies in order to prolong life, to protect themselves and their families.


Chicano tattoo designs girls choose because of the abundance of gray tones. There are many black and white directions, for example, dotwork.

But, they are contrasting. Black is taken saturated, there are almost no halftones. Chicano, on the other hand, is more relaxed, which women like.

In prison conditions, using primitive paints and needles, it is not easy to achieve contrasting paintings.

This is the historical background of the particularities of chikano tattooing. Girls are not so much attracted to the history as to a certain blurring, tenderness and mystery of the images.

In addition, there are a lot of religious images, and religion is not divided by gender. There are believers among both men and women.

The image of female body parts

A tattoo with a girl on the arm for men can have many different meanings. Some men do not draw on their skin the whole face, but only some part of it. In Europe, the image of female lips has become popular.

Tattoo girl on hand for men

Very often for the sketch they take a real imprint of the lips of a loved one, for example, on a napkin. A special technique is used to transfer it to the body. As a result, a very real "kiss" appears on the human body, immortalized with special paint. The place on the body for such a "manifestation of feelings" is chosen where the client really kissed his beloved (except for the lips).

Where to make a tattoo with a girl?

Such an incredibly beautiful and attractive image has a great popularity among many different people. However, in order to end up happy with the tattoo you need to choose a good tattoo studio. Such salons, as a rule, have a lot of positive reviews, as well as they have established themselves in the city with the best side. In such institutions work specialists of a high level of qualification and with good experience. Such masters of the art of tattooing use high-quality consumables, as well as equipment for applying tattoos to the body. They will perform the work well and as a consequence, you will admire the newly acquired tattoo for a long time.

General characteristics of tattoos with female subjects

There are completely different tattoos with the image of a girl. Their meanings differ as well. In addition, lovely ladies are often drawn with additional images, such as skull, sword, campfire, snake, weapons and so on. One of the image options is a personal sketch of the client.

You should also take into account that there are different tattooing techniques, thanks to which the same image can look different. The colors can also be chosen by the client himself. All tattoos are divided into two types: colored and monochrome (made in one shade). Real people are usually depicted multicolor to more accurately convey the resemblance. Religious images can be in different versions, which depends solely on the wishes of the client.

In the prison world has a rather interesting meaning of the tattoo of a girl on the arm of a man. According to such a drawing, you can determine the attitude of its owner to the woman, even understand the reason for his imprisonment. For example, the image of a woman with her finger to her lips, calling for silence, indicates the man's distrust of the female sex.

The tattoo with the image of a lady at the stake suggests that the man was imprisoned because of a woman. The association with Salem witches, who were burned for their deeds, probably takes place here. If there are logs or wood by the fire, the number of logs indicates how many years the man will be in prisoner status.

Tattoo girl on forearm for men

Various symbols that go in addition to a woman's figure or face can tell us something about the owner. For example, a woman with a weapon (cold or firearms) means that the owner is dependent on female attention and cannot refuse anything to a pretty lady.

Sketches of tattoos with girls for men can be ordered from the master, from whom you plan to make a decoration on your body. You can also ask the artist to create something special, different from what you can find on the Internet. After all, a tattoo is a reflection of the inner world of its owner, and it is unique for each of us.

Many sources report that the meaning of the tattoo is not the only option, according to which you can read the psychological portrait of the person, and determine what it represents.

Meaning of tattoo girl on hand for men

Tattoos for girls: different types and on different parts of the body

Tattoos can decorate virtually any part of the female body. For example, they look great:

  • on the hands;
  • On the wrists;
  • On the hips;
  • on the ribs, etc.

Let's consider the most popular places for drawing and tell you what you need to consider when choosing a sketch for a particular part of the body. Our information will help you make the right choice.

Tattoo sleeves for girls

Such a large-scale tattoo looks unsurpassed and voluminous. If, of course, it was made by a real master. Tattoo sleeve comes in several kinds, depending on the area:

  • long - the whole arm;
  • Half - from wrist to elbow or from elbow to shoulder;
  • Quarter - takes ¼ of the arm.

Tattoo on forearm for girls

The size and location are determined individually, depending on personal preferences. There are no strict rules, requirements and restrictions.

Quite often the sleeve consists of several drawings that are not connected thematically with each other. This is due to the fact that the tattoos were applied at different times in different parts of the hand and only later were combined into a sleeve.

In order for the sleeve to be beautiful and colorful, harmonious and attractive, it is important to choose the right subject of the drawing. For girls, the best options are:

  • flowers;
  • vegetal ornaments;
  • various symbols, including magical symbols.

It is important to achieve the unity of style and completeness of the plot. However, such tattoos are extremely difficult to perform, so only experienced and qualified masters with a high level of professionalism should perform them. Otherwise, to avoid mistakes, defects will be extremely difficult.

Tattoo on the wrist: one of the most popular types of tattoos for girls

Among girls, it is such drawings are almost the most popular. Today it is even a trend. Especially because the wrist is open to the eyes of others, but it can be hidden at any time under clothing with long sleeves.

Such a tattoo has several positive characteristics. Let's highlight the main ones.

  1. Convenient place of application. The master will not have difficulties with the "stuffing" of the image.
  2. If a girl encounters a strict dress code at work, the image can easily be covered with a long sleeve of clothing, a bracelet or a watch strap.
  3. Small size. Such images look extraordinarily neat, they are not just beautiful, but even feminine refinement.
  4. You can put practically any image on this part of woman's body: inscriptions, ornaments, various patterns.

Most often a variety of inscriptions are put on the wrist, among which the most popular are:

  • short, succinct sayings;
  • names of loved ones;
  • Names, including geographic names, etc.

Also popular are images of various animals. Or a simple picture, imitating a bracelet. Separate mention should be made of symbols, runes, etc.

Tattoo for girls stag filled with flowers

Tattoo for girls on the hip

The tattoo on the hip is a great way to emphasize your uniqueness. And also to make the body in a special way attractive and even sexy. Such drawings can be applied as on the whole thigh or even the whole leg, and occupy a small surface of the skin.

One of the most popular types of tattoos on women's thighs is the image of a dragon.

By the way!
Variations of the dragon are an incredible number. As well as the peculiarities of its location on the hip.

But the most feminine images applied to a girl's thighs are drawings:

  • garters;
  • stockings;
  • bows, etc.

There is little that can compete with such tattoos in true feminine sexuality.

Pay attention!
The attractive feature of the tattoo on the hip is that it can be easily hidden under clothing. And be visible only at certain moments. And in certain conditions. Of course, if the tattoo does not occupy the entire leg.

But it is worth admitting that the tattoo on the hip for girls has some disadvantages.

First, it should be noted that over time it will stretch, change its shape - due to a slight weight gain or loss. This should be taken into account when choosing a picture and give preference to those images that perfectly retain their original appearance. In particular, we are talking about small drawings.

The second negative point of such tattoos is the high level of painfulness of the application. In particular, if the tattoo is quite large-scale and will be printed even on the inner surface of a woman's thigh.

tattoo peonies realism

Tattoo for girls photo on the sides and ribs

This kind of pattern is the best choice for those who have long dreamed of an unusual decoration of their body, but are embarrassed to put a picture on the visible to the surrounding areas. Or do not have the opportunity to do so due to a strict dress code at work.

By the way!

Drawing on the ribs is a painful procedure. But if you have been cherishing the dream of such a decoration for a long time, you can tolerate it. Especially since there are special ointments and creams that have an analgesic effect.

What kind of "nabre" tattoos for girls photos of which are presented on our site, should you choose? There are several main directions to choose from:

  • Phrases - for example, with a motivational component or having important personal meaning for the girl;
  • hieroglyphs;
  • Beautiful floral compositions;
  • dragons, etc.

A great option is also lace, especially made in white - that's where the femininity literally bursts forth.

Such patterns are quite demanding to care. That will allow to keep their primordial beauty and to avoid infection.

  1. The first 20 days after the application of the tattoo can not go to swimming pools, baths and open bodies of water.
  2. The picture is not recommended to wet, but you must follow the hygiene, so if you moisten the tattoo, do it as little as possible.
  3. Be sure to use ointments and creams - more specifically, you in this matter will help the master.
  4. Never tear off the protective crusts that appear on the surface of the skin. And no matter how much the skin itches, do not scratch it.

If you have even the slightest suspicion of infection, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Volumetric drawings, with a lot of details are applied in a few sessions. Be prepared to visit the masters several times.

Where to draw

People on a variety of parts of the body make drawings in the form of a girl. The meaning of the tattoo also depends on it. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Shoulder and forearm. Indicates an interest in being useful, a love of movement and creation.
  • Neck -- This is one way to show desperation and dissatisfaction and a lack of ability to do what one really wants to do.
  • Back. A tattoo in this location indicates that the person is afraid to make specific decisions, and also indicates a search to avoid responsibility.
  • Knees. The tattoo indicates a desire for independence. Ordinary life stifles desire in the bearer of such a tattoo, but he dreams to be free.
  • The foot. Drawing in this place indicates a desire for stability.
  • Hand. In general, indicates the control of emotions. Additional meanings:

- left hand - desire for power;

- right hand - desire for justice;

- wrist - means that the person cannot act and therefore feels powerless.

  • Foot. A tattoo in this place speaks of a restless personality who is always on the move and wants to discover new ways to communicate.
  • Chest. The drawing characterizes the courage to look any situation in the face. Also the location of the tattoo in this place of the body says about its owner, that he is aware of his attractive features and knows how to use them.
  • Stomach. The tattoo on this part of the body speaks of tenderness and sensitivity, the possession of a strong maternal instinct. The owner of jewelry in the form of a drawing on the stomach knows how to keep the love of his beloved.

Tattoo girls for girls sketches

Women's tattoos for girls photo and established stereotypes

A few decades ago, on women who dared to hit the tattoo, looked askew, considering them "untrustworthy", with a bad reputation. Today, everything has changed dramatically. Society is developing and becoming more loyal, recognizing the right of every person to self-expression.

If a girl is younger than 30, she is unlikely to encounter people on her life path who would strongly disapprove of tattoos on a woman's body. People's way of thinking has changed significantly in recent decades. And for a long time already tattoos for girls are not associated with a stigma on the body of unrewarding and prodigal ladies.

There are less and less problems with finding a job. Spheres, where the decorated body drawings are not welcomed, not so much. In addition, in most cases, tattoos can be hidden under clothing.

Pay attention!
I have also heard that body drawings provoke problems with women's health. However, this is all just speculation. Health problems may arise only if the tattoo for girls was applied without observing hygiene rules and in unsanitary conditions. But this applies not only to women, but also to men!

For the image to be happy and not to become a problem, it is extremely important to choose the right and responsible master, as well as the sketch!

Tattoo for girls Lilies with a swan on her thigh


For women

For men