Tattoo of the Sea - meanings and sketches for girls and men

Sea....mysterious and attractive water surface, filled with intrigue and mystery. Sea expanses have always attracted artists and poets, so the masters of body art are also not left out. Especially since the first conductors of the art of tattooing were sailors. They made numerous voyages that were sometimes life-threatening. And tattoos served as a talisman for them and protected them from death. The most popular symbol of salvation is considered an anchor. He carries in himself the safety, strength and reliable rear. Wind Rose is also a good luck charm, especially before long journeys.

Tattoo ideas for men

A traveler's tattoo associated with a certain meaning is embodied in hundreds of ideas. There are both typical and original solutions. Let's start with a description of the typical ones.

  • A map of the world or an image, an outline of a country with a dot next to the name of the capital. Or maybe even an outline without an inscription, like an image of the Philippine or New Zealand archipelago. Some people are so familiar with many countries that they can easily guess that you have, for example, depicted Cuba or, say, the state of Hawaii, even without an accompanying caption.
    • One or more of the cities you like from the satellite. Do you know what New York or St. Petersburg look like from above, for example? Then the meaning of the outline of the city plan can be made hidden, if you draw the city line with the main avenues and the first kilometers of access roads, but not everyone will guess what kind of city it is.

    A note of mystery will add, for example, the inscription that it is a city by the sea or on a river.

    • An image of a bird. Free birds include dozens of species that live in Russia. If a person comes from the Caucasus, it is possible to depict an emblem of a city or republic, on which, for example, there is an eagle or falcon - but without a coat of arms inscription about what kind of place it is. However, some depict a bird as well - without the coat of arms attribute.
    • A compass, a clock, a piece of a map of an unknown location - A reference to the fact that human time is precious, life is fleeting and you have to hurry, or you won't see or know much.
    • If you are a trucker, you are already partly a traveler. You have traveled around a lot of cities, you know all the settlements and stops, for example, on the Russian Trans-Siberian highway, by name. You can knock out an image of a Scania or a KAMAZ, with which a number of years of your life are connected, and on which you have been caught up in various stories.
    • Wandering cyclists beat out the image of a bicycle - and next to a few names of the cities they liked the most, where they visited, where they found a bunch of subscribers and viewers of their adventures on the Internet. If such a traveler - by interest - met and met his (later) wife, he will indicate her name, place of meeting, date and city (population center) in the tattoo.

    In fact, there are endless ideas for traveler tattoos. Some people, not bothering with a specific choice, beat out the image of an airplane, steamer, favorite car model, ship on the waves - or himself as a hiker and adventurer, equipped and ready for new ways-roads.

    An excellent addition to any image will be an inscription - a maxim of any figure of art, suggesting that wandering leads to thinking and feeling in order.

    Groups of marine tattoos

    All maritime tattoos can symbolically be divided into several groups:

    • Marine tattoos. The main attribute of such tattoos is the sea beast of prey. It symbolizes fearlessness and masculinity;
    • Navy tattoos. With their help, soldiers emphasize their belonging to the service on the ship. To do this, they use the drawing of the ship's paraphernalia in tattoos;
    • Common to the Navy and Marines are tattoos with mermaids, they emphasize the love of sailors and their admiration for beautiful girls;
    • Prison Meaning. In prison, maritime tattoos have their own special meaning. The image of the ship, which sails on the waves, in a man means the desire for freedom, and sometimes even an attempt to make an escape. For women, the actual picture with the image of a girl escorting a ship in the distance. This tattoo speaks of a longing for freedom;
    • Sea Sleeve. This is a modern trend in the world of tattoos. By stuffing such a sleeve you can create a picture that includes a huge number of symbolic meanings. Ship - the desire for change; seagull - beauty and grace; dolphin - nobility; waves - amulet against bad thoughts; fish - fertility and more;
    • Pirate tattoos symbolize rebellion and disagreement with society, the desire to get wealth and power the easy way. Pirate tattoos include ships with chests, the Jolly Roger, the image of the pirates themselves and shipwrecks;
    • Modern "sea" in body art. Today, no need to traverse the oceans and seas, to fill a sea tattoo, you can just love the sea. For example, a goldfish symbol of wish fulfillment; octopus - centuries of wisdom; catfish - longevity; ktulku - immortality and invulnerability.

    Sketches for a girl

    Unlike men, women are more sophisticated in their choice of tattoos. It can be a symbol of a heart (either two hearts or a small heart and a big heart), symbolizing love. Both men and women can accidentally meet their life partner while traveling. Often this happens at well-known resorts, although there are other places where there are quite a few people.

    If you are a fan of hiking alone or in small groups, hiking with overnight stays in the woods or mountains, then your theme for a tattoo can be unity with nature, for example: the shore of a lake or river, a cliff with a beach below, etc. The tattoo can be small (in the form of a thematic badge), and large - several icons, complex, lengthy image (including with one or more inscriptions).

    Often people do not stop at one thing, but cover the entire forearms with tattoos - but a measure is needed in the latter as well.

    Places and areas for tattoos on the human body

    When choosing a sketch to apply to the body it is best to take your time and trust the professional masters to help you choose a tattoo. It is best to see different images and know their meaning, get acquainted with all the meanings and only after that affix the tattoo you like:

    • Your wrists and chest. Areas of the body where the image will always be hidden from prying eyes and covered with clothes;
    • Forearms and legs. Open areas, this is where tattoos are often applied with a meaning that is open to others and outsiders;
    • fingers and neck. Maximum open areas, the tattoo on them, it is a certain way of self-expression and a way to convey important information.

    The bigger the tattoo, the more thoroughly his details should be worked out, and all the fine elements of the picture are traced. Quality of the body image directly depends on the chosen technique of execution, work and experience of the master who can work exclusively in one subject and stylistics.

    Each chosen tattoo can have several meanings and regardless of what is shown in the picture for each person it can mean different things. A meaningful choice of drawing will help to bring bright colors in your own life and even change your destiny, add new twists and turns to your destiny.

    Where can be applied?

    Men most often apply a tattoo in the area of pectoral muscles projection, on biceps and triceps arms, thighs (below the panties), big fingers and toes. On the back it may be a projection of the scapula or the broadest muscle of the back. In contrast to men women Sometimes tattoos are applied to the abdomen, upper chest, or one of the breasts. But supporters of tattoos in the area of the abs (around the navel) are also among men. Otherwise, women use all the same places on the body as men.

    The general trend is as follows: The traveler's badge, chosen as a tattoo, does not have to be hidden - let others see it. One of the characteristic places - the hand, forearm or wrist. So you seem to show the world that your credo - openness and easy, interesting dating. After all, without realizing it, some people are ready to help you, especially when you're away from home, and a travel-themed tattoo is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate this.


    General information about nautical tattoos and designs for them

    You can pick up a huge variety of nautical-themed images and compositions. All this splendor is collected in a collection of inspiring and beautiful photos of finished works, one or more of which can be a great idea for an original tattoo.

    A good and competent master will be able to suggest how to combine different drawings and create a harmonious composition from them. It is not necessary to limit your imagination and experiment boldly, combining different elements with similar or overlapping meanings that will help to become the owner of an exclusive tattoo.

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    How to design unique travel tattoos

    Lindsay studies global business and Spanish at the University of Evansville and loves travel and tattoos.

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    History of tattooing

    I have a Hiking Tattoo, and I hope my story provides inspiration and direction. After traveling to 13 different countries (with no intention of stopping there), I decided it was about time I got a tattoo to reflect what made me happiest in life: traveling. I spent hours looking at pinterest and fixing different ideas. I knew I wanted something original, but wasn't quite sure how to put it together. After much searching and discussion, I decided what I wanted was something that combined a globe and compass.

    It wasn't until almost a year later that I went through with it, because I wanted to make sure it was the idea, I was genuinely in love. I decided to go for the tattoo artist that many of our club recommended and sisters who also had very good reviews on his website. I talked to him and explained my idea, showing him a couple of pictures I liked on pinterest, hoping that would be enough to give him some direction.

    Sure enough, about a week later, he came up with the design that is now on me. I was very impressed with his creativity and how well it matched what I wanted, even though I didn't give him very clear direction. The moral of this fable is, don't be afraid to get creative and take risks. Do your research and follow your intuition and do what makes you happy. If you follow these simple rules, you will end up with a beautiful reflection of yourself.

    My tattoo journey

    My tattoo artist was able to help me bring my ideas to life with this work of art.

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    Travel tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people choose to leave their comfort zones and explore the world around them. These tattoos are usually significant because they reflect a person's journey. The styles they come in are very diverse, ranging from small and simple to large and complex. They are easy to customize to your personal experience and create visually beautiful results. This article explores who should get these tattoos, on the different kinds you can see, and ideas for designing your own.

    Who should get travel tattoos?

    Typically, people who are interested in getting travel tattoos are those who have traveled before and consider it an important aspect of their lives. It doesn't have to be business, however, because a tattoo can represent any kind of journey, whether it be spiritual, emotional, physical, etc. I don't think there should be a restriction on who can get what tattoos, but it is important to think about how the art reflects itself.

    Ultimately, if you feel a tattoo design has special meaning to you, then you should get one. Just make sure you put thought into the style and think through why it is important to you.

    Compass Tattoos | Source

    Compass Tattoos Meanings

    The most common meanings behind compass tattoos are direction, protection and inspiration.

    • The direction Is the most obvious of the three. The main purpose of a compass is to help you find your way and help you get back on the right path if you get lost. It is a good choice for those who feel like they have or need guidance in their life.
    • The compass may also represent protection. Compasses have been around for a very long time and will be heavily relied upon. They have protected sailors who have used them to avoid going wrong and brought them home to their families.
    • Finally, because they always point north, which provides a constant sense of direction, and hopefully they inspire people to keep moving forward because of the orientation and directionality offered.

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    If you feel a connection to any of these meanings, this is a good design to consider.

    Tattoo Map | Source

    Map/Globe Tattoo Meanings

    These tattoos are very direct and easy to understand. They usually represent a love of travel and a love of knowledge.

    Seeing the whole world spread out on someone brings thoughts of adventure, excitement and travel. The idea of being able to explore such a vast and mysterious world brings joy to those who consider themselves wanderlusters.

    There is much to be discovered in the world. Some may get such a tattoo to represent their thirst for knowledge. They want to understand how the world works and learn all its secrets. This is a great choice for people who consider themselves inquisitive intellectuals.

    Globe Tattoo | Source

    Airplane Tattoo Meaning

    An airplane tattoo can mean that a person loves adventure and wants to explore, as one can go almost anywhere in the world on an airplane. The sky, literally, limits in this case and represents openness to new places and experiences. This is a good tattoo to consider if you want to show yourself as an adventurous and open-minded person.

    Airplane Tattoo | Source

    Latitude and longitude tattoo meaning

    This design depicts specific tourist locations by latitude and longitude. It can show where you got married, where you grew up, where you met your best friend, or the location of any life event that was important to you. Wherever you go in the world, you can always have that particular place on you as a reminder of what happened there.

    No one knows the meaning of this design but you (and who to explain it to), so you can get just about anywhere you want that reminds you of something important. This tattoo tends to be discreet, so it may not be for people who like big and flashy ones.

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    Latitude and Longitude Tattoo | Source

    Passport Stamp Tattoos Meaning

    Passport stamps are a great way to show where you've been! This is definitely a design for world travelers. Each country has its own unique passport stamp, making it a fun and creative way to keep track of where you've been. It's a nice tattoo on a large area of bare skin so you can keep adding to it for years to come.

    Passport Stamp Tattoos | Source


    Don't be afraid to get creative with your design. It doesn't have to be strictly an airplane or a balloon. It can be any combination of anything you want to be. Most people are not very creative, so part of the job of the tattoo artist is to help you create something new. Never forget that they are there to help you. Commissioning an artist to draw something special for you will cost a little more, but the money is definitely worth it to get something completely unique and original.

    Whatever tattoo you decide to get, make sure it is something that you put some thought into that you have no qualms about. It should be a reflection of yourself and what makes you happy. Don't be afraid to think outside the box to get something that brings you joy for years to come.

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    © 2021 Lindsay Langstaff

    Chinese good luck signs.

    The Chinese use hieroglyphics as lucky tattoos.


    1. Double Luck. Brings success not only to the owner of the tattoo, but also to people living with him in the same territory. It is recommended to stuff this sign for both lovers or spouses to strengthen love.
    2. Wealth. Promotes advancement at work, in business. Attracts money, material wealth.
    3. Abundance. Attracts energy, stimulates growth in all areas of life. Helps to get what you want.
    4. Wish fulfillment. Activates the energy associated with desires, dreams. Helps to find happiness.

    When choosing Chinese symbols, consult an orientalist beforehand and find an experienced tattoo master. Even a slight inaccuracy will change the meaning of the image.

    Chinese Characters
    Chinese characters of happiness and good luck.

    Classic Symbolism

    There are a number of symbols that bring good luck:

    1. "Wheel of Fortune" can be depicted alone or with a goddess leaning on it with her hand.
    2. The four-leaf clover originated in Ireland. The legend of the lucky charm was so beloved by the inhabitants of the country that more than half of the population did such a tattoo.
    3. It is possible to attract luck with the help of a horseshoe. It is believed that the image can greatly change the life of the owner.
    4. Drawings with acorns contribute to the achievement of success. They are depicted on a branch with leaves.
    5. Make your dreams come true with a goldfish. When you will paint it on your body, think of a dream. Soon your wish will come true.


    For women

    For men