Meaning and photo tattoo of antlers (deer, skull, a girl with antlers)

Modern generations increasingly decorate the body with various tattoos. Among the sketches there are many images of plants, words, animals. They carry a certain meaning. It can be influenced by the size of the animal, the direction of the head, the position, also many other details.

Having decided to put a tattoo, a person more often puts the meaning in the chosen ornament. It can be common and personal. This article discusses the different meanings of the deer tattoo, depending on gender, the place where the tattoo is applied, additional symbols, ornaments. Often the tattoo can be seen on the chest, forearm or back. And clients apply the deer as a whole or the head of the animal.

What do the horns depicted on the tattoo symbolize?

The tattoo "Girl with horns" is popular with the stronger sex. Such a picture is most often placed on the bicep or calf.

In the mythology of ancient peoples, from where in modern culture came the image of a girl with horns, such characters are not many. The most famous is Hutuk Awasa or Lady Stag. She is a representative of the deer people in some Indian tribes. She is depicted as a beautiful dark-haired woman in animal skins and with branching horns on her head.

Tattoo girl with antlers. Sketches, meaning

In Egyptian mythology, there is also a woman with cow horns on her head - the goddess Bath. She was in charge of people's souls. In addition to Bath, Hathor, the goddess of joy, dance and love, was revered in the land of the pharaohs. She, too, is depicted with horns on her head, and the difference from Bath is that her spurs are straight, while the first's are twisted.

Most often horns are depicted as beautiful girls who serve the forces of evil. Astarte, the demoness, is known to have bone branches on her head. She is depicted as a naked rider without clothes, which shoots from a bow. She is responsible for pleasure and sexual attraction.

European peoples believed in the demon Succubus, which, more often than not, turned into a beautiful girl with small horns on her head. This evil force was attracted to men at night, and it fed off the emotions of their dreams in order to get them to have sex.

In the modern world you can see girls with horns in fantasy movies or cartoons. A popular woman with black growths on her head, whose permanent image is often found on men's bodies, is Maleficent. There are many pretty demonesses in Japanese cartoons, and such creatures can also be found in comic books.

Tattoo girl with horns. Sketches, meaning

A girl with horns depicted on her body warns those around her not to associate with her possessor.

She symbolizes:

  • danger;
  • aggressiveness;
  • prejudice against women.

The picture indicates that the man has an explosive character.

Deer antlers separately are a sign of stability, resilience, courage and great willpower. Such a picture used to be made by the heads of large clans or tribal leaders. If demonic antlers are drawn on the skin, it indicates a person's connection with the dark forces and engaging in occult practices. Spurs symbolize perseverance and good leadership qualities.

The meaning of the tattoo also depends on the girl's facial expression and what objects surround her. So, for example, a rose indicates that the man is in love with the one who does not notice him. With horns and grapes, the woman in the picture is considered a temptress, and in the case when she is depicted in flames, you should interpret the tattoo as disappointment in love and revenge on the opposite sex.

Tattoo girl with horns. Sketches, meaning

If there is a snake in the picture, it speaks of temptation and that the man's heart was broken and deprived of any property. A blindfolded demoness symbolizes betrayal. Knowing the general meaning of the tattoo, it is necessary to understand that its owner put into the picture and his own, only he knows the meaning.

The symbol's history

There are two beliefs about it:

  1. The ancient Greeks were sure - the horn of plenty was given to them by Zeus himself. Once upon a time, when he was a baby, he was saved by a goat named Amalfey, which translates as a bearer of wealth. One day, she accidentally dropped her horn. Becoming God, and remembering his savior, Zeus endowed this horn with properties that promote abundance. But this very notion is not connected only with material prosperity. First of all, it is spiritual bliss. In those days this symbol could be seen on minted coins as evidence of a prosperous country.
  2. Another legend tells of Hercules' duel with Achela, who is the god of rivers. His mighty rival tore off his horn, but he generously returned it to Achelo. In gratitude he gave it to the people as a symbol of abundant life. And in the Middle Ages it was nicknamed the Holy Grail.

Who is suitable for the tattoo of a girl with horns?

The image of the demoness is more suitable for men. This is due to the fact that the horns have long been considered a masculine symbol and give its owner the typical character traits necessary for warriors and defenders.

Tattoo girl with horns. Sketches, meaning

The picture makes its owner more aggressive and ruthless to himself and to others. The wearer of the horned girl on the shoulder is not afraid of anything and believes only in his own strength. The image even outwardly repulses the man of others, who try not to communicate with him unnecessarily.

The meaning of

In ancient Greece, abundance was considered an endless blessing of the material plane, spirituality, development, and further poverty-free existence. As a talisman, the horn attracted to its owner good luck and prosperous life.

It was endowed with magical powers to grant any wish, including the birth of a new lifeIn ancient times, it was believed that the wand was a symbol of the unity of women's maternity and men's paternity.

In ancient times, it was believed, that a person possessing this attribute, will certainly be rich, and in his house will settle good luck.

It is enough to put inside what you dream most of all:

  • Fruits and vegetables - will keep warmth and comfort in the house where there will never be a shortage of food;
  • money and expensive objects - will attract finances;
  • a herbarium of flowers and spikelets - promises bright feelings of love;
  • a bouquet from herbs - will strengthen health.

Who should not wear the image

Tattoo "Girl with Horns" is not suitable for women and physically or mentally weak guys. Possessing a strong energy, the permanent picture can aggravate the negative qualities of human character.

Before you score a tattoo with a demoness, you should think it over carefully and try to feel the image on a few days. If there are any unpleasant feelings, it is better to give up the sketch.

Ancient shamans believed that a permanent image could not be applied to the body of those who had not reached the age of 30. People believed that until that moment, a person was forming mental and physical qualities that tattooing could interfere with.

How to make a "Horn of plenty"

The horn of plenty - as a symbol and most importantly as a means of attracting abundance and wealth for you, can be made of any material: stone or fabric, wood or glass, in fact, it does not matter. Also, it doesn't matter if you make the Horn of Plenty yourself or buy it. What is important is the filling of the horn. The filling must correspond to your goals and desires. For example: your desire is to get rich, so the filling of the horn must be coins, paper money, small bars of gold (of course all these are imitations of natural money), as well as imitations of precious and semi-precious stones, or anything that in your opinion reminds you of wealth, money, luxury. Or another example: you dream about health and healthy nutrition, for filling the horn of abundance, buy small moulages of fruits, vegetables, greens... So, everything you wish, you can attach to the nozzle of your horn: you want a car - buy a small car, of the right model and color, you want a house - a tiny model of a house, etc. In short, any symbol of your dreams should fall out of the cornucopia. You can fasten these items on short threads or cords, one end of the thread is sewn from inside if the Horn is made of fabric, the other end of the thread is attached to the symbol itself. If the Horn of Plenty, of some solid material, then the end of the cord or thread is attached with glue torque or a glue gun.

Good places for tattoos

A picture with a horned girl usually takes up a lot of space, so the most suitable parts of the body for her will be:

  • bicep;
  • back leg;
  • back;
  • ribs.

Those who want to get a large and noticeable drawing of a demoness, experts recommend getting a tattoo on the biceps. The procedure here is almost painless, and the master is comfortable to work in this area. On the forearm it is possible to realize the most daring ideas. Attracts and the fact that the tattoo can be easily hidden under clothing in case of need.

Tattoo girl with antlers. Sketches, meaning

The back legs are also a good place for a large design. More often than not, men wear an image of a demoness on their calves. It is also comfortable to work here and the needle does not feel almost on the skin. The tattoo is easy to hide under pants in the office or at a formal event.

One of the popular parts of the body where the girl with horns is drawn is the back. Making a tattoo here is comfortable for both the client and the master. The most unpleasant feelings from the work of the machine can be felt in the area of the shoulder blades. The figure will not see everyone, as it is easy to hide under a shirt or T-shirt.

Some men wear an image of a demoness on their ribs. Doing a tattoo in this area is painful, but the large area allows you to create interesting images in color or in the classic black and white version.

Size and color

Girl with horns - a tattoo for strong men, the size of which depends on the place of application and the chosen sketch. The larger the picture, the more sessions the master will need to apply it. Large-scale paintings take a long time to heal.

The color of the tattoo also depends on the sketch the client has chosen.

In most cases, demonettes are depicted in black ink. If a drawing in color is chosen, then most often the master uses:

  • red;
  • green;
  • orange;
  • white;
  • gray.

Tattoo girl with antlers. Sketches, meaning

Each shade has its own meaning. Psychologists have proven that colors affect the human psyche. Red, for example, is the color of passion. In moderate quantities, it is able to excite, and in large quantities - to cause aggression and depress.

Green symbolizes peace, tranquility, youth, and joy. The color heals from depression and helps to concentrate on work. It removes unnecessary stress from the nervous system and reduces pain.

Orange is considered by specialists to be the color of joy. It energizes and promotes the production of endorphin. In tattoos, orange is used in moderation.

Gray is associated with stability and tranquility. It helps a person get out of unpleasant situations faster by finding compromises.

Styles of execution

Demoness tattoo is a universal drawing, which masters apply to the skin, using different techniques.

The top 5 include:

  • "Chicano".
  • "Old skool."
  • "Neo-tradishinal."
  • "Thrash Polka."
  • "Realism."

The Chicano technique came from Latin America. In the forties of the last century, members of criminal gangs marked their belonging to the gangster world with such tattoos. A distinctive feature of the style is its monotony, and the use of dark ink.

Images in the "Old School" technique turn out bright and colored. The outlines are outlined with bold black smooth lines and the drawing itself is filled with colored paints.

The girl with horns drawn in the Neo-Tradishinal style turns out mysterious and mythical. Pictures in this technique are usually drawn in dark colors, and the necessary details that need to be emphasized are highlighted with color. More often than not, when depicting demonesses, the expressive part of the drawing is the eyes or the bud in the hair.

"Thrash Polka" is a relatively young style created by a pair of German musicians. The technique involves the use of black and red. The drawing combines details that do not fit together at first glance.

The technique "Realism" allows you to make the girl with horns as volumetric and realistic as possible. A picture in this style can be both monochrome and colored.

Variants of sketches, a hidden message in the images

Tattoo "Girl with horns" has many sketches and versions of the application to the skin. The demoness can look proudly at those around her, or her eye sockets can be empty. Some ask not to paint the girl's eyes or cover them with hair. There are sketches where the demon's horns grow instead of pupils.

Tattoo girl with horns. Sketches, meaning

More often on the body of men can be found several options for sketches with a horned girl.

Tattoo .Meaning
With wings in an inviting poseLust, lust, human vices
with a flower in his hair and a key around his neck.a stolen heart, the key to which only one woman has
with a peeling skin around her mouth and a doll on strings in her handunwilling to submit and obey women, treating them like puppets
with tears on their cheeks.resentment against everyone, the pain of losing a loved one
with a bird's skull in their handsfearlessness, the desire to stare death in the face

Demoness may sit or stand in the picture. There are also images of a horned girl waist-length or in a blurred form.

Girls with different types of horns

On tattoos of female demonic creatures, horns come in different shapes.

The most common are:

  • cow horns;
  • rams;
  • deer;
  • goat.

Cow horns symbolize protection and immortality. They are associated with both good and evil.

The ram's antlers are a sign of male power, prosperity, fertility, while the deer's antlers symbolize the antiquity of the family, renewal and rebirth.

Tattoo girl with horns. Sketches, meaning

The horns of a goat are usually associated in popular mythology with unclean powers and demons. They are always depicted as servants in Hell.

There are drawings with long curled back horns. The shape and length of such horns depend on the artist's imagination and the customer's wishes.

Blurred silhouette of a girl with horns

A blurred silhouette of a girl with horns on her skin is not common. The sketch is interesting because it half-hides the image, not giving to the end to understand what the author wanted to say.

Tattoo girl with horns. Sketches, meaning

Such a tattoo indicates the hidden nature of its owner. In the picture is traced understatement and mystery, which attracts the attention of others. Fuzzy silhouette of a demoness, made in the style of "Watercolor" can be found on the skin of some girls. Picture interesting play of colors and fuzzy outline.

Girl with horns in full growth

Full-length horned girls can be found on the calves of guys. Popularly seen is a picture of a hunched-over demoness standing half sideways with her head down. The picture symbolizes sadness and pain. In most cases, such a tattoo indicates the loss of a loved one or sadness for someone from the past.

Tattoo girl with horns. Sketches, meaning
Tattoo girl with full-length horns

There are tattoos where a horned girl stands with her head down on the battlefield. Scraps of clothing she covers with wings, and she has a dagger hanging from her belt. In this case, the picture indicates a victory won, which came hard to the owner of the tattoo.

The head of the girl with horns shows her tongue

Sometimes masters depict demonesses by the neck. On the tattoo, the girl can show her tongue. In this case, it has a playful nature and informs that its owner easily refers to casual relationships and is not against new acquaintances.

A demoness, who in the picture grinds her teeth or looks menacingly, is a symbol of danger. The tattoo tells others that it is better to communicate with its owner with caution, because he is aggressive and his mood changes frequently.

Tattoo girl with horns. Sketches, meaning

There are also tattoos where the hand holds a severed head of a horned girl. Such a picture can symbolize the homage to the feminine sex or victory over inner demons.

The girl with the horns - a tattoo for self-confident men. Psychologists have found that guys with permanent markings on the skin attract women more than those who do not have tattoos. Choosing a body drawing, experts recommend to weigh well all the pros and cons.

Drawings of angels

Images of girls with angelic wings are found on the body of representatives of the stronger sex quite often. This popularity can be explained by the combination of the beautiful with the useful. In a common sense, an angel is a protector, a guardian from all harm. Many men feel more comfortable to live with the thought that his angel is always with him.

The wings of the lady in the picture say about the owner of such a tattoo that he is a sincere person, kind and reliable. Angels with female faces symbolize peace, protection, beauty and love. Probably that's why they are so attractive to the stronger sex.


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