A symbol of nobility or treason? Tattoo of a deer and its meaning

The deer as a symbol

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Since time immemorial, people have attached special magical meaning to the images on their bodies. Distinguished pictures of animals, which then deified and worshipped them.

So, for example, the Scandinavian peoples considered a sacred animal stag and worshipped him because he was the eternal companion of the goddess of fertility. In Europe, the deer was considered a symbol of justice and strong character.

Moreover, the image of this animal embodied all the best masculine qualities, namely - determination, courage, wisdom and self-control. And the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun claimed that the deer symbolized a long and healthy life.

In other words, the deer is a noble animal, almost sacred. Therefore, a tattoo with his image can be not just a beautiful picture, but also bring its owner only the best, positive, auspicious, enhance the best features of his character and bring good luck and success.

How to draw a cute little reindeer?

This lesson is also great for children learning to depict animals, because it is quite easy to draw a cute little reindeer.

  1. Start the drawing with the muzzle of the animal, depicting a circle in the center of the sheet, and then a small torso. For convenience, it is recommended to draw two intersecting lines, after connecting them. We get the head.
  2. After that, on top of the head to draw two small ovals and circle them - you get ears. Do not forget about the miniature horns in the form of rectangles.
  3. Next, we proceed to the reindeer's muzzle: depict two ovals, in which the circles (pupils) will be located, finish off the nose and mouth.
  4. Proceed to the body and legs. Finish oblong body details, namely - spots. Next, we draw small feet, not forgetting the hooves. At the very end we should draw a little tail.

We got a nice, cute little reindeer. As you can replace, the drawing is done easily and does not require much free time.

The meaning of the tattoo

Although tattoos adorn anyone's body, they are not just pretty pictures. There is no need to treat them only as decoration.

A tattoo depicting such a majestic animal as a deer has a very deep meaning. Moreover, this symbol can dramatically affect your life, change it and become, without exaggeration, momentous.

So, what does the image of a deer mean?

  1. First of all, it symbolizes vitality and abundance. In other words, by getting a tattoo with a deer, you can be sure that you will definitely have enough energy to achieve any goals. The energy will be beating, your task is to take advantage of this and not to let it go to waste;
  2. Sometimes this animal can also mean loneliness. But not the one when a person spends time in a depressed and sad, when he does not need absolutely no one and when he simply has no one to go, but the loneliness, which can be to some extent called the peace, harmony with himself, solitude and self-sufficiency. In other words, we are talking about the feeling when a person feels good and pleasant to be alone with himself;
  3. Also a tattoo with the image of a stag can influence you energetically very much, namely: this noble animal strengthens your best qualities, in particular the sense of justice, courage and ability to stand any blows of destiny;
  4. And even a wounded deer with a sharp arrow piercing its heart is not a negative sign. Even on the contrary, this tattoo means that its bearer has opened his heart to love, which is sure to come to him in the very near future. However the medal has two sides, and together with love and passion you can become jealous, so it is better to refuse such an image and choose something more appropriate, if you are jealous by nature;
  5. it is considered that the image of a deer are ideal for those people, whose life is somehow connected with creativity, because such tattoo will help not only to increase a stream of inspiration, to keep the Muse and to develop creative potential, but also will prompt, how to use the talent, the gift so that not only to earn good money and make the financial position stable, but also to help the world around you and people in it;
  6. If you by nature can not properly plan your day, are not able to properly organize your daily routine and suffer from this, then a tattoo with a deer will help to eliminate this problem as well. You will learn to get everything you want easily and without effort, as well as receive a decent reward for your work;
  7. In addition to all this, if you still have not found your purpose, favorite business, hobby, after you have tattooed a deer, you will be much easier to determine and even more - you will begin to take real steps in the direction of your dream;
  8. Photo 3
    very popular in modern times sketch, where the head of the animal with branching horns decorated with flowers. As a rule, this image is especially popular with the fair sex. No less interesting for women and the image of several deer, which symbolize a family, a strong marriage union. The owner of such a tattoo in most cases is a good wife and mother, for her family and marriage ties are in the first place. She is faithful and devoted to her chosen one and will never betray or change him;

  9. very spectacular and impressive looks sketch where the animal is depicted in a triangle. Especially if this work was performed by an experienced master. Such an image means the connection of the owner of such a tattoo with the higher forces. However, note that this tattoo is quite controversial. On the one hand, it symbolizes the desire of the tattoo owner for new knowledge and skills, and on the other hand, some people believe that such a drawing symbolizes the darkness that eats the noble animal.

Step-by-step drawing of a New Year's reindeer

Well, now we are going to learn how to draw a New Year's reindeer. This drawing is not complicated, and considering that it is with a New Year's mood, let's put a festive hat and scarf on the reindeer. Today we are going to draw with helium pens.

Drawing the head

  1. Draw the head and add small details.
  2. We add details of the head and draw the scarf.

Draw torso

  1. Draw torso and finish drawing little scarf.

Decorating reindeer

  1. Add details of a scarf.
  2. Draw hat and antlers.


  1. Color reindeer and hat with scarf.

Take a scrapbook, sit back and begin the second lesson:

  1. As in the first drawing, we start with the middle of the leaf and put on its sides a pair of identical, vertical arches. Under them dorisovyvayut semi-oval, need to carefully follow that these figures touched, and above it, between the vertical arcs, put a small, slightly curved, horizontal. Above it we draw a pair of small circles-eyes, in their upper part, or a little to the side, leave a couple of smaller circles, and the rest of the eye completely fill in.
  2. Above the eyes of the New Year reindeer finish drawing a couple of small, slightly curved lines, these will be his eyebrows. And in the bottom of his face we draw two painted, small ovals - these will be his nostrils. Below dorisovyvayuschy upward curved and slightly elongated rectangle, this will be the edge of the scarf tied to his neck.
  3. Next draw his torso with paws. From the edges of the tied scarf down lead a couple of slightly curved, small lines. Step back slightly to the middle draw the same lines, but longer. From the outside lines lead a couple of small horizontal and connect them with longer lines. From longer lines to the middle lead two small horizontal dashes and bend them up. Above them finish drawing a large, curved upward horizontal line, this will be the reindeer's tummy. The torso is ready.
  4. We finish drawing the long, untied part of the scarf and add protruding strings at the end. After dividing its length with dashes into rectangles, which then fill.
  5. Next, finish drawing a New Year's hat. To do this, on the head we draw a fur line with lots of angular curves. Top of the hat we slightly incline to the side and decorate it with a pompon. Draw the horns sticking out of the hat and we only need to paint it.
  6. For coloring, we will need helium pens of black, red and green. As well as several pencils in gray, blue, brown and dark brown. We outline the resulting drawing of the reindeer in black, draw the hat in red, and then the scarf, alternating with green. Next, take pencils and brown to paint the body, and dark brown to paint the horns. And at the end we take blue and shade the cone on the fur of the hat and its pomponchik and put a light stroke of gray around the reindeer to create a little shadow behind it.

The work is done and we have two beautiful drawings as a gift for mom or grandmother.

You can also show off your talent in front of your friends at school or kindergarten.

If you will stick to the steps described today in our lessons to create your own small, creative masterpiece, you can also try to sketch your favorite image from a photo or picture.

Who shouldn't get a deer tattoo?

If you are distinguished by a rigid and even aggressive character, have clear, understandable for you goals and plans, then, on the one hand, the image of a deer on your body will help to soften and learn to relax, to enjoy life, but on the other hand - you can become even too soft, which will prevent you from acting as coherently as before. If you are a naturally practical and rational person, then the tattoo with the image of a noble animal can only do harm - you risk to become frivolous and lose the balance, harmony in your worldview.
Therefore, in order not to disturb the fragile harmony in your own "I", it is strongly recommended to choose some other sketch.

Tips for beginner artists

It is worth noting that the following suggestions are also suitable for children in the older and preparatory groups.

  • In addition to a simple pencil, it is recommended to use colored pencils, because in this way the drawing will look more colorful.
  • For very young children, you can use a special stencil. To get the silhouette of a reindeer, you just need to trace it.
  • To liven up the image, you should add a landscape behind the animal in the form of a forest, beautiful flowers and blue sky.
  • For those who have already learned to draw well enough, you can suggest depicting other species of this animal without a step-by-step explanation.
  • Be sure to try again if the first drawing is not as beautiful as you would like it to be.

These recommendations will help to achieve the desired result in the form of a drawing of a beautiful deer.

Where to get a tattoo?

Picture 4
If you dream of a large-scale tattoo, the ideal places for this are the back or chest. Very popular among girls and the thigh - a deer head with branching antlers on the whole thigh looks very seductive and sexy.

Deer antlers, contrary to all stereotypes, are not only a symbol of adultery, but also a kind of tree of life. They are often stuffed girls at the back of the neck - when the hair is gathered into a ponytail, the tattoo becomes visible - or between the breasts.

Particularly often the head of the animal stuffed on the torso, because so it looks very aesthetically pleasing: the deer's muzzle is traced in the solar plexus, and its horns evenly diverge in different directions, rushing to your shoulders.

Approximately the same effect can be achieved by placing the tattoo above the chest or between the shoulder blades, only in this case the image will be less large-scale.

Master classes

The deer (drawing for children is recommended to start when everything is prepared) can be depicted in different ways. Their number is constantly increasing, because each professional artist has its own techniques.

Below will be a few examples of drawing a deer. They will be arranged in order of increasing complexity.

Simple drawing

A simple example of drawing a deer will be encapsulated in the following steps:

Drawing a deer in pencil for children: color, black and white: northern, Christmas, geometric, forest

  1. Draw 2 ovals: 1 of them will play the role of the head and the 2nd will be the torso. Therefore, 1 oval should be higher than the other. Also these 2 geometric shapes must differ in area. The oval of the head should be several times smaller than the oval of the torso.
  2. Draw the limbs of the deer. As befits all mammals, this animal walks on 4 legs. Each of them should be depicted with 1 line. A total of 4 lines should be drawn, each departing from the torso. Also, each of the lines should end with a small triangle. These will be the reindeer's hooves.
  3. Start drawing the reindeer's face. To do this, it is necessary to draw a long nose and ears in the head area.
  4. Draw 1 of the horns. At the same time create the outline of the 2nd reindeer horn.
  5. Connect the head and torso by drawing a pair between the 2 ovals. This will be a wide neck of the animal.
  6. Make the torso more curved.
  7. Circle the outline of each of the 4 limbs with 2 lines. This will give the deer legs volume.
  8. Draw a little tail of deer.
  9. Add a nice detail. This could be, for example, a scarf. Then whoever is looking at the picture will know at once that it is winter.
  10. The resulting image should be colored with colored pencils or paints.

Drawing a baby deer

Children can try to draw a small baby deer.

Pencil drawing of a deer for children: colored, black and white: northern, Christmas, geometric, forest

This creative process will take place in 4 stages:

1Drawing the animal's muzzle.To do this, a circle is drawn in the center of the canvas, and an oval is drawn just below. The circle will be the head and the oval will be the torso.
To be more comfortable, it is better to draw two intersecting lines, and then connect them
2Work with the elements of the head and headThe sequence of operations is as follows:
1. At the top of the head to depict 2 small ovals. After their subsequent outline formed reindeer ears.

2. Draw small horns, which are rectangular in shape.

3. represent the eye. He will be 1, since the fawn in this case is represented in profile. The eye can be an oval, inside of which is a small circle that plays the role of the pupil.

4. Dorisovyvat nose and mouth

3Drawing the body and limbsWhen drawing the legs, it's important to remember about the hooves. Another important detail of the drawing is a small tail
4To complete the drawingTo liven up the drawing, you can add a beautiful landscape in the background. For example, it can be trees, flowers or blue sky

Reindeer in the North

The deer (the drawing for children after acquaintance with the simple version can be more complicated) can be a reindeer.

Pencil drawing of a deer for children: colored, black and white: northern, Christmas, geometric, forest

The process of drawing it takes place in the following steps:

  1. Create a sketch in the central part of the paper canvas. There should be 2 ovals: 1 - the torso, and 2 - the head. The torso should be slightly lower, larger and more elongated. The line in the back must be slightly curved.
  2. Connect both ovals with a pair of lines. This will result in the volume of the neck of the deer.
  3. Draw the outlines of the limbs.
  4. Move on to detailing the reindeer head. There should be ears, eyes, nose, mouth.
  5. Pay special attention to the main distinctive feature of the reindeer - its branching horns.
  6. Draw the limbs, not forgetting to highlight the hooves and the thickening of the main joints.
  7. Take the eraser and proceed to remove all unnecessary lines that were used as auxiliary components of the drawing.
  8. Give thick deer hair, as it lives in cold regions. To do this, it is necessary to make the line of the chest and limbs zigzag.
  9. Highlight the areas of the belly, chest and eyes.
  10. Having depicted a small tail, add a few details, such as a harness and trees in the background. In this case, the picture will turn out more lively and interesting.

Tattoo styles.

Photo 5
If you are a lover of minimalism and bright colors and colors you are not to your taste, stop your choice on geometry. Such a technique is characterized by clear neat lines and clear images.

If such an image seems boring to you, you can add another color - the most popular is red. Thus, a tattoo of a deer in this style will become a great decoration of your body and emphasize your individuality. Watercolor, as a rule, is very liked by the fair sex.

A tattoo of a deer with flowers on the head in delicate pastel shades is an excellent and spectacular option for any woman. However, it is worth considering that the bigger the drawing, the better and more aesthetic it looks in this case.

Step-by-step drawing of the reindeer

In this article, we will tell you in detail how exactly you can draw a reindeer with pencils, because many people want to do it, but do not know where to start and how to master the unusual technique of drawing.

Drawing the head

  1. Draw the outline of the head.
  2. Complete the details of the muzzle.
  3. Dorisovuyu horns.

Draw its body.

  1. Draw front paws.
  2. Draw hind legs and body.

Color the fawn.

  1. Color eyes and give clarity.
  2. Paint the body.
  3. Make the background.

Reindeer cardiogram

silhouette of a deer head
It is very easy to make this picture and it looks very impressive. We are going to draw a cardiogram. Alternating zigzag lines and straight lines, draw a strip. In its center or slightly to the left, you need to draw the silhouette of the deer's head. And it will not be exactly a silhouette, but rather a contour, and the most primitive. Draw the muzzle of the animal, turned to the left, ears and horns. Animal neck will be adjacent to the cardiogram. Drawing is ready.

Light silhouette.

how to draw a deer head step by step
How to draw the head of a deer? The easiest way to do this is by drawing a silhouette. How to draw it? Let's start the silhouette of the deer's head with the muzzle. It is not visible as such, but still need to draw a triangle. To him on the right and left hand prisyvayut ears. They have the shape of leaves.
Now we need to draw the neck. It will be drawn as a rectangle, which expands and rounds downward. Proceed to the image horns. Their shape is similar to a semicircle. You can draw this geometric shape to help you. Should make the line less flat and draw branches to it. The last action: fill in the silhouette with a soft pencil.

Complex silhouette

how to draw a deer head step by step
How to draw a deer head? You can do the same as in the previous paragraph, only with some changes. For example, you should draw the deer not in full-face, but in profile. Let's depict the animal's muzzle. The main role here is played by the horns. Without them, our deer will look like a dog. It is better to depict the horns in three quarters. And be sure to mark the eye tubercle.
Silhouette of the deer's head can be supplemented with snowflakes. After all, many people associate this horned animal with the New Year, so you can convey this idea in a drawing. One or two snowflakes can be depicted on the silhouette itself. This should not be done with white paint, but with a well honed eraser.


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