Portrait Girl Tattoo - Popular Tattoos with Portraits of Women

Tattoo c female portraits are one of the most versatile subjects in the world of tattooing. Tattoo a portrait of a beautiful girl in a variety of ways nabivayut both men and the girls themselves. The image of a female portrait is considered the embodiment of beauty and grace, as well as causing a lot of interest and a lot of positive questions.

Depending on the composition of the tattoo and the combination with different symbols, the girl tattoo can get different interpretations. A tattoo with a girl can denote beauty, inspiration, virtues, inner strength, love, patronage of the muses, modesty, responsiveness. The portrait can belong to someone close to you, such as a mother, sister or lover. And also the tattoo can depict a fictional image of a girl that embodies your idea.

Popular Tattoo Girl Plots

Tattoo Girl Indian

Indian tattoos are associated with magic, shamanism, and oneness with nature. A tattoo of a girl in a feathered headdress is considered the embodiment of oneness with nature, the gift of foresight, and magic.

Tattoo Girl - Indian Girl Tattoo - Indian Girl Tattoo

Tattoo Girl with Wings

Such a tattoo symbolizes a guardian angel. Each person in his own way represents his patron. The female image is most often associated with the mother, who has always protected and guarded. It is for this reason that the tattoo of a girl with wings means an angel.

Tattoo Girl - Tattoo Girl with Wings - Tattoo Girl Angel

Tattoo Girl in the Skin of the Tiger

To better understand the interpretation of this plot, you can familiarize yourself with the meaning of the symbol of the tiger. The girl in the tiger skin symbol of beauty, grace, fire and power.

Tattoo Girl - Tattoo Girl in a Tiger Skin

Tattoo Girl in Wolf Skin

Wolf is considered one of the most common symbols in the world of tattoos today. The tattoo of a girl in wolf skin can suit strong spirits and mysterious people who have mysticism and mystery in their lives. The wolf in this combination is a patron. A gentle, loving and caring person who puts on the skin of the beast at the right time, reincarnates into a wolf and is endowed with his strength and power.

Tattoo Girl - Tattoo Girl in Wolf Skin - Tattoo Girl with Wolf

Tattoo Portrait of a Girl with a Gun

A bold, gangster tattoo that has a very simple interpretation. The owner of such a drawing on the body likes risk, drive and of course bad girls who despise the rules. This tattoo is for rebels, brave and a little crazy personalities.

Tattoo Girl - Tattoo Girl with a Gun

Tattoo Portrait of a Girl with a Skull

Such a plot will reflect the idea of the flow of time, fickleness. Beauty, like everything in the world, fades and turns into decay. But it is the feminine image that gives reference to the continuation of the lineage. Everything has its end, but also everything is cyclical. A tattoo of a girl with a skull has a very deep philosophical meaning.

Tattoo Girl - Tattoo Girl with Skull - Tattoo Girl and Skull

Tattoo of a Woman in the Crown

Such a drawing is interpreted obviously and unambiguously - the image of the queen. A man with such a tattoo can feel his superiority, to know his own worth. If this is a male tattoo, then its owner is looking for the best companion, which will be his crowned person.

Pair tattoos

Tattoos are popular among young couples in love. With the help of paired images they show their feelings to each other.


  1. They inscribe names or inscriptions of a declaration of love in Latin, choosing the same places on the body. It is worth paying attention to ensure that the translation of the phrase is authentic and that no mishap occurs.
  2. A good option would be to depict half of the picture, when joined, you get a complete picture.
  3. The images can be different, but on the same theme. For example, a lock and a key.
  4. Likewise, couples depict puzzles on the body that fit each other.

It is necessary to consider the need for a paired tattoo, because when parting will want to change the tattoo, the overlapping procedure is not easy and expensive.

You can go to a tattoo master, some are engaged in the development of free of charge, to draw a customized sketch for a paired tattoo.

When choosing a sketch for a future tattoo, you need to think carefully. What this or that symbol means specifically, what it will tell others about.

What love the picture will show and what it will say about the tattoo's owner. You can download a photo of the images you like or demonstrate them to the tattoo artist online.

A person who works in the field of tattoo art will advise and help to determine the choice.

Popular Styles for Girl Tattoo

Old School Style Girl Tattoo

Authentic, traditional style tattoos will never lose their relevance. Simple, yet stylish images of girls will attract a lot of interested glances. In the tradition of oldskool such a tattoo is dedicated to the chosen one and means feelings and fidelity.

Tattoo girl - old school girl tattoo

Tattoo Girl Style Realism.

One of the most common styles of tattoos with a girl. A realistic image helps to convey beauty, emotion, facial expressions, and a message. A tattoo portrait can belong to a specific person or be a completely fictional image.

Tattoo Girl - Tattoo Girl Realism - Tattoo Girl Realism

Dyed dog baker with a tattoo and an Oscar. 15 facts about Emma Stone


Not really Emma.

Still from the movie "Moonlight Magic"

Tens of millions know the actress as Emma Stone and few realize that this is just a stage name. However, the real name of the actress is quite similar to the one we are used to: Emily Jean Stone. When registering with the Screen Actors Guild, she found that her name was already taken, and by the unwritten laws of Hollywood, individuality is the most important thing. So on the big screen appeared Emma Stone.

For some time the actress tried on the name of Riley Stone, but in the end decided that it gets in the way of work. When on the set of someone called to the girl, she forgot to respond, which led to embarrassing hiccups.

At home, among family and friends she is called Emily. The actress admits that she often misses her real name.

Emma Stone's top 10 roles


And not even a redhead.

A still from the movie "New Spider-Man."

Stone's fans were surprised when she dyed her hair blonde for her role as Gwen Stacy in 2012's The New Spider-Man. Except Stone essentially went back to her roots - literally. The actress has repeatedly admitted that her signature red-haired look came about thanks to director Judd Apatow, who suggested she dye her hair red after an audition for "SuperPerts." Stone's stylist Tracy Cunningham confirmed the story:

"One day I got a call from Judd Apatow, who I know well because I worked with his wife Leslie Mann. He told me he was making a movie called SuperPeople, starring this young actress, Emma Stone, who was still a teenager at the time. He said she was a natural blonde, and he wanted her to be a redhead in the movie. At the time, when she was 17 or 18, Emma already had a lot of experience with hair coloring... Without hesitation, I made her a bright redhead - and she looked amazing."


She's Swedish.

A still from "Battle of the Sexes."

For many actors, show business is a family affair, but not for Emma Stone. She was the first of her kind to break into the movie industry. Both of her parents worked in regular office jobs.

Nine actors who turned down movies and didn't miss out

But Stone has something else in common with many of her colleagues: she has a rather interesting genetic heritage. Like Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon, Emma Stone's family has Swedish roots. Her grandfather on her father's side was one of the millions of immigrants who came to the United States through Ellis Island, an infamous checkpoint for visitors to the country. She also has Scottish, Irish, English and German blood flowing through her veins -- on her mother's side.


The signature crackle in her voice from damaged ligaments.

A still from "Super Pepper".

One of the most important image features of Emma Stone is her distinctive husky voice in addition to her large, expressive eyes and red hair. According to the actress herself, this is a defect she received as a child. Little Stone constantly had colic, which caused her to cry very hard for hours - that's how knots formed in her throat.

Emma still suffers from vocal cord problems, especially during scenes where she has to scream. The actress said that she loses her voice almost every day. Nevertheless, as seen in Stone's play, for instance, in "La La Land", even with a defect she can brilliantly get into character and sing beautifully.


Dropped out of school for a movie

A still from "Easy Ace".

Emma moved from Arizona to Los Angeles in 2004, dropping out of Catholic school to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Parents, not surprisingly, at first were against the risky venture, but Emma convinced them with her detailed presentation titled "Project Hollywood": numerous slides explained in detail the reasons why a girl should move to California. Still, Stone's family has always been eager to support her.

By the way, Emma's education is unusual: she didn't go to high school at all, since she was homeschooled from the age of 12. In other words, Stone has no real knowledge of what it is like to be a high school student - the more surprising that she was so easily given a few such roles in movies.

The brightest non-professional actors in big cinema and their outstanding roles


Emma was unable to get a role for a long time.

A still from the film "La La Land".

For eight months Emma went to countless auditions and came back without a job offer. This period was so hard that Stone even began to doubt her prospects in Hollywood. Finally, after many failures, Emma got a role in the TV series-musical "Looking for the Partridge Family", a remake of the American hit 70′s "Partridge Family". The aspiring actress played Lowry, a talented pianist who studies music and grows up in a family of musicians.

Early in her career, a serious blow to Emma Stone's self-esteem was dealt by her failure to audition for the role of Claire Bennet on Heroes. Emma recounted how, after her audition, she heard the producers talk that Hayden Panettiere had been chosen as the favorite for her potential role. It was as if the ground had slipped from under Stone's feet that day.

"I went home and had a nervous breakdown," the actress considers that moment the bottom of her career. But afterwards, things took off: Emma starred in "Super Pepper" and began to receive more job offers.


The future actress worked in the dog-food industry

A still from the movie "Easy Airlift."

Before becoming a Hollywood star, Emma had to make ends meet differently. After moving to Los Angeles, she was constantly changing part-time jobs, combining them with auditions.

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Perhaps the strangest job on Emma Stone's resume was working at a dog bakery. She was fired from there because of complaints from customers: According to them, the food Emma made tasted so awful that their pets refused to eat the treats.


Emma had a backup "dream career."

A still from the movie "The Servant."

Like any sane person, Emma Stone thought of an alternative plan of action in case her acting career never took off. On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the actress revealed that she was thinking of going into an entirely different profession.

5 actors who left Hollywood and got a regular job

"I would like to be a journalist. The idea is the same: you study people and see why they are the way they are. I think it's pretty interesting."


An eminent film critic predicted Stone's success

A still from the film "Cruella.

In 2010 came the screens the comedy "Easy Avenger" about an exemplary high school girl who invents a scandalous legend and thus abruptly changes his life. Emma insists that this is not just a "teen drama", but quite a serious movie - it seems, for good reason.

Legendary film critic Roger Ebert praised "The Excellent Girl" in his review and singled out Emma Stone's performance as Olive Pendergast. He called Stone "underrated" and predicted that through the film her career will go uphill. And so it happened.


She's already had a lot of big breakthroughs.

A still from the movie "Gangbusters".

Emma Stone is only 33 years old, and she has already conquered many peaks that other actresses sometimes dream of all their lives. The actress won her first Oscar for her role as Mia in "La La Land" in 2021, when she was 28 years old. She is one of 8 actresses to win this award for the musical: the elite club also includes Julie Andrews, Jennifer Hudson, Anne Hathaway.

Financially, Stone is also extremely successful: in 2021, she topped the list of highest-paid actresses, earning about $26 million for the year.

"Money is the flower of life." 10 movies about obscenely rich people


Emma can't stand onlookers

A still from the film "The Favourite".

Although Stone's acting career did not immediately gain momentum, and the actress sat without roles for almost a year, this was, among other things, because of her principles. Emma told that she turned down a lot of offers from agencies who wanted to pay her only for a pretty face and not for her talent.

Emma always wanted to be a comedy star and struggled to be taken seriously in the genre. Stone's aspirations may be considered to have been crowned a winner when she won the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedy Actress. She has also been nominated several times for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy.


She has an unexpected illness and phobia

A still from the movie "Aloha."

During the filming of "Easy Avengers," Emma suffered an asthma attack. Fortunately, colleagues on the set helped Stone come to her senses. The scariest thing was that she had no idea she was sick before.

According to Stone, the incident occurred during the second day of filming. She had to jump, scream and squeal for several takes in a row. Her lungs began to give up under great strain, and the filming process had to be interrupted. The actress admitted that she felt humiliated by what happened.

A similar story happened on the set of the film "This Stupid Love". According to the script, Emma's colleague, Ryan Gosling, lifted her high above his head during the dance. That's when Stone had an unexpected attack of PTSD: What happened reminded her of how she broke both of her arms as a child. According to Emma, she didn't know she was afraid when someone lifted her up before this incident. Gosling got it too: the panicked actress started fighting and grabbing his head, hitting him in the eyes with her fingers until he put Stone on the ground. Ryan described the girl's behavior as "possum falling out of a tree," but forgave Emma.


Emma suffers from anxiety.

A still from the movie "Birdman."

Emma is one of many Hollywood stars openly talking about her mental disorders. In a 2015 interview with The Wall Street Journal, Stone admitted that she has suffered from anxiety since childhood.

In tune with herself. How music helps you cope with pain and anxiety

"The first time I experienced a panic attack was when I was sitting at a friend's house and thought he was on fire. I called my mom and she drove me home, and for the next three years the attacks didn't stop. I went to the nurse's office at lunchtime almost every day and just twisted my arms. I would ask my mom to tell me exactly how the day was going to go, and then 30 seconds later I would ask again. I just needed to know that no one would die and nothing would change."

Fortunately for Stone, her personal therapy turned out to be acting. She made this discovery when her parents became involved in organizing productions of a local theater.

"There's something about the urgency of acting. You don't have the ability to think about a million other things. You have to focus on the task at hand. Acting forces me to be kind of a Zen master: 'What's happening right this moment?"


There's a very cute story connected to Emma's tattoo

A still from "Boys Like It."

Emma has a tattoo on the inside of her wrist: a simple drawing of two bird legs. By design, they belong to blackbirds, and it's also a reference to her mom's favorite song, The Beatles - Blackbird. Stone's mom has the same tattoo.

10 Celebrities Who Go to Awards With Their Moms

The cutest detail is exactly how Emma got the sketch of the perfect tattoo for her mom. The girl wrote Paul McCartney and asked him to draw two bird legs. He sent a sketch and the rest is history.


Emma Stone's personal brand of sincerity

A still from the TV series "Maniac."

The actress believes the best advice she's ever been given is to "remain indomitable true to yourself and be resilient in finding ways to manifest your true self."

City of Lovers. 7 movies set in Paris

Indeed, Emma Stone's many fans adore her not only for her specific acting work, but also for her behavior in real life. Emma always remains sincere and energetic during interviews, knows how to make people around her laugh and share her positivity.

Tattoo Girl for Men - Sketches of Men's Tattoos with Girl

Tattoo inscriptions - family in different languages

The same expressions said in different languages sound different. And if you speak your love out loud, it's probably better to do it in melodious Italian or romantic French than in "stumbling" German. But for a body inscription, the visual perception of the phrase is more important, and that depends more on the beauty of the chosen font than on the sonic expression of the line of text on the skin.

  • Tattoo on your arm

  • Forearm Tattoo

Sometimes a tattoo of an utterance is printed in a foreign language so that only those for whom it is intended can understand the meaning of the phrase. But in most cases tattoo inscription in Latin, French, English or any other language that differs from the native, allows the bearer in addition to love and respect for loved ones to demonstrate a high level of intelligence and a philosophical view of life.

If you wish it is not difficult to find a beautiful aphorism with a suitable meaning:

  • Latin inscriptions about the family like "Familia mea arx mea est" - "My family is my fortress", are most common.
  • A tattoo of my family in English can sound like this: "I want my mom's heart beat forever".
  • In French, love for a loved one is often expressed with words such as "Mon ange est apres de moi" - "My angel is by my side.
  • In Spanish, words of love and gratitude may sound as follows: "Gracias a los padres por la vida" - "Thank you parents for life".
  • The Russian text on tattoos is less common and therefore looks original. To declare your love for your mother in Russian, you can quote, printed on the skin, the words, for example, Pierre-Jean de Beranger, "Mother's heart is an inexhaustible source of miracles.

If you have not met the phrase with a suitable meaning, order the translation of favorite utterance to a professional.

Tattoo Girl for Women - Sketches of Girl Tattoo for Women


For women

For men