Tattoos for Girls - The Most Popular and Fashionable Female Tattoos


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So, first of all you need to decide what your tattoo requirements are:

  • What idea do you want to express with your tattoo? In the tattoo meanings section you can find detailed interpretations of the most interesting tattoo plots. You can choose any suitable sketch, as well as, add your own elements and symbols to it. A unique tattoo with meaning you are guaranteed!
  • What place are you ready to dedicate to your idea? If you want the tattoo to be in plain sight, choose wrists, forearms, neck, shins. If you don't want to show off your tattoo, consider tattoos on your ribs, stomach, back, thigh.
  • What style will the tattoo be in? For miniature tattoos, the following styles will work best: old-school, ornaments, watercolors, geometry, dotwork. For large drawings the most successful styles are: realism, newsculpture, blackwork.

When you have decided on the size, style and place, it is worth to finally decide what should be depicted on the tattoo. We have selected the best tattoo ideas for girls with photos:

What happens to a tattoo in old age and why the design wears off

The older a person gets, the less resilient, elastic his skin becomes. Because of natural processes the cover is stretched, sagging. If there is a picture on it, it also changes shape, proportions, size. Therefore, it is important to properly and regularly take care of the skin: a balanced diet, drink enough water, exercise, careful use of skin care products with aggressive components.

In addition to the natural aging process of the skin, the deformation and change in the appearance of the tattoo is influenced by:

  • The technology of the master, the observance of the procedure and the depth of pigment insertion;
  • the quality of pigments, their brand, certification;
  • the influence of ultraviolet light.

In order not to experience all negative consequences of low-quality tattooing in old age, it is necessary to apply only in quality salons, to the masters with experience, portfolio, real references and certified pigments. It is not necessary to save on a tattoo, because it will remain for life. Quality work for many years will maintain an aesthetic appearance, a clear contour, rich colors.

How to keep the color saturation of a tattoo

If you are at your own risk turning to a self-taught master and do body painting at home, you must immediately prepare for the fact that after 2-3 years the image will begin to change. A faded contour, faded shades, fused together small parts - not all the troubles that await those who wish to save money on themselves, their health and appearance.

We should not forget about ultraviolet light, which destroys the pigment and leads to rapid distortion of the pattern. Throughout life, it is necessary to protect a body drawing from the sun's rays. It is not difficult - it is enough to use a sunscreen and also to cover the tattoo during prolonged sunbathing or staying in the sun.

Most fashionable tattoo images for girls

Butterfly tattoo for girls

Most often a tattoo of a butterfly can be found among girls. As a rule preference is given to small bright sketches.

The butterfly has a special, not like other insects, developmental cycle. The transformation from an unsightly caterpillar to a beautiful fluttering butterfly has its symbolic meaning. For many girls, the feeling of transforming from an unsightly teenager that everyone makes fun of to a chic girl is close at hand.

Tattoo for girls - Butterfly tattoo for girls - Women butterfly tattoo

Feminist Tattoos

Feminist tattoos (GRL PWR) as a phenomenon have come about recently. Women's struggle for equality and solidarity around the world is gaining momentum every year. Examples of this are the high-profile scandals in the world of cinema and mass flash mobs in the Internet, which unite women all over the world.

Tattoos for Girls - Feminist Tattoos - Tattoos for Feminists

Tattoos for Girls Flowers

Flowers are almost always associated with beauty, nature, harmony. Thousands of girls around the world choose floral designs to adorn their bodies. Sometimes the interpretation of the flower is important, and sometimes it is important that the flower just likes its owner.

Tattoo for Girls Dreamcatcher

A dream catcher tattoo is a strong talisman that protects its owner from nightmares and any evil. The circle of the dream catcher symbolizes the cycle of life, and the web inside the circle lets only good dreams and thoughts through the holes.

The dream catcher tattoo is beloved by many girls because of its exquisite lace pattern. Thin threads with feathers, with a competently placed sketch can emphasize the advantages of the female figure.

Tattoo Inscriptions for a Girl

Small inscriptions that motivate excellence or movement are often tattoos for girls. Tattoos that can succinctly and briefly convey a life stance or remind and important events in life will never lose their relevance.

Tattoo for girls - Tattoo Lettering for Girls - Women Tattoo Lettering

Fox Tattoo for Girls

Fox tattoos are popular among girls, as many of the fair sex associate themselves with beautiful, graceful and cunning foxes. Fox combines a bright appearance and an outstanding mind, so this image is very close to many girls.

Tattoo for girls - Fox Tattoo for Girls - Women Fox Tattoos

Tattoo Lotus for a Girl

The lotus flower itself is very delicate and subtle, so many girls choose it for a tattoo. A small drawing in pink tones or mandala on the chest will be to the taste of feminine and romantic natures. For lovers of bright and large tattoos - realistic images of a flower on the hip or back.

Tattoo for girls - Tattoo lotus for girls - Lady Lotus Tattoo

Tattoo Cat for a Girl

Often girls associate themselves with cats. Cats have important qualities that are close to many girls: beauty, grace, the ability to defend themselves, independence, independence. That is why so often you can see a tattoo with a cat in the beautiful part of humanity.

Tattoo for girls - Tattoo cat for girls - Lady cat tattoo

Why Latin?

Latin is one of the few languages that have survived from antiquity. Today it is official in the Vatican and accepted by the Catholic Church, but it is considered dead because it is not used in spoken language. The greatest minds of mankind have mastered this language, so many aphorisms in Latin have survived to this day and are in demand and respected. In Russia it is used in rare cases, for example, in the designation of medical terms.

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People who want to score a tattoo, comprehend its meaning, so that over the years the image is not bored. Latin inscriptions are ideal for hiding the meaning of the tattoo from others.

"To fly on her wings."

She walks in faith
"She walks in faith."

Catch the moment, live in the present
"Seize the moment," "live in the present."

So what to do. Choose an inscription from the many that exist or come up with your own? What handwriting to use to make the tattoo look beautiful? What part of the body to apply to? There are answers to all of these questions.

Hot Tattoo Styles for Girls

Watercolor tattoos for girls

Girls often give preference to watercolor tattoos because of their tenderness and lightness. The technique, which mimics watercolor painting, is gaining popularity in tattoos every year.

For those who do not want to draw a lot of attention to themselves will suit small floral sketches in the style of watercolor.

Tattoo for girls - Watercolor Tattoo for Girls

Tattoo Patterns Under Breast for Girls

Tattoo patterns under the breasts help girls feel more confident and sexy. Even a small piece of tattoo visible under the clothes attracts attention and interest.

The patterns under the breasts are those tattoos that are almost never visible to outsiders. Such a pattern girls adorn only on the beach or at the pool.

Tattoo for girls - underboob girls tattoo

White Tattoos for Girls

White tattoos are a fairly young trend. It became possible only with the advent of new ink technology. Girls choose white tattoos for their tenderness, openwork, the beauty of translucent lines. We advise you to study the features of the white tattoo in our material.

Tattoo for girls - White tattoo for girls - White Female Tattoo

Oldschool Tattoo for Girls

Oldskool tattoos haven't lost their popularity over the years. Today, bright tattoos in the traditional style are chosen by girls around the world. Appearing thanks to the sailors, this style has stood the test of time and acquired the status of a classic.

Tattoos for girls - Tattoos for Girls - Old Style Female Tattoos

Tattoo Engraving for Girls

Tattoo Gravure is a trendy popular style today. It owes its appearance to a type of graphic art, the works of which are prints. The lines of the tattoos are clear, sharp, there are no halftones and gradients. In the style of prints girls give preference to illustrations of flora and fauna, mythical creatures, plots from old books.

Tattoo Engraving - Tattoos for Girls - Women's Tattoo Engraving

Tattoo Dotwork for Girls

Tattoo Dotwork (Eng. The design is a style of tattooing in which the design is made with a special technique and consists of dots. By varying the density of the dots, a gradient is created and the transmission of light and shadow. Girls give preference to ornaments and mandalas on the shoulder and forearm. Very unusual looks Dotwork in tattoos with natural motifs, such as tattoos with animals.

Tattoo in the form of an ethnic symbol

The interpretation of such images depends on the country in which they originated. The most common ethnic tattoos are:

  • Polynesian - characterized by flowing lines with clear ornaments, lines, spirals, etc.;
  • Japanese - involve an image in which there are characters, flowers, fish, mythological creatures or geisha;
  • Slavic tattoos include images of the symbol of infinity, stars, plants, birds and animals, characteristic of the Slavs;
  • The Indian representations are complex and are drawings of sacred animals or totemic amulets;
  • Egyptian drawings are closely connected with folklore and mythology;
  • Celtic drawings are depictions of warriors and amulets (knots, crosses, bracelets, etc.).

Popular Tattoo Places for Girls

Tattoo on the Thumb for a Girl

Girls often choose to get a tattoo on their finger as their first tattoo to make sure they can tolerate the process. Even a miniature tattoo helps draw attention and makes its wearer more confident.

Tattoo for girls - tattoo on the finger for girls

Tattoo on the Ear for a Girl

Girls have long made the ear tattoo their favorite. The small drawing attracts with its interesting and unusual location, looks aesthetically pleasing, and if desired can be completely hidden from prying eyes with curls. Favorite themes for tattoos in the ear area for girls: flowers, lines, small ornaments, patterns, symbols and memorable dates.

Tattoo for girls - Tattoo for girls on the ear - Female tattoos on the ear

Tattoo on the Stomach for Girls

Tattoos on the abdomen of girls look very aesthetically pleasing, flirty and sexy. Drawing, which can only partially look out from under the clothes attracts attention and interest. Today, tattoos on the abdomen do with absolutely different concepts and ideas. Each girl chooses a sketch according to her vision and design.

Tattoo on girls tummy - Women tattoos on her tummy

Tattoo on the Ribs for Girls

Girls prefer to stuff small drawings on the ribs under the chest. These can be floral and botanical motifs, phrases or abstract images. It is worth noting the fact that few girls are stopped by painful feelings. For the sake of a beautiful picture on the body all are ready to suffer a little unpleasant tingling.

Tattoo on ribs - Tattoos for girls on ribs - Female Rib Tattoos

Tattoo under the Chest for Girls

A separate type of women's tattoos on the chest are drawings on the area under the breast. Mostly girls choose ornaments, mandalas or floral patterns for this location. This tattoo looks very flirty and sexy.A special contribution to the fashion tattoo under the breast made a favorite of millions of girls singer Rihanna.

Tattoo on the Thigh for Girls

Tattoo on the hip has a tremendous advantage, it can emphasize the advantages, the beauty of lines and curves. Tattoo on the hip helps to visually hide flaws and show the figure from a favorable side. Women's tattoos on the thigh look very sexy, aesthetic and flirty.


This is not the most favorable area, however, some brave ladies with dignity endure painful sessions. The peculiarity of the female figure does not allow making a complete picture here, so the tattoo on the chest is limited to small delicate sketches. Good look "necklaces" in floral, Indian or Egyptian themes.

Tattoos can be printed on the front of the female torso above and below the breasts. Unusually, miniatures that wrap around the side of the chest look unusual. But this is quite a painful procedure, and the tattoo itself will end up in the blind spot.

Small Tattoos for a Girl

Even a small tattoo is a special symbol of uniqueness for a girl. According to psychologists, the owners of tattoos feel more confident, the tattoo helps to overcome your inner complexes.

A small tattoo on a woman's body always looks stylish and flirty. They are applied in different places. Popular places for a small tattoo for girls are: Wrist, fingers, lower back, neck, shoulder


Popular subjects of small tattoos: flowers, symbols, phrases, feather, etc. You can explore this topic in more detail in our review.

Tattoo for girls - Small tattoos for girls

Beautiful fonts

Half the success of a future inscription tattoo depends on the choice of font.

The style of execution of the sketch will play a huge role, and the same text can be perceived very differently. The most common are:

  • Graffiti. This street art quickly made its way into tattoo culture as well. The main idea is the combination of the inscription and the drawing.
  • Gothic. It looks like medieval writing. Sometimes, it is very difficult to read the text in this design. Usually depicted in black and white colors and looks gloomy, so it is more suitable for men.
  • Calligraphic. A very beautiful font. All the letters are displayed with special accuracy and precision. There are many patterns. It is in this style that most of the Latin inscriptions are depicted.
  • Hieroglyphs. This includes symbols of writing of all Asian countries. Chinese and Japanese are popular for tattoos.
  • Arabic characters. Same as hieroglyphs, only for the Arab countries. Highlighted in a separate category because of its national specificity.
  • Printed signs. Not so long ago, tattoos made in the style of a typewriter became fashionable. The letters, with the flaws appropriate to this method, make up words about one or another of the bearer's interests.






Find a tattoo with a meaning and translation on the Internet is easy enough. Much harder to choose the right one for yourself, not banal and with the right translation. We have tried to select the best phrases for tattoos according to these criteria.


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