Piercing the tongue of a girl: a sign of levity or simply a tribute to fashion

Very often in this life, any person wants to change, change or replace something. Some people go to the hairdresser's and come out of there with a new stylish hairstyle, an original haircut. Some people rush into clothing stores and buy things they have never had in their closet before.

There is a certain category of people who enlarge various parts of their body and face. Some get lifelong tattoos, some dare to get piercings.

Why would a person pierce their body or parts of it? And what is piercing? And what do people think about it? So, let's try to understand the pros and cons of tongue piercing...

PIERCING - is a form of modeling various parts of the body and face. It is done by cutting, piercing, placing objects under the skin, piercing, by stitching and cutting through. Piercings are made for different purposes:

  1. To improve their own self-esteem,
  2. for fun
  3. For beauty and change of appearance
  4. For the implementation of the maximum effect in the sexual caresses.

Tongue piercing

By its very nature, tongue piercing is a small, but very complex operation. Therefore, the cutting or piercing of the tongue should be done by a specialist. Do not skimp on it. Since there is an artery in the tongue, on the underside of it.

If an inexperienced person will work, there is a high probability of damaging the artery, and then a strong bleeding will begin, which then will be very difficult to stop. It is necessary to apply to the salons that have a license to perform and carry out certain procedures and operations.

It should be remembered that tongue piercing is a painful operation, because this procedure is performed without anesthesia. In the case of a successful piercing and piercing, the tongue heals very quickly. And if something is not done correctly, the tongue heals for a long time and with complications. After the specialist has pierced the tongue, a long rod is inserted into the tongue, taking into account that the tongue will swell later. After a while, when the swelling goes down, the long rod is replaced with a short rod.


Before you decide to take this step, you need to take the choice of a salon and a specialist with all seriousness and care. It is undesirable to do it at home, entrusting such a procedure to friends and girlfriends. Any piercing is a huge risk of getting an infection. The specialist you choose must have experience and knowledge. Also check the certificates and the availability of the medical book. Most importantly, he must know how to pierce your tongue to give you as little pain as possible.

Why girls pierce their tongues

Make sure that the master uses only disposable instruments. It is desirable that the earring for the piercing is either titanium or medical steel.

Piercing under the tongue

A piercing is also done on the frenulum of the tongue. This is a type of piercing in which a cut is made through the frenulum tissue that is under the tongue itself. It is a simple and uncomplicated procedure, but after a while some people have rejection due to anatomical features. But this type of piercing is not possible for everyone. Again because of the anatomical features. Why do experts prefer to insert a barbell? Because this type of jewelry is a more comfortable form. Also because the barbell is considered a classic piece of jewelry. True, others can also be used, such as metal bends, rings, earrings, and various carnations.

Choice of jewelry

It is important to choose the right jewelry. There are different types of earrings. Most often, a barbell is inserted. It helps to heal the wound, fits perfectly in the hole. In a jewelry store it is realistic to pick up a barbell for any taste.

For lateral piercings semi-rings are used, they have a tip in the form of a bead. For a fresh hole, such a decoration is ideal.

Immediately after the piercing, a large-sized earring is inserted (length - 16-22 mm). The rod should move freely inside the canal, because after the puncture there will be swelling of the tongue.

At first, the retainers for the hole should be large, so that they do not slip off into the canal. Then something exquisite should be chosen. These can be figurines, pearls, flies. The bottom lock should be comfortable.

How long does a tongue piercing take to heal?

The tongue can heal completely in ten to fourteen days after surgery. It is necessary to rinse the mouth with a special solution prescribed by a specialist while the tongue is healing. If the color of the patient's tongue changes and becomes brown or green, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of rinsing. After the procedure, the next day the tongue will begin to swell and increase in size, becoming more sensitive.

On the second to fifth days, the tongue will get the most swelling. At this time, it will be very uncomfortable and difficult to speak, to control the tongue. Pain and discomfort, burning and tingling will be felt. The patient will only be able to eat food prepared in a blender, pureed foods, and soft boiled fruits and vegetables. The patient will be able to see and feel white fluid from the wound. These are dead blood cells, which are the norm after this procedure. On the eighth or tenth day, you can replace the long bar with a short one.

When should I see a doctor?

Question to girls with tongue piercings

A doctor should be consulted when signs of infection develop

Qualified medical care should be sought if:

  • there are signs of infection, i.e., fever, severe pain, new swelling or enlargement of lymph nodes in the neck;
  • symptoms of infection do not subside after several days of treatment;
  • the site of the tissue injury is constantly bleeding;
  • green or yellow pus emerges from the site of the injury;
  • bad breath;
  • Your teeth hurt or your gums swell;
  • Swelling or tissue excrescences develop anywhere in the mouth.

In addition to seeing a doctor, you may also see a piercer for advice on how to address pain and other symptoms.

Many piercing masters give their clients tips to speed up healing and alleviate discomfort

However, it is important to understand that piercing consultations cannot replace doctor's advice

How should I take care of my tongue after the piercing?

It is necessary to handle the tongue very carefully and take care of the wound. It is recommended to rinse at least two to three times a day with a special liquid prescribed by a specialist. Do not eat solid food, too cold, too hot, sour, spicy and bitter, as well as salty food. Alcohol should be avoided, because it will prolong the healing time. Do not independently pull the bar, do not twist and do not pull it out.

There are some consequences after a tongue piercing:

  • Transmission of infectious diseases (plus herpes, hepatitis B and C)
  • Dental damage, gum disease
  • Inhalation of a foreign body
  • Infection of the wound by getting bacteria in your mouth
  • dyslexia
  • metal allergy
  • Prolonged or severe bleeding
  • nerve damage.

The reasons for the pain

The following factors can cause characteristic tongue pain:

  1. Trauma to the organ.
  2. Inflammation.
  3. Allergies.
  4. Neurological disease.
  5. Pathologies of internal organs.
  6. The formation of a tumor.
  7. Blockage of the salivary gland.

The most common cause of pain in one side of the tongue is its damage. As a rule, it is noted during meals. Injuries can manifest as burns, pinching, or scratching. As a result, the pain syndrome may occur at the top, under the tongue, or in the side of the tongue.

The muscular organ can also ache because of a chipped layer of tooth enamel, tingling by the sharp edge of a filling, dentures made with irregularities. If there is a mechanical effect, there is an increase in pain. In a situation where the patient has difficulty swallowing, and there is discomfort in the throat or on the palate, it is necessary to visit the doctor and ask him why this is happening.

Attention should be paid to the nasopharynx, because due to its lesion, one sign may appear - swollen lymph nodes under the tongue. Many parents are puzzled by the question of why a child may have a sore tongue at its base, as well as its side, accompanied by plaque and pain when swallowing

But only a qualified doctor can help solve this problem because of the possible presence of purulent angina, which requires the immediate appointment of adequate therapy

Many parents are puzzled by the question of why a child's tongue may hurt at its base, as well as its side, accompanied by plaque and pain when swallowing. But only a qualified doctor can help in this matter because of the possible presence of purulent angina, which requires the immediate prescription of adequate therapy.

Allergic reactions are often caused by certain foods and medications. Moreover, signs can manifest themselves immediately after taking them. Certain fruits, berries, smoking and alcohol can be provocateurs. Glossalgia is a neurological disorder caused by the failure of the endocrine system and neurotic disorders. Thus, a sick person may experience burning, tingling, and numbness of the organ.

Diseases of internal organs of unspecified etiology are often the cause of painful sensations. All this is due to various changes in the person's health, because the tongue reacts sharply to any illness of infectious nature - glossitis, as well as pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and even anemia.

Cancer lesions often create the conditions for the right or left side of the tongue to start hurting. Because of this, the pain syndrome is localized inside the tongue. The nature and intensity of the pain depends directly on the stage of the malignant disease. In this case, the patient is referred to the doctor oncologist.

Care for tongue piercing after piercing

  • Use throat lozenges against bacteria until the long rod is replaced with a smaller one. Lollipops reduce swelling and prevent infections
  • rinse your mouth with special products prescribed by a specialist for two weeks after eating
  • Do not change the size of the bar after ten days at the earliest, because if you make a change sooner, your tongue may swell up again and the healing may take longer
  • Stains that appear on the jewelry must be cleaned. This should be done gently and with a soft toothbrush. Approximately once a month you should take out the jewelry for a complete cleaning.
  • Check the strength of the parts of the bar. Make the joining of the jewelry parts stronger
  • Eat solid food in small pieces after you can, but do not rush to chew. Because it can damage the tooth enamel and the ornament itself
  • In the morning, the swelling will increase. To reduce it, you need to drink small sips in the morning with cold water, ice water from the fridge. In addition, consume cold foods (ice cream, cold yogurts, ice cubes) - this will help reduce swelling and soreness
  • talk with a long barbell in your tongue as little as possible, because the movement of the barbell will interfere with healing
  • It is not recommended to eat hot foods - tea, coffee and soup - during the healing period. Also, to avoid additional pain on the tongue, do not eat food with spices, gravy. It also increases the swelling.
  • Do not chew on dirty nails or objects, you could get an infection in your mouth
  • Refrain from oral sex for ten to fourteen days after having a tongue piercing.
  • Do not chew or move jewelry in your mouth until it has completely recovered.


Overall, tongue piercing is a fairly safe procedure. The greatest risk it poses is infection of the wound soon after the healing process begins. However, in most cases, infections are mild and easily treated with oral antibiotics.

Sometimes, however, people develop severe infections, such as abscesses. In these situations, the person may need to be hospitalized or given intravenous antibiotics.

In addition, piercings are associated with the following risks:

  • Damage to the teeth and gums;
  • Gum recession on the inside of the mouth;
  • Ludwig's angina, a rare type of skin infection that develops under the tongue.
  • accidentally swallowing jewelry, which can cause choking or throat damage;
  • acquisition of diseases such as tetanus or HIV if the piercer uses non-sterile tools or jewelry that has been used before.
  • spread of infection to the blood or other organs (rare).

In some cases, the body rejects the piercing, and this can lead to further complications.

Tongue piercing - reviews

We managed to get some reviews of the pros and cons of tongue piercing:

  • "Had a tongue piercing two years ago. Saw that such do in our city and decided! Didn't tell anyone. At first it was very painful and impossible to talk. I ran into McDonald's and asked for ice cubes. I was constantly rinsing my mouth. After two weeks, it was gone. Showed up to family and friends. My parents were not supportive at first, then they said that I would realize later that it was stupid. My friends, on the contrary, were surprised and began to take an interest! A friend is going to have her tongue pierced soon. And my boyfriend took a bad attitude to piercings in general. He said that it is done by abnormal people. We haven't seen him for a month. In general, girls, you can not make such a decision without the opinion of family and loved ones. I took the barbell off. Tongue overgrown. And it was even unnoticeable that once there was a gash. Now I don't know whether it's good or not..."
  • "And me, on the contrary, a young man supported me in this plan! He said it's very beautiful and sexy. He really liked kissing me and my tongue with piercings! My pupils dilate every time. My swelling is no longer on my tongue, but on my lips. But on the other hand, if my boyfriend did the piercing, I would scold him for it! I don't want him to pierce his tongue. It doesn't look manly!"
  • "I really regret getting a piercing. It really hurts. Uncomfortable. It's horrible! I didn't even last three days! In addition, everyone said that it looked ugly, that I was only disfiguring my appearance. And I could get an infection. In general, I turned out to be a laughing stock and a fool... As I remember, I saved up for piercings for a long time. I regret it so much. Guys! Don't make that mistake! Do not aspire to such silly innovations. Better buy a dress and a book. And that's better. And you should kiss with a man you love and love, who will not leave you and will love you as you are!"
  • "What kind of nonsense is that? I adore my tongue! I change my jewelry for weeks at a time! It's so sexy! I can get aroused and aroused myself from a few movements of my tongue! All it takes is a wink. All the guys want a new sensation! I'm repelling great guys, and the piercings help me! I don't know, maybe in my thirties I'll take it off, but I won't regret it one bit! And such that love long - it's either necessary to wait all my life or just impossible! But it's up to you to decide. I do not renounce my decision!

Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, this procedure has only three advantages:

- Relatively low painfulness;

- Due to the antimicrobial effects of saliva, the risk of infection is reduced to a minimum;

- pleasant and new sensations during a kiss.

Lovers of thrills consider tongue piercing the sexiest. But there is a downside in the form of minuses:

- The tongue will swell up a lot at first;

- If it gets infected, you can't avoid serious consequences;

- The accessory can ruin tooth enamel;

- Taste disorder;

- In the beginning - problems with the pronunciation of words and speech in general.


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