Beautiful phrases in French for tattoos girl, boy

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Ma vie, mes règles157My life, my rules.
Jouis de chaque moment79Enjoy every moment
Telle quelle73Just the way it is
Ayant risqué une fois-on peut rester heureux toute la vie67Taking a risk once can make you happy all your life
Écoute ton coeur67Listen to your heart
La vie est belle60Life is beautiful
Ma famille est toujours dans mon coeur59My family is always in my heart
Les rêves se réalisent55Dreams come true
Tous mes rêves se réalisent40All my dreams come true
Vivre et aimer38To live and to love
Sauve et garde38Save and cherish
Forte et tendre36Strong and gentle
Chaque chose en son temps28All in good time
Je vais au rêve28Going to my dream
La famille est dans mon coeur pour toujours27Family is always in my heart
Croire à son etoile26To believe in my star
Sois honnêt avec toi-même24Be honest with yourself
A tout prix23At any price
Tout le monde à mes pieds22All at my feet
Un amour, une vie21One love, one life
Je préfère mourir dans tes bras que de vivre sans toi20Better to die in your arms than to live without you
Toute la vie est la lutte19All life is a struggle
Jamais perdre l`espoir18Never give up hope!
Mon comportement - le résultat de votre attitude17My comportment is the result of your attitude.
L'amour fou17L'amour fou
Chacun est entraîné par sa passion16Everyone is attracted by his passion
Rencontrerons-nous dans les cieux15Meet me in heaven
L'amour vers soi-même est le début du roman qui dure toute la vie14Self-love is the beginning of an affair that lasts a lifetime
Aimes-moi comme je t`aime et je t`aimerais comme tu m`aimes14Love me as I love you and will love you as you love me
Il n`t jamais tard d`être celui qu`on veut - exécute les rêves14It's never too late to be what you want, fulfill your dreams
Respect le passé, crée le futur!13Respect the past, create the future!
Chaque jour je t`aime plus qu`hier mais moins que demain13Every day I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow
Mieux vaut tard que jamais13Better late than never
Rejette ce qu'il ne t'es pas13Throw away what you're not
C'est la vie12That's life
Que femme veut - Dieu le veut11What a woman wants, God wills
Une fleur rebelle11A rebellious flower
Face à la vérité11Face the truth
Mon comportement - le résultat de votre attitude10My behavior is the result of your attitude.
Si on vit sans but, on mourra pour rien10If you don't live for something, you die for nothing
Cache ta vie10Cache your life
Tout passe, tout casse, tout lasse10Nothing lasts forever under the moon
J'aime ma maman10I love my mother
L'amour est la sagesse du fou et la deraison du sage9Love is the wisdom of a fool and the foolishness of a wise man
Une seule sortie est la vérité9The only way out is the truth
L`argent ne fait pas le bonneur9It's not money that makes you happy
Qui ne savait jamais ce que c`est l`amour, celui ne pouvait jamais savoir ce que c`est la peine9Who never knew what love was, could never know that it was worth it
Il n`t jamais tard d`tre celui qu`on veut. Exécute les rêves9It's never too late to be what you want to be Fulfill your dreams
Le temps perdu ne se rattrape jamais8Time that's gone can't be undone
Aujourd`hui-nous change "demain", "hier"-nous ne changerons jamais8Today we'll change "tomorrow", "yesterday" we'll never change.
Le souvenir est le parfum de l`âme8L`espoir fait vivre is a perfume for the soul
L`espoir fait vivre8Hope sustains life
Sans espoir, j`espère7Without hope, I hope
C'est l'amour que vous fait7Love is all you need
Jouis de la vie, elle est livrée avec une date d'expiration7Enjoy life, it comes with an expiration date
Si la fleur poussait chaque fois que je pense à toi alors le monde serait un immense jardin7If a flower bloomed every time I thought of you, the world would be a huge garden
Il n`t jamais tard d`être celui qu`on veut6Exécute les rêves. It's never too late to be what you want to be. Fulfill your dreams
Le meilleur moyen de lutter contre la tentation c`est d`y ceder6The best way to resist temptation is to give in to it
Un amour vrai est une drogue dure, il faut trouver les rélations qui ne provoqueront jammais l`overdose, mais au contraire, l`extase éternelle6True love is a drug, and you need a relationship that doesn't overdose, but makes you feel ecstasy.
Plaisir de l`amour ne dure qu`un moment, chagrin de l`amour dure toute la vie5The pleasure of love lasts but a moment, the pain of love lasts a lifetime
Le temps c'est de l'argent5Time is money
L'amour qui ne ravage pas n'est pas l'amour5Love that doesn't ravage is not love
Aimer c'est avant tout prendre un risque4To love is above all to risk
L`amitié est une preuve de l`amour4Friendship is proof of love
Lorsque deux nobles coeurs s`aiment vraiment, leur amour est plus fort que celle la mort4When two noble hearts truly love, their love is stronger than death itself.
Heureux ensemble4Happy together
De l`amour a la haine il n`y a qu`un pas4From love to hate it's only one step
J`ai perdu tout le temps que j`ai passé sans aimer4I've lost all the time I've spent without love
Si tu ne me parles pas, je remplirai mon coeur de ton silence pour te dire a quel point tu me manques et combien il est dur de t`aimer4If you will not speak to me, I will fill my heart with your silence to tell you later how much I miss you and how hard it is to love
Personne n`est parfait... jusqu`à ce qu`on tombe amoureux de cette personne4Personne n'est parfait ... until someone falls in love with that person
Personne n`t parfait, jusqu`à ce qu`on tombe amoureux de cette personne3Personne n'est parfait jusqu'à ce qu'on tombe amoureux de cette personne
L`homme porte en lui la semence de tout bonheur et de tout malheur3Man carries within him the seed of happiness and sorrow
Chaque baiser est une fleur dont la racine est le coeur3Every kiss is a flower whose root is the heart
On dit que l`amour est aveugle. Trop mal qu`ils ne puissent voir ta beauté3They say love is blind. It's too bad they can't see your beauty.
Le baiser est la plus sure façon de se taire en disant tout3A kiss is the surest way to keep silent, talking about everything
Le plus court chemin du plaisir au bonheur passe par la tendresse3The shortest road from pleasure to happiness is through tenderness.
J`ai perdu tout, alors, je suis noyé, innondé de l`amour; je ne sais pas si je vis, si je mange, si je respire, si je parle mais je sais que je t`aime3I lost everything, you see, I drowned, flooded by love; I don't know if I live, if I eat, if I breathe, if I speak, but I know that I love you
Otez l`amour de votre vie, vous en ôtez les plaisirs3Take the love out of your life and you take all the pleasure
Il n`y a qu`un remède l`amour: aimer plus2There is only one remedy for love: love more
Ce qui ressemble a l`amour n`est que l`amour2That which resembles love is love

When wanting to get a tattoo in the form of an inscription, most people wonder what language their favorite saying will be written in. A great option for a tattoo inscription could be French.

French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with around 350 million people speaking it as a native or second language. This language is very beautiful in pronunciation and unusual in spelling, it has managed to conquer many countries. The geography of spread of French is striking (besides France, Belgium and Switzerland, French is spoken in Canada, Haiti and a number of African countries).

This language is also spoken in Russia. At one time, the Russian nobility used French to communicate more often than Russian, the popularity of the language in Russia dropped only in the early 19th century, when the war with Napoleon broke out.

Phrases in French for tattoos are not yet as popular as in Latin or English, but this language also has its connoisseurs. This language is preferred by people with a special outlook on the world. This spiritualized individuals, romantic and vulnerable, sometimes naive and careless, dreamers, poets, travelers and artists.

Did you know. Until the 18th century, there was no coherent French language, it was just separate dialects in different areas of France. The unification of the language into a unified linguistic system was helped by Charles Pierrot's tales, popular and read at the time in all corners of the state.

Themes and meanings of inscriptions in French

French was spoken by many great rulers and revolutionaries, philosophers, famous artists, as well as by playwrights and world-renowned writers. For example, Victor Hugo, in his work called Les Miserables, wrote the longest sentence in the world. It consists of more than 850 words.

That is why the French language is considered beautiful and attracts people's attention. Some of them like the sound of French words so much that they are willing to immortalize on their bodies phrases meaningful to them, translated into French. Besides, there have been many famous Frenchmen in history who have uttered beautiful aphorisms and quotations with a special meaning.

Beautiful French phrases for tattoos girls, guys

Someone likes Hugo's sensual sayings about love, and someone likes the funny aphorisms of Coco Chanel. The simple thoughts about life that Jacques - Yves Cousteau uttered, or excerpts from Napoleon's public sayings motivate many people. They make these phrases the slogans and mottos of their lives. That's why tattoos in French are so popular.

History of the origin of a few words

The well-known word "marmalade" is a twist on "Marie est malade" - Marie is sick.

In the Middle Ages, Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland suffered from seasickness during her travels and refused to eat. Her personal physician prescribed her slices of oranges with the peel densely sprinkled with sugar, while a French chef prepared decoctions of quinces to stimulate her appetite. If these two dishes were ordered in the kitchen, it was immediately whispered among the courtiers, "Marie sore!" (mari e malad).

Chantrapas, a word for loafers, waifs, also came from France. Children who had no musical ear or good vocal skills were not taken into the church choir as singers ("chantra pas" - no singing), so they hung around the streets doing nothing, begging and amusing themselves. They were asked, "Why are you idling?" The answer was, "Chantrap."

Chauffe - (chauffe - heating, heater) with the prefix sub-, that is, heated, under the influence of heat, taken to "warm up." A beautiful French word, but the meaning is just the opposite.

By the way, why was that name of the famous old lady Shapoklyak? But it is a French name, and her purse is also from there - rédicule. Chapot translates as "hat", and "clack" is a palm strike, akin to a slap. A flip-flop hat is a folding cylinder, which is what the mean old lady wore.

Silhouette is the name of the Comptroller of the Treasury at the court of Louis the Fifteenth, who was famous for his craving for luxury and varied spending. The treasury emptied too quickly and, to remedy the situation, the king appointed a young incorruptible Etienne Silhouette to the post, who immediately banned all festivities, balls and feasts. Everything became gray and dull, and the fashion that arose during the same time of depicting the outline of a dark-colored object on a white background - in honor of the scruffy minister.

Location on the body

Usually, people choose the location of the tattoo on the body, based on its meaning and size. If a French phrase is a talisman and has some sacred meaning, then such a tattoo is done in those places, which will be hidden from the eyes of other people.

Experienced tattoo-masters name 7 parts of a body where their clients are asked to put such inscriptions more often:

  • Under the breasts;
  • between the fingers;
  • at the back of the head;
  • behind the ear;
  • on the hips;
  • on the lower back;
  • on the back.

Beautiful French phrases in French for tattoo girls, boy
A beautiful phrase in French on the back
Decorative inscriptions made in beautiful script, on the contrary, are placed on exposed areas of the body, e.g:

  • on the palm of the hand;
  • on the collarbone;
  • on the side of the neck;
  • Around the wrist;
  • on the forearm;
  • on the shoulder.

Beautiful phrase on the tattoo of the girl, the boy

Masters in salons advise to place small tattoos ranging in size from 2 to 7 cm along the forearm or collarbone, on the foot, as well as on the wrist. Large tattoos from 7 to 30 cm, consisting of several lines or decorated with drawings, it is better to put on the shoulder blades, on the chest, back and hips.

Ideas for names

Beautiful words in French are an inexhaustible source of ideas for the names of your own brand, channel. Especially if the theme of beauty is chosen. The words should be chosen so that they were not only pleasant to hear, but also supported the mission, idea and style of the company.

At the same time, it is desirable that they were simple, memorable, easy to understand by ear and in writing to potential customers.

For a beauty salon

Below in the table are examples of variants of names with translation:

DouxDouxSoft, delicate, sweet.
EclatantEclatantSparkling, glittering, fiery.
Papillon de nuit.Papillon de nuit.Papillon de nuit
MériteMériteMerit, dignity

For the store

When choosing words for a store, it makes sense to start with the theme.

French words in French for a beautiful tattoo, store name, beauty salon

Below are universal examples that sound good and make positive sense:

FloraisonFlorizonBlossom, blossom, abundance
Lis bleuLis bleuBlue Lily

Beautiful French words with translation

Small tattoos can consist of only 1 French word.

The most popular choices are:

  • ange - angel;
  • bisou - kiss;
  • brûler - hot;
  • brume - fog;
  • câlin, tender;
  • chaleur, ardent;
  • chatoyer, sparkling;
  • mon chouchou, favorite;
  • doux - sweet;
  • épanoui - happy;
  • éphémère - ephemeral;
  • étoile, star;
  • floraison, blooming;
  • hirondelle, swallow;
  • libellule, dragonfly;
  • loufoque, mad;
  • orage, lightning;
  • papillon, moth;
  • plaisir, amusing;
  • singulier, unique;
  • sirène, seductress;
  • soleil - sun.

The owners of such tattoos interpret them in their own way. Someone inscribes on the body inscription, denoting a character trait, while others identify themselves with animals, insects, or any objects.

Tattoo bracelet

Tattoo inscriptions in the form of a girdle girls usually put on the wrist. Such a naked picture emphasizes the elegance of the female image, visually makes this part of the hand slimmer and is a kind of message addressed to the people around.

The advantages of this type of tattoo include:

  • the opportunity to decorate your body, saving on the purchase of jewelry;
  • A bright way of self-expression;
  • The possibility of interpreting a tattoo bracelet as a talisman for its owner;
  • Ability to hide skin defects on the hands;
  • If necessary, such a bracelet can be hidden under a watch or bulk jewelry.

In making the final decision on the need to score a tattoo bracelet, a girl should study the disadvantages of the inscription, placed in the way under consideration:

  • excessive trauma to the skin (on the wrist the skin is the thinnest and most sensitive); Tattoo inscription on the hand in girls is well combined with a bracelet
  • A high degree of painfulness of the procedure for creating such a naked pattern.

Beautiful phrases with translation

Beautiful phrases in French can carry a special meaning, which is a motto in the life of some people.

Examples of such inscriptions:

  • n'importe quel prix - any price;
  • cacher votre vie do not show your life;
  • libre parce que j'ai la foi - free because I have faith;
  • petit mais bon - small but good;
  • tu dois être courageux à côté d'une fille - near a girl one must be courageous;
  • pour mieux connaître le monde, vous devez vous connaître pleinement - to know the world better, you must know yourself fully;
  • pas de portefeuille, pas de vie - no purse, no life;
  • aucun problème - no problem;
  • c'est pour toujours - that's forever;
  • continuez joyeusement - keeping up my spirits;
  • Le bonheur n'est pas loin - happiness is just around the corner;
  • années heureuses - happy years;
  • Je vis tant qu'il y a de l'espoir - living while there is hope;
  • la vie est comme une bataille - life is like a battle;
  • pas de phrases inutiles - no unnecessary phrases;
  • toujours prêt à aider - always ready to help;
  • advienne que pourra - let it be so;
  • seulement la vérité honnête - only the pure truth;
  • pensées pures - free thoughts;
  • aujourd'hui avec moi et demain avec toi - today with me and tomorrow with you.

Beautiful French words in French for a girl or boy tattoo

Aside from the special meaning, all of these phrases sound good when pronounced in French.

Quotes from

Connoisseurs of French literature often ask masters in tattoo parlors, to put on the skin statements of their favorite authors.

In the table we can consider several examples of such quotes from famous French writers with a translation into Russian.

Victor Marie HugoLouis AragonAlexandre Dumas
Soulful beauty spreads out like a mysterious glow over a beautiful body.La beauté mentale se répand comme un rayonnement mystérieux sur un beau corps.Positive thinking is the real luxury of a great man.La pensée positive est le vrai luxe d'un grand homme.Keep your banners to yourself and never give them to your enemies. Even if your banner is a shabby napkin.Gardez vos bannières pour vous et ne les donnez jamais aux ennemis. Même si votre bannière est une serviette en lambeaux.
A star in the sky is visible because it shines brightly. This creature is unattainable, but another, more delicate and beautiful creature is always around - it is a woman.L'étoile dans le ciel est visible car elle brille de mille feux. Cette création est inaccessible, mais une autre créature plus douce et plus belle est toujours là - c'est une femme.A true artist always contradicts himself.Un véritable artiste se contredit toujours.It is impossible to say exactly what is happiness and what is not. All this can only be learned by comparison.Il est impossible de direc certitude ce qu'est le bonheur et ce qui ne l'est pas. Tout cela n'est connu que par comparaison.
The human mind consists of 3 basic keys: counting, writing and musical hearing. Counting, reading and thinking. It all consists in this.L'esprit humain est composé de 3 clés principales: compter, écrire et écouter la musique. Comptez, lisez et réfléchissez. C'est tout ce qu'il y a à faire.Geniuses live like ocean liners: they never cross each other's paths.Les génies vivent comme des paquebots: ils ne se croisent jamais.The whole world is the enemy of our tender passions.Le monde entier est l'ennemi de nos tendres passions.

Citations are almost always multi-line inscriptions.

Beautiful phrases in French for a tattoo of a girl, a guy

Such tattoos turn out to be large, so you need to think carefully on what part of the body such a phrase will look best.


The phrase in RussianTranslationPronunciation
Where is the nearest exchange office?Ou se trouve le bureau de change le plus proche?Ou se trouve le bureau de change le plus proche?
Can you change these traveller's cheques?Remboursez-vous ces cheques de voyage?Rambourez-vous ces cheques de voyage?
What is the exchange rate?Quel est le cours de change?Quel est le cours de change?
How much is the commission?Cela fait combien, la commission?Cela fais combien, la commission?
I want to exchange dollars for francs.Je voudrais changer des dollars US contre les francs francais.Je voudrais changere de dolar U.S. contre les francs francais.
How much will I get for $100?Combien toucherai-je pour cent dollars?Combien toucherai-je pour cent dolar?
Until what hour do you work?A quelle heure etes-vous ferme?A quelle heure etes-vous ferme?

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Standard phrases - everything you need to maintain or develop a conversation. Common words used in conversation every day.

Station - questions often asked at train stations and common words and phrases that will be useful both at the train station and at any other station.

Passport control - when you arrive in France, you will have to go through passport and customs control, this procedure will be easier and faster if you use this section.

City Orientation - If you do not want to get lost in one of the big French cities, keep this section of our Russian-French phrasebook handy. With its help you will always find your way.

Transport - traveling in France, you will repeatedly have to use public transport. We collected words and phrases that will be useful for you on public transport, cabs and other things.

Hotel - translation of the phrases which will be very useful for you during check-in and throughout your stay in the hotel.

Public places - using this section you can ask passers-by what you can see in the city.

Emergencies - a topic not to be neglected. With its help you can call an ambulance, police, call for help to passers-by, to report that you feel unwell, etc.

Shopping - going shopping, do not forget to take with you a phrasebook, or rather this topic from it. Everything in it will help you do all kinds of shopping, from vegetables at the market to brand name clothes and shoes.

Restaurant - French cuisine is famous for its sophistication and you are likely to want to taste its dishes. But in order to order a meal you need to know at least minimal knowledge of French, to be able to read the menu or call the waiter. In this, this section will serve you as a good assistant.

Numbers and numbers: a list of numbers from zero to a million, their spelling and correct pronunciation in French.

Tours - translation, spelling and correct pronunciation of words and questions that every tourist will need in travel more than once.


Beautiful phrases in French in the form of tattoos can be brief, but quite expressive. In France, there are many aphorisms that have remained popular among the people for centuries.


  • Nous avons tous une grande force, nous pouvons donc endurer les échecs des autres et les aider à surmonter les difficulties - We all have great power, so we can endure the failures of others and help them overcome difficulties.
  • It n'est donné à personne de voir la vie d'autrui telle qu'elle est réellement - No one is given to see another's life as it really is.
  • Écoutez plus, parlez moins - Listen more, speak less.
  • Les plus gros incendies commencent par de minuscules étincelles - The greatest fires begin with tiny sparks.
  • La mort est 1 moment, dont il y a des milliers - death is 1 moment, of which there are thousands in life.
  • L'habileté à guarder le silence est un signe du sang du roi - the skill of silence is the sign of royalty.
  • Celui qui ne connaît pas l'amour ne connaît pas sa valeur - he who does not know love does not know its price.
  • L'amour sincere deux est plus fort que la mort elle-même - the sincere love of two is stronger than death itself.
  • La mémoire est le parfum de l'âme - memory is the scent of the soul.
  • Un jour je mourrai de curiosité - one day I will die of curiosity.
  • Le bonheur entraîne le corps et le chagrin entraîne l'esprit - happiness trains the body and sorrow trains the mind.
  • Nous construisons d'une main et détruisons de l'autre - we build with one hand and destroy with the other.

Beautiful phrases in French for tattoo girls, boyfriend

All these lines have a special meaning and people often get tattoos with inscriptions, which in one way or another they identify with their own life experiences.

About love

A tattoo in French can become an embodiment of the feelings that its owner experienced during the time of being in love.

Popular phrases suitable for tattoos:

  • Il n'y a pas d'âge défini pour l'amour - there is no certain age for love.
  • Les longues séparations tuent lentement l'amour - long separations slowly kill love.
  • To forget, marteler et devenir normal - to forget, score and become normal.
  • L'amour ne peut pas être parfait - love cannot be perfect.
  • L'amour est un swing. Puis vous tombez, puis vous vous envolez vers les nuages - love is a swing. One moment you fall down, the next you soar to the clouds.
  • Plus la sensation est forte, plus la douleur est vive - the stronger the feelings, the sharper the pain.
  • Même les vaches dansent avec amour - Even cows dance with love.
  • Si tu aimes, pardonne - if you love, you will forgive.
  • Parfois, l'amour est très aveugle - sometimes love is very blinding.
  • Les lois du cœur sont difficiles à comprendre - the laws of the heart are hard to understand.
  • Notre amour est toujours le plus beau - our love is always the most beautiful.
  • L'amour est une maladie pour laquelle il n'y a pas de remède - love is a disease for which there is no cure.
  • La vie est un iceberg qui brise les tendres sentiments - life is an iceberg that breaks tender feelings.
  • It has no barrières à l'amour ou à la mort - neither for love nor for death there are no barriers.
  • L'amour vole le sommeil et l'appétit - love steals sleep and appetite.
  • L'amour égalise toutes les conditions. - All are equal in love.
  • Chanceux partout sauf l'amour - luck everywhere except in love.
  • L'amour frais broie la saraya - fresh love grinds down old love.
  • J'ai les mains froides, mais un cœur chaud - my hands are cold, but my heart is hot.
  • L'amour n'est pas une blague - love is no joke.
  • Le premier amour reste pour toujours - The first love stays forever.

Beautiful phrase on the tattoo of the girl, the boy

The most popular tattoo fonts for the design of phrases about love are considered to be Bodega and Marchy. The letters have smooth curves, monograms and elegant contours. These fonts go well with floral designs.

About life

Beautiful phrases in French can become life slogans.

A few short sayings about life that can be tattooed like a tattoo:

  • Telle est la vie maintenant - such is life these days.
  • Nous sommes tous destinés à des chemins différents, mais vous pouvez choisir le vôtre - we are all destined different ways, but you can choose yours.
  • Je crois en mon rêve - I am faithful to my dream.
  • La vie est une éternité qui dure un moment - Life is an eternity lasting a moment.
  • Il n'est pas important de savoir combien de temps vous avez vécu, mais pourquoi - it is not how much you have lived but why.
  • De nombreux chemins enchevêtrés et un seul vrai - many confused paths and only 1 true one.
  • Lisez pour continuer à réfléchir - read so as not to stop thinking.
  • La vie est composée de beaucoup de choses, ne les emballe pas - life consists of moments, don't miss them.
  • Parfois, le mot est miel et parfois une épée tranchante - sometimes a word is honey and sometimes a sharp sword.
  • J'aime ma vie - I am content with life.
  • J'aime ma vie - don't deceive yourself.
  • J'écoute mon cœur parce qu'il ne ment pas - I listen to my heart because it does not lie.
  • Le passé doit être honoré et l'avenir doit être construit - the past must be honored and the future must be built.
  • Être heureux est un mode de vie, mais pas un objectif - being happy is a way of life, but not an objective.
  • Je ne suis affligé qu'à l'extérieur, à l'intérieur je suis toujours jeune - I am aging only on the outside, inside I am always young.
  • La vie aime a les courageux - life loves the brave.

Beautiful phrase on the tattoo of the girl, the boy

The Victorian Parlor and Brushgyo tattoo fonts are perfect for designing life-affirming phrases. The letters will look as if they were written with a ballpoint pen or pen. Such tattoos attract the attention of other people.


Phrases with a special meaning are called proverbs. Beautiful sayings can be borrowed from the French, or you can translate your favorite proverbs from your native language.

You can put inscriptions like this on your skin:

  • Ce qui n'est pas pardonné doit être oublié - what is not forgiven must be forgotten.
  • Vous devez espérer le bien, mais vous préparer au mal - hope for the good, but prepare for the bad.
  • Si vous êtes l'ami de tout le monde, alors vous n'êtes l'ami de personne - if you are a friend to everybody, you are nobody's friend.
  • L'amour est fort mais parfois il est détruit par l'argent - love is strong, but sometimes money destroys it.
  • Le rire est impossible à cacher, comme l'amour - laughter is impossible to hide, like love.
  • Furry en public, hérissé à la maison - fluffy in public, prickly at home.
  • C'est bon de crier des chansons quand tu es plein - it is good to shout songs when you are full.
  • A trouver avec des rats - grincer sur un rat - to be with rats - to squeak like a rat.
  • Lit moelleux, mais difficile de dormer - a soft bed, but it is hard to sleep on it.
  • Aucune affaire ne se fait en parlant - talk does not make things happen.
  • Les bien nourris ne comprendront jamais les affamés - a well-fed man will never understand a hungry man.
  • La faim rend la nourriture plus savoureuse - hunger makes food tastier.
  • Douceur dans la bouche, dégoûtant dans le cœur - sweet in the mouth, nasty in the heart.
  • Tout ce ce dont tu as besoin c'est d'amour - all that is needed is love.
  • Pour mieux dormir, il faut parfois en savoir moins - to sleep better, sometimes you need to know less.
  • Montre-moi sans péché, je ne crois pas en une telle - show me a sinless man, I do not believe in such.
  • Chacun a son propre destin - everyone has his own passion.
  • Nous sommes tous les maîtres de notre propre Bonheur - we are all masters of our own happiness.
  • Le temps viendra et tout deviendra réalité - the time will come and everything will come true.
  • Une femme est choisie non pas en regardant, mais en écoutant - a wife is chosen not by looking but by listening.
  • Comparer n'est pas prouver - to compare is not to prove.
  • Le chemin vers le développement personnel est l'un des plus difficiles - the path to self-development is one of the most difficult.
  • Un corbeau ne mordra pas les yeux d'un corbeau - the crow does not peck the crow's eyes.
  • Ne fais pas confiance aux doutes, ce sont des coquins - don't trust doubts, they are rascals.
  • Ne vous vantez pas de ce que vous n'avez pas - don't brag about what you don't have.
  • Les larmes n'aideront pas dans le chagrin - tears will not help in sorrow.
  • On se souvient de la santé quand on est déjà malade - we think of health when we are already sick.
  • Ils ne discutent pas des goûts, mais ils jurent sale - we do not argue about tastes, but swear foully.
  • Vous pouvez écouter les conseils, mais vous n'êtes pas obligé de les suivre - you can listen to advice, but you do not have to follow it.
  • Les marchandises doivent être obtenues - goods must be obtained.
  • L'envie est pire que l'avidité - envy is worse than greed.
  • La vérité doit être affrontée - truth must be faced.
  • Parfois c'est bénéfique d'être un imbécile - sometimes being a fool is profitable.
  • Faim et herbe - nourriture délicieuse - in hunger and grass is good food.
  • Une bonne fille est un vrai trésor - a good girl is a real treasure.
  • La force dans des mots véridiques - the force is in truthful words.
  • L'eau aiguise une pierre mieux qu'un couteau - water sharpens stone better than a knife.
  • La beauté et la pureté sont le signe d'un esprit clair - beauty and purity are the sign of a clear mind.
  • Une graine pourrie ne fera pas pousser un arbre - a rotten seed will not make a tree.
  • Même en temps de guerre, il y a de la place pour l'humanisme - even in war there is room for humanism.
  • La hâte et la précipitation sont des choses différentes - haste and hurry are different things.

Beautiful phrase on the tattoo of the girl, the boy

Italic tattoo fonts such as Einstein and Twenty Nine are suitable for such phrases. If the statement is motivational or harsh, it can be printed in angular Stay Alive, or use Zenzero Sans-style letters.

Artistic design of tattoo inscriptions

Beautiful phrases in French can be complemented with drawings. The theme and style of the picture depends on the meaning of the printed phrase. Fine, ornate lines, lace patterns and floral motifs go well with italic script and are suitable for inscriptions with a romantic meaning.

Lines decorated in a rough gothic style are decorated with extravagant drawings, such as skulls, lightning, silhouettes of beasts of prey. Such design is suitable for life-affirming, aggressive or serious phrases.

Beautiful phrase on the tattoo of the girl, the boy

Inscriptions without drawings, most often do monochrome, and tattoos with images can be made colored. The color of the ink is chosen depending on the meaning of the phrase, font and number of lines.

The French language sounds beautiful, and the inscriptions look elegant and eye-catching. Before going to a tattoo parlor, you should make sure that the phrase you choose is translated correctly. The French have a complicated grammar, and if 1 wrong letter is written in a word, its meaning can be completely replaced by another, and the whole sentence with such a mistake will sound incorrect.

Correct pronunciation of consonant letters and letter combinations

Letter CombinationPronunciationExample
"t "* before "i" + vowel

if the "t" is preceded by an "s".



"s" between vowels

- otherwise

"x" At the beginning of the word between vowels


In quantitative numerals;

in ordinal numerals.


Six, dix

Sixième, dixième

"c "* before the vowels "i, e, y"

- otherwise

"g" before the vowels "i, e, y"

- otherwise

"gu"as 1 sound before the vowelsguerre
"gn"(sounds like Russian)ligne
"ch"(sounds like Russian )chat
"qu"1 soundqui
"r "*cannot be read after the "e" at the end of the wordparler
"h "*is never read, but is divided into h mute and h aspirated.homme

*Exception words: amitié , pitié .

*The letter is not pronounced at the end of a word after nasal vowels. For example: banc . Also in words such as (porc , tabac , estomac ).

*Some nouns and adjectives are exceptions: hiver , fer , cher , ver , mer , hier .

*In French, the letter "h" has a specific role in pronunciation:

  1. when the h, stands in the middle of a word between vowels, they are read separately, e.g.: Sahara , cahier , trahir ;
  2. with a mute h at the beginning of a word, a binding is made, and a vowel is dropped out, e.g.: l'hectare , ilshabitent ;
  3. before the aspirated h there is no binding and the vowel does not drop out, for example: la harpe , le hamac , les hamacs , les harpes .

In dictionaries, words with an aspirated h are marked with an asterisk, e.g: *haut.


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