How much will it cost to tattoo a wolf

The beauty of the tattoo arm is questionable. Society does not fully accept such manifestations of personality. To begin with, it is possible to stuff a quarter or half a sleeve, which, if necessary, to hide under clothing. In such considered cases, removal is rarely done.

According to customer reviews, stuffing a tattoo sleeve is moderately painful, which is why this service is at the top of the popularity rating among tattoo artists. The master in the salon will offer a price and photos of finished works in the portfolio, among which may be the basis for your inspiration.

The price depends directly on the time spent by the master on the development of the sketch and the direct injection of the pigment, as well as on the quality of the ink.

Tattoos and prices

The cost of a tattoo depends on many factors. In order to find out the price of a tattoo, you should determine its approximate size, style, color, location and specify the desired artist who will perform the work.

Approximate cost of the tattoo will help to calculate the online calculator, which is available at the portals of large salons.

Based on these data, the salon staff will be easier to calculate the cost, especially if this service is provided remotely. Below we consider how much it costs to get a tattoo on different parts of the body.

Tattoo on the hand

How much does it cost to tattoo on the hand not everyone knows. Even the master, who will type the image can tell only an approximate cost. The thing is that during the process of work in the sketch may be made any changes, which, ultimately, will affect the final price. However, if no such changes are planned, the artist will tell you the average cost of services for such work.

As a rule, an average size tattoo (about 15 cm) costs 5000 rubles. In some cases, the price can be shifted upwards depending on the chosen sketch. Often, medium sized designs are applied to the elbow or hand.

Tattoos on the shoulder or forearm can be tattooed for 5000 - 15000 rubles. Naturally, a 10 cm tattoo will cost cheaper than a full arm tattoo.

A tattoo on the wrist of 5*5 cm (about the size of a small chicken egg) can cost from 1000 rubles. The thing is that mostly in this size are printed various symbols or letters, the price of which is not at all high. Moreover, they are often applied in black and white color.

Colored tattoos have a higher cost. This fact is explained by the fact that drawings in color are most often performed in several sessions, lasting from 3 hours and more. It is not uncommon for this to happen when a sketch is applied to a massive pumped up shoulder. For example, when performing army tattoos of the Airborne Forces.

Since in most cases tattoos for men are artistic paintings, their price can be 25000 rubles and more.

Colored tattoos for girls are much cheaper. Pricing depends on the fact that women's hand areas are much smaller in area than men's. Thus, a small picture of 5 by 5 centimeters or more can be tattooed for 7000 - 20000 rubles.

Tattoo on the neck

The price for tattoos, applied to the neck can vary significantly, depending on the region where the work is done. For example, in Moscow for a small or medium-sized tattoo master will take 8000 - 15000 rubles. While in remote regions you can find a salon with more democratic pricing.

Tattoos on the chest

On the chest are often depicted large sketches: Polynesian patterns, shapes of animals, large inscriptions, etc. Based on this, the average price for men's tattoos is at the level of 15000-30000 rubles. Girls can have their breasts tattooed from 10,000 rubles, as this area of the body is much smaller than men's.

Tattoo on the leg

Girls like to decorate their body by drawing pictures on the thigh. Thus, the leg acquires a more attractive and beautiful appearance due to the fact that the image hides some flaws and visually stretches the figure.

Popular motifs that are in demand when applied to this area are geometric animals, snakes, dragons, flowers and patterns. As all the above motifs are complex, the price for them starts from 30000 rubles.

Sketches for a tattoo on the arm

The price of a tattoo on the hand depends on the complexity of the design, ink and the amount of work.
Before choosing a picture for a tattoo, it is necessary to focus on the main criteria:

  1. The meaning of the picture, what traditions and culture it reflects.
  2. Color scheme and style - will it be a single-color picture, or a whole "picture" with a wide palette of colors is planned.
  3. Size - a miniature picture, or a tattoo on the whole "sleeve".

Examples of tattoos with prices

Below are examples of tattoos with photos and approximate prices. By looking at the different sizes of tattoos, you will be able to imagine the cost of the chosen design.


Predatory and aggressive, the wolf has always coexisted with man, located near the settlements of different peoples. The animal is characterized by loyalty to family and pack, a strong lust for life, and purposefulness. Piercing look of the predator does not leave people indifferent, and in many people even causes admiration.

The image of the wolf is often used in the drawing of sketches for tattoos. The studio is packed with wolf-shaped drawings in a variety of styles. Most often it is realism, geometry and ethnics.


Tattoo with a wolf is mysterious and multifaceted, beckoning with its power and aggression. Ancient tribes treated wolves with apprehension, endowing them with mystical qualities: some peoples saw them as guards, believed in spiritual protection from the enemy in war, while others considered them representatives of evil, ambassadors from the underworld. Nevertheless, all nations associate the wolf with nobility and loyalty, and leave no one indifferent.

If you decide to score such a tattoo, the wolf usually means leadership and infinite loyalty. The predator is faithful to his partner until the end of his life, and for the life of a member of his pack can fight to the death. As a demonstration of the importance of family, people get a tattoo of a wolf face, around which they place the initials or date of birth of close relatives.

There are an incredible number of interpretations of the image. Each sketch is unique, and endowed with a special meaning:

  • Wolf, howling at the moon - a symbol of loneliness and escape from the outside world.
  • Predator in the jump - determination and willingness to fight.

This noble creature appreciates care, and always reciprocates: good or destructive retaliation.

How much does a tattoo cost, why is it so expensive, how to do it cheaper - we answer the most pressing questions about prices. Parsed on specific examples and different types of tattoos.


Realistic images of animals, portraits, landscapes are printed on the hand. This is the heaviest tattooing technique, requiring a high level of professional skill from the tattooist.
The master traces every stroke, tries to display all the nuances and details of the original image. As a result, a quality tattoo on the hand does not differ much from the photo.


The finished sketch is made up of individual geometric shapes - circles, rectangles, lines, triangles, and others. The drawing is transferred to the skin with mathematical precision, and the master requires a filigree command of the tool and a steady hand.

Geometry is often ordered in conjunction with any animal, such as the wolf as a symbol of fearlessness and freedom (the predator is inscribed in the triangles), or the fox (cunning, femininity).

Getting a tattoo

With us it's simple: the cost is determined by the number of sessions, so the more time the master spends, the more expensive the tattoo.

What affects the time:


The more colors, the longer.

Complexity of the design.

An abstract "Mona Lisa" with a bunch of details takes much longer to do a graphic sketch of the same size.

Density of coloring.

An empty circle is made for half an hour, but the one filled with color or with a pattern is 2-3 times longer.

Correction and correction of tattoo

Sometimes a tattoo needs to be corrected or overlapped. The difference is in the end result.

When correcting, the design is preserved, and the artist only removes minor imperfections: blurred outlines, color, curved lines.

We do a simple correction without changing the image, for free, within a month after application. Exceptions are places where the skin quickly rejects paint: on the fingers, behind the ears, and on the palms of the hands. In these places, you will have to pay for correction, and you may need to do it more often.

After a month, you will have to pay for the correction. The price will depend on the condition of the tattoo and will also be calculated according to the time spent. Almost always the correction is done in one session.

Overlapping is a more serious job. The master puts a new design on top of the old one or significantly changes/supplements it. You end up with a different tattoo, so the price of overlapping is actually equal to the price of a new tattoo.


Mainly popular with rock music fans. Most of the sketch consists of solid black. These can be clear geometric shapes (lines, squares, triangles, etc.) or complex patterns.

The technique is spectacularly embodied in ethnic tattoos and symbolic patterns. Blackwork can also be used to cover up previous unsuccessful or unappreciated tattoos on the hand. Despite the name, sometimes red is used in this technique. The seemingly unpretentious sketch requires painstaking work by the master.

Free consultation and a sketch as a gift

Any consultation with us is free - both before and after the application.

If you get a tattoo from us, you get a personal sketch as a gift.

If you want to get a tattoo in Moscow or know its cost, call or write on WhatsApp and Telegram.

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The so-called "eastern" technique. More often with use of red, black, gold and jade colors. Popular motifs of tattoos on the hand:

  • Samurai,
  • Heroes of Japanese folklore,
  • dragons,
  • geisha,
  • sakura in bloom,
  • warrior in oriental costume.

Particular attention should be paid to dragons - frozen in flight, with a menacing open mouth and a broad wriggling tail - such a beast is the ideal tattoo in the style of "oriental" for men. For girls will be appropriate motifs of oriental vegetation - lotus flowers, trees, as well as sitting or dancing women, beautiful birds.

How are the prices for tattoos calculated?

Of course, our calculator can not guess for sure how much you will have to pay for a new tattoo. In different countries, cities, neighborhoods and tattoo studios, prices can vary greatly. In this short article we will tell you how the cost of a tattoo is usually calculated. There are several methods of evaluation.

    By complexity and volume.

In this case, the master evaluates the complexity and laboriousness of the upcoming work, taking into account stylistics, the size of the tattoo, the number of colors, layers and so on. Many consider this method of assessment the most correct and fair. Others argue that for a truly professional master stylistics and other technical aspects are not important, and complex work in realism is done as easily as hieroglyphics and inscriptions.

Today it is the most popular way of estimation which is applied in the majority of tattoo salons. When you ask how much my tattoo costs, you are told how long the work will take, and based on that they determine the cost. In such a case, there are also two ways:

  • the number of hours is estimated;
  • the number of sessions is estimated.



This style conveys the grace and simultaneous power of the wolf. Voluminous shimmering fur, deep strong gaze. If you want to show the predator "as it is" - definitely choose realism.

Graphics, linework, Dotwork.

A more youthful style. In it you can dilute the wolf with patterns, geometry, bright inclusions, surrealistic plot. More freedom for ideas - solid space.


Wolves are freedom, it's the speed of the wind and the expanse of nature. Watercolor will convey this kind of willfulness in the best possible way.

Neotrad, old-school, new-school

The savage predator is as classic in old-school as roses or ships. "Seawolf," that's it. Newskool and neotraditional, on the other hand, freshen up wolf tattoo designs and make them modern.

For inspiration.

Showing what can be depicted on a sketch, other than a calm muzzle.


The wolf's muzzle with a grin is often used in tattoos - perhaps the owners display their character and inner strength in this way. Or maybe they just like the angry beast


For women

For men