Tattoo of the arrows on the eyes: before and after (photo), is it worth doing, doctors' recommendations

Tattooing on the eyes or eyeball - a separate type of extreme, available not to everyone. Of course, it is very risky - the procedure should be performed by a real professional. It looks very impressive and unusual. An interesting fact, the eye tattoo can improve vision.

Inexperienced hands of the master, low-quality paint and a simple lack of observance of ordinary precautions can lead to blindness. Therefore first of all the cautions, and then the eye tattoo can be mentioned.

Eye tattoo: is it worth doing?

What is the eye tattoo with permanent makeup? The technique of such makeup has been known for quite a long time. Its subtleties are not once studied, and many ladies have repeatedly experienced on their own appearance all its advantages. Thanks to this technique it is possible to see all the advantages of the arrow tattoo on the eyes before and after the procedure.

With the help of the tattoo, you can not only make the look more expressive, but also to hide some shortcomings. For deep set eyes are recommended arrows, slightly widened at the end, without shading. Permanent makeup of this type should be complemented by light shadows, then the look will be more open.

Wide feathering in combination with shadows in dark shades is suitable for convex eyes. It gives them depth. If, on the contrary, if the eyes are very small, fit an arrow that is slightly receding from the inner corner of the eye. Most often in this case colored dyes are used instead of black.

But, unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the result. In order to make an important decision about the necessity of this procedure, it is necessary to be well aware of all the possible consequences. In order to make makeup that will not wash off for a long time, the masters inject a special paint under the skin. In its essence, permanent makeup is a colored tattoo. Under the eye tattoo refers to the drawing of arrows, along with the filling of the intercorneal space with or without the use of shading.

After the procedure, a woman's look becomes extremely expressive. Millions of ladies achieve this every morning using cosmetics. But is it really necessary to spend so much time, if it is quite possible to perform the procedure only once, and the result will last for many months and years?

A professional will certainly emphasize the natural eye line. By performing such a tattoo, you can make the color of the eyes brighter, visually widen them, and so on. And also thanks to the arrows it is possible to raise the corners of the eyelids to make the lady look much younger. In the photos in our article you can see before and after the arrow tattoo on the eyes.

Skin after the procedure

Only after the area near the eyes will fully recover, it will be possible to carry out a second correction. Healing, as a rule, lasts long enough, going through several stages. So, after the eye arrow tattoo procedure, it is necessary to wait for some time.

Immediately after the completion of the treatment, the area of the face to which the tattoo is applied will become too bright and inflamed. For example, if the arrows were painted with brown paint, in the first couple of days they will look black or dark brown. The eyelids are likely to become puffy. This is not surprising, since the epidermis was punctured during the procedure in many places. The swelling and redness will go down in four days.

When tattooing arrows on the eyes after the procedure, it is important to remember that the greatest swelling will be only on the second day after the treatment. So do not rejoice if, after leaving the cosmetic office, you do not notice any severe swelling. Starting from the second day in the area of the eyelids is formed crust of black color, consisting of crusts and dye, so in place of the tattoo will be present so specific color. The crust holds mainly one to two weeks, then it falls off on its own.

All this time for the delicate skin must be carefully cared for. In order to avoid scars and blemishes, it is necessary to observe some essential rules. If the swelling is very large, and, in addition, gives a lot of discomfort, it is necessary to use antihistamines. These include "Tavegil" with "Suprastin". They should be taken until the moment when the symptoms completely disappear.

In case the pain does not disappear after some time, you should take painkillers, such as Aspirin or Solpadein. It is worth noting that the condition of the skin is clearly visible in the photo of the eyes immediately after the arrow tattoo. As already noted, on the first day there is no swelling with redness as such.

As soon as the surface of the eyelids is covered with blood, it should always be gently removed with a napkin. You should not rub the skin around the eyes, pressing down hard, but rather blot it gently. Sucrose after a few hours will begin to turn into a kind of crust, which will cover the new tattoo. At this stage, the difference of eye arrow tattoo before and after is perfectly visible.

Tattoos on the eyelids

Many fans of the art of tattooing are so obsessed with the desire to stand out from the crowd, that the drawings on the "usual" parts of the body they are no longer so interesting. Tattoo of the upper eyelids - it is certainly original, but rather painful, because the skin in this area is very sensitive, and impractical. The longevity of the drawing on the body is affected by many factors: the constant renewal of the skin, the sunlight, under which the colors fade gradually, the individual characteristics of the body. In the areas adjacent to the mucous membrane, metabolic processes are faster, so the picture will not retain its original appearance for as long as, for example, on the shoulder.

A big picture with a set of decorative elements on the eyelid, of course, will not work, but still there are quite interesting and even funny ideas:

  • Inscriptions. The founders of the fashion for inscriptions on the eyelids were representatives of Latin American criminal groups, but these days, such tattoos have gone far beyond the criminal world. Usually choose short inscriptions containing two words, sometimes with the same number of letters. Basically, it is a phrase somehow related to the dream, such as "good night", "never sleep", the tattoo "do not wake up," to find photos of such works on the websites of tattoo parlors and in the galleries of sketches is not difficult.
  • Eyes. Typically, such tattoos do not differ realistic, but look very funny. It turns out that, closing your eyes, as if you open others. It is difficult to say what exactly such eye tattoos mean. Perhaps with their help people want to tell others about their vigilance or just to tease them.
  • Small, simple images. It can be a small anchor, a pyramid, a bow, a flower or a star. Tattoos of the lower eyelid with similar drawings are much less common.

Tattooing after healing

Full healing, as a rule, comes only after a month. In the photos given in the article, you can see how the arrow tattoo looks like on the eyes before and after complete healing. Before healing, there is usually swelling and redness.

Even if the permanent makeup near the eyes was done perfectly, after a while it will definitely start to fade. To the question of how long the result will last on the eyelids and between the lashes, experts usually talk about a period of up to three years. So the result of the arrow tattoo on the eyes after healing is generally quite stable.

However, it should be repeated after twelve months. By that point, it will fade. With a new procedure, it is important to remember that not only the color should be corrected, but also the shape. The skin of a woman's face usually begins to droop, so the arrows need to be lifted. Many people are interested to see photos of eye tattoo with arrows before and after healing. And our material gives such an opportunity.


If the intervention in the epidermis was minimal, and you have perfectly tolerated the recovery period, the correction of the pattern may not be necessary. Nevertheless, a responsible beautician must offer you to come in for a check-up three to four weeks after the procedure. This is the ideal time to adjust or consolidate the result of long-term eyeliner, to assess the pros and cons of the correction of arrows, to develop a care plan in later years to save the result.

Swelling after the tattoo

The main question to be answered is to understand the nature of such a factor as edema. Unfortunately, edema of the eyes after the arrow tattoo can not be avoided. The permanent make-up as well as the tattoo is a completely new contour of separate parts of the face (lips, eyelids, eyebrows). This is achieved by introducing special coloring pigments into the superficial layer of the dermis, which can last from one to five years in the skin.

The introduction is carried out with a special needle by micropuncturing the skin to a depth of about two millimeters. Such a violation of the integrity of the skin and eventually leads to the formation of puffiness (swelling). In the photo you can see the difference after the procedure of the arrow tattoo on the eyes before and after the swelling.

Causes of intense swelling

So, with what is mainly due to the fact that the swelling after the tattoo is kept more than the alleged few days? In fact, the factors of this phenomenon can be named quite a lot, among them:

  • The presence of low quality pigment used for tattooing.
  • Increased skin sensitivity along with a tendency to swelling after various interventions.
  • Allergic reactions to the pigments or to the anesthetic process.
  • Infection of the body.

All of the above causes (except the last one) lead to a non-hazardous but very unpleasant swelling that lasts for a long time. Persisting for several days or weeks, such, as a rule, delivers a lot of all sorts of unpleasant feelings, forcing a woman to look for ways to combat such negative manifestations.

The main meanings of the symbol of the eyes in the tattoo - what can the tattoo of the eye, the eye mean?

Artistic tattoo "Masonic eye". Master Pavel Zavoloka.
Let's list what you can associate a tattoo with the image of eyes:

  • Protection.
  • Joy.
  • Knowledge.
  • Serenity.
  • Carefree.
  • Serenity.
  • Contentment.
  • Fear and terror.
  • Mystery.
  • Obscurity.
  • Mystery.
  • Inspiration.
  • Power.
  • Power.

Also, the symbol of the eye can represent:

  • Heaven's eyes - thousands of night stars.
  • The eye of the heart is a symbol of gaining wisdom and intuitive power.
  • The round male and oval female eyes are symbols of androgyny.
  • The right eye symbolizes day, sunlight and the future.
  • The left eye represents night, moonlight and the past.
  • The squinted eye denotes caution, concentration and control.
  • A twinkle in the eye carries overexcitement, a surge of emotion and health.
  • Fatigue and indifference can be seen in a droopy gaze.

Relying on these facts, the most important and basic designation of the eye among all peoples is all-seeing eye.. As it is supposed to be, it is the eye of God who sees everything.

How long does the swelling usually last?

Taking into consideration the information above we can say that the occurrence of a slight swelling of the eye region is considered as one of the quite normal reactions of the human body. The catalyst for this phenomenon is also the skin itself on the face, because it is characterized by maximum sensitivity to such an aggressive impact.

It is necessary to remember that the swelling of the eyelids after the tattoo normally lasts up to one day (maximum two days). As a rule, they are expressed very weakly, more like a slight swelling. Swelling occurs within hours after the procedure. It is worth emphasizing that after a few hours, it can begin to decrease and slowly disappear.

Of course, there are numerous reviews in the network of patients that after the procedure of eye tattooing, the swelling remains for a whole week or even a month. However, in this case, it should be noted the significant abnormality of the reaction, along with the presence of any error in the performance of the procedure on the part of the specialist or in the rehabilitation on the part of the client himself. Next, let's talk about how to care for eye arrows after tattooing.

How to care for the eyes after tattooing?

As part of the care, the surface is treated twice a day with a solution of "Chlorhexidine". It is sold in every drugstore and is much cheaper than various ointments and gels. This should be done with a cotton swab. At the same time should refrain from the treatment with peroxide, as it significantly lightens the newly made tattoo. You should also refrain from immunostimulants, such as "Bepanten" ointment with a local effect. They provoke the process of rejection of the pigment by the body, and the new arrow can get gaps or fade significantly, leaving a very ugly trail in the area of the eyelids.

As part of the eye care after the arrow tattoo, the crust should not be peeled off or washed very intensively. It should be sure to get rid of themselves, otherwise there is a risk of acquiring scars or any gaps dye near the eyes after the absolute healing. Dyes do not adhere very well to scars and repeated treatments can have unpleasant consequences, such as excessive yellowing.

You should also avoid baths and saunas. This can contribute to a strong softening of the surface of the eyelids, and the skin will thus peel off before its time. It is also not worth to sunbathe for a month, as dyes near the eyes begin to fade. And directly after sunbathing, customers risk getting a completely different color. Thus, in the case of the eye arrow tattoo, the care after the procedure is extremely important. If the rules were not followed, quite often it is necessary to repeat the procedure. Next, let's understand what to smear the eyes after the arrow tattoo.

What should be used to smear the eyes after the procedure of tattooing?

It is mandatory to use those or other medicinal ointments, suitable for the eyelids and eyes. As a rule, tetracycline ointment is recommended. And when the tattoo has just been done, you need to immediately put in "Visin", which will not let your eyes redden and protect against infection.

You can prevent swelling with boric acid compresses. In the summertime it is better to protect the face with sunglasses or hats, making sure that the machine damaged skin during micropigmentation does not get bacteria along with sweat or dust.

In winter, you should make sure that the crusts do not cling to hats, scarves and sweaters. Such care will allow you to keep the arrows for much longer and avoid negative consequences. Now let's discuss the re-tattooing procedure.


Improper care of new permanent makeup is only one of the main reasons to perform a correction. The others include:

  • The inexperienced master factor. The greatest danger is seen when eye tattooing is done by a bad technician. He or she, due to his or her inexperience, may simply choose the wrong pigment when making arrows that are not black, or draw uneven lines. Or the specialist may introduce the pigment too close to the surface, creating asymmetry. All this can be corrected either by some other master, or you can give the chance to correct your mistakes to the same person who made them. There are situations when the working surface begins to swell too quickly during the work. Because of this, the master may miss a small area. With a photo before and after the eye arrow tattoo it is better to get acquainted in advance.
  • The influence of individual characteristics. No matter how much effort was spent on quality care, a banal feature of this or that person can spoil the whole effect. The body of some people is very successfully able to reject a variety of pigments from the dermis of the eyelids. It's all about the immune system taking out foreign bodies or, in other words, dyes. It is quite possible that at the second correction it is necessary to make a tattoo a little bit deeper in comparison with the first time. In addition, many people's clear contours begin to, as it were, float. They need to be finalized, otherwise they will look like flowing makeup.

The cost of .

Depending on the qualifications of the master or the rating of the beauty salon, the price can vary significantly. A beginner in the field of tattooing can set the price of the simplest filling of the interlash contour from 800 to 4000 rubles. In a beauty salon the full complex and care, as well as the correction to you may cost from 5000 to 15 000 rubles.

The tattoo with a shaded arrow (in black or color) is the most expensive of all types of the arrow tattoo. Its cost can start from 10 000 roubles and depend on the volume of the drawing and the complexity of the color pigment.

Doctor's recommendations

Usually, the masters themselves warn about the existing recommendations and contraindications. But it is not unreasonable to visit a doctor before the procedure. Doctors do not recommend tattooing in the following cases:

  • In the presence of diabetes and pregnancy.
  • Against the background of skin lesions in the form of burns, herpes exacerbations, inflammation, conjunctivitis and so on.
  • During menstruation.
  • In the presence of hepatitis, AIDS, HIV or epilepsy.
  • When the body is prone to scarring.
  • In cases of poor blood clotting.
  • In the background of an exacerbation of a chronic disease.

Eye arrow tattooing in the before and after photos can look good. And in real life, the result of the procedure can be disappointing. So before you decide to do such a makeup, it is worth to well weigh the pros and cons.

Permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular. Many women who had it done for the first time returned to the makeup artist several years later. This procedure has its own nuances and contraindications, but with proper preparation, for a long time it saves a woman from having to wear makeup every morning. Those who are interested in this possibility, you can view the photos of eye tattoo with arrows before and after, which are given in our article.


In the pursuit of beauty and saving your time, you should not neglect the general state of your health.

Only in the total absence of contraindications, is possible a perfect result of the tattoo, which will delight you for a long time.

Absolute contraindications to skin exposure include:

  1. Diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, psoriasis, autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, cardio diseases.
  2. Viral diseases and blood diseases of various nature, poor blood clotting.
  3. Diseases of the mucosa and cornea of the eye, tumors and moles in the eyelid area.
  4. Pregnancy and lactation, children under sixteen years of age.

The healing process will be as short as possible if the tattoo is done in the absence of epidemics of flu and colds, but, nevertheless, and not in the hot summer time.


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