Tattoos to attract luck and money - what tattoos bring good luck and success in finances?

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Everyone has their own dreams in life. Someone wants to be happy, and someone wants to gain financial independence, prosperity and wants to have good luck in life, career, business.

Let's consider what tattoos attract good luck and money, as well as determine how to perform them correctly on the body.

The most popular tattoos for good luck and prosperity

More often all women and men who want to decorate their body with a tattoo with meaning, choose the most popular symbols.

Stars .

This is a universal tattoo, which is perfect for both a guy and a girl. A tattoo of a shooting star can be a symbol of good luck. The sketch can be either monochrome or colored. Many people also decide to get a good luck tattoo with the image of their astrological constellation. It will enhance all the brightest features of a person's character, and help him become more successful and happy.


Such tattoos are especially popular in Ireland. The four-leaf clover is one of the main symbols of good luck. Tattoo with its image can be both realistic and made in the style of watercolor or old-school. Drawings of this type are often complemented by Celtic ligature, rainbows or gold coins.


Another popular symbol of good luck is the horseshoe. Horseshoe tattoos were used to represent this symbol even by sailors on their voyages. In this way, it was considered that they protect themselves from various troubles and misfortunes. Most often such tattoos are done in an old-school or dotwork style.

Wheel of Fortune

Tattoos depicting the wheel of Fortune are quite common. This symbol of good luck is usually tattooed on the foot or hand. Instead of a wheel, you can put the image of the Roman goddess Fortune on your body. It will also be an excellent amulet, able to attract good luck in life.


The image of this fabulous character is also often used in the creation of sketches. It is believed that such a tattoo helps people in the fulfillment of desires. Many people believe that before applying a tattoo, it is necessary to make a wish. The goldfish will help the person to fulfill it in a short time.

Playing cubes

Tattoo with the image of playing cubes can become a symbol of good luck and a kind of talisman for its owner. To enhance the meaning of the tattoo, a person can choose a suitable number of dots that will be drawn on its facets.


Tattoos with money are usually tattooed by people who want to attract wealth into their lives. On the body beautifully look images of any bills or coins. These tattoos are usually combined with other symbols or inscriptions.


The image has a deep symbol. It can carry a religious meaning as well as being a good luck charm. A tattoo with a star shows direction and safety. Our ancestors had a kind of reference point, thanks to which travelers did not go astray.

Wear a star tattoo on the body may people who believe they have chosen the wrong path in life. The tattoo will assist in the search for his mission. A person seeks a bright future, and the star promises that his desire will be fulfilled.

photo 11
Women's tattoo of the Stars on the neck

photo 12
Women's tattoo of the stars on the back and neck

Hieroglyphs that symbolize success and wealth

Nowadays, Japanese and Chinese characters are very popular. They are distinguished by their small size and look quite attractive. To attract luck and prosperity in life, you can put certain characters on your body.

  1. Chen Gong. Such a tattoo consists of two signs. One is placed over the other. The tattoo helps a person achieve success while remaining in control of the situation.
  2. Yu Xiang. This character also consists of two characters. It brings a person to success in all endeavors. Double character is usually complemented by parts of the color red or green.
  3. Chou. This sign is a symbol of abundance. It is suitable for people who seek to earn a lot of money. Tattoo with the image of a character should be printed so that it was hidden from prying eyes.

Before doing a tattoo with the image of a character, it is important to clarify its meaning. Do the tattoo is worth a proven master.


A person who wants to increase his wealth should also pay attention to tattoos with different runes. The most popular are the signs listed below.

  • Triple Fehu. This sign attracts wealth to the person. Nabivate such a symbolic tattoo most often on the hands or chest.
  • Knitted rune. This symbol consists of two crossed runes. One of them - inguz, the second - dagaz. It is believed that such a drawing helps to make a person's life rich and happy.
  • Runic pattern. This tattoo consists of four runes: ootal, soul, fehu and wunho. It can become a talisman for a person, able to attract good luck in his life.

Small tattoos with runes look very beautiful on the human body. Often these small signs are combined with other drawings. This helps to strengthen the meaning of the tattoo.

How to apply: correct use is the key to success

So that the power of magic, hidden in the runes, revealed and began to work, you need to help the ancient signs of these simple manipulations:

  • Prepare a new place to store money: buy a purse, convert a stash.
  • Purchase or make your own money amulet.

Runic formulas for wealth can be applied to any object symbolizing power and wealth. This can be a bank card, a contract for a deposit, decorated with beautiful signs on the walls of the safe, adapted amulets of abundance in the workplace. Effective and individual talismans that are carried around are also effective. Many people use instead of runes for the ritual, Slavic symbols, which are no less effective.

Ethnic symbols

In different parts of the world, there are their own symbols of good luck and wealth.

  • The chimney sweep. In many Eastern European countries, the image of the chimney sweep is a symbol of success. Representatives of this profession clean chimneys, getting rid of all bad things and making room for happiness and good luck entering the house through the chimney.
  • Mandala. These oriental patterns are very popular among girls. Mandala tattoos are tattooed in order to achieve harmony with themselves and the world around them. Oriental sign helps a person to tune in to work and achieve excellent results in any sphere.
  • Rabbit's foot. This amulet was especially popular in England. It was used to protect against spirits and evil forces. Tattoo with the image of a rabbit's foot can be done in the style of realism or oldskool. The finished drawing is often complemented with an image of a clover, playing cards or dice.
  • Ankh. The image of the Egyptian cross is rarely used in the creation of tattoos. The Ankh itself is a powerful symbol of life energy. Tattoo with the image of this sign can help a person to achieve success in any field.
  • Scarab. This is another Egyptian symbol that is worth paying attention to. The tattoo will look beautiful on both the male and female body. This symbol also attracts good luck and happiness in life.

Such tattoos can show a person's interest in foreign cultures and travel.

Black Sun

The Slavs interpreted such a tattoo as assistance in any endeavor. The drawing will help a person to find his way in life. There is an opinion that the black sun shines in the afterlife, thanks to him, the lost souls are not able to get lost. The tattoo indicates a person's connection to their ancestors.

The sun pulls all the lies out of the soul. It is considered a male sign, but increasingly appears on the body of girls. This tattoo shows their desire for perfection and protects them from enemies. If a member of the fair sex has good intentions, sooner or later she is sure to find the meaning of life.

photo 16
Women's tattoo of the black sun

photo 17
Tattoo of the black sun

Graffiti and numbers

Tattoos with various phrases can also be used to attract good luck and wealth. Most often, some winged phrases or text from books are inscribed on the body. To choose for the creation of sketches is the inscription, carrying a positive charge.

As among girls and guys popular tattoos with numbers. Most often inscribed on the body below numbers.

  1. Unit. This symbol brings good luck in the career and attracts money flow. This number is a symbol of power and leadership.
  2. Seven. The number seven is considered lucky throughout the world. You can have either one seven or three on your body. Both tattoos are considered to attract good luck.
  3. Eight. This number attracts success and prosperity. Tattoos with the number eight are especially popular among the Chinese.
  4. Nine. Tattoos with the nine are universal. It is believed that the tattoo with the image of this number will help the person to achieve success in family life, work and study. In addition, the nine is a symbol of longevity.

Women's and men's tattoos are usually made very small. They can be made in the style of realism or minimalism.

Styles and colors that are popular for tattoos with amulets in 2020-2020.

How exactly to depict a tattoo with amulet largely depends on the chosen style of execution. Masters usually offer the following options:

Realism - ideal for tattoos with totem animals or deities;

Tribal or ornamental - appropriate for tattoos in the format of patterns;

Minimalism - suitable for talismans and amulets of small size;

watercolor - suitable for large and colorful sketches;

Blackwork - an understated tattoo in black and white.

As a rule, male tattoos amulets and talismans are performed in black and white, it is the choice of courageous and reserved men who prefer to keep everything under control. Expressive and sensual natures are more inclined to colored body art.

Animals and birds

Tattoos with images of insects, birds and animals can also bring good luck into a person's life.


Many people consider a black cat a symbol of misfortune and a harbinger of trouble. But in Britain this animal, on the contrary, is associated with prosperity and wealth. That is why many people decide to get a tattoo of an elegant black cat on their bodies. The animal is usually depicted sitting or standing.

Fans of Oriental culture can score on the body image Maneki-neko. This cat with its paw upward is called a symbol of good luck.

It is believed that it helps to attract wealth in life. Tattoo with its image, as a rule, make bright and colorful.


Small red and black insects on the body are most often depicted by girls. Tattoo with a ladybug can be both quite miniature, and large. The meaning of the picture largely depends on how many spots on his wings. Insect with four dots is a talisman that protects people from thieves. A ladybug with six spots is a symbol of good luck. But most often, this insect is drawn with seven dots on its wings. It is believed that such a ladybug attracts happiness and good luck.


The graceful and dangerous snake is a symbol of wisdom and intuition. Tattoos with these creatures are most often inscribed on the body of a girl. The drawing, made in white, is a symbol of good luck and craving for development. To attract great success in their lives, people often depict a snake curled up in a figure of eight on the body.


This insect is stuffed to attract money. A bee symbolizes the love for work. Therefore, a tattoo with its image will help a person achieve success in any activity. In addition, it will be a reminder that daily work helps to achieve everything one could wish for.


The cunning and agile fox is also a symbol of good luck in many countries. When choosing a tattoo with this animal, you can pay attention to the images of oriental fox-shifters. In addition, you can also score a tattoo on the body with the image of a girl in a fox mask.

Toad .

This creature is also popular among fans of oriental tattoos. In the East, it is believed that it brings good luck and prosperity. When choosing a sketch, you need to pay attention to the color of the toad. Green symbolizes prosperity and fertility; blue - consistency in income.


One of the most stuffed images for girls is a cute red insect with black dots, which is considered a symbol of the Mother of God. This is a very powerful amulet, symbolizing fertility, helping to give birth to children. It is believed that this image:

  • brings good luck;
  • protects from problems;
  • warns of danger;
  • Protects from the evil eye.

This amulet is considered very positive, often applied together with clover leaves. Several insects can be depicted at the same time. Of particular importance in the application of the ladybug tattoo is the number of dots on the wings:

  • one - helps in the endeavors;
  • Two - help to find harmony;
  • three - assist in decision-making;
  • four - protect from betrayal;
  • Seven - bring good luck.

Tattoo ladybug 3D


Tattoos featuring delicate flowers are very popular among girls. Most often, the fairer sex tattooed on the body roses. These flowers help to attract good luck and love in life. Usually roses are made in red, white or pink.

Lotuses and orchids also look beautiful on the body. The former symbolize purity of thought and attract good luck. The latter are associated with luxury. These tattoos look great in any color.

A symbol of good luck and prosperity can act and tattoo with the image of bamboo branches. Such a tattoo symbolizes consistency and helps to attract good luck to life.

The mask .

Originally, with the help of the mask tattoo, actors demonstrated belonging to a creative environment. Every nation had masks associated with a religious cult. In the literal sense, under the mask one hides a face, and in the figurative sense, one hides one's intentions. The tattoo hints at the double bottom of its owner. This person is a very multifaceted personality.

Traditional Japanese mask tattoos symbolize jealousy and passion. These are the vices that, in the image of the dragon, eat away at the human soul. The mask of Venetian carnivals signifies the mystery of human nature. Anyone could hide under it: in a carnival crowd one could not distinguish between friends and enemies. For girls, the tattoo symbolizes a penchant for mystery.

photo 13
Woman's Shoulder Mask Tattoo

photo 14
Women's Tattoo Mask

Mythological characters

Tattoos with mythological characters look interesting and unusual on the body.


In Irish legends, leprechauns are little evil men who keep pots of gold. Therefore, it is not surprising that tattoos with such creatures attract wealth to the lives of their owners. Leprechauns are commonly depicted together with a pot of gold. Sometimes such tattoos are supplemented with clover leaves.

Unicorn .

This fabulous creature is considered to be kind and ready to help people. Therefore, it is not surprising that tattoos with his image are very popular among people who believe in miracles. Drawings with unicorns attract luck and happiness in life.


Tattoos with dragons are popular both in the West and in the East. The sought-after symbol, imprinted on the human body, attracts good luck and prosperity in his life. In addition, the dragon tattoo is also a symbol of longevity. That is why it can be printed on the body of a person who wants to live a long and happy life.


The image of a long-haired beautiful mermaid is also popular among fans of tattoos. Our ancestors considered these underwater creatures as the patroness of the seas and rivers, responsible for the welfare of ordinary people. Therefore, it is not surprising that the images of mermaids began to be used for body decoration. Tattoo with the image of a mermaid looks great in any style.

Tattoo Slavic amulets

The most common Slavic tattoos are considered to be the Gods. Their images can protect from trouble and misfortune. Before you apply the image, you should know its meaning in detail:

  • Veles - the god of fertility. It is believed that the image gives the wearer extensive knowledge in the field of medicine and agriculture, as well as contribute to the material well-being and prosperity.
  • Perun - the lord of lightning, thunder and military valor. Such a tattoo will give the magical power.
  • Svarog is a very strong amulet, the father of all gods and living beings. This god rules life and protects all living things.
  • Yarilo - son of Veles, chief over the spring warmth and fertility. Tattoo with such a deity is able to reward the life force.
  • Makosh - such a tattoo is typical for the fair sex. Its meaning conceals the care of the family home, motherhood and femininity.

What colors tattoos are better to use?

An important role in the creation of the sketch is also played by the color of the picture. Many people pay attention to their zodiac sign when choosing one, because each person suits his or her own palette of colors.

  1. Aries. All shades of red will bring good luck to these bright and emotional people.
  2. Taurus. The representatives of this sign of the zodiac should use yellow and blue colors when creating sketches for tattoos. They will help to attract happiness in life, as well as to charge a person with energy.
  3. Gemini. People born in early summer are quite energetic and can achieve most of their goals. Strengthen this quality will help them with tattoos, complemented with shades of red and yellow.
  4. Leo. Bright fiery lions should also pay attention to the tattoos done in red and orange.
  5. Virgo. Good luck in the life of the representatives of this sign of the zodiac can attract, tattoos in green and yellow colors.
  6. Libra. Happiness and good luck in the life of people born in mid-autumn can bring tattoos in blue and green colors.
  7. Scorpio. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac should use cool shades of blue when creating a tattoo.
  8. Sagittarius. Tattoos for Sagittarians should do in a purple color scheme. Such designs can bring good luck and give a person the strength to develop.
  9. Capricorn. Representatives of this sign fit brown and monochrome tattoos. Such drawings help to emphasize the restraint of the person and help him to achieve any goals.
  10. Aquarius. The winter birthday boys bring luck in rich shades of blue and green.
  11. Pisces. Good luck and prosperity in the life of the representatives of this sign of the zodiac are able to bring a tattoo of blue or purple.

A bright tattoo in any case will uplift the spirits of both its owner and others.

Where to apply?

Having decided on the choice of a tattoo mascot, it is worth deciding in what place the picture will be placed. The most suitable are the following areas of the body.

  1. Hands. Most often tattooed on the shoulders. There are symbols that can attract success in life and protect them from various troubles. Tattoos on the wrists should be inscribed to creative people who are prone to dreams. Small symbolic drawings look beautiful on the fingers. They can be easily hidden from view. Most often, tattoos are tattooed on the index finger. It is believed that the drawing on this part of the body helps to attract in a person's life success in work and finances.
  2. Feet. Small tattoos with animals or plants look beautiful on the knees or ankles. Volumetric tattoos are usually inscribed on the front of the thigh.
  3. Neck - Tattoos on this part of the body help attract money and success. That's why body art on the neck can be seen in many stars. There beautifully look stars and contoured tattoos with animals and flowers.

Properly chosen symbolic tattoo will look great and please its owner, even after many years.

Parts of the body under the images

Places to be applied do not have precise boundaries. Tattoos of money are not big drawings, they can be placed in any part of the body. Only can be limited if, these drawings do not complement the other image. It is very fashionable to wear images on the arm.

Examples of where tattoos can be depicted:

  • Shoulders;
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Forearm;
  • Brushes;
  • Chest;
  • Neck;
  • Ankles.

If you want a tattoo of money, we can help you choose. Look at our site ready sketches of drawings, you can contact us at the contacts provided. Let a high class master serve you.

Choice of tattoos for girls

Choosing a stylish tattoo to be applied to different areas of the body, girls seek to convey as much information as possible to those around them, the meaning that was put into the image. Often women do not miss the opportunity to boast about the tattoo, so they are ready to make it in the most prominent place. Modern young ladies choose such pictures:

  • Opened rosebuds. Such a tattoo carries the purest and deepest meaning: a girl shows that she is always young, pure in her thoughts, waiting for sincere love. Some ladies want to attract success and fame in their lives, to revive hidden talents, skills. Rose is often stuffed on the back, coccyx, thighs: it can be black and white and red.


  • Star. One of the characteristic signs of attracting happiness, good luck in life. Having made such a tattoo, you can soon expect luck and prosperity in all spheres: working, personal and even intimate. It is appropriate to apply this drawing to small areas of the body, for example, on the back of the neck or wrist.


  • Butterfly. According to common symbolism, it is this insect that can attract success. Such a miniature and elegant tattoo is chosen more often by girls than by guys. The color of the insect also has meaning: red symbolizes life and old age, perseverance; green symbolizes joy, hope and fertility, and blue symbolizes truth, faithfulness.


Among the popular female drawings, it is worth highlighting the image of a snake - a symbol of wisdom, intuition - without it it is unreal to attract good luck. Also young girls often apply a picture of a graceful cat: it is by nature a predator and an earner, which by its own forces will get success for the owner. The image of the tiger on the body of beautiful young ladies indicates determination and light aggression, which is so necessary in achieving goals.

What do men choose more often: the meaning of tattoos

For the male population of the planet, a tattoo is hardly a way to beautify yourself. According to statistics, most men stuffed drawings to demonstrate their life principles and foundations. Guys like to do loud inscriptions, images of formidable animals, symbols and signs that carry a certain context.

Of the most popular tattoo options in demand among men today, they choose the following:

  • lions - pride, the determination of this man will allow him to be successful throughout life;
  • Dragons - power, a powerful force attracts wealth to a man's fate;
  • snakes - symbolize wisdom, abundance and prosperity, which already indicates financial well-being;
  • crosses - loyalty to one's family, perhaps devotion to religion: faith brings good fortune to many people;
  • The heart: such a picture brings love and luck in one bottle.

Men tend to get tattoos on the summer viewable places: elbows, shoulder areas, on the back of the head. The younger generation of guys do tattoos on their legs, because in summer they wear shorts or breeches. Recently, the application of color drawings gained a huge scale and the youth "clogs" pictures of all hands, legs completely.

Tattoo on the arm

The most attractive will look the image, which has an implication. Before you score a tattoo, carefully examine the meaning, the meaning of the picture, so that in the future it will not bring negative consequences in the fate.

A good place to place a large picture is the back. This is where you can place a huge symbol of good luck, such as a star, made in two colors. There is a rule that talismans should not be displayed in public, otherwise they will not work. Worry about the fact that no one will notice the image on your back - do not worry; but it will bring good luck in life.

A selection of drawings attracting wealth in life

The problem of not having enough money is not uncommon today. Even if you have enough money, you won't mind to add a little bit of it. The simplest, most beautiful way to do this is to apply a tattoo: several variants of drawings to attract money.

  • The image of bills. The easiest, straightforward option to increase your wealth is to put a picture of money on your body. Do not think in vain that tattoos do not look attractive: the master will do such work, which will delight anyone.

A rose out of banknotes

  • An aquarium with fishes or a marine environment. Few people know, but such an image can dramatically change a person's life: sea water symbolizes the sphere of success, and fish and other aquatic animals mean monetary profit. You can apply the picture to any part of the body, but the most beautiful place for it is considered by right the sleeves.

Marine theme

  • Ganesha. Traditionally, this little elephant is considered a symbol of abundance and good financial well-being. If you look closely at the drawing, you can see that the animal is holding certain objects in his hands, which also contain a hidden implication. The elephant is standing on a mouse or a rat, which symbolize boldness.


  • Tree. As a symbol of growth, this representative of the forest flora shows well the possibilities not only in money, but also in other qualities and needs. The main feature of the tattoo is that the tree is growing and its branches are stretching strictly upwards.


  • Toad. Traditionally, in the East, this creature is considered to bring wealth and good luck. If the toad is made in green color - it additionally means fertility, and if the drawing is made in blue colors - the toad will bring constancy in income.


The indicated list of drawings is basic: it can be used by both girls and guys. To stuff the tree, toad and Ganesha is more appropriate for the weaker sex, variants with the sea environment and stylized bills will suit men.

List of tattoos that bring good luck

Since ancient times, people have used mysterious images to protect themselves and their homes. They independently depicted them on the surface, embroidered their clothes with them, as well as made drawings on the body. The tradition of amulets has reached our time, today they are used as tattoos.

There are the most popular variants of drawings, which bring good luck to a person. If you make a tattoo with such a picture, you will not have to wait long for prosperity:

  • Acorn. In forest mythology, it is said that this talisman brought good luck to the nymphs who lived in the bosom of nature. It helped them hide from enemies and find happiness. Acorn drawing can be made on small parts of the body - wrists, neck.


  • Bee. This insect not only brings financial improvement, but also fills all areas of human life with good luck. The industrious bee will help to realize oneself in every chosen field, from career to relationships.


  • Cat. Cat themes are popular today in many areas of creativity. One of the reasons for this "invasion" of cats is their ability to bring luck to a person's fate. What kind of cat will be depicted on the body - it is up to the owner of the tattoo.


  • Ladybug. This picture attracts not only the adherents of religion, because the insect looks cute. It becomes the choice of many young ladies, who stuff tattoos on the most incredible places. Ladybug is able to bring luck and good fortune.


  • The leaf of the clover. Popularly, this symbol is also called a four-leaf clover - it brings good luck, a sign widespread in Ireland. The energy of this image will attract prosperity and positive emotions, which is exactly what the person seeking success needs.

Four-leaf clover .

All of the above options can be done in understated black and white tones or be bright and colored. Small size tattoos are applied to the ankles, the inside of the arm, the neck, the lower back. Large images look appropriate on the shins, back and chest.

What are the most common places on men's bodies for tattoos with amulets and talismans?

Tattoos with amulets are needed to protect the energy of the wearer from negativity, evil, ill-wishers and bad thoughts. When choosing a place on the body, consider the following rules:

  • The left side of the body - the receiving side, amulets to prevent energy intrusion and barriers, tattoos can be applied to the shoulder, chest, arm, side, leg with this side;
  • the right side - the receding side, which means that here are located such amulets, which provide for the recoil of energy, suggestion, attraction, etc.

More about Thor: the meaning of the tattoo of crows: all the meanings of tattoos with crows.

Important! When choosing a place to apply a talisman or a sacred amulet, it is necessary to understand that a tattoo must not attract the attention of your surroundings by its mysteriousness and incomprehensible meaning. Amulets and amulets are non-trivial tattoos of an intimate and personal nature that cannot be displayed.

What kind of drawing will attract success to your work?

Moving up the career ladder is not an easy task. To further protect yourself from misdeeds and guard against wrong deals, you can get a tattoo that will contain symbols that attract success. For business people it is not necessary to stuff the picture in a prominent place: a small image, hidden from prying eyes, will do.

A horseshoe for good luckThe most advanced lovers of meanings in the tattoo design a horseshoe in combination with clover leaves, thereby increasing the meaning of the picture. Girls can stuff a horseshoe on a spatula, it can be small in size, but must be colored
Sailboat .This tattoo symbolizes good luck and success, because the sailboat is carried in all winds to his goal through the raging waves: they mean life. If space allows, additional symbols of success can be drawn on the deck of the ship
GoldfishAs you know, this fairy tale character is a direct indicator of wish fulfillment. When the drawing is done, make sure you make a good wish for success and it will come true soon.
Chimney SweepIn some European countries, a man of this profession symbolizes success. He is in charge of cleaning pipes, which means improving the quality of life and attracting success
BambooA symbol of wisdom and stability, which is an undeniable guarantee of success for a man

The theme of bamboo can be correlated with the blossoming sakura branch, which looks most appropriate on a woman's body.


Each drawing that the tattoo master leaves on the body must be carefully sorted out according to its characteristics. Suggested drawings can be diluted with additional elements as desired.

Signs of good luck: sorting out the symbolism for tattoos

If above were presented only pictures and drawings, representing the attraction of success and wealth, then it is worth allocating separately the signs for good luck. They look like a set of symbols that carry a certain meaning. To select a sign that attracts prosperity in the life of the tattoo wearer, it is necessary to consider a selection:

  • A dice. Dice - it's always good luck, no one knows what number will fall out this time. The number of dots on the sides of the cube can be chosen independently, or you can combine the dice with the image of the card as a symbol of luck.


  • Heart knot. This symbol has a dual meaning: on the one hand, it brings love into the life of its owner. On the other hand gives a string of happy events related to different spheres of life. The knot shows the consolidation and stabilization of the happiness received.

Heart knot.

  • Infinity. This sign does not always symbolize lengthy and philosophical things: it is often misinterpreted. This symbol indicates rebirth, the desire to find the best benefits of this world. Variants of execution are different: for men more brutal, for women - with notes of romance.


  • Mandalas. These uncomplicated pictures are now causing a universal resonance, forcing everyone to have a small mandala in the house. According to legend, they originated in the East and were used to attract good fortune. A colored mandala can not only bring success, but also gain emotional well-being.


  • Runes. The Slavic signs are also loved by people, and for good reason: everyone wants to pay tribute to their ancestors. The ancient Slavs came up with a whole system of runic signs, where each symbol means something different: for example, here's a sketch of a tattoo symbol of good luck.


To handle the signs depicted above, it is recommended with complete caution. If a person has a bad intention, then even the tattoo will not bring him the desired success. Before you put a symbol on the body permanently, try to learn its history thoroughly, because most signs hide a double meaning.

A tattoo as a talisman: signs to attract finances

Ancient sages kept many secrets about symbols and signs that can affect a person's destiny. Some of these images are those that attract wealth in life. Below we will talk about talismans in the form of tattoos that will give financial prosperity.

  • Key. From ancient times, this sign symbolized mystery, discovery and wisdom. On the other hand, the key is presented in the world of symbols as a way to find wealth. The treasure chest can only be opened with the cherished key.

The key is .

  • All-seeing Eye. The symbol is represented by an image of an eye framed in a triangle, from which the rays of light come out. The rays symbolize the golden abstract radiance, the key meaning of which is to attract money.

The All-Seeing Eye

  • A pyramid truncated from above. This symbol represents power and authority, as well as perseverance. Often, men impose a combined tattoo, where the All-Seeing Eye is combined with the truncated pyramid. The most attractive drawing looks on calves.

Truncated pyramid from above

  • Open umbrella. Initially, this image should contain specifically a Chinese household item, but most people tend to stuff umbrellas of any type. The main detail is that the umbrella must be open. This element will save from bad luck and will never offend its owner with a lack of money.

Open umbrella

  • Laurel leaves. According to legends, the laurel has always represented victory and prosperity. Painting a picture on the human body attracts money, luck, stability and fame in life. It is recommended to put the tattoo on the wrist.

Laurel leaves

In addition to the images listed above, experts in symbolism recommend choosing the following drawings on wealth:

  • scales;
  • stone bridge;
  • lion;
  • two-headed eagle;
  • cross;
  • thistle;
  • sword.

All these images will be suitable for male representatives: they will give brutal strength, power and authority, will help to make quick money.


Entirely different is the attitude towards the images on the bodies of men: very rarely is it an element of jewelry. The main purpose - to emphasize leadership, power, strength, courage. Men's tattoos with a meaning come in the form of symbols, drawings, inscriptions and hieroglyphs. They are pinned on the arms, back and chest. The main purpose of the symbol is to bring good luck and prosperity to men.

In order to understand the meaning of male symbols, what they mean, it is necessary to keep in mind that often signs reflect aggression and power. What tattoos bring men good luck, attract confidence, wealth and power? In the salons and magazines you can see on the photo popular tattoos with deciphering of their conception:

  • lion - pride, cunning, courage;
  • dragon - power, strength, loyalty;
  • snake - abundance, wisdom;
  • tiger - fierceness, passion, strength;
  • heart - love, courage;
  • the cross - power, faithfulness, strength.
  • The star - good luck, abundance.

Tattoo of a tiger head

Symbols of success in different popular cultures: drawings for tattoos

The culture of each nation is diverse: when parsed in terms of symbolism, you can find a large number of interesting meanings and meanings. The most popular for tattooing today is Slavic, Scandinavian and Eastern culture. Consider the list of symbols that can be put on the body to attract good luck.

SubgroupSymbol nameMeaningWho it suits
SlavicBurdock of happinessAttracts good luck, happiness, and prosperitySuitable for people who have lost hope of finding good luck
BurdockTrap good luck and happy moments.Will help girls gain prosperity and fame
All-weatherHelps to overcome difficulties on the road.Good for tourists and those who often travel on business
RatiboretsMilitant symbol of luck and successWill help people, whose profession is connected with arms
ScandinavianRunic CompassBrings success during travelsHelps hikers and campers
GibuA sign that brings good luck, wealth, and happiness.Will suit seven people, especially those who study and love Scandinavian mythology.
End StrifeRunic sign that helps to find hope and good luck.Will help people who often have problems with health
FengurRune for wealth and prosperityGood for both boys and girls.
ChineseThe Chinese character for "double happinessBrings good luck, success, luck and prosperity to the house and personIt is better to put such tattoo on two people who are in a pair
Symbol of WealthIncreases income and receiving of material goodsHelping one acquire material and spiritual power by distributing Qi energy throughout the body
Hieroglyph of AbundanceAttracts energy and growth to all aspects of lifeCan help one attain what he or she desires
Desire FulfillmentAwakens energy connected to dreams and desires.Fits any person who wants to find happiness.

All of the listed designs are presented on the photo below: choose the best of them to score a tattoo.

Symbols for a tattoo

When choosing a tattoo, pay attention to the presence of existing drawings on your body. There are signs that are incompatible with each other - placing them side by side will not work.

Mysterious Asia

If you have ever been in a souvenir shop of Chinese or Japanese goods, then you have seen numerous souvenirs, averters and talismans aimed at attracting good luck and wealth. They all look very bright, colored in gold and red shades, literally signaling that their owner is a worthy person, and therefore the higher powers need to pay attention to him and give him their help and protection! Hieroglyphs are quite often used as tattoos, the most common of which look as follows:

  • "Tsai," denoting wealth;
  • "Bao," giving protection to higher powers;
  • "Chen Gong," which promotes success in all endeavors;
  • "Sheng Xiang Long", which helps to achieve success in commercial affairs and increase profits.

The Chinese symbol of a three-legged toad with a gold coin in its mouth will also help you attract money. A local legend says that originally the toad was an evil creature, but one day it met Buddha, who set it on the right path and made it help people. Now it is a positive character.

If you are more fond of Japanese culture, then pay attention to the sketches with the image of bamboo. This tree will always make its way to the sunlight, overcome any hardships and natural adversity, will demonstrate active growth even in the most difficult conditions. It symbolizes success, helps to cope with life's difficulties. Very beautiful looks tattoo, depicting a whole bamboo forest, it is quite possible to make it in a realistic style, that the master paid maximum attention to the elaboration of details, accurately worked with shadows and gradients. A sketch with "maneki-neko" will suit well for a girl. This character is called a money cat, a cat of happiness or good luck. Visually, it represents a cute animal with a raised paw, as if in greeting. The right raised paw attracts money, the left paw attracts luck in personal endeavors. It is not uncommon to see a maneki-neko statuette in retail outlets. The cat looks very pretty, so it not only brings success and wealth to its owner, but also makes her image more feminine, attractive and unusual.

Universal for the world of Asian Buddhism can be considered sketches depicting the Buddha, frozen in a meditative pose, a graphic image of the mantra "Om" and lotuses, pure and chaste flowers, personifying love, harmony and peace, ready to bring their owners. To the category of universal images include the famous sign of yin-yang.


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