Trying on before the real one: how long do temporary tattoos last and what do they cost?

To put a permanent permanent permanent picture on the skin - a responsible act, which not many people dare to do. Temporary tattoo helps to understand how the selected image will look and whether it suits the owner. It can additionally be used as a body decoration for solemn occasions and romantic meetings.

How long does the temporary tattoo last?

The stability of the considered type of drawings is low, they are very quickly and without trace erased or washed off. How long does a temporary tattoo last, depends on the technique of its performance and the pigments used. There are many misconceptions about the lifespan of such images. Before visiting the master it is important to discuss with him in detail all the nuances of applying the picture.

Temporary tattoos for 1 year

Under the described type of skin decoration is meant the usual permanent picture. This temporary tattoo is printed with less resistant paints and not too deep, but it is a standard introduction of pigment with a needle. Taking advantage of the credulity of inexperienced clients, unscrupulous masters promise the disappearance of such an image in 1-5 years.

Any visitor to the salon should know that a temporary tattoo for a year is a myth. After a few months, the dye will begin to fade, and the contours of the picture will lose clarity. As a result, an unaesthetic semblance of a bruise will remain on the skin, which will have to be filled with something else or lasered from above. Completely and independently pigment will not resorb or disappear.

Temporary tattoo for 3 months

This is another form of non-existent permanent markings. They are stuffed even closer to the epidermis and just fade faster. A temporary tattoo for 3 months will remain as a blurry spot resembling dirty skin or a bruise. To get rid of it, you will have to visit a laser surgery office or apply a new permanent image over it.

Temporary tattoo for a month

About 4 weeks are able to last mehendi after drawing a special henna. These temporary tattoos gradually fade, especially with frequent skin washing. The rich color and clear shape lasts for about 10-18 days. Then the temporary tattoo loses its brilliance, becoming pale brown or orange. Mehendi is completely harmless, they can even be applied to pregnant women and young children.

Temporary Tattoo for Month

Tattoo for a few days

There are several types of short-lived images:

  • airbrushed;
  • glitter;
  • crystal (made of rhinestones);
  • transferable;
  • mehendi;
  • drawn with a gel pen.

The least "live" temporary tattoos on the hand, because this part of the body is regularly exposed to friction and exposure to water. Artists advise to apply the described types of drawings on the exposed skin in the area of the shoulders, chest or back. Bright or shiny images look spectacular and can uniquely complement the image, including festive outfits for a wedding, New Year's corporate party or themed party.

What do flash pictures go with?

Pictures will help to make any image stylish, but it is necessary to take into account who applies them and in what case. Most often it is an invariable attribute for open summer outfits. Almost any image can be complemented by temporary tattoos:

  • If it is a flash picture with a subtle pattern and imitation jewelry, it can be applied with evening outfits.
  • A fashionable bow with such stickers will be for everyone who wears ripped jeans and plaid shirts.
  • On a swarthy skin with a beautiful tan it will be a stunning sight.

photo 13

It is worth considering the fact that if you tan with a sticker, the skin under the tattoo will not be covered with tan. Take into account this point if you are a follower of only uniform tans.

Flash pictures are a unique opportunity to stand out and shine with your style. With such decorations on the body, you will not be able to pass unnoticed.

photo 15

As you can see, pictures of the temporary type are very popular, and on Aliexpress you can buy them very inexpensively. All the stickers offered by online stores are products from the trading platform, but at already different prices. If you still have questions about how to choose and buy temporary type body stickers, watch the video. There you will find answers to your questions and see how to buy a tattoo on Aliexpress in practice:

How is a temporary tattoo done?

The pictures in question are not considered by masters to be permanent. They are not hammered into the skin with a needle, the paints for temporary tattoos are applied only to the epidermis. They are simply drawings on the body, in terms of technique and durability absolutely identical to body art and body painting. Some images can last a week or a little more, it depends on the materials used.

Temporary tattoos with chemical paint

Originally, the presented technique of applying patterns to the skin was invented for cinematography. Such a drawing technology provided the most realistic appearance of images, which were kept in perfect condition for several days and saved time for makeup artists. This temporary tattoo is created using an airbrush. A thin stencil is tightly applied to the body and securely fastened to it with fingers or adhesive tape. Then the aerotape is directly applied - the paint is gently sprayed on the exposed areas of the skin from a distance of 1-5 cm.

The described type of drawings is more similar to the classic permanent image. By means of the airbrush you can create the clearest and most even borders of the patterns, make the tattoo black or in several bright shades. Experienced masters of body painting are able to apply pictures without a stencil. Such images are absolutely unique and look like a work of art.

The paints for the tattoos in question are made on a silicone basis, so they are very elastic and do not crack. Materials do not provoke allergic reactions, dryness and skin irritation. They belong to the group of environmentally friendly pigments without comedogenic properties, approved for use by children. To paint lasts longer (up to a week), it is treated with a special powder or fixers.

Temporary tattoos with chemical paint

Glitter tattoo

This is a very popular technique of drawing on the body, especially in wedding and bikini design. The skin is covered with a special hypoallergenic plant-based glue. Using a brush, it is covered with a fine colored shimmer (sequins), the excess of which is simply shaken off. The result is a glittering and bright picture with clear boundaries.

Glitter-tattoo glue can be applied through a stencil or manually, depending on your drawing skills. It is resistant, able to last on the skin for about 2 weeks, especially when handled with care. Glitter tattoo at any time is easy to remove, for this you will need a special solution or medical alcohol. Glitter is also scrubbed with water, but with difficulty.

Crystal Tattoo

This form of temporary patterns on the body is similarly often used for intimate and wedding designs. Tattoo with rhinestones can consist only of artificial stones or pearls, or be combined with other types of images - airbrush, mehendi and sequins. Sparkling crystals look gorgeous in any design, but they do not last long. Such temporary tattoo will last about 3-5 days with careful care, the maximum "life" period is a week.

The described option of body decoration involves gluing rhinestones to the skin. For this purpose, a special composition on an organic basis, identical to the means for glitter tattoos, is used. It does not cause negative reactions, rashes and redness. Such glue is often applied even to sensitive skin of the face, to formalize the eyelids and eyelashes with artificial stones.

Let's consider the most important dangers

  • Infection. Many may argue that the presence of non-sterile equipment or dirty needles in a tattoo parlor is real nonsense. Indeed, if you choose a proven institution, the likelihood of infection is minimal. But do not forget that the skin after the filling is an open wound. The slightest mistake during the care - and the consequences of the tattoo will not be the most pleasant.
  • Paint. Unfortunately, pigments are not controlled by health authorities, respectively, they do not pass any research, such as, for example, medicines. Unscrupulous masters sometimes inject paints of industrial use, and their effect on human health when injected subcutaneously is of no interest to anyone at all. This means one thing - it is impossible to predict the reaction to the pigment.

How to make a temporary tattoo at home?

It is possible to get a beautiful and safe drawing on the body without visiting salons and addressing to the master. There are many ways to make a temporary tattoo yourself. If you have good skills in the fine arts, you can apply unique pictures of your own authorship to your skin. If such skills are absent, there are special kits with ready-made stencils. They allow you to create complex designs in just a few minutes.

Temporary tattoos stickers

Temporary tattoos stickers

This type of pictures is also called translations. Previously, they dabbled only schoolchildren, but temporary tattoo stickers have improved and recently became a fashion trend. Especially popular are the new shiny translators, made of silver and gold paint. They mainly imitate pendants, bracelets and rings, but there are also abstract designs. Temporary transferable tattoos can be one-color or in several shades. Some stickers successfully combined with shimmer and rhinestones.

To attach the translator to the body takes only 5 minutes. First, the protective film is removed from the paper on which the selected image is printed. It is necessary to attach and press the picture "face" to the skin and wet it well. After 30 seconds, the paper is removed and the tattoo remains on the body. The picture will not last longer than 3-5 days, after that it will crack and peel off in flakes. A stiff washcloth can help speed up the removal process.

Temporary henna tattoos

Mehendi is performed with the help of a special vegetable paint, which you need to buy in advance. Temporary henna tattoo at home - a simple, convenient and safe method to get beautiful and exciting patterns on the skin. You can draw them on a sketch, give free rein to your imagination or use a ready-made stencil. Temporary henna tattoo does not look like a permanent image, but it always looks stylish and impressive. Mehendi is considered the most durable way to decorate the body patterns. Such drawings last up to a month.

Temporary tattoo at home without henna

If transferable images and henna are not suitable, you can glue rhinestones or sequins yourself. Realistic temporary tattoo at home can be obtained only with the help of an airbrush. You will have to buy:

  • A special apparatus that sprays paint;
  • Pigmenting compositions;
  • Stencils (at an ability to draw you can do without them).

Before how to make a temporary tattoo at home by airbrush, it is important to test the paint. It is necessary to put a small amount of pigment on an elbow bend or other inconspicuous area of the body and wait 12 hours. If the shade and the surface of the skin remain the same, the paint is suitable. Additionally, masters advise to buy baby powder. It should be applied on top of the picture and repeat this manipulation before washing, so that the image lasts longer.

Temporary tattoo with a pen

This type of decoration refers to short-lived one-day patterns. It is the easiest way to get a temporary tattoo at home. Use a gel pen rather than a ballpoint pen to create a picture. It is easier to glide on the skin and better pigments it. Performed such a temporary tattoo at home, professional masters do not consider this type of body art worthy of attention. The figure can be depicted according to the finished sketch, with the help of a stencil or by outlining a translator. To fix it will help to sprinkle the pattern with hairspray.

Why do not agree to the application of the machine

Performed with a machine tattoos have the following disadvantages:

  1. Health hazards. Injection of paint with a needle always carries a risk. Even if a person visits a proven salon, this does not mean that the probability of contracting dangerous infections is zero. In addition, it is not uncommon to develop inflammatory processes that contribute to skin necrosis.
  2. Pain syndrome. Injection of a needle into deep layers of the skin causes pronounced unpleasant sensations. Some masters tattoo with anesthesia, but no client is safe from bleeding.
  3. Permanent nature of the image. It is difficult to get rid of a tattoo. To do this, use expensive and painful techniques, such as laser removal. Even in this case, to remove the image completely will not work. The tattoo can leave a large scar.
  4. Deterioration of the figure's appearance. Outlines over time become lighter or erased. In addition, as the skin ages, the tattoo will look out of place.
  5. Problems at work. Some companies do not tolerate employees who do not conform to the dress code. If a temporary tattoo can be removed, a permanent tattoo cannot.

Tattoo machine.
Applying a tattoo by machine is quite a painful procedure and not at all safe.


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