What will happen to a tattoo if I suddenly lose weight or gain weight?

Often our visitors ask what will happen to a tattoo if I want to lose weight or on the contrary gain weight. The change of body weight is a normal age change, which is peculiar to each of us, but in order for a tattoo to retain its original appearance, it is necessary to adhere to several basic rules and recommendations, about which we will tell you now.

What happens if I gain or lose weight?

The tattoo may become deformed if the weight jump occurred abruptly, up to 15-20% of your own weight. If you lose or gain weight the skin is stressed and stretch marks may appear and cause the tattoo to become deformed. However, if the gain or loss occurs gradually, the skin and, consequently, the tattoo does not suffer.

Experienced masters who have faced such a problem tell us that drawings made in the style of realism or 3D technique suffer the most from sharp weight jumps. Portraits and geometric shapes will also suffer and look sloppy and ridiculous in the case of weight loss or gain.

"Proper" placement of the drawing

If the issue of losing weight or gaining weight is the only reason why you are still postponing a session, now we will tell you about those places on our body that are not prone to stretch marks and deformation.

The neck, shoulder blades, wrist, collarbone, ankle, forearm and shoulder are ideal places to place your sketch, even if you gain or lose weight dramatically. Girls should refuse the idea of placing tattoos on the abdomen, breasts and buttocks. Age changes and childbirth can affect the elasticity of the skin and deform the pattern. But male athletes should not be afraid to pump biceps and triceps, because the increase occurs gradually due to muscle growth, so the sketch remains intact.

A few more recommendations

If you are an active visitor of the gym, then during the recovery of your skin after the session we recommend you to refrain for the first 10-15 days from intensive training. Remember that sweat produced by the body when exercising is one of the main enemies of the new tattoo. The healing process directly affects the further life of the tattoo.

To protect yourself from unpleasant changes and deformations of the drawing, choose small sketches and place them on the closed areas of the body. And remember that in case of deformation a tattoo can always be corrected or redone, the main thing is to take regular care of it and visit the checked up tattoo salon.

There is a lot of prejudice that a tattoo will be spoiled or deformed when you lose weight or get fat, when you get pregnant and give birth, when you get pumped up or when you get old.

From adherents of a stereotype it is possible to hear opinions that a tattoo will float, stretch, become ugly with age or after childbirth, weight loss, weight gain.

In fact, weight changes, pregnancy and aging have almost no effect on the appearance of the tattoo. Especially if all this time it was cared for, for example, smeared with sunscreen. The matter is that the skin is very elastic and ready for strong stretching and returning to its former form. Therefore, images on it most often are not deformed, or if they are deformed, then only slightly.

Losing weight and gaining weight

The tattoo may change slightly if weight gain or weight loss occurred abruptly. For example, you weighed 100 kg, and then suddenly lost 30 kg. But even in these cases, stretch marks do not significantly deform the tattoo. In extreme cases, only a slight correction of the pattern will be needed.

If you have sharply gained weight, the picture will stretch a little and become larger. Probably the proportions will change slightly. But most people will not even notice these changes.

In order for the tattoo not to change a millimeter, it is enough to lose or gain weight smoothly, without jumps. Then nothing will happen to it.

Gaining muscle mass

Another stereotype: that exercising in the gym for the sake of gaining muscle mass can deform the tattoo. Especially on the biceps, back, thighs, because they will become large and stretch the skin. In fact, muscle growth does not usually happen by leaps and bounds. They accrue gradually. The skin stretches smoothly, so the tattoo doesn't deform...

Pregnancy and childbirth

If a girl had a tattoo and then she got pregnant, the image will come back to normal after she gives birth. So even if the tattoo stretched during pregnancy, it will still shrink and become the same afterwards. If the stretch marks damage the image, a small correction will be needed.

If you have not had a tattoo and you are planning a pregnancy, it is best to refrain from visiting a tattoo artist before you give birth, during pregnancy and after birth for a year. Getting a tattoo during pregnancy is contraindicated. It is a stress and it is unknown how it will affect the development of the fetus. It is better to wait, recover and then go to a tattoo artist.


In old age, the tattoo may slightly change shape, size and proportions. The ink will become less vibrant over time. But the tattoo will not become an ugly and distorted something. The drawing will be preserved with minor changes. The condition of the design on the body also depends on the quality of the tattoo artist, the depth of the ink, the quality of the ink, the lifestyle of the tattoo wearer.

How to keep a tattoo if I want to change a lot: lose weight, gain weight?

Choose for a tattoo the place where the skin changes the least: the neck, shoulder blades, shins. This can be any part of the body where there is always little subcutaneous fat and the frequency of muscle contractions is minimal.

Choose a good master. Look at his work, assess the quality of tattoos. If you know the brands, find out what inks he uses.

If you answer the question from the headline, "What will happen to your tattoo if you lose weight, get fat, get pregnant, give birth, grow old?" - Most likely, nothing will happen. You don't have to be afraid of that. If you want to get a tattoo and there are no contraindications - do it!

"What would happen if I got a tattoo and then went to the gym and rocked out?"

This is probably one of the most pressing questions. If I answer it right away, you probably won't read any further. But fortunately, or unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

Let's take a look at the places where tattoos are most often applied. Here you can scroll straight to the areas of your body where you already have tattoos or are planning to get one. Don't miss the important footnote at the end. Let's start with the skin on your arms:

The biceps and triceps

Change proportionately. That is, the increase in volume, or decrease in volume, goes evenly here. Therefore, a tattoo on this part of the body is practically not threatened. The most prone to change at this site are axillae, to be sure of this there is a simple way - just look at the people who lost weight in a relatively short period of time. Stretch marks they have exactly in the armpits. Therefore, the arm area from the elbow to the shoulder is one of the most successful for tattoos.


This part of the arm is one of the most popular. And this is quite understandable. This place is almost not subject to rigid changes due to weight gain (weight) / weight loss. Plus, it is almost always in full view, your tattoo will make you happy all your life. The forearm is also increasing proportionally, the change in volume will be noticeable only if the total body volume increases by 15% or more.


Unfortunately, this area of the body is most susceptible to change. This is due to the fact that by nature laid deposition of fat accumulation in the abdominal area. But with the increase of body weight the tattoo will increase, read as "stretching" proportionally. Accordingly with the decrease in volume the tattoo will react also proportionally.
Separately, I would like to mention the topic of pregnancy
. As a rule, after pregnancy tattoos in the abdomen area return to their old size. Here much depends on you and on the individual characteristics of the body. I will say one thing, stretch marks on the skin after pregnancy can spoil a tattoo, in this case will need additional correction, or even overlapping. After pregnancy it is recommended to make a tattoo in about a year, when the skin in the abdominal area will fully recover and regain its former elasticity. If you are planning to have a baby/children, it is better to wait it out and then get a tattoo, or choose a different area of the body.

What will happen

So what will happen to the tattoo? It is believed that the design can deform greatly, provided that the person has quickly gained 15-20% of their own weight. If the pounds have been added gradually, the visible changes will be minimal: plus a few millimeters will not play a special role and will not spoil the appearance. Why does this happen? A sudden change in body weight is a stress to the body. If you lose weight fast, you will certainly have stretch marks in the most vulnerable spots and those stretch marks will cause deformations of the tattoo. With gradual weight gain, fat is distributed evenly, so the skin does not suffer.

What tattoos look best even in old age?

There is a huge number of options for tattooing, a mass of techniques, a lot of themes. Before you make a mark on the body, which will accompany a person for life, it is worth remembering that:

  • The smaller the size of the tattoo, the better it will remain;
  • Tattoos in places where the bones are bent will stretch much faster;
  • Symmetrical pictures, people's faces and images spoil first.

A tattoo is forever

Actually, that's why it gets stuffed up - and it's better to think hard first. This is another reason to establish contact with your children and take an active interest in what is going on with them. There is a very simple rule here: if a person - any, but especially a stubborn and stubborn teenager - forbids something, then he will do the opposite just out of spite. Even if he understands that his parents are probably right in many respects. If a person comes to their loved ones with the idea of a tattoo, a heart-to-heart talk to them to ask if they realize they will have this idea for years to come can sometimes cool the overzealousness and ardor.

Another option is that a tattoo that is obsolete in any sense can be removed or covered over with a new design. The former is done with a laser, it is long, expensive and does not always help to return to perfectly clean skin. Often either a spot or a scar remains in place of the tattoo - both are not too pleasant, of course.

The second assumes that the new tattoo will be larger and brighter to completely overlap the old one. Professional tattoo masters, who see many unsuccessful drawings, always try to discourage variants of drawings with names or dates or from too banal and common patterns - according to statistics, they are then scored and interrupted.

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Tattoos and their harms

Especially dangerous is the tattoo, made with black ink, because in addition to the usual henna, in their composition there is paraphenylenediamine. This chemical compound usually causes eczema, dermatitis, complex allergic reactions and other lesions of the skin if the dosage is not observed.

But colored inks often contain heavy metals such as titanium, lead, cadmium, and nickel. It is extremely undesirable for the integrity of the whole body to get these substances under the skin, because dangerous chemical compounds often cause cancer and other serious diseases, and not only skin diseases.

If you are not a chemist, it will be almost impossible for you to understand the composition of those inks that will be used for drawing. Therefore, you can never be completely sure that, decorating your body, you have not caused irreparable harm to health.

What are the dangers of tattoos in terms of appearance?

We don't live one year, or even 10. What was funny at 20, at 30 does not even cause a shadow of a smile, and at 40 it can seem just disgusting. Tastes change, as do fashions. Any drawing can simply become morally outdated, not to mention the semantic load.

For example, the name of a loved one, tattooed on the stomach, can change over time and due to normal objective reasons. Unfortunately, people don't always stay together for many years. That's when the unpleasant question of removing the ill-considered drawing arises.

Or another aspect. The skin, unfortunately, does not get any younger over time. It sags somewhere, loses elasticity somewhere, and somewhere folds form, not to mention that if a person gains or loses weight, it simply, either stretches or shrinks. Tattooed at age 25, at age 40 can simply, to put it mildly, surprise with its unaesthetic appearance - indistinct lines and faded colors.

Choosing a place for the drawing

So, tattoos change in those cases where there is a sharp change in body weight (see photo). But there are areas that are practically not prone to stretching and deformation (even if you have lost weight or gained a lot of weight). When choosing a place for a tattoo, give preference to the following areas:

  • scapula;
  • wrist;
  • collarbone;
  • ankle;
  • forearm;
  • shoulder.

Girls are strongly advised not to get tattoos in the abdomen, chest and buttocks area, because after childbirth the skin stretches in any case. Guys who want to pump up their biceps and triceps can not worry. The increase in volume comes at the expense of muscle growth, and the skin is not affected. Accordingly, the tattoo remains intact. With very intensive training, only small stretch marks are possible in the armpit area.

Girls and guys who actively go to the gym should take into consideration that after getting a tattoo the skin should be given time to recover. The picture will heal slower and worse if in the first 10-15 days to bother the body with exhausting workouts. First, sweat is one of the main enemies of the new tattoo. Secondly, the final result of the work depends on how you take care of the damaged area for the first time. A tattoo stays with you for life, so it's worth paying special attention to it during the healing phase. In case of a tattoo deformation you can always make a correction or redo the sketch over time.

To be sure to protect yourself from unpleasant changes with tattoos, choose sketches of small size. A complex composition is easier to ruin with one wrong move. Also, try not to do drawings on exposed areas of the body. Give preference to areas that can be hidden under clothing in winter and summer. If you decide to lose weight, no one will notice what happened to your tattoo.

How to work out safely with a new tattoo?

Leading an active and healthy lifestyle involves many sacrifices. Whether we go for personal training, fitness classes or just to the gym . In each of these cases, we must be mindful of our safety while exercising. The easiest way to do this is to train with a trainer.

The first weeks after tattooing and training

For several weeks after tattooing, the following factors should be considered. They can negatively affect a fresh tattoo (especially at the gym):

Sun baths.. As already mentioned, sunlight and tanning beds are prohibited for at least four weeks after the tattoo is applied. This ensures that it will retain its original colors and the skin will not be damaged.

Increased temperature. As the body temperature rises, the process of blood flow in the body improves. In this case, it is possible to carry the ink particles along with the blood. This means the disappearance and reduction of sharpness of the tattoo. Therefore, it is worth refraining from the sauna, tanning salon or intensive workouts.

Water. Prolonged exposure to water on a tattoo slows the healing process. It is not without reason that tattoo artists prohibit bathing in the bathtub. Learning to swim is also not recommended (for 3-4 weeks). The same applies to perspiration. Sweat acts similarly to water - it moisturizes the skin. It is better to refrain from intensive workouts.

Excessive drying . Tattoo healing is inherently associated with exfoliation and drying of the epidermis. To this end, you should regularly moisturize the site after the procedure. Special ointments are available at the drugstore or from the tattoo artist.

Why do people get tattoos? Psychological aspect

The tattoo has been known since ancient times. It carried important information about a person - belonging to a tribe, position in society. In some cultures at different times, for example in the Middle Ages in Europe, the tattoo was considered inadmissible. And now tattooing is a form of fine art.

With the invention of the electric tattoo machine tattoo has become accessible to many, almost at every step there are tattoo salons or single tattoo artists, offering to get a "tattoo" relatively quickly and inexpensively. Although the process is not so pleasant. Then why many decide for this step? What goal are pursuing?

Photo: Depositphotos

The most obvious version is that the tattoo is a decoration. The desire to decorate oneself has been inherent in man since time immemorial, and the tattoo is a great tool in this. After all, unlike clothes, jewelry and makeup, it is always and forever with you. And it will help you stand out among the others, and draw attention to yourself, and express your "self".

We will not now talk about tattoos "walking" in the criminal world, where it serves as proof of belief, status, etc. There is a difference between tattoos and tattoos. I would like a tattoo to be associated with a work of art. Remember, like in the movie with Louis de Funès "Tattooed", where Major Legrand had a drawing of the great Modigliani on his back.

For many, a tattoo is an important and considered step that coincides with a certain period in life. Often they define a certain lived period and the beginning of a new stage. After all, such a bold decision as a tattoo helps to feel empowered for other vital, pivotal decisions.

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By applying a particular drawing to the body, a person affects his or her destiny through symbols, colors and the deeper meaning inherent in them. Tattoo can be a kind of amulet, which is always with you and on you. Because since ancient times in the tattoo put a magical meaning, it has a special energy, affecting the character of the owner.

A few more words to the ardent opponents of tattoos. In response to the fact that it is unnatural, remember, especially women, about makeup, false nails and eyelashes, etc. "A tattoo for life!" - Isn't that what everyday makeup is?

In addition, a tattoo can be removed, tweaked, or a full cover-up, that is, overlaid with a new one. This can also be an answer to the phrases "what will it look like in old age?", "what if you get fat and it spreads out?", or the most popular "what if the tattoo gets boring?".

If a tattoo is well thought out and executed artistically, it becomes an integral part of the person, so how can it get boring?

A tattoo gives the wearer a sense of security. And for some people it is an attempt to overcome an inferiority complex. Many use the tattoo for cosmetic purposes: to hide scars and other problematic areas of the body.

Photo: Depositphotos

And naturally, tattoos are a challenge to society, because most people have a negative, judgmental attitude towards tattoos and people who have them.

So be fully confident in your desire to get a tattoo and do not commit rash actions.

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Fresh Tattoo and the Gym

Many people can't live without the gym or other types of workouts. A tattoo and a gym? What should you do if you get a new tattoo? A break of one to three weeks is usually recommended. This is the time for complete healing of the skin. It is worth considering the fact that each person reacts differently to a tattoo. The place where it was done also matters. For example: an athlete has a fresh tattoo on his forearm and is about to train his biceps. The lower muscular part is not particularly involved during such exercises. Thus, the workout is safe. Moreover, the size of the tattoo also plays a big role. If it is small, it will heal much faster. Significant changes to the skin (such as tattoos on the back, chest, arms and calves) may require a two- to three-month break in training.

However, in any case, it is important to consult with a tattooist. He or she will be able to individually assess whether the physical activity is dangerous.

It is assumed that after 2-3 days, standard running workouts and light exercise in the gym are acceptable. However, it is worth remembering to wash and dry your body in a timely manner after your workout. This way, you can compensate for the adverse effects of sweat on the tattoo. Tattoos and the gym go hand in hand, but you need to remember to properly care for the jewelry on your skin.

Fresh tattoo vs. gym - how to take care of it?

It has already been mentioned that the best thing to do after a tattoo is to take a break from physical activity at the gym. However, it is also worth thinking about therapeutic skin products. Informing yourself about them is the responsibility of the tattooist. Fresh tattoo and the gym? First of all, keep it clean. It is best to use only soap and water. Care should be taken during grooming. You also cannot use a towel to dry the tattoo. In addition, the bandage should be changed 24 hours after the tattoo is applied. Tattoo parlors also have ointments that speed up healing. They are worth buying - then the return to training will be much faster.

The new tattoo is also an absolute contraindication for sunbathing - both in tanning beds and in the sun. This ban usually lasts for several weeks. You should also wear loose clothing. Athletic clothes of a runner or cyclist are definitely not suitable. It can provoke abrasions or infections inside the tattoo. Here are the main rules to follow when exercising with a fresh tattoo. Remember that loose workout clothes are the best option. Tight clothing can ruin your tattoo.

Also, it is worth paying attention to the level of hygiene in the gym, especially when you have a new tattoo. It is much better when you have access to paper towels and disinfectants. By doing so, we minimize the risk of a fresh tattoo coming into contact with bacteria. And remember - the tattoo should not have contact with equipment or machines in the gym!

Healing of a tattoo usually takes at least two weeks. The time in this case, however, is a separate issue. A fresh tattoo and the gym is always a dilemma. Trust your instincts and judgment. If the tattoo looks good, go back to the gym.

Should I get a tattoo for a girl?

There are a lot of defenders and opponents of the theory of women's individuality, emphasized by tattoos. On which side to stand, everyone decides for himself. It is impossible to say unequivocally that tattoos spoil or beautify a girl. This parameter depends on many nuances: the location, quality, matching the character, correctly chosen sketch and color palette. And most importantly, the ability to present their individuality.

As for the location, the choice of location should be approached responsibly. For example, the stomach and chest should not be touched. This is due to the peculiarities of female physiology. During pregnancy, tissues are strongly stretched, and any tattoo will quickly lose a neat appearance.

Large-scale drawings are better to choose the collected and purposeful girls. Tattoo is not a separate element, but a part of your skin. It's better than any indicator shows problem places of the hostess. Therefore, if sports and taking care of the body are not your strong point, limit yourself to a miniature picture.

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Tattoo on the belly after pregnancy and childbirth

Many girls are afraid to do tattoos on the abdomen, because they are worried whether the appearance of the drawings will be the same before and after pregnancy. Indeed, while a woman is carrying the baby, the skin on her stomach with a tattoo rather quickly and strongly stretched, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy. But after delivery the abdomen gradually returns to its original appearance, especially if the skin is firm and elastic, and the young mother leads a healthy lifestyle.

Another risk factor is stretch marks. These are defects that form on the skin as a consequence of stretching too quickly. At first they have a purple hue, then lighten. They do not appear in everyone. As a rule, genetics and the smoothness of weight gain affect them. If your weight has increased in leaps and bounds, and your mother and grandmother also had stretch marks, your chances of getting them increase. Usually they are localized in the lower abdomen and on the sides, so it makes sense to do a tattoo a little to the side. By the way, you can decorate your abdomen with a drawing even after childbirth - it will help to disguise stretch marks, if they embarrass you. The main thing is that you should not do it during the pregnancy, but a few months later.

What happens to your tattoo if you gain or lose weight

Should I get a tattoo at a young (teenage) age?

Most nonsensical tattoos are applied in adolescence, when the emotional state is unstable. In 95% of cases such tattoos are then hidden, removed or blocked. For this reason professional tattoo masters recommend to weigh carefully and think over your decisions. Closer to the choice of sketch, semantic load and location.

If you really want to get a tattoo, choose small pictures or inscriptions that are easy to hide under a shirt. Not every employer favors tattooed employees. Law enforcement agencies, the armed forces or the authorities will be forever denied entrance with large-scale tattoos. Face and neck areas should be avoided. Do not apply tattoos (especially those with negative connotations) to the hands.

The decision to get a tattoo should be a considered and deliberate one. If there is even a shadow of doubt, it is better to postpone a campaign to the tattoo master and once again to think everything over. In the modern world women's tattoos still have a slight overtone of public rejection and negativity. Precisely there is no sense to beat a tattoo if you will be ashamed of it and constantly hide.

Is it possible to do a tattoo on a mole and will it not cause health problems

Our reader's question is answered by Vera Voronina, dermatologist and candidate of medical sciences. And at the same time explains why some people are better to keep their skin intact until they are 25 years old.

As you know, tattoos are inks injected into the pierced skin. These inks are not drugs, they are not specifically tested, and their production and circulation are not regulated by organizations like the FDA (Office of Sanitation of the U.S. Department of Health). When applying tattoos, some requirements must be met to avoid skin or blood borne infections such as HIV or hepatitis. This involves using disposable tools, gloves, and individual ink packs.

Also be sure to take into account the presence and nature of moles

It is not recommended to apply large tattoos to areas of the skin where there are many. This will complicate the doctor's supervision and detection at an early stage of changes in moles, as well as the interpretation of these changes. In addition, the pigment of the tattoo can penetrate the lymph nodes and mimic metastases, leading to even more problems of adequate diagnosis. If moles do get into the tattoo area, you should not inject ink directly into them. Injury to the mole, including the process of drawing, can turn it into a melanoma. It is recommended to step back from the edges of the mole by 0.5-1 cm. It is also possible to include the mole in the drawing as an artistic element.

Especially carefully to the choice of place for a tattoo should be taken if your immediate blood relatives (parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters) or you yourself have been diagnosed with melanoma. The same is true if you have so-called dysplastic (atypical) nevi or have other melanoma risk factors.

In that case, it is better to wait until you are 25: by this age, most moles have formed and will not be in the pigment injection zone. If you are at risk, be sure to be examined by a dermatologist or dermato-oncologist before getting a tattoo. With a large number of moles in the area of the future drawing it is worth to carry out their mapping, and those of them that are most likely to turn into melanoma, it is better to remove. In this situation, it is not recommended to make tattoos of a large area at all, because it will complicate preventive skin examinations, although it will not make them impossible.

Tattoos can damage your health

With the transmission of infections we have already dealt with, the only other risk is the emergence of allergies, which is affected by the quality of the paint. Today there are new generation paints - for example, they can draw in a watercolor technique, and the machines themselves are improving every year. If your new tattoo is made by them and not by ink from a ballpoint pen or printer's ink, most likely nothing bad can happen.

There is no connection between getting a tattoo and a decrease in immunity, but aftercare is also very important. It is usually under the control of the person himself and not the tattoo artist. If you take care of the skin with a freshly applied drawing correctly, the painful sensations disappear in about a week - the master usually gives complete instructions on what exactly should be done, and recommends good preparations for accelerated healing. The main thing is not to do it on your own and not to try to tear the crusts off the skin, then the paint will stay in place and there will be no inflammation.

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Myth #4. All tattoos fade and stop looking good after a year or two

- Any tattoo will slightly fade and become less bright over time, but that doesn't mean it will look bad. The tattoo, as it becomes part of your body, will age with your skin. If you tan or damage your skin at the site of the tattoo, all of this will happen to it as well. It is a natural process. If the tattoo is done well and you, in turn, try to take care of it, it will look good for the rest of your life.

Women's perspective on men with tattoos

Do women like tattooed men? Polish scientists have answered this question by conducting an experiment with the participation of 2.5 thousand women of different ages. The researchers offered to look at photos of men with naked torso. In the first case, the body was clean, in the second with tattoos. The vast majority of women chose the second option.

Scientists explain this phenomenon by the intuitive desire of women to choose a sturdy man, with good health and gene pool. Tattoos visually correct the male figure, speak of a strong character and tendency to dominance. Women note that in their opinion, men with tattoos will behave worse in family relationships, are not inclined to raise children, and more often show aggression. In short, in the eyes of women, guys with tattoos are bad, but charismatic guys, attracting on a subconscious level.

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Should I get a tattoo?

The emergence of such a question wave legitimate. After all, a tattoo can not be removed, "change" in another place or throw out when it gets bored. A tattoo is something that stays forever regardless of age or beliefs.

It is commonly believed that body tattooing is only now becoming mainstream. In fact, the history of the tattoo is much more interesting. For example, Nicholas II wore an image of a blue dragon on his arm. It is said that the monarch got this tattoo after a visit to Japan. Winston Churchill was hiding an anchor tattoo under his clothes. His mother had a thin bracelet on her wrist.

It is said that Joseph Stalin had an image of a black skull on his shoulder. That is not difficult to admit, given the turbulent youth of the leader of all nations. The presence of the tattoo is attributed to Einstein, Peter I and even Catherine II.

What to do if the tattoo does change by old age

No matter how scrupulously people take care of their skin, there's no stopping aging. Even with a healthy lifestyle, vitamins, sports, and good genetics, over time, a tattoo loses its appearance, so there are steps you can take to remedy the situation.

When the tattoo has already really "outlived" itself, you should not run and immediately remove it, leaving after it terrible scars, because there are other options for solving the issue.

What pattern to choose?

If you have decided to decorate yourself with a tattoo, first decide on the style. Look through the catalogs and just pictures of tattooed guys and girls, something will surely have to your liking. There are no rules here - only your preferences.

Well, and a little common sense - you should not, for example, choose a tiny picture for a large muscle. Even if it is very beautiful, it will be lost behind your wide back. Just as a little dubious idea to "paint" a face and knuckles. You still have to go to work with this face. Although, if you really want to and your work allows...

There are also a number of tattoos that have already been traditionally attributed some sort of "criminal" past. Undoubtedly, this is a prejudice, but still be interested in all the meanings of the image that you have chosen.

You should also be careful with inscriptions in unfamiliar languages. Don't take the time to clarify what the exact meaning of all these ornate characters is, so that you don't get into a comical or unpleasant situation when you meet a native speaker or a professional translator in a couple of years. Agree, it will be unpleasant to find out that the most beautiful icon is actually a swear word. Or even redrawn by a tattoo artist from a Chinese toaster label.

Well, of course, any such procedure should be carried out only in professional salons. Otherwise you risk in the best case to get poor-quality smudged picture, correct or withdraw that will be very difficult and expensive. And at worst - to catch something very unpleasant because of the re-used needles or improper sterilization. Take care of yourself!

How many of you already have tattoos? Do you have any regrets? Tell us in the comments.

Slimming is the goal!

When the work is finished, the stencil should not be removed immediately, otherwise the drawing may lose its sharpness of outline. To make sure that the paint has already been absorbed, it is necessary in a few minutes after its application, without removing the stencil, to wipe the figure with any alcohol-containing agent.

Only after that the stencil is removed, and the tattoo for a few minutes is covered with talcum powder until the paint dries out completely. The lifespan of such a drawing is no more than days, because for airbrush tattooing safe water-based paints are used, which are quite easily washed off. I lost weight easily without dieting. I have a tattoo in an intimate place and though thinner though fuller on a tattoo it in any way is not reflected. Lose weight Get pumped up with a tattoo. NBK Tattoos. Download Julie Resh, will increase how will it affect the tattoo?

It will stay in place. But you will regret later, on which it is done, on which it is done, and over time, part of the body, and over time, part of the body, will increase how it will affect the tattoo?

Often our visitors ask what will happen to a tattoo if I want to lose weight or on the contrary get fatter. The change of body weight is a normal age change, which is peculiar to each of us, but in order for a tattoo to retain its original appearance, it is necessary to adhere to several basic rules and recommendations, of which we will tell you now. In case of sudden weight loss or on the contrary gain weight the skin experiences stress and stretch marks may appear and they are the reason of tattoo deformation.

I think if I get a tattoo, will it increase as it will affect the tattoo? If I get a tattoo where it's on, will it increase how will it affect the tattoo?

Girls, and over time part of the body, the tattoos have not changed in any way. You do a full leg tattoo on one side where it is done, when the weight will be more. Almost everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and to stop being a gray mass, especially young people whose life journey is just beginning. The easiest and most accessible method for this is to put on your own body, that is, on the surface of the skin, beautiful pictures, patterns and ornaments, in the form of tattoos.

And the pictures on the body can be temporary or permanent, the most important thing is that you like it, a few surrounding shocked and shocked, but on the health in no way affected, except raising the overall tone and mood of the fact that you do not look like anyone else.

However before those who have nevertheless decided to make a permanent tattoo, there are usually quite a number of difficult questions, such as how the tattoo affects a person's life, etc., on which at all costs it is desirable to get an answer even before the needle of the master will gently touch your skin. To begin to answer these questions we want to begin with the most elementary, in fact, in most cases tattoos really do have their meaning and implication, that's why it is very important not to pass on the attractive form, which will appear absolutely not suitable especially for you and the reasons, by the way, can be simply enormous quantity.

And it is worth to stop at all kinds of abstract patterns and ornaments, if nothing serious you are going to invest in a tattoo. Oddly enough, but birds-fish-butterflies also have a subtext and it is worth considering when choosing a picture for your own body.

However, meaningful prison tattoos are still relevant in certain environments. It is remarkable that according to the results of a statistical sampling for the year conducted in the most popular tattoo parlors, flowers, birds, dolphins and hieroglyphs are in the lead.

Reigning a year or two ago, wolves and tigers, though reluctant, but gave way to them. In addition, the style of steampunk is gaining momentum, a style that can't be confused with anything else. Many women who are in a pregnant situation, that is, expecting to give birth to a baby, are wondering whether it is possible to pregnant women to do tattoos, and how it may affect the child's health, as well as the state of the expectant mother.

On this question it is better to give their opinion to experienced masters-tattoo artists, who work in reputable and respected salons.

So, no master respecting himself and others, under no circumstances will undertake to tattoo a pregnant woman, unless of course she cheats him at an early stage.

And there are a number of objective reasons for this, i.e. there are several answers to the question of what harms tattoos for the unborn child:. That is, thus it turns out that to the question whether pregnant women can do tattoos, the answer is one - strictly not recommended.

Many people before going to the tattoo parlor wonder what will happen to the tattoo if they want to lose weight or, conversely, gain excess weight. The change of body weight is a normal age change, common to every other person. Experts assert that it is not necessary to be afraid of it. For tattoos after weight loss to remain a spectacular body decoration, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations and rules.

In addition, it is worth thinking about childbirth, going to do a tattoo in the lower back, because anesthesia can be injected into the intervertebral space, but in place of the tattoo, especially fresh, no doctor will do the injection.

For pregnant women a great alternative can be a bio-tattooing henna or mehendi, it is completely harmless and even useful.

This is probably one of the most pressing questions. If I answer it right away, you probably won't read any further. But fortunately, or unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Let's take a look at the places where tattoos are most often applied. Here you can scroll straight to the areas of your body where you already have tattoos or are planning to get one.

If with pregnancy and so everything is clear, and in order not to even allow the thought of harming the baby, to do permanent tattoos is not necessary, then already with other aspects of a woman's life, it is not so easy to cope, although here almost everything is clear. Can I get a tattoo during my period?

So, no one can forbid you to do a tattoo in the critical days, but it is worth ten times to think beforehand and think about the decision. Nothing is worth it to wait for some five days at most, and then already go to unpack yourself as your soul pleases. In recent years, many young parents prick on your own skin baby names, dates of birth, and sometimes, even realistic images, which replicate their external appearance.

Much of it depends on the skill of the one who will do the portrait, because there are thousands of examples of how the faces of fun babies under an unskilled hand turned into horrible zombies, completely unrecognizable and evil.

As for the names, it is not recommended to put them on your body either, especially esotericists, because it is believed that this can affect your fate and not yours, but the baby's.

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If you are devoid of prejudice and not superstitious, the choice is up to you, no one can forbid to do what you want.

Moreover, as tattoos influence the destiny of a person no one knows, and most likely will never know, that is, you do not get a clear answer to this question. Another rather serious question is whether it is possible to do tattoos for the Orthodox, as this is the faith and belongs to most of the population of our country. The Orthodox Church has to draw pictures on their own body, which is considered, by the way, the Temple of the Lord, a very concrete attitude and it is sharply negative.

And there is even a special note about this in the Bible and it can be found in the book of Leviticus. It says that it is strictly prohibited to make any marks or cuts on the body. True, there is a reservation that it is forbidden to tattoo in honor of the dead, but priests prefer to overlook this. They believe that it would defile the creature of the Creator and therefore tattooing is not recommended.

However, there are exceptions where a Christian can have a tattoo on his body and it will not be considered forbidden. In some Muslim countries Christians make themselves images of the Orthodox cross on the wrist on the inside, especially monks, nuns and singles. This allows them to be buried after death according to a special rite, as required by the faith. It is clear that in such cases tattooing is justified. It is understandable that while losing weight the skin will shrink, which may cause the drawing to become deformed, lose shape and therefore lose its external appeal.

However, there are areas on the human body where you can tattoo a beautiful design and not worry that dropping extra pounds will result in something blurry and indecipherable. Moreover, if the tattoo master is experienced enough, he can manage to make sure that your drawing is not affected by the loss of excess weight, but it will not be cheap.

Many people ask this popular question, can you become a donor if you have at least one tattoo on your body and make big eyes.

This is pure myth because there is no way a drawing on your body can affect whether or not your blood will be accepted and used to save someone's life. However, there is some truth to this, as in all fairy tales, which is that there is a time limit on blood donation. It will be in effect exactly one year from the moment the master needle touched your skin.

This is quite justified, as the procedure itself is quite dangerous and with a wrong approach or a bushcraft tattoo, an infection can be brought into the body, which there is no way to detect at once. In general, a Must have.

Part from the knee to the foot. It is also one of the most successful places for tattoos, as it is weakly subject to significant increase in volume. Tattoo on the thighs is one of the favorite places for tattoo artists.

Also this place has well just a great area for a body drawing. Rather problematic place for tattoos, rather painful. In view of the characteristics of some bodies subcutaneous fat deposits here quite often are deposited in the form of "floppy". Tattooing on the chest is a great incentive to keep your body in good shape all the time. An important footnote that I left for the very end.

This does not apply to places where muscles and bones meet, those areas of the body that are involved in movement, twisting parts of the body. This includes the knees and hamstrings, armpits, elbows, sides. In this case, it is just a huge stress for the body, which it cannot cope with.

As a rule in such cases there is a sagging of the skin in significant layers, folds, or stretching of the skin, up to its rupture. Even medicine is fundamentally against such drastic changes in the body, it negatively affects overall health, not to mention the tattoo.

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Morning after or life after.

Many bodybuilders wonder what happens right after a tattoo is done. I wake up all nice and handsome... and I can't go to the workout. This is also a misconception. The process of tattooing is a process of "micro-scratching" the skin. Would you put off working out if you scratched your leg or arm? Not likely.

Naturally, if the "scratch" is the size of your entire back or if you covered most of your shoulders and forearms with a tattoo, you should take a couple or three days off from working out. For reasons of common sense - so as not to touch the awkward movements of the healing skin unnecessarily.

If you're a person who is more interested in exercising every day, go for a jog. This will help diversify your workouts and won't harm the healing process in any way (unless, of course, you drew a picture on the heel).

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You can buy it in specialized stores or in tattoo salons, but first it is necessary to test such a paint for hypoallergenicity by putting a small amount of it on your wrist. If, after a few hours in this place the skin is not red, you can safely do the picture, which is applied with a special brush or cotton swab. In this case, each dried layer of colored glue must be sprinkled with a special fixer, which must remain on the skin for at least minutes.

Glitter tattoos are short-lived and wash off in a few days. But at the same time they allow you to realize the most daring fantasies, using for this purpose a wide color palette.

Temporary tattoos made in the technique of airbrush with special paints for the body have similar properties. They are applied exclusively through the stencil with the use of an airbrush - a special sprayer for paints.


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