250+ tattoos for men: a catalog of male tattoo designs

First of all, men's tattoos differ from women's by their meaning. Tattoos of guys are aimed at emphasizing masculinity and the qualities associated with it: strength, courage, loyalty, etc. Women's designs, respectively, emphasize femininity.

Often, choosing a sketch, men with the help of a tattoo want to tell the world about some property of the character.

Or vice versa endow themselves with the desired property. For example, by stuffing a huge powerful predator, which will give the owner the strength in difficult times.

In general, the range of male tattoos is very diverse. There is everything from animals to plants, from the depths of the sea to outer space, from different patterns to the portraits of ancient warriors. The same applies to the styles - everyone will find something to their liking. The most important thing is to find the right place for the drawing on the body. Or vice versa - to choose a picture under a particular part of the body.

Tattoo on the hands

This is one of the most favorite places for guys. Often this is where the first tattoo is nabbed. Some begin with small tattoos on the wrist, while others do not trifle and immediately score a tattoo of the sleeve.

Both are a good thing, as long as the design pleases the wearer.

Tattoos can be black and white or colored. Animals such as a lion, tiger, wolf, bear, dragon or snake are typical for men. Various symbols are also possible: crosses, hieroglyphs, patterns. Roses, peonies and other flowers are still women's themes. Guys have them in rare compositions, for example, in the style of Chicano or old skool. Tattoos on the phalanges of the fingers look stylish. There are freaks who get tattoos under their fingernails and on their palms.


That's a man's place for a tattoo. You don't want a big picture here, but it ain't too small either, or it's easy to get lost in this kind of space.

There are three options here:

  1. Biceps;
  2. Triceps;
  3. A half sleeve around the whole circumference.

In the first two cases, beautiful lettering and single pictures would work great. An example can be considered the famous Dudya tattoo on the biceps "Danila". It is important to choose an interesting font. If the inscription is not in Russian, find out the exact translation of what is written.

Many people like the Celtic and Scandinavian tattoos. Cool fit and Slavic runes, portraits in the style of realism or the armor.

And the half arm is characterized by styles that have a background or patterns: abstraction, biomechanics, ornamental, Polynesia.


With this part of the men's body is a little simpler in terms of options. All the same inscriptions (in Russian, English, or Latin) and dates of symbolic events will look cool. Geometric sketches will also work. Now fashionable are linework designs of animals: a raccoon, an owl or a deer. If it is a continuation of the sleeve, it is very important that the styles of drawings are combined. This point we dealt in detail in the article "Tattoo sleeve for men".

A frequent problem is the elbow.

It is quite painful to get blocked, so many people leave it blank. In fact, there is nothing wrong with it. You don't want it, don't touch it. But if your inner perfectionist is giving you a hard time, there are plenty of drawings that are great for the elbow.


A great place for the first little male tattoo. It can be a short phrase with meaning. Or a geometric figure in minimalism. Or it could be something more serious. Lately, a variety of landscapes across the diameter of the arm are very popular: the forest, which reaches almost to the elbow, looks especially cool. Its meaning is unity with nature, the need for silence, tranquility and solitude. Also, a bracelet is appropriate for true gentlemen. But if you wear a watch, do not forget about it. Some make yourself such a bracelet, which then can not be seen because of the watch.


In the past, this area was typical for the army or criminal, convict tattoos. Ordinary people had a negative attitude toward the blocking of the brush. But now young people have shattered that stereotype and are comfortable wearing tattoos on their hands. It's usually either a separate design or the end of a sleeve.

By the way, on the inside of the palm also do tattoos, but this is quite rare.


Just as in the case of the hand, in the past it was not customary for men to score fingers and knuckles. But the fast-growing rap culture has changed the meaning of such tattoos, and now they have a completely different meaning. Many famous rappers tattoo small, minimalistic pictures on their fingers, symbolizing power, wealth, and status:

  • crown;
  • dollar;
  • a star, etc.

Such light sketches take about 10 minutes from the session.

Sometimes they put their nickname on the fist.

Tattoos Expressing Feelings for Men

Fidelity or Loyalty: Male Tattoos with Meaning

There are several tattoo options available to signify fidelity. For example tattoo of a swan. As swans are known to create a couple for life and have long been regarded in the world as a standard of fidelity.

Another option - tattoo red rose .. This popular symbol is also considered a symbol of fidelity.

Tattoo anchor, about which we wrote above also reflects the principle of fidelity to himself, principles, beloved and family.

Tattoos for Men with Meaning - Men's Tattoos with Meaning - Tattoos with Meaning Fidelity

Strength: A tattoo for Men with the meaning of strength

One of the most common and popular options for tattoos with the meaning of strength is the bear. This predatory, strong animal is considered the standard of power, strength and inner energy.

In addition to the bear tattoo to signify strength, the elephant tattoo is also suitable.

Men meaning tattoos - Male meaning tattoos - Power tattoo

Pain: A Meaningful Man Tattoo Meaning Pain

Pain can be represented on a tattoo with many symbols.

  • heart with knives
  • rose with a knife
  • knife and blood

The pain of loss or betrayal is not perpetuated in order to constantly remember the unpleasant moments. But in order to remember their victory over troubles and troubles, to always believe in the best.

Courage: Male Meaningful Tattoos Expressing Courage

Courage is embodied by the phoenix. This mythical bird is reborn from the ashes, dying to be born again. Such transience of life as a phoenix reminds a man that he must be brave and courageous, not afraid of responsible decisions. even if you have to start a new life and "reborn from the ashes" it will be a new and better period, a new future and horizons.

Men meaning tattoos - Men meaning tattoos with bravery

Courage: Men's Tattoos with Meaning

The symbol of courage is the tiger. The majestic and strong disposition of the large predator often resonates with a male audience of tattoo lovers. Men, as a rule, bring up in themselves the strength of spirit, vigor, the will to fight and the ability to stand up for themselves. Therefore, the image of the tiger, a large graceful beast, very often becomes the subject of male tattoos.

Men's meaning tattoos - Meaningful Tattoo for Men - Tattoo with Courage

Betrayal: A Man's Tattoo with Meaning

To embody the meaning of betrayal in a tattoo, you can refer to the subject of the rose and the knife. Also, a snake tattoo has similar symbolism, such as if the snake bites the hand or has venomous teeth visible.

Neck tattoos

Like the elbow, this is a very sick body part in terms of tattoos. That's why girls don't usually touch it, and the neck becomes a man's area. This is where either a single drawing on the side tells the story of the man, or something very eye-catching: biomech or blackwork. Agree, an all-black neck looks quite striking. And sometimes they do white flecks in it, which is also striking.


A very rare area for tattoos. The head is scored either by tattoo models or some wild characters. On the skull and back of the head, 3D drawings or ornaments look chic.

Quite popular became to do tattoos on the face. It is the prerogative of all those same Western rappers, which was picked up and our, for example, Faith or Morgenstern. The meaning of such a tattoo depends on the specific drawing. It is noteworthy that it is the guys involved in this fashion. In girls it is rare to meet such a thing.

Examples of brutal tattoos that are not recommended to apply. Their prison meaning

Even the coolest manly tattoos may not always be perceived adequately and unilaterally. The following brutal tattoo options should be avoided unless you belong to a place of incarceration:

Candles or domes - are not just drawings, but indicators of how many times a man has been in prison and how many years;

Eight-pointed stars. - more often than not, such tattoos were beaten by thieves and criminal authority figures in denial of authority;

The grin of a wild animal - Aggression towards the authorities and the law, rejection of norms and morals;

Cats - Literally translated as "native inhabitant of the prison";

barbed wire - the owner was in a penal institution.

Negative perceptions can be caused by tattoos with various skulls and subcultural symbols, such as swastikas. The nature and semantic message of the tattoo must necessarily correspond to the man himself. Unusual and creative options are not appropriate on the body of a conservative, and vice versa.

Tattoo on the torso

In an effort to look cool, many men get tattoos on their bodies. And it is very sad when the body looks far from athletic. They think that male tattoos will fix the situation, and they won't have to plow around in the gym, getting themselves in good shape.

And for nothing! After all, all the awesomeness of the sketches will disappear in the folds of fat.

So before you stuff a tiger on your chest, make sure it's at least not hanging down.


Here's where you can go full throttle. Men's back tattoos look amazing if done well. All of the biggest drawings hit right here. Fans of the Japanese style look out for dragon designs or hieroglyphics on the spine. Religious people depict wings or an entire angel. If you don't want a single drawing of the entire back, no problem. You can stuff a stern wolf, scorpion or other brutal animal on your scapula.

It's not worth doing a separate tattoo on the lower back. This area is considered a woman's and not particularly suitable for men.


Small wreaths are often drawn on the collarbones. Sailors, soldiers and old-school fans stuff swallows and other birds. But most often you can find inscriptions. In general, lettering is appropriate almost everywhere.

The main thing is not to miss the translation and not to become a hero of memes on the Internet.


The owners of pumped up bodies love to make male tattoos on the chest. You can understand them, there is an opportunity to show off his cool body, taking off a T-shirt on the beach or posting a photo with a naked torso in Instagram.

Often there are animals or birds depicted on the chest:

  • A proud eagle;
  • a bear, like Illich's;
  • A gorilla, like McGregor.

Some macho men pad their year of birth.

Compositions of several objects are also popular, for example: a raven sitting on a skull, with a candle burning nearby in the background of a compass. In such pictures, people lay down a personal meaning, describing their life or part of it.

There is also such a type of tattoos, such as tattoos under the chest. But these are purely female tattoos that look chic with beautiful lingerie. For guys they do not recommend.

The abdomen

A large area of the body disposes to big sketches. Here everything is a matter of taste. Any particular local traditions are not observed. Everything from a thrash polka to engravings with elements of Dotvorok will do. Or chicano in bb with its gangsters, guns, skulls and Santa Muerto girls. Who likes what.

Often men cover their abdominal scars from surgeries with tattoos.


On the sides and ribs either continue the drawings from the abdomen and chest, or are printed with small individual tattoos. This is also where inscriptions, dates, and people's names look interesting.

Those men who have had their appendix out can cover their scar on the oblique muscle with a tattoo.

Intimate Places

The bravest men score their pubes and get a tattoo on their penis. It is not easy to find a master willing to do such candid tattoos in the intimate area. Usually ask to score tribal style patterns or vulgar and funny pictures, such as an elephant or pinocchio.

To see examples of such tattoos without censorship you can under a spoiler.

Rare daredevils score themselves "nogav" - the so-called sleeve, only on the leg.


There are those big sketches that don't fit the whole back and their continuation goes down to the hip. Such large-scale drawings always draw attention.

And if we take the thigh separately, then everything is the same. Except that more often in men it is possible to meet heroes of ancient Egypt: pharaohs, anubis, a mummy. It is not particularly clear why they are beaten on the legs.


The best sketches for the calf are purely masculine symbols: skull, cross, various tools (wrench, chainsaw, hammer). Fans of robots and cyborgs can stuff a shock absorber on the leg.

The meaning of such a tattoo is in the unity of the machine and a man.


The shin, like elbows and knees, is very painful to score. Rarely do you find a guy with a tattoo on them. And certainly those who paint over them in their entirety are few and far between. Small old-school and hand poke style designs are more common.

The foot

We are used to seeing tattoos on the feet of girls, but men are increasingly daring to take such a step. These are small sketches in the style of minimalism on the ankle or clever words in other languages on the ankle.

Here I would like to say that no matter how cool was the sketch of the male tattoo - it is very important to find a good master. Tattoos for men are a part of the image, so it is better not to save money and to fill up a beautiful quality drawing, than to regret for a long time afterwards.

How to choose a tattoo sketch in relation to a place on the body?

A place on the body can both favor this or that tattoo sketch and contradict it. The main condition for matching a place and a tattoo is proportionality, that is, proportionality of scale. Top tattoos can be applied according to the following principle:

  • if you take care that with age the tattoos do not change, losing their shapes and boundaries, choose shoulders, back and chest;
  • If the tattoo suggests a personal, non-trivial nature, apply it to the sides, shoulder blades, back and chest;
  • for large drawings and compositions suit forearms, back and chest, legs, sides;
  • medium sized tattoos go on the wrists, hands and palms;
  • Small, minimalist tattoos are good for places like fingers and neck.

Remember that large tattoos with pronounced detailing will look cluttered and too bulky on small parts of the body. Small tattoos, on the other hand, can blend in with any place.

Will this be your first tattoo?


The coolest male tattoos

So, with the parts of the body, we're sorted. Now we move on to the drawings themselves and their execution. Getting a tattoo, every guy wants to improve his appearance. To do this, the main thing to choose a cool picture that will suit you.

Animals and birds

We recommend choosing an animal based on your character and external similarities. If you can't figure it out for yourself, ask your friends what kind of animal or bird you look like. Also now it became fashionable to choose a totem animal.

So if you are a sloth in life, do not hesitate to score yourself this animal somewhere on the biceps.

Religious tattoos.

For religious guys, this is a very good theme for a tattoo. It can give your image a stern, confident and powerful presence. In addition, it will be a kind of amulet and a reminder of the meanings that you put into it.

Don't forget to specify the meaning of the chosen symbol.

The inscriptions in a foreign language and in Russian

Tattoos with inscriptions are some of the most popular, both men and women. You can write a relative's name, a quote, or a life motto on your hand. If you're leaning towards the English or Latin tattoo, always double-check its translation.

Fantasy Tattoo

The fantasy genre is huge on its own. It can be mythical heroes, a variety of monsters and beasts, dragons, centaurs and minotaurs.

Cool to look at in bright color.


Any guy is interested in comic books, games, movies or cartoons. This is an excuse to score a tattoo of your favorite character on your body. And it does not matter who it will be: Bart Simpson, Spiderman or Terminator - as long as you yourself like it.


Flowers themselves, of course, are more suitable for girls. But no one forbids the insertion of a flower in a composition where it will look appropriate. By the way, in some styles flowers are an integral part. For example, a rose in an old skool.

Instead of flowers, you can think about a tattoo of nature: forest, mountains, sea and other types of landscapes.


If you thought patterns were also a women's theme, you're wrong. There are a huge number of masculine patterns. Styles such as tribal, Polynesian and Celtic are great for men's sleeves. And no one would dare call it a woman's tattoo.

Men's Sleeve Tattoos.

Men's arm tattoos that cover almost the entire arm area are called sleeve tattoos. A sleeve tattoo can be one holistic composition and include many different parts.

Men hand tattoos - Men sleeve tattoos - Tattoo sleeve for men

The best styles for men's tattoos

If you have chosen a drawing for the sketch, now you need to decide on the style as well. We advise you to choose more masculine styles, so you won't regret the tattoo later.


A rather old tattoo trend, but still relevant. When human organs are depicted in the form of mechanisms, it looks cool and spectacular.


Even more spectacular and more intimidating looks blackwork. No one will pass by a guy with a blackened hand.

Interest from others is guaranteed for the rest of his life.

Old skool

Old-school tattoos were beaten up by brutal sailors a hundred years ago. It used to be a purely nautical theme, but now you can stuff anything in this style.

Polynesian Tattoos

Chances are, you've been paying attention to Dwayne Johnson's tattoo. This is the Polynesian style. Very suits guys and carries a meaningful message.


This includes lettering, letters, numbers and names. The direction itself is not particularly masculine, unless you choose a certain font. Try writing your name in a black gothic font - I'm sure it'll come out pretty harsh.

Styles and colors that are popular for small tattoos

Small tattoos are supposed to be combined only with a few body art styles. That is, complex realism or an impressive 3D effect will be completely inappropriate on a small drawing. Masters give preference to simplified options, for example:

Abstractionism - combines the features of simple and complex, but in general the picture turns out symbolic and laconic;

watercolor - Artistic painting with soft lines and transitions of shades;

blackwork - brutal images in black;

geometry - the presence of geometric shapes and lines;

graphics - bright execution with dashes;

dotwork - Drawing by applying dots at regular intervals;

linework - combined features of minimalism, geometry, graphics;

minimalism - simplification of any picture by eliminating details and superfluous lines;

tribal - Patterns in a Polynesian format.

Most often, men give preference to monochrome tattoos, where they use black and white shades. Young and creative guys like bright colored sketches, where the master uses primary colors and close to them shades.

Interesting and unusual tattoos for guys

There is a category of men who want everything only the most unique. The same applies to tattoos.

Such guys will never score a tattoo that they have already seen on the Internet.

We recommend that you look at the ideas in this section and, based on them, come up with something of your own. If you can't think of one, try combining the different designs and combine them into one.

Tattoos of rugged and brutal men

If you're a jock, a bearded man, and walk around with a cool barbershop haircut, you need a matching tattoo to maintain your style. It's a great addition to your rugged lumberjack image and makes you an even more brutal man.

Tattoos for modern men

Tattoos from this category are suitable for young guys who go with the times. They are businessmen, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Their life revolves around work, and fashionable tattoos will strengthen their status in the eyes of society. Usually they are applied on a prominent place: the wrist or forearm.

Tattoo with a meaning

Many men do not like to flaunt their inner world. They need the tattoo to put its secret meaning, which no one else will unravel.

Intimidating drawings.

There are two types of people who get intimidating tattoos. The first includes guys who constantly have to show physical strength: fighters, soldiers, bandits, convicts.

So they emphasize their danger.

The second type includes cowardly people who are afraid of random conflicts. This tattoo is an attempt to put fear into another person to avoid danger. Don't mess with me.

3D Sketches

A funny genre of tattoo. Looks great on three-dimensional body parts: head, neck, hands, phalanges. Very bright and vivid look drawings in realism.

Signs of the zodiac

Not the most unusual theme for a tattoo, but it can be depicted in interesting ways. Make your own individual sketch of your zodiac sign and other people's attention will be assured.

Are there any guidelines for tattooing?

In order to properly select the original tattoo designs and place on the body, you should adhere to a few simple tips. Namely:

  • Prepare for a long and step-by-step process, as it is impossible to tattoo your arm, leg or back in one go;
  • Know your pain threshold, how much you tolerate, with this in mind, decide on a place for a tattoo;
  • be prepared to lie still for a long time;
  • Be prepared for the expense, as quality tattoos will not be cheap;
  • prepare in advance a sketch before you go to the master, preferably not a copy from the Internet, but the author's drawing;
  • find out beforehand the detailed meaning of the tattoo, choose those variants that are ideally suited to your character, image and lifestyle;
  • Be ready to make a correction once in 3-5 years, because the colors may fade;
  • Take into account the fact that in the place of tattooing hair will grow at the usual pace;
  • Consult with the master in advance about the preparation for the tattoo and the rules of its care;
  • Take into consideration your lifestyle and necessity to cover up a tattoo from time to time.

Expert Opinion
Viola Madison

Master Tattooist, 8 years experience

Get a tattoo only if you firmly believe in your choice and prepared a sketch. A tattoo is not a temporary, but a permanent phenomenon that can only be removed by laser, which will be painful and very expensive.

Tattoos of famous men

If by this point you still don't have an idea for a tattoo, chances are you won't find one.

If that's the case, your only option is to get a tattoo like your idol.


Previously, employees of the film industry were afraid to get tattoos. That way, the chance of getting a role was greatly reduced. But those days are over and these stars with tattoos prove it to us: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Hardy, Jason Momoa, etc.


For women

For men