The rhombus tattoo: the symbolic meaning of the geometric figure

Geometric figures are often found in the art of body painting, and the rhombus tattoo is no exception. Despite its simplicity, such a drawing has deep symbolism and ancient history. Sketches are in great demand among men and women of all ages. However, when choosing the place of application and configuration, special care should be taken to ensure that the magical symbol is not inadvertently confused with the prison tattoo.

The meaning of the rhombus tattoo

Most of the tattoos that are done these days have a meaning. Each tattoo is capable of rewarding its owner with certain qualities. They can be either positive or negative. Therefore, before you do a tattoo it is worth carefully studying its origins and possible options for meaning. The symbolism of the rhombus is found in all the ancient peoples.

The image of the rhombus can be found in all ancient peoples. Ancestors covered their bodies with drawings and symbols, the meaning was almost always the same. By painting on their bodies, they tried to stand out in the tribe, to show their belonging to a higher class and to emphasize their specialness. Usually such distinguishing marks were worn by hunters, chiefs and shamans.

Slavs associated the symbol of the diamond with the Mother Progenitress, her body was covered with patterns of geometric shapes. Women, in anticipation of any holiday, in imitation of the Goddess, also decorated their bodies with patterns. Most often these were patterns of rhombuses and all sorts of hooks. They believed that it would bring good luck to the whole tribe. And for the mistress herself, such patterns foretold prosperity.

The rhombus is a part of the Slavic symbol "Makosh". This name derives from the name of the Goddess of Earth. In this interpretation, the rhomb is a field. Divided into four equal parts rhombus means that the field is plowed, and the points inside symbolize a rich harvest. Such symbols and signs were put on clothing, weapons and placed on houses. It was the way the ancient inhabitants asked the gods for protection and patronage. In general, the symbol can be interpreted as fertility and abundance.

Also, the meaning of the rhombus tattoo can be seen as a graphic counterpart to the Odal rune. This ancient symbol represents family traditions, family, home and homeland. In ancient times it was used to demonstrate the greatness of the family and the nobility of the roots. Reward for rejection, another meaning of the rune. A tattoo with this sign is considered a talisman and amulet. In today's world, the rune is a sign of change for the better.

The sign of the rhombus depicted on the body also has prison symbolism. A rhombus squared on the ring finger in the underworld indicates that the prisoner belongs to the lowest class. If the prisoner was reformed, the rhombus was shaded and the tattoo changed its meaning. A shaded rhombus, indicates that its wearer was punished under criminal laws. Authorities in the "zone" also make tattoos with a rhombus. With a dot on the top side, and a cross on the bottom, the tattoo is considered a form of expression of his own thoughts, accessible to such places.

These days, the rhombus tattoo emphasizes the sensual and emotional component of a person. Also, a person with a rhombus on his body can be called a great original and an extraordinary personality. The meaning of the tattoos, in which the rhombus is only an outline, can be very much. A greater influence on its meaning has an image inside the rhombus.

Tattoos with geometric figures have always been and probably always will be popular. Their main feature is that with a very simple appearance, any figure has a very serious symbolism. We suggest you learn more about the meaning of the rhombus tattoo.

Interesting facts about the rose tattoo

  • The rose tattoo was in demand and popular many centuries ago.
  • In ancient Greece, the image of the rose is associated with the beautiful Goddess - Aphrodite.
  • In ancient Rome the image or symbol of the rose is associated with the Goddess - Diana.
  • In Christianity the rose symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ.

The rhombus in common meaning

The rhombus is found in all cultures, where it symbolizes the birth of new life, the continuation of the race, renewal. The symbol was drawn by ancient people, hoping for help from higher forces in achieving prosperity, satiety and well-being.

In Slavs, the rhombus was very often found in national ornaments - its image was used to decorate clothing, dishes, walls of the house. This symbol was considered truly feminine and indicated readiness to give birth to children, so it decorated things that belonged to women of reproductive age and was never found on the clothes of girls.

When agriculture became one of the main occupations of the farmers, the rhombus began to represent the field, cultivated and ready to grow a new harvest. The rhombus, found on ancient embroideries, signified the very principle of rebirth, abundance, and resurrection.

The rhombus was one of the symbols of prosperity and happiness for the Chinese, who used it to express their wishes for a good life. The rhombus was an emblem of good luck and victory, used to express the country's prosperity and order in state affairs. A double rhombus was considered a strong magical talisman in the western regions. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the rhombus embodied the image of the female womb, the mother's womb.

In the Americas, the rhombus signified fertility, female power. Maya drew a diamond-shaped figure in the form of their fields, which were guarded by a jaguar - the guardian of femininity and fertility. The Indians drew the rhombus as a feminine sign, combining it with the image of the serpent, a phallic symbol.

The meaning of the tattoo for girls

Tattoo in the form of a rhombus choose girls who dream to know the joy of motherhood, organize family comfort, create a warm environment, bringing relatives closer together. If a tattoo is conceived as a talisman of fertility and maternity, the symbol is performed monochrome, necessarily filled inside with ornaments and plant patterns. The vintage style tattoo, including ancient sacred signs and Slavic runes looks original.

With the help of a colored rhombus tattoo girls express their soulfulness, show their hobbies. In such drawings, the geometric figure is filled with images that indicate the hobbies of the owner - it can be alluring mountains, mysterious forests or a sunset at sea. The owner of a bright tattoo is an original and all-round personality, who never refuses the opportunity to get new impressions.

Advantages of a tattoo with flowers

Plant motifs are suitable for all representatives of the fair sex. They remind of love, unity, spiritual renewal, there is no aggression, challenge, protest in them. If a girl does not know what kind of tattoo to make, an experienced master will offer her this option. Here are the main advantages of floral designs:

  • Relevance. Tattoos with flowers will never go out of fashion.
  • Neutrality. Floral tattoos are not associated with the blatant world, sects or subcultures.
  • Universality. Flowers can be pinned on any part of the body. They are suitable for women of any type of appearance and age.
  • There is a huge selection of different designs. Any girl will be able to find a beautiful pattern that suits her. All options look equally good in monochrome and color.

The meaning of tattoos for men

Often the diamond tattoo is seen as an analogue of the ancient symbol - the rune Odal. For men, the tattoo plays the role of a talisman, a secret important sign that demonstrates the nobility of family roots, the greatness of the family. The owners of the graphic tattoo, made in a concise manner, are proud of their ancestors and are well aware of the family history.

The rhombus tattoo speaks of the owner's ability to productively organize activities, clearly follow the plans, as the sharp corners of the figure symbolize perseverance, conscientiousness, purposefulness. Many choose subjects for the tattoo, where the rhombus inscribed with a winged phrase or stylized image of a totem animal, the zodiac sign.

The rhombus, within which is enclosed a beautiful landscape, symbolizes closeness to nature, the spiritual unity with the natural environment. The vertical arrangement of the tattoo indicates a strong and stubborn character of the owner, a talent for adaptation and the desire to test themselves in the harsh conditions of hiking. A man with such a tattoo has a tough disposition, which allows overcoming any obstacles and not paying attention to discomfort.

The drawing of the rhombus on the body can serve as a reliable talisman, helping to realize in the profession, to achieve great success in his career. The tattoo reminds the wearer of the need to win the authority of colleagues and the respect of superiors. The diamond is a symbol of power and leadership, empowering the man with confidence in his powers.

The meaning of the rose tattoo depending on the color and combination with other images

Wishing to score a tattoo of a rose, it is worth deciding on two components:

  • The color of the tattoo;
  • Whether the rose will be combined with other elements.

Because from this changes the symbolism, and the rose will mean something else.

How does the color of the tattoo affect the meaning:

  • A white rose symbolizes purity;
  • A black rose indicates a strong character of the owner of the tattoo;
  • rose with blood - the person was seriously wounded in the past;
  • rosebud in a triangle - good luck often smiles on the person;
  • white roses on the hand means that the owner of the tattoo is looking for peace of mind;
  • three roses are three sisters - happiness, good luck and wealth;
  • red rose indicates royalty and power;
  • blue rose prefers romantic natures, as well as lovers of mysticism.

Therefore, it is important to choose not only a beautiful sketch, but also choose the right color for your tattoo.

Flowers in a diamond

The image of a rhombus filled with flowers is a truly feminine tattoo. As a decorative element, the tattoo is often performed in a watercolor manner with the use of transparent dim colors, emphasizing the tenderness and freshness of flowers. Such a drawing on the body symbolizes the youth and beauty of the owner, her femininity, attractiveness.

Peonies depicted inside a rhombus are chosen for a tattoo amulet, which attracts romantic relationships. Tattoo with peonies represents the desire to be in demand, to attract attention, to be surrounded by admirers. Roses or rose hips inscribed in a rhombus denote a difficult character of the owner, which is not immediately visible behind the beautiful appearance. Spikes on flowers - a sign of a prickly disposition, the ability to reject unwanted suitors with irony and a great sense of humor.

Where is the best place to apply a tattoo of roses?

The rose tattoo is universal, many women and men choose the rose tattooBecause it looks beautiful and effective. It is best to apply the rose tattoo on the leg, shoulders or forearm, neck, calf. Spikes and leaves play a big role in the image, the tattoo sketch. Do not forget about it. It is best to choose positive elements of the flower, so that in the future the tattoo will bring only good and good moments and impressions into your life.


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