Who is best suited for a dragon tattoo - all meanings of the dragon tattoo

Since ancient times, the dragon was considered a bright mythological creature. He was associated with strength, tenacity, nobility, power, so depicted on the human body. Dragon tattoos are among the most popular among girls, guys. Some people serving time in the zone, also have a tattoo with a lizard. The reason lies in the meaning, the colorful image, the bold design of the tattoo.

There are many ways in which you can create the most vivid and impressive images of this magical creature. The picture is applied to any part of the body, but mostly it can be seen on the back, arms, shoulders, chest.

What does a dragon tattoo mean?

The dragon tattoo is shrouded in mystery and mystery, so it is used by people in the zone. This drawing has a certain meaning, which in different countries is interpreted in its own way.

The Chinese deified the dragon, which they believed controlled the weather. In his subordination were all four elements, the parties of the world. It was characteristic of reincarnate into a person or insect.

The mythical lizard symbolized wisdom, luck, power and authority to the Japanese. Japanese people saw this creature as a protector. The image of the lizard flaunted at the entrance to the church, at the firefighters. Today, tattoos are often seen on Japanese women. It is a symbol that helps protect family happiness.

In European countries and Russia, the dragon tattoo has a different meaning. The mythical creature is represented by a negative character, which must be defeated. The lizard is represented as more massive, with huge wings, a long tail, having no beard, horns like its eastern counterparts. Its image is available in people's area.

European tattoos depicting the lizard are applied with dark pigments. Most use straight and clear lines, do not apply color. On the back and shoulders you can see a large creature with a sword, cross or heart.

Who is he - the great and terrible dragon?

It is possible to assert with all certainty that the dragon is the most famous, popular and causing respect mythical essence all over the world. The image of the dragon is found in most Asian and European countries. It is for this reason and became popular tattoo with dragon, the characteristic of which reveals the above-mentioned cultures with mythology.

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Today, the dragon tattoo is a classic version of the tattoo, which looks equally good on members of both sexes.

Tattoos depicting this mythical entity are associated with nobility, mystique, power and mysticism, stubbornness, loyalty and attractiveness, as well as the ability to leave the acceptable limits. There are a huge number of versions of dragon drawings, but in every culture this essence is very wise, thanks to which the dragon is often associated with great wisdom.

This version of the tattoo often represents power and might. The rulers of China and their consorts had to have a tattoo with a dragon on their back, along the spinal column. This means that the dragon tattoo has a strong connection with the power of the emperor. In addition, this mythological creature has always acted as a symbol of mystical characteristics.

Chinese horoscope says that the person born in the year of the Dragon, will have strong leadership abilities.

In the mythology of the peoples of the Far East, dragons represented the four elements of nature: earth, water, fire and air. Or corresponded to the four directions of light - east, west, north and south.

Buddhists have a dragon as a guardian of the Buddha and his holy sermons. This mythical creature is depicted on the arches of temples and on tombstones, where it protects the souls of the dead from evil forces.

In ancient Greek and Roman cultures, dragons were depicted on military armor, symbolizing terror.

You can find pictures of dragons on Viking boats. The Celts believed that the dragon represented the power of the sovereign and represented the "circle of life".

In Western countries, the symbol of the dragon, as a rule, represents the evil force with which you need to fight. It is not for nothing that there is the face of St. George, who slayed the dragon.

The inhabitants of Russia also had a known image of the dragon, but here he was called differently, namely the Serpent Gorynych.

Dragons are neither good nor evil, as they are represented in the form of natural forces that can be both good and evil, destructive. It is at the expense of this characteristic of the tattoo will be very ambiguous: the dragon represents the earth, sky, water and the underworld.

The meaning of the colors

When choosing a dragon tattoo, you should pay attention to the use of colors. Each of them has its own meaning.

  • Black is a sign of respect for people, especially parents.
  • Blue or blue - a symbol of endless life, peace, openness, empathy.
  • Gold - sign of kindness, wisdom, generosity.
  • Yellow is a symbol of war and attack, so it's rarely used.
  • Red - symbolizes love, passion, and protection of the family home.
  • Green - a sign of connection with the earth.

What is the meaning of the dragon tattoo for girls and for men

The design and variants of execution of the dragon tattoo are almost the same for representatives of both the strong and the weaker sex.

Of course, guys give their preference to more aggressive versions of tattoos: such, where the dragon opens his mouth wide, the dragon breathes fire, the dragon holds a sword in his teeth and so on. In similar tattoos the basic gamma of shades - dark, though, certainly, there are and other variants of colors.

Regarding the same representative of the beautiful half of humanity, in most cases, they stop at the graceful designs and patterns that have several shades and various inscriptions. A very unusual version of the tattoo - the dragon, made in cartoon style.

The meaning of the tattoo by location

No less important is the moment of location of the tattoo.

  • The grin, big mouth, open wings, huge claws mean aggression, hostility, power.
  • The wings down and the mouth closed are a sign of good intentions.
  • A lizard lying quietly is a sign of peace.
  • A creature flying upwards - a sign of openness, good humor.
  • A lizard flying down - a symbol of secret aggression, a threat.

A drawing of a creature in flight is used more often in the zone.

Brief recommendations for placing a drawing on the body

  • According to tattoo artists, the back is the perfect "canvas" for applying a spectacular "dragon" tattoo. This part of the body allows you to experiment with the style, scale and overall concept of the picture. The permanent picture will look great on the shoulder blade, lower back, shoulder or hip.
  • The area of the neck, wrist and ankle are considered not the most successful places for the application of tattoos with the dragon. However, now masters can offer girls a lot of non-trivial solutions. Therefore, even small images in these areas can look really cool, the main thing is to choose a suitable sketch.

In terms of semantic load beautiful sex fit sleeping or spreading its wings dragon. And you can also draw a tattoo with a dragon in flight, most importantly, that the head of the creature was pointing upwards. But pictures of mythical characters with a grin or flying down can have a negative meaning.

In women

The image of the mythical lizard on the back, thighs, chest, shoulder blades in girls is a sign of the need to create, to protect maternal feelings, the family home. Women choose a drawing in the style of fairy. The meaning of such a creature lies in its transformation from an aggressive lizard into a gentle creature. Original elements in the form of bright colors are additionally applied to the drawing.

Some girls on the back can be depicted simultaneously two animals, symbolizing the unity of the beginning of the male and female.

Location and designs of tattoos for men

Dragon tattoo for men can be performed in any style, with the exception of the cartoon, as its meaning is distorted in this case. Drawings in black and with gradients of gray represent strength, wisdom, masculinity and power. Images in bright colors are suitable for aesthetic pleasure, so it is still recommended to apply them to the female body.

Tattoo of a dragon. Photos, meanings, sketches for girls, men. Photo

Sketches for male options are performed with concise and austere strokes. Also appropriate are more massive images that cover most of the back or chest, as they better allow you to convey to the viewer a design with the character of masculinity.


Since human arms have a considerable length, it is convenient to place an elongated dragon body on them. The tattoo can be placed almost along the entire length of the limb or only in the wrist area, or on the forearm. It should be borne in mind that the wrist area has more sensitivity, because there are many small and large nerve fibers.

The most popular options for the location of the tattoo on the hand are:

  • On the forearm. The dragon stands on its hind legs, which are knocked out on the shoulder blades, and the lacerated head as if "lies" on the shoulder. The wings of the animal are spread out. This is quite an aggressive image, representing anger and guile. It can indicate the "tough" character of the owner of such a tattoo.
  • A stylized image of a dragon, the tail of which begins at the elbow, and the head is located on the forearm.

Tattoo of a dragon. Photos, meaning, sketches for girls, men. Photo

  • Large detailed drawing in a calm oriental style. The tail of the dragon starts from the wrist and the head "lies" on the chest.
  • A small tattoo on the wrist. Despite the fact that it is not as flashy as the other options, the owner of the tattoo must have stamina and resilience.


Massive dragon tattoos are placed on the outer part of the thigh, while smaller ones can be applied to the calves and ankles.

There are the following options for leg tattoo padding:

  • An image of a dragon with its tail just above the knee and its head tilted toward the groin area.
  • The image of a dragon gradually extending from the calves to the top of the thighs.
  • The "S"-shaped position of the animal on the shin or the drawing that completely covers the entire surface of this part of the leg.

Tattoo of a dragon. Photos, meaning, sketches for girls, men. Photo

The tattoo can be placed on one leg or both.


The back is the most convenient place to apply a detailed dragon tattoo in the oriental style, filled with Asian motifs. Performing such an image will require a significant investment of time and money. A large tattoo will also be harder to get rid of in the future.

The most common options for tattoo padding on the back are:

  • Volumetric image of an Asian dragon, whose hind legs and tail are located just above the buttocks, and the head is on the shoulder blade. Such a tattoo is usually done in color, carefully tracing all elements. However, it should be taken into account that this image is overloaded with details and it is not immediately possible to consider it.

Tattoo of a dragon. Photos, meaning, sketches for girls, men. Photo

  • A stylized curved oriental dragon on the shoulder blade, the body of which resembles the letter "S".
  • Detailed depiction of a Chinese dragon with its head facing downward. The animal seems to lurk. This tattoo can mean that its owner has an aggressive attitude.
  • The image of the dragon in a naturalistic style, a drawing rich in shadows and halftones. The dragon stands on its hind legs, with its front ones extended forward and its mouth gnarled. This image testifies to the man's fierceness, aggressiveness and even rage.
  • Dragon, spewing fire. This tattoo attracts attention with its bright color and bold design. Its subtext can talk about aggressiveness or not carry any semantic load.


The dragon tattoo (its value in the male version) is best disclosed when the image is applied to the chest. The large-scale drawing of the eastern dragon on the upper part of the torso is a symbol of masculinity, strength and nobility. It creates a very attractive image for the opposite sex.

Tattoo of a dragon. Photos, meaning, sketches for girls, men. Photo

The tattoo can cover the shoulder (the dragon's head is located on the chest) or be only on the front of the torso. Sometimes the drawing is done on both halves of the chest - on the right and on the left.


On the back of the neck, it is possible to place an image of a small size, so a detailed image requires considerable experience on the part of the master tattooist. Most often, the tattoo in this area is performed in a strict style, using only black paint.

Tattoo of a dragon. Photos, meaning, sketches for girls, men. Photo

Very original looks the image of a stylized dragon, "descending" from the ear to the base of the neck.

In guys

Tattoo of a dragon in men is a sign of power, strength. Guys choose drawings that carry an aggressive, hostile meaning. Pictures are represented by red, black shades.

The tattoo emphasizes courage and power, if the head of the animal is on the chest, and the tail is located on the shoulder and back. It is not uncommon for guys to get a tattoo on the neck or forearm.

Influence of a dragon's color on a tattoo's meaning

Depending on the color, dragons can have different meanings.

  • Yellow The Chinese dragon is the most common among tattoo enthusiasts. These creatures are highly valued in the Middle Kingdom, as they represent the emperor and his family. Yellow is associated with strength, reliability and warmth, and also indicates power and high social status.
  • Gold dragons have a similar meaning, but in addition to this symbolize wealth, prosperity, wisdom and compassion.
  • Red dragon is a symbol of passion.
  • Black and white are key colors in China, as they represent the balance of Yin and Yang. Among the tattoo designs, you can find a lot of variations on this theme.
  • Black dragon means respect and wisdom.
  • Blue and green dragons in the East are associated with nature, health and tranquility.

Prison Meaning

In European countries, a picture of a lizard on the back of a man serving time in prison has no definite meaning. But it is considered only in the case when the creature is depicted flying over the castle. Such a picture warns that the person has been imprisoned for plundering state property.

The meaning of the symbol is also associated with a sitting in the zone, who has already been punished for a crime committed.

In Eastern countries, the tattoo on the back and chest is a sign of a person's affiliation with a criminal group.

If the lizard is depicted on the shoulder in the form of a figure of eight, then in the zone it means recidivism, theft. According to other sources, the mythical creature denotes great power and authority of the prisoner. He has authority among the convicts.

European themes

Tattoo in the form of a lizard over the fortress in the zone, indicates the theft of state property. Very rarely does such a drawing indicate the inevitability of karma.

Europeans view it as evil. For many, the dragon represents gluttony, greed, avarice, and hoarding. The inhabitants of Germany correlate it with greed and dark forces. They believed the creature lived in the underground parts of the Earth.

In ancient Russia, the dragon was pictured in fairy tales as the Serpent Gorynych, which had three heads, posing a threat to life. It is an entity with wings of large size, spewing fire from its mouth, incinerating the territory with heat. In the mythologies of European people the dragon usually appears periodically, attacks, takes the best of them, devours everyone around and leaves behind burned scales.

In Russia, criminal cadres apply the dragon in the form of an eight, which means theft. The lizard on the body is a symbol of the power of the convict.

Scandinavia divided the dragon descendants into three components:

  • Nidheggom - represents the mightiest, represents the status of a negative hero without honor, without conscience.
  • Jormungand - a fearsome enemy, sworn for all time.
  • Fafnir - very tricky, guarding the gold, having no mercy for profit.

Asians represent the dragon as a serpent with 4 paws and no wings. Western dragons according to the inhabitants have long necks, large bodies and wings.


For women

For men