Wedding trend: tattoos instead of wedding rings

When two people in love are going to get married (and this, one way or another, always happens if the couple is mutually in love), they begin to think about what can make their wedding really special. Modern couples in this case are not embarrassed to depart from tradition, moreover, they even ardently desire it - every couple in love wants something original. One of the most unusual ways to show your love for each other, completely unknown in Russia in Soviet times, is the creation of couples tattoos. While many people are not so brave or maybe not confident in themselves or each other, wear T-shirts with the image of a loved one or make one card for two, A couples tattoo is really an unforgettable, in the literal sense of the word, a symbol of love that does not pass with the passage of time.

Joint tattoos for lovers in this case can be a variety of directions, meanings and ideas. From traditional and completely simple, even minimalist tattoos in the form of wedding rings on the fingers, to funny and touching images on all other parts of the body. In addition, not everyone can wear wedding rings on their fingers because of the nature of the field or because of an allergy to precious metals. In this case, a paired wedding tattoo is a great way out of the situation, in addition, it will not be removed from the finger in the bar, wishing to seem free when meeting a cute girl or guy.

Double tattoos in a couple in love can be as a symbol of unfading love for many years in the newlyweds, and in the already established couple - to reflect some episodes of family history. The design of the paired tattoo can be completely come up with your own, come with your idea to the tattoo salon, where an experienced tattooist will advise how to implement it, or in the end, you can find a suitable tattoo design on the Internet.

Paired tattoos lock and key

Paired tattoos for husband and wife

Tattoo for two lovers - inscriptions

Tattoo with the inscription "Trust

Options for couples tattoos: with names, wedding date and symbols

Ideas for wedding tattoos can be very diverse - from the image of the classic wedding rings and ending with funny drawings. There are plenty to choose from!


The most common option is paired wedding tattoos in the form of a ring. And in most cases, this is not just a thin rim around the ring finger, and the pattern: pigtail, braid or ornament.

Tattoo rings


Many couples prefer to have important dates for their relationship "imprinted" on their bodies. They can be depicted in the form of Arabic or Roman numerals. Most often on the finger or other parts of the hand tattoo with the date of the wedding, then also pay attention to the options:

  • date of acquaintance - the day you met and realized that you can't be without each other;
  • Date of a child's birth - it is clear that most often this is done after the marriage, but these tattoos will not become less wedded;
  • A symbolic number for both of you - for example, if you were born on the same number, or both of you consider it your lucky number.



A bride with a tattoo of the groom's name and vice versa - what could convey your feelings more convincingly? By the way, such a drawing is usually too big to put on the ring finger, so many couples choose another place for it - the wrist, forearm or neck.



More often than not, however, instead of a full name, newlyweds exchange their initials. A wedding tattoo of this kind is easy to fix if the couple suddenly separates. Another trick is to apply the English-language Mr. and Mrs., which will indicate your status.

Mr. and Mrs.

The words and phrases are.

"Always forever", "trust", "love", "love him", "love her", "mine", "mine" - there are many options for words and phrases that can be applied as a tattoo. It all depends on what meaning you want to put in this picture. More often than not, such "serious" options are chosen by couples who decided to do a tattoo on their wedding anniversary. Behind their shoulders they already have the experience of family life. And they can say with confidence whether they are ready to live together for the rest of their lives in sorrow and joy.

Some people in love use words and expressions that are clear only to them. For example, how they affectionately call each other when they are alone. It may also be some understandable only two "prank.


Instead of wedding rings, wedding day numbers or initials, you can choose symbolic tattoos. Tattoo options with symbols: infinity sign, yin and yang, heart, king and queen, sea anchor as a symbol that you found a berth, Chinese characters, etc.

Tattoo extension

Such wedding tattoos are a symbol of the fact that you are two halves of one whole. The drawing begins on the body of one partner and continues on the body of the other - symbolic and lasting. Examples could be the two halves of an apple, a flower, a heart, a circle.


Tattoo with humor

If you are okay with a sense of humor, you can choose a funny drawing. For example, a lock and key; incomplete pizza and the missing piece; pieces of puzzles that fit together. Or cartoon characters - a squirrel and a nut from Ice Age, Chip and Dale, Mickey and Mini.

Mickey and mini

Paired tattoos on the wrist

Dmitry Bogdanov

The text is edited by the author of numerous articles, an expert in relationships, family and marriage.

Pros of couples tattoos

There can be several reasons for choosing tattoos over engagement rings. For most couples, tattoos on the ring finger signify eternal devotion to a partner. Plus, engagement ring patterns look very unusual and will stay with you for life. Decide on such a tattoo the bride and groom can out of practical motives. For example, if you are allergic to the precious metal or work that precludes wearing an engagement ring. Wedding tattoos can also be a convenient counterpart to the ring if you don't want to part with the symbol of marriage or often lose small things. Here are some options for couple tattoos to replace wedding rings:

  • A concise line in place of a ring.
  • A ring design with an unusual pattern.
  • Your names written on each other's ring fingers.
  • Wedding date in Arabic or Roman numerals.
  • Celtic patterns.
  • The infinity symbol.
  • Engagement ring designs that complement each other.
  • The first letter of your last name.

Classic tattoo designs instead of wedding rings are most often chosen by couples who have to give up rings because of an allergy to gold or a specific job. When choosing a design, remember that it is done for life. Therefore, study the meaning of the patterns and symbols before going to the master and consider whether the design will look harmonious in everyday life.

If the couple chooses wedding tattoos to stand out from the crowd, you can consider unconventional options. Make a tattoo in the form of two wedding rings or write a beautiful phrase with a secret meaning in a foreign language. At an international wedding, you can choose your partner's native language for the message. Do you believe in the power of magical tattoos? Then why not order wedding tattoos from a special master who will strengthen your relationship with a special pattern on your ring finger? Such a drawing will not only become a symbol of a lasting marriage, but also a kind of amulet for the bride and groom. Below collected other ideas of unusual wedding tattoos:

  • Diamond as a symbol of a priceless relationship.
  • The date of birth of the spouse and spouse.
  • Any drawings related to a common hobby.
  • Symbols of the zodiac signs.
  • The abbreviation "Mr." and "Mrs.".
  • Date of first meeting or proposal.
  • A key and a lock.
  • Stars.
  • Birds.
  • A declaration of love in Latin.
  • Crowns.
  • Pulse pattern.
  • Sun and moon.

There are cases when even a beautiful tattoo looks inappropriate. For example, if you hold a high position, and the tattoo reflects negatively on your image. In this situation, you can make a paired pattern on the inside of your finger, wrist or ask the master to perform the pattern in light colors. If you are not allergic to precious metals, you can hide the tattoo under a wedding ring or come up with a design that complements the main jewelry.


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