Skull tattoo meaning: a dangerous life or a symbol of rebirth?

Man invented clocks in order to keep track of time. These mechanisms count down the minutes of our lives from day to day. As a result, clocks have become widespread in tattoos, largely due to their significance.

Clock tattoos symbolize time in all its manifestations. Depending on the design, it can represent Important events in the past, the value of time as such, or to remind the wearer and others that Nothing is eternal and everything passes..

Different Meanings of Clock Tattoos

Tattoo with a clock is often combined with other symbols. As a result, the meaning of such a drawing can turn out to be much deeper than it seems in appearance. Be that as it may, the final meaning of the tattoo will be known only to its owner. However, there are some common combinations whose meaning is repeated from drawing to drawing, and you will see them below.

What are the meanings of the hourglass in tattoos?

Clock with roses

In tattoos, clocks are quite often depicted with roses. These flowers can mean beauty, love or life. The drawing turns out to be extremely symbolic, as the clock emphasizes the the fleetingness of life. of the flower, reminding us of how quickly time passes.

Also, tattoos with clocks and flowers can express eternal love.

Clocks with birds

Clocks in tattoos are often depicted with various birds. The most popular of these are the raven and the owl. Both of these birds symbolize wisdom and knowledge. Therefore, in tattoos, the image of an owl or a raven with a clock will speak of the value of time. They also symbolize experiencethat one accumulates in life and grows wiser over time.

Clock with a skull

Another popular combination of symbols in tattoos is a clock and a skull. They can express your attitude towards life and death as well as show the value of every minute. A clock tattoo with a skull can signify a person's mortality, to say that life is not eternal for any of us.

The clock and the eye

Not uncommon among men's and women's tattoos is the image of an eye with a clock. Its meaning is composed of the meaning of both symbols. Thus, an eye and clock tattoo will mean that a person Is clearly aware of the importance of time. The same meaning will have the All-seeing Eye, depicted in the form of a pyramid with an eye.

Broken Clock

A tattoo in the form of a broken or broken clock means lost time.

Pocket Watch

In life, pocket watches are used quite rarely. This mechanism is something special and therefore unique. A tattoo in the form of a pocket watch can symbolize an extraordinary event in your lifeYou want to remember forever.

Clock and compass

The image of a compass and a clock in tattoos are often combined together. These two symbols perfectly complement each other because their meaning is closely related. Tattoo of a clock and compass is a kind of talisman and means the search for the right path Throughout life.

Other meanings

Picture dial and hands in clock tattoos can also tell us something about the meaning of the design. If the hands express the value of time or a certain moment in life, their absence speaks of the loss of time. In Western culture, inmates sometimes tattoo a clock without hands to symbolize the time they have spent behind bars.

What does the skull tattoo mean?

A search for deciphering what a skull tattoo means in today's world yields thousands of answers. It is also a symbol of the dead "dead head" or "Papa Legba".

The meaning for poker players of the drawing means "dangerous player". At the same time, the head with bones also says that in front of you a favorite of Fortune.

For men.

Applied on the forearm dead head can say what the tattoo means a complete lack of fear of death.

In a guy the images are transformed, the drawing attracts favorable fortune.

skull tattoo on forearm
Tattoo on the forearm

Parsing the symbol's designations, you can find many sacred symbols. The skull and roses signify that death will not separate love. Such a value for men is interpreted as loyalty to the grave of the chosen one.

For women.

The meaning changes slightly for girls. Depending on the style, it may refer to her nature or wishes to change her fate.

Many drawings denote the strength of faith in love for a man, for a girl means a lack of desire to maintain a long ties.

Many small skulls in the neck area suggests that the girl is strong in spirit and will not allow domination over her.

Drawing is applied to themselves athletes, racers, professional players in billiards and poker.

Place for a tattoo

Choosing the place for the tattoo of the watch, many people stop at the hands. This is logical, because this is where it is customary to wear this mechanism. Although, if the clock serves as a supplement to a larger tattoo, then such a picture can be placed on the chest or back.

According to statistics, men more often choose the clock as a tattoo than girls. The sketch usually includes an image of a dial with Roman or Arabic numerals. As a style, realism or a black and gray design is excellent. Supplementing the sketch with other elements, you can make a bright and memorable tattoo on the shoulder or forearm, or score the entire arm.

If you know other meanings of the tattoo clock or do not agree with the options suggested here, you can share your opinion in comments.

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For women

Representatives of the fair sex prefer to score lighter and more colorful drawings. They decorate them with flower ornaments, additional details. Women create skull tattoos on the shoulders, legs, lower back. Pictures are a symbol of the desire to live forever, always remain young, to preserve their beauty.

The meaning of the skull tattoo with roses for women is loss, the death of a relative/friend/husband. This meaning is relevant if the skull is wrapped with a flower or depicted near it. If the head of the skeleton holds a flower in his teeth, it indicates that the owner is prone to drive, loves spicy impressions.

Places and style of tattoo

The skull with the crown is the absolute leader. This is the most common sketch for such a tattoo. On the one hand - this is bad, because everyone wants to be the owner of an individual drawing. But, look at the collage below. Is it possible to call such work the same? In comparison, skulls in hats that look like gangsters. And the skull in the beret, the symbol of the military.

For men.

Sketches of men's tattoos are usually brutal. It can be a stylized black and white image, which reeks of the theme of death.

Tattoos on brushes are just gaining in popularity. Before, pick a sketch for such work, you need to consider a couple of nuances. First: this place is always in full view. Second: you need to think carefully about how to position the sketch. During a meal or during an important tense conversation, people tend to gesticulate a lot.

More often than not, a tattoo with a skull is placed on the hands. Tattoos are placed on the wrists, forearms, and shoulders. Sometimes even on the hands.

The skull on the face - is a common search term. But, it is by no means connected with the popularity of this place for the tattoo. That's how people try to find the name of a Canadian tattoo model.

Rick Genest (born August 7, 1985, Chateaugue, Canada) - Canadian model from Montreal, better known as Zombie Boy (Zombie Boy) because of the tattoo depicting a human skeleton. Options for skull-in-crown tattoos. Wiki

The image in which the skull is topped with a crown is found more often than others among the sketches of such tattoos. Also, popular can be called a sketch: skull of a goat, bull, ram, Indian, skull with wings, in a beret.

Where to apply?

The hourglass tattoo is worn:

  • on the arm;
  • the clavicle area;
  • in the area of the bend of the elbow;
  • between the shoulder blades;
  • on the shoulder blade;
  • on the ankle.

The process of applying the hourglass tattoo requires the master to follow certain rules to make the picture look three-dimensional. That is why the picture is not printed on all parts of the body, because it is required to use high detail.

Variants, styles, compositions of tattoos

The hourglass tattoo is performed realism, new cheekbones, graphics and geometry. With special significance looks old skool tattoo, thrash polka with a restrained color scheme. In chicano or black and white technique can complement the drawing hawk head, ribbon and flowers. Using techniques of hyperrealism emphasis is made on the sand and the transparency of glass.

The sketch of the tattoo is performed according to the canons of the chosen style. Not unimportant for the composition and drawing semantic load. If the picture should emphasize the tragedy and fate, it is done in dark tones. The joy of contemplation of the passage of time is expressed in transparent watercolor colors.

Even a trashy polka dot can look soothing if you balance the gamut. Pay attention to the place for tattoo design, so that it corresponds to the desired size of the sketch. Otherwise, the master will prompt possible techniques to correct your idea.

Pirate skull symbolism

A skull with crossed bones was depicted on a pirate flag, although pirate ships dating from the mid-17th century had not one flag, but several, and each had its own special meaning. But it was the black flag with the skull and bones that was the most noteworthy. It had such a cheerful name - Jolly Roger and was used by pirates in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

This banner sent a call to the ship to immediately stop and surrender. If the ship did not respond to the warning, a red flag was hoisted after the black one, which meant the intention to immediately begin boarding. No mercy was to be shown.

Often the flag with the skull was used during epidemics of deadly diseases, plague or cholera. Pirates also often used this flag to frighten a more powerful enemy and avoid being confronted by more powerful ships.

Are there guidelines for getting a "skull" tattoo in different combinations?

Before you go to the master in the salon to get a tattoo with a skull, decide on a few important points:

  • The purpose - Think about what you need a tattoo on your body for;
  • place on your body - Compare the desired sketch and the area on your body so they are in harmony;
  • emotional message - Decide whether it will be a good-natured or intimidating picture;
  • additional elements - The skull alone may be low-informative, so supplement it with appropriate characters, symbols, details;
  • style - Choose the method of execution of the skull tattoo, choose a color scheme;
  • image - assess whether the tattoo fits your image, lifestyle, or field of activity.

Do you think the skull is too aggressive a tattoo?


Original clock tattoo pictures

A clock with a dial without hands or without numbers means that the bearer of the tattoo regrets about any actions or about the time lived uselessly. And it is also a kind of motivation not to repeat their mistakes in the future, and to treat time as the most valuable thing we have. For people deprived of liberty, such a tattoo marks the date of release and the countdown to this event. Equally popular are watches depicting fairy tale characters with a dial. This makes it clear that the owner of the tattoo is always in a hurry, he does not have enough time to conceive.

Tattoo of a clock on the hand: the best options

For naturals who are obsessed with mysticism, the tattoo in the form of a clock on the hand means regularity and infinity. In their life, everything repeats again and again. There is nothing new, but this opinion may be mistaken, because some people may consider the tattoo watch as a symbol of rebirth and transformation into something else, it all depends on the imagination.

History of the origin of the accessory

The pocket watch, invented in the 16th century, was originally available only to the upper classes, because it indicated the wealth and status of the person. Originally they were worn as necklaces, as they were too large and heavy because of which it was impossible to put them in a pocket.

With advances in technology, the accessory acquired a smaller size. It was often made of gold, silver and other expensive materials. Therefore, men of high social status began to carry it in a special pocket.

tattoo meaning

It was not until the nineteenth century that this luxury item became popular among the middle and lower classes. After all, during the Industrial Revolution, watches began to be made from standardized parts, which made them accessible to everyone.

It was at this time that pocket watches became an indispensable tool for railroad workers, as their safety depended on accurate timekeeping. During World War I, however, the pocket accessory receded into the background as wristwatches began to gain popularity.

Sacrifice your skull and your life - get a construction with a guaranteed lifespan!

Only some 500 years ago, even for the countries of today's highly cultured Europe (not to mention African countries), to lay a sacrificial human skull at the beginning of construction, was a procedure that could be included in the design documentation, a bridge, for example. (*you want, you can find documentary evidence of this)

In Asia and Africa, an integral part of the beginning of any construction was the sacrifice whose skull was laid at the base as a symbol of murder. It is not uncommon for children to be victims, and there is considerable evidence of this in the form of legends that have survived to this day.

However, not epic structures, could also be satisfied with the sacrifice of an animal, which is more... humane (well did not find the word otherwise).

Meaning of tattoo skull 2 Meaning of tattoo skull 3

Men's tattoo watch - a stylish solution

Often in men's tattoos under the clock to complete the natal image is printed a well-known statement or phrase that corresponds to the theme of the performed composition. In most cases, tattoos are performed with numbers in the Roman style. This is due to their unusual appearance, because some scientists consider it a secret cipher.

The meaning of the symbol

In its general meaning...the symbol indicates... The transience of human life. The symbol is a reminder that life is short. But, at the same time, you should not be afraid of this fact, and live every moment. Such a tattoo is often applied as a talisman. Not without reason, it is especially popular in biker circles. Skull, as a non-removable symbol of death, reminds the owner that all men are mortal, and the only question is how full of life we live.

The meaning of the symbol can be briefly presented as follows:

  • Chaos
  • of the transience of our lives.
  • death
  • truth
  • rebirth

For men the skull signifies determination and courage in action. Sometimes the symbol signifies a dismissive and chauvinistic attitude toward women.

The skull with the snake. If a snake is added to the sketch, climbing out of the eye socket of the skull, the symbol changes the meaning to immortality and wisdom. The symbol indicates that the knowledge and wisdom will remain even after physical death.

Skull with a crown. - A symbol of power, or the desire for power. In Mexico, the meaning is different: Better luck in the next life.

Skull with wings. - Freedom and carelessness. Equally easygoing attitude to both life and death.

Tattoo skull with a clock Has the meaning of reminding the owner of the finitude of life. Symbolizes the need for development in each current moment.


For women

For men