Bright "Sugar Skull" makeup for Halloween - a simple and colorful image

The Mexican skull is a very common symbol today, which can be seen in many different areas. It inspires fashion designers of clothing, accessories and home products, makeup artists and makeup artists, tattoo artists and decorators, artists, sculptors and designers of all stripes.

Mexican skull

It may seem that painted with multicolored scrolls skull is a threatening meaning or negative energy. But it is necessary to know about this symbol more, as the relationship to it changes on the opposite. Our article will answer the questions of those who are interested in an unusual skull. And a small selection of colorful illustrations will only confirm that this image is not terrible at all.

The history of the symbol

There are many names by which this image is called. The most common are calavera, Mexican or sugar skull.

The history of the skull is connected with Mexico. There, it represents the Day of the Dead, an ancient holiday that was born from the fusion of ancient local culture and traditions of the Spanish conquistadors.

The missionaries brought a new religion and new customs to the mainland. One of them was All Saints' Day. Celebrants were supposed to donate money to the church, which was supposed to help deceased relatives in the afterlife.

But pagan traditions looked at death differently. The local population did not consider someone's passing a grief, and no one knew about the suffering of souls in purgatory. The deceased in Mexico were commemorated during feasts whose names can hardly be pronounced on the first try: Mikailuitontli and Socotuetztli. None of these days, however, were mournful. On the contrary, the population rejoiced.

We should not have expected that the hardened Gentiles would instantly learn to be sad at the behest of Old Europeans. This did not happen. The festivities were as cheerful as they ever were. And the natives did not bring gold to the local churches, but gifts: lush fruit, delicate flowers, ripe grain. And the gifts were not addressed to the church, but directly to the departed relatives.

A mixture of customs resulted in a single holiday called Dia de los Muertos. One of the main attributes of the event was an unusual character - Katrina Calavera. She was a skeleton, but not a simple one, and adorned with all that it could be, and dressed in a magnificent gown. What about it? A holiday, after all!

makeup skull Mexican

It was in honor of this lady that the Mexicans began to prepare a treat - sugar skulls decorated with multicolored icing. Later the same Mexican skull began to be used for other paraphernalia: garlands, street lamps, outfits, masks and much more. Over the years, the variety of uses only increased, because this image has become a kind of symbol of the country. But the calavera skull has become so popular that it can be found almost everywhere.

The Mummy

It is difficult to discern whose body is hiding under the decaying bandages. Cleopatra herself, perhaps? Time has not spared even the most beautiful women on the planet. But on the night before All Saints' Day, even a mummy is entitled to dream of love.



To reincarnate as a mummy, you'll need liquid latex (some girls on YouTube use PVA glue instead), paper tissues, bandages, and makeup.

Here's another, lighter version - a sexy mummy.

Skull Mexican Makeup and Makeup

Today, there are fans of colorful skulls all over the world. This image inspires makeup artists and makeup artists. Nowadays, "Mexican Skull" makeup for Halloween, carnival or costume party is quite common.

To cope with the task is not difficult even for someone who has no special education. Enough to know the basic skills of applying cosmetics. If you dared to such an experiment, our little cheat sheet will help in this.

  1. The base tone of the face is usually light. It may even be white or silver, but if such a radical makeover is not to your liking, use a regular foundation that is a few shades lighter in color than your "native.
  2. Highlight the area around the eyes. It is usually made in black, purple or dark green. You can also use other shades, including gold and silver.
  3. The lips are usually painted in the color of the main tone of the face. And from the corners of the mouth to the cheeks, thin lines are drawn with perpendicular dashes to give a resemblance to the skull.
  4. The tip of the nose should also be highlighted in dark.
  5. It is possible and even necessary to use rhinestones and other decorative elements (they can be fixed with glue for false eyelashes).
  6. With the help of thin makeup pencils on the cheeks, chin and forehead you can draw flowers.

Vampiress .

These ladies like to walk around at night. But it's better not to meet them. Because their bloody kiss is deadly. By the way, if you decide to go to a party as a ghoul, stay away from aspen stakes. Just in case.

No Halloween is without vampires and werewolves. If you want to become a sexy vampire for the evening, arm yourself with a red makeup pencil and false fangs.

And here is a more hardcore version.

For this makeup, you'll need red paint that imitates blood and carnival lenses.

De los Muertos style mask.

Mask Mexican skull female

What carnival can do without this accessory? There are a huge number of ready-made masks on sale, but you can also make this stylish piece yourself. For this you will need a white solid-colored mask-base, which can be found in any department of holiday paraphernalia. The mask "Mexican skull" (female) can be painted with regular acrylic paints on the same principle as the makeup: dark areas around the eyes and at the tip of the nose, painted with flowers, rhinestone decorations. Want more decorativeness? Remember what the Indians used to decorate Katrina Calaveras with and use the same materials. Roses from foamirin or plastic, lace, beads and bows will blend in with the overall style.


Hundreds of books have been written about this character and dozens of movies have been made. Many people are seriously afraid of the zombie apocalypse. Indeed, what could be scarier than a reanimated, half-decomposed corpse?

See how easy it turns out to create this look.

Video lesson in Russian:

Skulls on the runway and in everyday fashion

Those who follow fashion, probably remembered by now one of the most famous and famous fans of skulls - Alexander McQueen. He used this element to create handbags, shoes, clothes, jewelry, accessories. His models, in which luxury and gloomy gothic intertwined, more than once conquered the fashion world by their peculiar charm.

The skull in the Mexican style can often be seen on casual wear as well. And it is equally popular among fans of both sexes dressed up.

skull in the Mexican style

The illustration above shows a model from the recent ZARA collection. Many models decorated with a sugar skull can be found and in the catalogs of the fashionable youth brand Pull & Bear.

Who gets such tattoos?

Tattoo skulls can be seen more often among bikers. Thus they emphasize the brutality.

The image is very common among athletes of contact sports. This image can be found on the hands and feet:

  • boxers
  • kickboxers
  • Muay Thai fighters.

Initially it was believed that the skull is a protective type of symbolism. It is also the embodiment of death and the destructive power of fate.

North American Indians painted such images if one of their relatives died in battle.

Home Accessories

Surely you've noticed the collection of funny sofa cushions (photo below), which are decorated with a Mexican skull. This home accessory, as well as many others in the same spirit, was created by Chinese designers. In the Middle Kingdom, too, calaveras have found many admirers. Today on sale you can easily find curtains, linens, dishes and other household products. And one of the most famous manufacturers of toys, American , even released a doll Skelita, which makeup is made in the best traditions of the Day of the Dead.

mexican skull Halloween makeup

Harley Quinn.

What can we expect from this geek? Anything! Seriously, this psycho, excuse me, psychiatrist, would do anything for the Joker. It's hard to believe that such a sweet creature could be so s..., sorry, cruel and ruthless.


It's not hard to reinvent yourself as this crazy mental gymnast. A video tutorial is included. After the success of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn will undoubtedly be one of the most sought-after Halloween looks this year.

There are plenty of tutorials on how to create a Harley Quinn look on YouTube. For example, here is a version of not unknown in Runet doll girl Anastasia Shpagina.

The girl without an eye.

"Ahhhh! Look! She has no eye!" - People get so jumpy when their kind is missing some body part...





A hole instead of an eye, a stitched mouth, a pencil in your nose, and lacerations are sort of classics. And it's not that hard to recreate these horrors. But not every girl is ready to see herself in the mirror with such makeup.


For women

For men