Tattoo on the collarbone for girls - photo sketches and inscriptions with translation

Body art, the art of body tattooing, has become extremely popular. We can conventionally divide it into cosmetic tattooing, when pigmented strokes correct individual facial features, eyebrows, lip contour. The second direction is a decorative body art, body painting, application of drawings, patterns and inscriptions on the human body.

Tattoo can carry various semantic and symbolic meaning and be placed on different parts of the body. Increasingly popular are tattoos on the collarbone of girls. Consider the most common subjects, inscriptions, patterns, their symbolic meaning and aesthetic effect.

Advantages and disadvantages of a tattoo on the collarbone

The distinctive feature of a tattoo in the collarbone area is that it is an open place, particularly in the summer. Having decided to get a tattoo, one must be aware of this. Getting a tattoo is often under the influence of emotions, but they change, pass, and the tattoo remains for a long time.

Before making a tattoo in the collarbone area, it is necessary to weigh everything up, to think over. Thoroughly work with a master sketch, learn the symbolism of the image, the semantic load of the inscription.

As a rule, to tattoo in the collarbone area girls choose elegant, delicate patterns, subjects, inscriptions, unless they are adherents of some informal youth subculture. Such tattoos emphasize individuality and unwittingly attract attention. The opposite sex will definitely cast a glance at the graceful line of the forearm, neck, chest, make you look at the face.

A tattoo on the collarbone is a subtle female ploy to attract the attention of men.

This same advantage of the tattoo, can also become a significant disadvantage if a girl will be in a situation that she will be embarrassed to show the tattoo, or will need to hide it.

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What not to tattoo on the clavicle

Masters of tattooing do not recommend girls to do too massive drawings, as they, on the contrary, "weight", the line of the shoulder. They do not advise to choose subjects of drawings, content of inscriptions with aggressive notes, "predatory" content. Tattoo is a way of self-expression, and such content unintentionally repulses people, forms negative meanings.

Well-known in the field of body art blogger Basqui paid attention to a number of mistakes made by masters, their clients:

You need to choose only a proven salon, a master.

  1. In order to avoid "floaters," the expansion of pigment under the skin, you need to stab at a certain thickness.
  2. Avoid fine detailing of the drawing, touching or close arrangement of lines, if the pigment "floats" everything will be blurred.
  3. Drawing should be in the right place, so that when you move it does not happen deformation.
  4. Do not use too light colors for the tattoo, they burn out faster compared to the dark pigment, which will visually violate the integrity of the tattoo.

Pay attention to these tips to avoid mistakes.

Method #3. Makeup

This method will help you quickly "highlight" your collarbones! To do this, you will need the following products:

  • bronzer (one tone darker than your skin);
  • Highlighter (no glitter);
  • Powder brushes.

How to make the clavicles highly visible
© jacoblund/iStock
Step 1. Raise your shoulders so that your collarbones are clearly visible. Keep them in an elevated position. Step 2. Brush some bronzer and apply it to the hollows of the collarbones and between the collarbones themselves. Make sure the amount of product is even on both sides. Step 3. Lower the shoulders. Using a small powder brush, apply highlighter to the collarbones themselves. Try not to mix the bronzer with the highlighter! Step 4. Lift your shoulders again and see if you need to apply more bronzer or highlighter. Also, check to see if you have applied too much. It shouldn't look too artificial.

Of course, if you need to emphasize beautiful collarbones urgently, it is worth using a third way. For example, if you have chosen a dress with open shoulders for an important event. Just be very careful, applying such makeup - it should look as natural as possible. But, how to make sure that the collarbones are highly visible even at the beach or in the pool? The best option, of course, is sports! Exercise will make your collarbones visible regardless of the weather, clothing or time of year.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your collarbone?

Among the disadvantages it should be noted that applying a tattoo in this area of the clavicle is somewhat painful. In this part of the body is located the jugular vein, through which blood flows from the head to the heart, as well as partially passes the carotid artery. There is no clot of muscle here, but quite a few nerve endings.

The masters know these anatomical features of the human body, so they use moderate anesthesia. Each person has an individual pain threshold, so in some people the procedure is almost painless, while others are more sensitive to it.


Physiotherapy is universally used in medicine for a more active recovery.

Physiotherapeutic methods of rehabilitation after a clavicle fracture are actively used in medicine to speed up healing of the injury, as well as to reduce the pain and discomfort of the patient. In addition, physical therapy has anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effects, stimulates metabolism in the damaged area and tissue regeneration.

Classification of physical therapy procedures based on the time of their implementation. For example, there are methods of physical therapy used only during the period of plaster immobilization, after the removal of the plaster, and regardless of whether the patient has a plaster cast.

During plaster immobilization, there are active applications of UV irradiation in erythemic doses. Locally, the procedure provides relaxation of the muscle tissue in the injured area, expansion of the capillary network, which stimulates blood flow in the irradiated tissue. Finally, swelling of tissues is reduced, as well as the severity of pain syndrome due to a decrease in the sensitivity of pain receptors. The general effect of UV irradiation in erythemic doses is to stimulate the formation of vitamin D, which accelerates the process of bone callus formation. The second procedure is эectrophoresis of anesthetics provides accumulation in the subcutaneous fatty tissue and muscle tissue of anesthetic drugs, which reduce the intensity of the patient's pain syndrome for a long time.

After the moment the person has had the plaster cast removed, it is possible to use new physical therapy procedures. If the trauma surgeon has removed the cast, the bone callus is already well enough formed, which means that it is possible to give small loads on the bone to increase its strength. For this purpose, therapeutic massage, high-frequency magnetic therapy, amplipulse therapy, UHF therapy, ultrasound therapy, remote shockwave therapy are used.

Massage repair

Therapeutic massage Provides an active and persistent dilation of blood vessels in the injured area. Active blood flow accelerates the transformation of the formed bone callus into healthy, functioning bone tissue. The therapeutic massage has a significant overall effect by means of a reflex effect on the vasomotor center located in the brain. Through therapeutic massage there is a normalization of blood pressure in patients.

High-frequency magnetic therapy provides an analgesic effect by affecting nerve tissue. In addition, there is a reduction in the tension of the patient's skeletal muscles.

Amplipulse therapy creates an analgesic effect and leads to the relaxation of muscle fibers. The physiotherapeutic method actively affects the blood vessels by dilating them, which increases the trophicity of tissues. Thus, amplipulse therapy stimulates the reduction of edema, resorption of infiltrates, as well as activates the recovery processes in the injured area.

UHF therapy creates an active warming effect, which directly affects cellular metabolism. Thus, there is an activation of microcirculation processes, the muscular layer of vessels is relaxed, and swelling of the injured area is reduced. As a general effect, UHF therapy reduces the tone of the sympathetic nervous system, increasing the tone of its parasympathetic part.

Ultrasonic therapy Actively stimulates the processes of blood circulation, as well as lymph circulation. At the local level capillary permeability increases, which affects the intensity of wound healing.

Remote shockwave therapy Activates the synthesis of special biologically active components. They provide dilatation of blood vessels in the injured area, which stimulates the processes of cell and tissue proliferation in the injured area. Cell division provides a direct process of bone and cartilage repair.

Electrophoresis of vasodilators, low-frequency magnetic therapy and taking mineral waters can be performed regardless of immobilization. Low-frequency magnetic therapy is an excellent stimulant for reparative processes. It also has a good anti-inflammatory effect. Mineral waters restore the balance of electrolytes in the human body and provide the necessary minerals for active healing of damaged bone and cartilage tissue.

How to choose a tattoo design

First it is necessary to decide for yourself with what purpose is done tattoo, as decor of the body, for memory. Determine with the semantic load, according to the content to pick up symbols.

Symbols also have sacred meaning, which is why it is not recommended to choose plots, inscriptions with negative connotations.

When you have decided on the semantic load, you can view the sketches on the Internet, select those that correspond to aesthetic tastes, the semantic load. Visit several stores, look through catalogs, consult with the masters. Show sketches you picked up yourself.

Discuss with the master about the location of the tattoo. The location partially determines the size of the body art. A small tattoo will look disadvantageous on a big body part and vice versa.

Discuss the sketch with the master, it may be necessary to make corrections in color and make some changes. Discuss the cost of the procedure.

Most often tattoos do:

  • As a fixation of individual dates, events;
  • As a decoration;
  • portrait tattoos;
  • As a symbol of love, affectionate feelings.

Such an algorithm of actions should accompany the decision to make a tattoo.


fracture pain

Like any disease, a bone injury can be complicated by a multitude of pathological conditions if treatment for a clavicle fracture is not begun in time. Fortunately, complications of trauma are quite rare, because patients often seek medical attention immediately. However, possible complications from poor quality or untimely medical care cannot be ruled out:

  1. Trauma to a vascular or nerve formation. A clavicle fracture with dislocation can cause injury to a large vascular trunk or nerve formation, resulting in the formation of characteristic symptoms. In the case of nerve fiber injury, motor or sensory disturbances in the injured area are observed as long-term consequences of the injury. The severity of neurological symptoms depends on the nature and extent of nerve damage, but the possibility of nerve fiber injury should not be overlooked. Vessel injury often results in serious bleeding, especially if a sharp bone fragment has injured a large main vessel, resulting in serious blood loss.
  2. Damage to the pleura. A life-threatening condition, pneumothorax, forms when dislocation during a clavicle fracture causes damage to the parietal pleura. Air enters the pleural cavity, which is accompanied by a characteristic clinical picture (shortness of breath, lack of air, lagging of one half of the thorax when breathing). Pneumothorax requires quick action by medical workers and immediate treatment.

In most cases, fracture complications can be prevented with competent and proper clavicle fracture care.

Which font to choose

There are quite a few online sites where you can enter a phrase, slogan for a tattoo, see how it will look in different fonts, choose the language of writing. Next, you need to consult with a tattoo artist. Each person has individual anatomical features. The same font will look differently, for example, on the hand of a woman and a man. The master will make adjustments for a specific person, advise where it is better to localize the inscription on the clavicle.

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How to achieve clavicle enlargement with exercises

Clavicles in girls, photos with different images of which are given in the article, as noted earlier, are not always pronounced even with external thinness. This may be due to bad posture or anatomical features of the body structure. However, if desired, it is possible to influence this area with physical exercises and, over time, to achieve more expressive and distinct clavicles.

The following exercises can be done on a regular basis:

  1. The starting position can be one of 2 variants - either standing on your feet with your feet shoulder-width apart, or sitting with your feet slightly apart, also shoulder-width apart.
  2. Shoulder raises are performed 20-25 times in 2-3 approaches. It is necessary to keep shoulders in this position for 5-7 seconds.
  3. Rotation of shoulders backwards and forwards is done 15-20 times backwards and forwards in 2-3 approaches.
  4. Rotation of shoulders together with arms back and forth - for this purpose the hands are put on shoulders and the elbow joints are rotated backward and forward 15-20 times in 2-3 passes.

Clavicles in girls. Photo, aesthetics

While doing the exercise, keep your back straight and do not make any abrupt movements, so as not to pull the muscles.

Beautiful expressive clavicles are as much the adornment of girls as a slim waist and lush breasts. With the right choice of images, which were demonstrated in the article, it is possible to emphasize this area and give the image an elusive sophistication and sexuality. If the clavicles are not expressive enough, they can be additionally highlighted with corrective cosmetics.

Tattoos on the collarbone: what is now in trend in 2021

There are drawings, inscriptions that are in trend. It is on them that masters are guided, offering sketches to clients.

Tattoo of flowers on the collarbone is a popular option, it is a feminine, beautiful tattoo. The image of a flower carries a certain symbolic meaning.

✅ Flowers, their symbolism:

  • Rose - feminine beauty, sacred meaning - symbol of love;
  • Orchid - exquisite luxury, magnificence;
  • The lotus - spirituality in conjunction with the material part of human nature;
  • Lily - symbol of pride, superiority, purity of soul and thoughts;
  • Tulip - (red) - love; (yellow) - separation;
  • Flower on the collarbone in the form of a tattoo of iris - a symbol of courage, bravery;

Tattoo twig - signifies the transience of life, purity.

Often the butterfly is depicted on the collarbone, which represents a rebirth, the beginning of a new stage in life. A fluttering butterfly is a symbol of lightness and freedom.

Think before you do a tattoo in the form of an owl, so it is associated with dark magic, though it is the embodiment of wisdom.

Tattoo with the image of animals and birds

In animalistics, the image of animals, birds, too, laid a certain symbolism.

Tattoo of birds on the collarbone:

  • stork - a symbol of childbearing, happiness, prosperity;
  • Often do the tattoo under the collarbone in the form of a sparrow, represents a strong energy, endurance;
  • dove, is considered a talisman, symbolizes peace, love;
  • The swallow brings good luck;
  • Swan - loyalty, strong marriage, mercy in the heart;
  • The Firebird is a divine symbol, an amulet, a symbol of longevity.

Animals, amphibians, fish:
  • lizard - dexterity, courage, protection from demonic forces;
  • tortoise - patience, balance, wisdom;
  • The fox - amulet, symbol of luck, longevity;
  • The cat - the desire for freedom, the ability to get out of any situation; cunning, dodgy mind;
  • Dolphin - marine theme, symbolizes intelligence, intelligence.

A popular tattoo is the star track on the shoulder, it symbolizes good luck in life, the fulfillment of conceived desires. Another frequently used symbol for a tattoo on the collarbone is a feather. The sacred meaning depends on the type of image. Peacock feather - luxury, grandeur, beauty. Light feathers - tenderness, sophistication. Feather of a Firebird - revival, the beginning of a new cycle.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment of fracture

Surgical treatment Emergency treatment is necessary if the patient has an open fracture of the clavicle or a closed trauma, however, complicated by acute conditions. For example, a bone fragment has damaged a large nerve trunk, which caused disruption of innervation on the injured side, or a major vessel, which caused bleeding. In some cases bone fragments damage the parietal leaflet of the pleura, which threatens the development of an emergency condition - pneumothorax.

Surgical interventions for clavicle fracture are performed routinely, if the patient has a significant displacement of bone fragments or the shoulder area is deformed significantly. Surgical treatment consists in performing osteosynthesis of the clavicle with one of the following methods:

  1. Intraosseous method. It is used for fractures of splintering nature. A special pin or Bogdanov's nail is used during surgery.
  2. Nocostal technique. During the operation a curved plate is used. This technique is used for injuries with multiple splinters in the wound.
  3. Spiral method. Rigid fixation is performed with the help of spokes, which are literally passed through the fragments of the bone base. The ends of the spokes are fastened, and they are taken out of the clavicle beforehand.

In the postoperative period to prevent the development of infectious complications antibiotics are used, pain relief drugs are used to relieve pain syndrome. More rapid and complete restoration of functions of the injured limb is provided by physiotherapeutic procedures. Discharge from hospital is possible after the removal of stitches, which occurs on the 8th-10th day of stay in hospital.

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Paired tattoos on the collarbone

Such tattoos can be a duplicate of the same figure, or performed in a single theme, symbolize some event, action, display a person's feelings. Most often the decision to do tattoo girls take when in a state of love.

Popular couples tattoos, inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in 2021:

  • lock and key to it;
  • arrow and hearts in love;
  • "yin" and "yang", symbols of masculine, feminine beginning;
  • an image of two birds;
  • commemorative date of acquaintance and a symbol of love on the other shoulder;
  • butterflies of different sizes;
  • abstract images;
  • love inscriptions in different languages;
  • watercolor tattoos are at the peak of popularity.

Of course, this is not a complete list of sketches of paired tattoos, which the master will offer.

A small tattoo

If you decide to get a tattoo, but you don't want it to be showy, make a small tattoo. It looks cute, piquant, and at the same time does not stand out too much. For miniatures suit the image of birds, insects, for example, bees, dragonflies, butterflies. Organically look a little tattoo in the form of a star track, a flying feather, the image colors. Laconic inscriptions, names of loved ones fit into the style of miniatures in the form of tattoos.

Colored tattoo on the collarbone

Multicolored tattoo looks bright, expressive, spectacular. It can be performed in the style of the old school of tattooing, mostly traditional subjects are used. Representatives of the new school as subjects choose shots from anime, popular movies, the image of favorite characters.

✅ Popular themes for color tattoos in 2021:

  • Japanese style, thematic subjects characteristic of it;
  • colored tattoos in a minimalist style;
  • watercolor tattoos;
  • Celtic motifs;
  • Thresh polka - unusual, abstract subjects.

Before you apply a colored tattoo, you should know that over time, individual colors may lose their brightness, the correction of the image will be required.

Photo ideas of original and fashionable female tattoos on the collarbone in 2021

The art of body art is rapidly gaining popularity. Tattoos have become a bright way of self-expression. We present photos of original, fashionable ideas from the leading masters.


For women

For men