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Greek tattoos. Greece is an amazing country with a unique history and culture, which has no analogues on the planet. It is not called the cradle of civilization for nothing. The modern art Europeans owe it to the ancient Greeks, and the tattoos are not an exception. They are concise and stylish so that they are not hidden under clothing, but rather demonstrate to others.

Zeus meaning

The name Zeus means "light", which explains why the youngest son of the gods Cronus and Rhea is the personification of the sky. Frightened by his father's prediction that he would be deprived of power by his own child, Cronus swallowed all the children, but his wife Rhea managed to hide the last son by slipping a stone wrapped in diapers to her husband. Raised by nymphs, Zeus became a cupbearer in his father's court, arranged there by his mother. He soon freed his brothers and sisters by slipping his father a vomit-inducing drink.

With the help of the gods, Zeus was able to win the battle with the titans and overthrow Cronus. Zeus was given power as the ruler of heaven, but later on he carried out his judgments on earth and in the underworld of the dead. The main symbols of the god were lightning, an eagle and a scepter, and in battle he used a shield and a double-edged axe.

The Greeks considered Zeus the god of nature, possessing fertilizing, life-giving powers. According to legends, the ruler of the world was not subjected to any passions except for love. Zeus was able to send prophetic dreams to warn people about events. The supreme god gave mankind laws and was careful to observe traditions and customs. Zeus guarded the foundations of the family and the home, helped the praying people, and patronized the inhabitants of cities.

In Roman mythology, the father of all gods was called Jupiter, and temples built on the tops of high hills were dedicated to him. Winegrowers especially revered the thunderer, they arranged ritual feasts, marking the beginning and end of the harvest. In the temple of Jupiter, located in the center of Rome on the Capitoline Hill, the most important acts of state life took place.

With the Slavs, the list of gods was headed by Perun, who used a mace, axe, and thunderbolt arrows. Farmers who found stone arrowheads of ancient arrows in the fields believed them to be magical artifacts, remnants of Perun's weapons. The connection with the god, armed with lightning, is seen in the ritual calendar images on household items found during excavations of ancient Slavic burial grounds.

The day of Perun was denoted by a "thunder sign" - a drawing of a wheel with six spokes, which thundered in the sky during a thunderstorm, marking the beginning of the harvest period.

Celtic designs

Tattoos on such themes represent an original fusion of two cultures - German and pagan, so we can talk about them endlessly. Each such image and each detail is endowed with a special energy and deep meaning. They can not be confused with other directions and almost impossible to repeat. Celtic patterns are characterized by multiple knots, loops, spirals, crosses and intertwining, which together resemble a labyrinth. Among the interpretations and symbolism of such body art one can highlight the desire for spiritual growth, the denial of death and rebirth.

Meaning of tattoos for girls

Stern face Zeus is not often choose girls, masculine-looking bearded and mustached man with a menacing expression - body jewelry, suitable only for strong and resolute natures. The owners of the tattoo leaders by nature, their imperious and strong character is evident in childhood. The success of others do not give peace to these girls, they do not sleep at night, inventing plans to seize power and gain unquestionable authority in their environment. In marriage, such women get along well with weak-willed husbands who are dependent on them, not trying to express their opinions.

With the tattoo of Zeus girls express the nobility and inflexibility of character. For the owner of the tattoo is important to uphold the principles of life, indicating justice and equality in society. Strong moral positions of such girls are worthy of respect, they help to make the right decisions, to seek justice. Inner integrity and unbending backbone of the character make with patience and persistence to achieve their goals.

Popular subjects

Characters from Greek mythology are by no means the most common body art. Young people are happy to stuff tattoos with inscriptions, portraits of famous personalities, crosses. In reverence also style oldskul, which is distinguished by a saturated and colorful images. The Greek ornament tattoo, also called meander, which symbolizes travel, looks original.

story tattoo

Since Greek mythology is a recognizable part of the culture of the sunny and warm country, its characters are in demand among patriotic youth and tourists who have absorbed the original ancient culture. Zeus the Thunderer, Aphrodite the goddess of love, Apollo the patron of arts, Medusa the Gorgon - not a complete list of colorful images that become the basis for unique masterpieces. Fans of concise and semantic compositions will appreciate the wise sayings of philosophers in Greek. Those who wish to get simply elegant body jewelry, which will serve as a reminder of an unforgettable journey, it is recommended to opt for a tattoo bracelet in the Greek style.

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The meaning of tattoos for men

A man accustomed to carrying on his shoulders the heavy burden of great responsibility, with the help of the tattoo Zeus can successfully emphasize the firmness of his intentions. There are no obstacles for such men if the goal is a managerial position, a high position. Career growth for them is interesting not as a means of material wealth but as a path to power and authority. From the owners of the tattoo come out great leaders, moderately strict, but always fair. For tattoos choose a strict graphic style or realistically performed subjects in a monochromatic color scheme, where the supreme god with a weapon in his hand or in a chariot drawn by eagles.

As friends and partners, men with the Zeus tattoo are very reliable, not indifferent people. Despite the firmness of their character, they will never pass by an old man who needs help or a crying child. Provide help - their direct vocation, although in life such guys are not at all different sentimental and it is difficult to pity them. Vengeance, which finds sinners, is often depicted in the form of fiery thunderbolts clutched in the fist of Zeus. Love for justice is another hallmark of Zeus tattoo owners. Even for great gain, these men will not make a deal with their conscience.

From the history of the Greek tattoo

Greece was one of the first places in Europe to have body art. At that time they were stigmata used to brand slaves. The signs were placed on the forehead so that the slave could be quickly found in the crowd.

Modern Greek tattoos are not a punishment, but a decoration. Today, the images are chosen by young people under the age of 25-30. Large-scale drawings on the entire arm, back, as well as small sketches on the hip, shoulder are popular.

Floral and plant patterns

Worn patterns with floral and plant motifs are no less popular and can be a component of both women's and men's patterns. All kinds of twigs, flowers, buds and leaves are decorated with geometric figures, abstract lines, scrolls, zigzags or stripes. The appearance of the chosen pattern depends directly on the style of the image and your preference.

Maori Patterns

The so-called Maori tattoos originate from the tribe of the same name living on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, and belong to the Polynesian style. Such patterns contain an original combination of flowing lines and geometric shapes, most of which are circles and ovals. The patterns can adorn parts of the body on their own, or they can complement other images. For the Maori, body art has a deep meaning, is a fundamental part of their culture and a significant detail that supports their connection with the otherworld. For fans of body art, such patterns are purely decorative in nature.

Scythian designs

Sketches depicting Scythian motifs are also called "animal". In addition to the characteristic details of this style, which are expressed in the use of cross-shaped figures, waves, tridents and flower swastikas, the Great Scythian patterns may contain images of birds, animals and plant ornaments, which are placed in an intricate geometric pattern or figure. Many additional elements, limited space, and the arrangement of small images within larger ones are the main differences between Scythian patterns.


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