Tattoo of a Lion - Meaning, Ideas and Photos of Tattoo of a Lion

The Lion tattoo holds the top spot in the category of the most popular tattoos. A predator ruled by pride and ego. The greatness and ruthlessness inherent in these animals in full, brave defenders of their families. But the prey for the most part is the lioness.

As a symbol, the lion represents courage, bravery, and strength. In esotericism, the lion is the sign of the Sun. Often depicted in sketches in the image of the king and lord, full-length or just the head, often wearing a crown. For tattoos, there is a huge selection of pictures in different styles to suit all tastes. Beautiful will look in realism, linework, old skool, geometry. Also recommend reading the meaning of the tattoo lion.

Meaning of the tattoo a lion

In various traditions and cultures, the lion has been associated in one way or another with the gods. Even legendary creatures of many nations have the features of a lion (for example, a gryphon and a sphinx). The lion is a symbol of courage, constancy, bravery, and pride.

Tattoo Lion - Meaning of Tattoo of Lion

In China, the lion is considered a symbol of power. And Buddhists believe that the lion was one of the incarnations of Buddha.

In Christianity, the lion has a dual nature. Any power becomes a test for a man, which he may pass, or may become a slave to pride. The Christian lion is both a wise king and a proud sinner.

The image of the lion for many centuries adorned the coats of arms of ruling dynasties.

Tattoo Leo - Meaning of Lion Tattoo - Meaning of Lion Tattoo

Tattoo of a Lion - Popular Places for Tattooing a Lion

Tattoo of a Lion on My Thigh

The thigh is more of a female location for large tattoos. The lion tattoo on the thigh looks very effective and emphasizes the character of the owner of such a picture.

Tattoo of a lion on the leg

A small sketch can be placed on the leg. The location of the tattoo on the leg is suitable for both men and women. Popular locations: the knee and the back of the shin.

Tattoo Lion - Tattoo Lion on Leg - Tattoo of lion on Leg

Tattoo a lion on the back

The back is a characteristic place for extensive detailed drawings. And a small drawing on the back can be placed at the base of the neck or on the shoulder blade. A colored tattoo of a lion on the back will look very bright, and a black drawing will have a more relaxed character.

Tattoo Lion - Tattoo Leo on Back - Tattoo Leo on Back

Tattoo of a Lion on the Arm

If you prefer a small geometric style tattoo, the optimal place would be the forearm or wrist. For a larger drawing in a watercolor or realistic style will suit the shoulder.

Black and White Drawing

Drawing a lion's head can be done by arming yourself:

  • A simple pencil. It will be necessary for marking the contours of the drawing and performing shading.
  • An eraser. They will need to remove unnecessary lines, which will inevitably appear during the work.
  • Patience. This is especially important if the work is done by a child.

For the result to be a beautiful drawing of a lion's head, the following instructions must be followed:

1Drawing the nose.The nose is placed approximately in the center of the paper sheet. It should be represented by a small horizontally extended oval. Immediately you can paint over its lower part with a pencil. The upper part remains unpainted: that is how the glare on the surface of the nose is formed.
From the center of the lower part of the oval, which represents the lion's nose, draw arc symmetrical lines. One should be located on the right, the other on the left. Both should be so rounded that, as a result, their ends rushed upwards. These lines should be about the same size.
2Drawing the mouth.It must be represented by a semicircle, located under the muzzle.
3Drawing the eyesFirst it is worth to draw a small arc line above the nose, a few centimeters from it. To the left and right of this line place one eye each. Each of them should be represented by a circle. The eyes should be shaded immediately with a pencil, leaving the areas where the pupils are located unshaded. As a result, the lion's eyes are black, and the pupils are white.
4Drawing the head contourThe contour line of the head starts from the snout on the left, runs upwards, smoothly curving first to the left, then to the right and ends at the top above the eyes. Another contour line to follow the same principle on the right side of the picture. It should be symmetrical to the first and start with a snout on the right, going upwards, gently curving first right, then left. It should end at the same point where the previously drawn contour line ends.
5Drawing the eyebrowsThe eyebrows should be drawn as a pair of S-shaped lines. Each such line is located near the eye. The right eyebrow of the lion (the one on the left in the drawing) is just above and to the right of the right eye. The left eyebrow (the one on the right in the picture) is just above and to the left of the left eye.
6Drawing the mane.The lush mane is arranged around the head. First you can draw a large circle, and then draw the clumps of fur. When doing this, remember this feature: at the top of the clumps of fur is short, at the bottom - longer.
7Drawing the earsThey must "look out" from under the mane. Each of them can be represented by a pair of arc lines. Under each ear you must also draw clumps of fur.
8Drawing the bangs.It must be located on the forehead of the lion. Performed by a pair of arc lines. They start from a point on the forehead where both arc lines join, and end a few centimeters above the eyes.
9Add a mustacheLions have a lot of small black dots on the muzzle, where the mustache grows from. First of all, it is necessary to depict these points. They are not arranged chaotically, as it may seem at first, but in horizontal rows. Each row must contain from three to seven dots on the right side of the muzzle and the same number of dots on the left side of the muzzle.
There are four rows in all:
  • The shortest row is the bottom row. There are three dots.
  • Above that is a row of 5 dots.
  • Even higher is the longest row. There are seven dots.
  • The top row has only 5 dots.

Drawing themselves mustache, which begin with these points, you must remember that the lines should be thicker at the base and become thinner with distance from their starting point. It is also necessary to make mustaches of different lengths. Do not forget about the curves in different directions. This will give the drawing a realistic look.

When the mustache is drawn, you can admire the finished drawing. But only he will be black and white.

If you want to add some color to it, you can use the following shades:

  • brown;
  • yellow;
  • orange.

Lion head drawing in pencil step by step. Color, black and white for kids

When coloring it is necessary to remember: the lion's face is lighter compared to the mane. It is possible to conduct some experiments with shades. Performed with a pencil drawing in this case will act as a coloring book.

Popular Scenes and Styles of Lion Tattoo

Tattoo Lion with Crown

The lion, as the king of beasts and the lord of the entire animal world, is often depicted wearing a crown. A person who chooses such a tattoo most likely associates himself with this strong and powerful animal. Lion tattoo in the crown suits strong personalities, leaders, whose opinion is respected by all around.

Tattoo of Lion - Tattoo of Lion with Crown - Tattoo of lion with crown

Geometric Lion Tattoo

Lovers of minimalism will approach the lion tattoo in the geometric style. The schematic image looks stylish and not conspicuous.

Tattoo Lion - Geometric Lion Tattoo - Geometric Lion Tattoo

Lion King cartoon tattoo

Fans of Disney stories will love a tattoo based on their favorite cartoon. The noble fairy tale, on which more than one generation grew up, can provide many sketches for tattoos with lions.

Tattoo Lion - Tattoo Lion King

Old Style Lion Tattoo

In the old-school style, the lion is most often depicted as belligerent, snarling, with an open mouth and a menacing gaze. Such a lion is the protector of his pride, a proud ruler and a brave warrior.

Tattoo Lion - Old Style Lion Tattoo - Old Style Lion Tattoo


The head of a lion (its drawing can be both colored and black and white) in a colored version is performed as follows:

Pencil drawing of a lion's head in pencil step by step. Color, black and white for kids

  1. Picture an oval. Its edges should be made slightly jagged to create the appearance of a luxurious lion's mane.
  2. In the oval to make a sketch. Approximately in the center should be a wide nose. The eyes and ears should also be sketched. Each of the ears should be represented by an arc line.
  3. Use the eraser to remove unnecessary elements.
  4. Work out the bottom part of the head. It is necessary to clearly trace the chin line and depict the mouth. To simplify, you can use light crossing lines. They will help not to make mistakes when drawing the nose and mouth. Then these auxiliary lines can be removed with an eraser.
  5. Draw the mustache. It will be a few lines. Dots need to indicate where they grow.
  6. Work with paints. Brown, yellow and white colors in different shades should be used. It is important not to make clear distinctions in colors. To do this, should make light small strokes.

Tattoo of a Lion for Men - Lion Tattoo for Men

Many men are close to the image of a lion, a brave and strong protector. As a lion defends his territory and family, a real man defends his loved ones and his principles of life. Such a tattoo is also suitable for men who are used to cope with everything alone, people with a bright personality.

Drawing with felt-tip pens

For this method we will use felt-tip pens and a simple pencil:

  1. First we have to mark with circles the head and underneath the body. Connect them with a line. In the circle with which the head is marked, add two strips crosswise, to further determine the location of the eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Beginning to draw a snout. Nose square and fluffy chin. Here also appears fluffy, semicircular cheeks.
  3. Above, on the head we add a thick coat on the lion. Dorisovyvayut inside of the ears.
  4. Detail the face and in the form of petals represent eyes, pupils and eyelids. On the sides finely shaded whiskers. Go down to the neck.
  5. Sharp lines outline the silhouette of the chest of the animal in the form of an oval, which marks the torso. And down to the feet.
  6. First come through the front paws, add rounded toes on the limbs.
  7. Moving on to the back, which wavy line descends to the hind paws. One of the legs will be slightly peeking out and toes on it will not be visible.
  8. Let's draw a long and wavy tail with a fluffy tassel at the end.
  9. Let's add contrast to the details. Stronger work on the eyebrows, pupils and the outline of the picture, so that they become blacker.
  10. Let's paint our beast. Nose will be pink, chest light shade and body brown. Tassels, eyes and the inside of the ears will be orange.

Such a drawn lion, will like its simplicity of execution and bright shades of felt-tip pens.

Lion Tattoo for Girls - Female Lion Tattoo

Girls often give preference to drawings with a lion and a lioness. Note that the lioness is considered a symbol of the goddess mother, protector, patroness. Most often on women's tattoos, the lion is depicted as calm, regal, rather than aggressive and snarling.

Lion Tattoo Sketches - Examples of Sketches for Tattooing a Lion


For women

For men