Mehendi sketches for beginners. The meaning of mehendi drawings

The art of mehendi came to us from far and beautiful India, and it is painting on the body with the help of henna. The procedure is absolutely painless and safe because only natural components are used. Henna is made from the leaves of the henna tree, which are ground to a powder and combined with essential oils.

Tattoo mehendi: sketches

Another name for mehendi is a temporary tattoo, which, unlike transferable gold stickers, will not cause any harm to your health. In India, such patterns are used to prepare and decorate the bride on her most important day: the drawing covers her hands, palms, feet, and sometimes even her back. It is believed that such a talisman will help protect her from the evil eye and evil spirits. The brighter and denser the pattern, the happier the marriage will be according to the belief.

Hollywood stars also do not deny themselves the pleasure of wearing such patterns. Singer Rihanna, Madonna, Beyonce decorated their bodies with ethnic painting.

Decorating mehendi for weddings have also become quite popular among Russian brides, to add softness to the image is usually used white henna. The delicate drawing, repeating the lace of the wedding dress will make your image complete and harmonious and will be a reminder of the wonderful day for some time.

Also it is possible to consider mehendi as a way of "trying on" a permanent tattoo, a dress rehearsal. Maybe the symbol you choose will not bring into your life what you have planned, so it is worth to reinsure. You can easily try on several options and choose the one that suits you best.

From tradition to modernity

Nowadays women are wearing bindis all over South and Southeast Asia (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, among others), from girls to venerable matrons, regardless of religion, age, marital status or ethnicity. The bindi has become a decorative element and is no longer restricted in color or shape in any way.

Very Very popular are self-adhesive bindi stickers.These are usually made of felt, plastic or thin metal and glue on the other side. They are easy-to-use, disposable substitutes for the good old tealaks. Stickers come in a variety of colors, designs, materials and sizes.

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There are amateurs who have The stickers are decorated with sequins, glass beads or rhinestones, gold or silver powder, and even gemstones.

Outside of South Asia, bindis are sometimes worn by women of Indian origin. Some Western women who have converted to Hinduism, such as followers of Krishnaism, also wear bindis.

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Mehendi: simple sketches

At the heart of painting is the use of a simple, sometimes repetitive pattern. Most often these are symbolic images of flowers, hearts, birds or simply beautiful compositions. Often, modern expectant mothers resort to henna painting of their growing tummies to pamper themselves a little and prepare for a photo shoot in the style of "waiting for the miracle. The main thing before applying the pattern, make sure you are not allergic to henna!

Modern masters are not limited to mehendi painting only on the body, you can order painted in this style candles, sneakers, plants, phone covers and much more. Also, in the mehendi painting style you can decorate the interior.

What is it made of?

Traditional bhendi are red or dark maroon in color. With a a pinch of cinnabar. (another name is vermillion, a scarlet-colored mercury sulfide mineral) on the tip of your finger with proper skill, an Indian woman can create a perfectly smooth bindi.
But not everyone can do it, and some unsuccessful women have to resort to various tricks to make the circumference perfectly straight.

Hollow discs or coins with a hole in them.. The disc is attached to the forehead with wax, bindi paint is put into the hole, and then the disc is removed.

In addition to cinnabar, sindur (lead oxide, otherwise known as lead vermilion), ox blood, red powder - abir mixed with yoghurt and rice flour, red dye turmeric made from turmeric plant mixed with lemon juice, powdered sugar mixed with honey and non-toxic glue, saffron with flower pollen... - in general, the imagination of women in this area is truly limitless.

Mehendi patterns

Mehendi patterns are drawn on your skin from a tube of henna. The master must be very precise and accurate in his work so that the pattern would turn out symmetrical and even. Beginner artists can use water-soluble or silicone stencils, which will allow you to work well while your hand is still untrained. Traditional henna patterns are in rich brown, but you can also use colored henna (red, blue and green shades).

Mehendi Meaning of Patterns, Symbols and Drawings

Originally, in Indian painting, each pattern and curl had its own meaning, some were meant to attract love, others were drawn for wealth or to ward off evil spirits. It's worth paying close attention to the drawings you put on your body, even temporarily. The meanings of the most popular mehendi:

Mehendi Lotus: Meaning

The lotus for the countries of the East is actually equated with a shrine. Since ancient times, people have admired the beauty and purity of this plant, which grows in unsightly marshes and lakes. This is why the lotus has become so popular as a drawing. There are many different variations: an open lotus, several lotus flowers, a single bud or many, sometimes even a small fish is added to the drawing, for good luck.

The water lily symbolizes femininity, the absolute triumph of beauty, fertility and prosperity. Such a pattern is sure to bring only light and pleasant innovations into your life.

Mehendi feather: meaning

The feather symbolizes lightness and freedom of thought. This symbol is suitable for creative people who are used to working outside the box and conventions. Applied two feathers will symbolize the sun and air.

Mehendi dream catcher: meaning

Such a drawing is chosen to get rid of sleep problems, to protect themselves from the evil eye or other people's bad thoughts. The dream catcher consists of three main parts - a circle, a spider web in the center and feathers tied to the circle. It is important that the web has 8 intersections (by the number of paws in the spider), it will bring good luck to its owner.

Mehendi sun: meaning

The sun is energy, warmth, a symbol of life. Divine powers were attributed to the sun in ancient countries, hence the love for this image. The sun will awaken in you new vitality and give a charge of positive emotions.

Bindi these days

Bindi has already lost its original sacred meaning. Women of all ages, marital status and religions living in South and Southeast Asia decorate their faces with dots of different sizes and colors.

Felt, plastic or metal tilaki-stickers have become very popular. The sticky basis does not make it difficult to put them on, and the wide range allows changing them at least every day.

Extravagant beauties prefer gilded or silver-plated bindis decorated with sequins, crystals or inlaid with precious stones.

In other countries, women with Indian roots or those who choose to convert to Hinduism also adorn themselves with bindis.

Tilak is often perceived as a style detail. At one time, many celebrities, far from India and Hinduism, appeared in public with a red dot between their eyebrows.

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Mehendi: sketches and photos

Over its long history (almost 5,000 years), the art of henna painting has accumulated a huge baggage of different techniques and sketches. You can turn to a master, choosing a drawing you like in the card catalog or come up with your own unique sketch. Most often drawings are applied to the hands, wrists, back and neck, legs and stomach.

Mehendi on the arm: sketches

The fantasy of masters of mehendi knows no limits, you can cover the whole hand with patterns, or limit yourself to a few drawn rings on the fingers and a lotus on the palm. Great look stars, flowers, trefoils. For beginners are suitable sketches of mehendi on the hand with images of the sun and flowers.

Mehendi on the wrist: sketches

The wrist is a very intimate area, choose carefully the pattern for its decoration. It can be both a stylized bracelet and flying feathers. In the East, it is customary to put a mandala (for those who improve spiritually), a peacock (the bird of paradise will bring beauty to your world), a crown (a symbol of power) on the wrist.

Mehendi on the leg: sketches

The symbolism in mehendi is also reflected in the location of the tattoo, and can tell something about its owner, for example:

  • Right leg - for those who are looking for themselves and want to draw attention to themselves
  • Left leg - for the purposeful and self-confident

Foot bracelets, feathers, lotus flowers are usually used to decorate the legs.

Mehendi on the back: sketches

The drawing on the back will rather please others than yourself, but the main advantage is the great scope for creativity. The master can apply Sri Ganesh, dragon or elephant. Usually the drawing is done in the upper part of the back (closer to the neck), on the lower back or shoulder blade.

The ornate patterns along the spine look attractive. A dress with an open back will perfectly show your figure and a mysterious alluring pattern.

Mehendi drawing step by step

If you decide to do mehendi yourself, without going to a professional, you need to prepare:

  • tube of henna
  • drawing that you will transfer
  • cotton swab

The cost of such entertainment will not hurt your budget, the price of a tube of henna is from 50 to 90 rubles, depending on the color.

If you can not buy henna for mehendi, you can make it yourself:

  • in the store you need to buy henna in a sealed package
  • the tea brew at home: 3 tablespoons of tea for half a liter of water
  • add to 40-50 grams of henna strained hot brew, a couple of spoons of lemon juice, and 1-2 drops of oil
  • Let the mixture cool and leave it to infuse for 4-5 hours in a cold place

You will need a medical syringe (no needle!) for easy application:

  1. Set aside all household chores for an hour and a half. You should not be disturbed or disturbed by anyone. Using soap, clean the part of the body on which you plan to apply the drawing. Rub the oil into the skin.
  2. We cut off the tip of a tube of henna or fill homemade henna in a syringe. Gradually, line by line transfer drawing on the skin. The thickness of the paste that was squeezed out on the skin should be about 2 mm. If you suddenly make a mistake, remove the excess with a cotton swab
  3. When the drawing is done, leave the paint for an hour to let the henna soak into the skin. After that time, remove the top layer of paste with a cotton swab. Dry paste will easily roll off, but if it does not, you need to let it dry some more. The longer the henna has been in contact with the skin, the brighter the design will be
  4. Lemon juice may help the design last longer
  5. Your mehendi is ready to go!

This kind of pattern will wash off from the body within 1-3 weeks if you do not take care of it. To keep the color longer, be sure to apply oil to the drawing area before showering - it will protect the paint and make the skin soft. When doing so, don't rub the pattern with a towel.

The eclectic intertwining of modern trends and ancient knowledge allows mehendi to remain at the peak of popularity for several years. A temporary tattoo is a great addition to your holiday look and will add variety to your life.


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