Snake Tattoo - the Ancient Symbol of Infinity in the World of Tattoos

Meaning of Snake tattoo

Snake tattoo that bites its tail (Tattoo of Ouroboros

) is a symbol of
Infinity, cyclicality, the eternal movement of life.
. This symbol is so ancient that even scientists can only hypothesize about its true meaning. In ancient times, people interacted very closely with nature, so the symbol of Ouroboros most likely means
the constant cyclicality in nature.

Snake Tattoo - Snake Tattoo - Snake Tattoo Meaning

Also, the serpent tattoo has the meaning of wisdom, knowledge


Tattoo snake with a cross

means the victory of the spirit over the flesh, the victory over temptation.

In ancient Egypt, the snake symbolized Sun, energy.


In India, and in some other regions, snakes are often the guardians of shrines, water sources and treasures. This tradition is linked to the symbolism of fertility inherent in the snake and to the belief that precious stones are the frozen saliva of snakes.

In Eastern traditions, the snake tattoo would have a similar interpretation as the dragon tattoo.

Snake tattoo - Snake tattoo - Meaning of snake tattoo

In the Christian tradition, the snake is associated with sin and temptation. Although a snake tattoo can mean of a person's victory over temptation, exaltation, and trials passed.

A snake tattoo can have the meaning of meaning of mistrust.

. A person who has often been subjected to deception and betrayal may put a snake on himself as a sign that he does not trust people.

Snake tattoo - Snake tattoo - Meaning of snake tattoo

Display of Details

There are elements by which such a snake is recognized.

  • A sting is drawn with a bifurcation at the very tip, then a simple pencil is lightly stroked over the abdomen and the entire body.
  • To give the drawing a finished look, there is a need to add shadows in certain places. These are done in pencil.
  • If colored pencils are supposed to be used, no shadows are made.
  • Will add color to the landscape, characteristic of the habitat of such snakes.

Popular Plots and Places for Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo Around Your Arm

A snake that wriggles around the shoulder or forearm looks very graceful. Such a tattoo can emphasize both the beauty and elegance of a woman's arm and the strength of a man's arm. The symbol of the snake has no gender, it can be close in meaning to both men and girls.

Snake Tattoo - Snake Tattoo - Snake Tattoo Around Your Arm

Snake tattoo on the Thigh

On the hip is usually placed a large drawing, which allows the master to draw the entire sketch in detail. Depending on the idea, the tattoo can be placed on the front or side of the thigh. You can depict a snake wrapped around the leg or have the tattoo on the back of the thigh.

Tattoo snake - snake tattoo - Tattoo snake on my thigh

Snake tattoo on the Leg

Small sketches for girls look very beautiful on the feet. Also a snake depicted around the ankle makes the leg line visually more expressive.

Tattoo snake - Tattoo snake on my leg - Snake tattoo

Snake tattoo on the arm

There are many options for how to place the sketch with a snake on the hand. It can be a small drawing on the wrist or a large tattoo arm. Think about what is most important to you in the tattoo: if you want to convey symbolism, a small tattoo will be enough. And if you like the unusual texture of snake skin, you should think about a large, realistic tattoo.

Tattoo snake - Tattoo snake on my arm - Tattoo snake on my arm

Tattoo Snake and Dagger

Snake and Dagger tattoo have a militant nature. Such a drawing can be interpreted as a willingness to fight flaws, weaknesses, temptations. And the second meaning - the desire to fight, to destroy something old in the name of the new.

Snake tattoo - Tattoo snake and dagger - Snake tattoo

Snake and Rose tattoo

Such a tattoo can have a variety of meanings, so you should not look for other people's interpretations, if you can create your own. For example, you can find different meanings of a rose, depending on the color. Add a snake to the composition as a symbol of wisdom and contemplation. For example snake and rose tattoo can mean fidelity to your feelings, resistance to temptation and betrayal, eternal love.

Tattoo snake - Tattoo snake and rose - Snake tattoo

Tattoo Snake Realism

Realistic snake images feature very beautiful, structured snake skin detailing. Inimitable patterns of coiled snakes are performed most often in color.

Snake Tattoo - Realism Snake Tattoo - Realism Snake Tattoo

A snake getting ready for a deadly jump

A drawing is made in several stages:

  • First, it is necessary to understand how to draw the body of the snake with a pencil, and only its lower part. The upper part is completed in the subsequent stages, as the most complex part of the image. So, a kind of "rope" is drawn, laid in rings. This is the outline;
  • Cobra's head is also marked with a contour line. Preparing to attack, the snake strongly inflates its throat. In this place an expansion is formed simultaneously with flattening. The technique is designed to have a psychological effect, which is further enhanced by a pair of "very angry" eyes. They threaten the potential "enemy." In this drawing, they are not visible;
  • Now comes the continuation of drawing the body together with the tail. Then the marking lines are checked. It is necessary to maintain the same size of the body, so that at the end we do not get a "python". From the image lines of intersection are removed;
  • The snake head is not a complicated element. How to draw it simply? You only need to perform the eyes and the abdominal part of the cobra appropriately highlighted. To do this, two smooth lines are drawn. It will be necessary to draw a rim that runs parallel to the right edge of the flattened throat of the reptile.

Men's tattoos

By imprinting the image, a man wants to possess certain qualities of the animal. A man's possession is emphasized:

  1. Courage.
  2. Cautiousness and equanimity.
  3. Mental equilibrium.
  4. Kindness and justice.
  5. Willingness to rule.

Not in last place the environment of the main character. A large picture is a thirst to show that the nature of the owner has fully adopted the snake characteristics. The right sketch will successfully emphasize the muscular relief of the torso.

How to draw a simple snake to the youngest artists

Even a simple drawing of a snake, which has no paws and ears, and its body goes into the tail, should be drawn according to the rules. A simple lesson will explain to a child step by step how to properly draw even such an animal with the simplest possible body shape.

Below are sequential steps to learn how to draw a funny snake from cartoons and fairy tales.

The work algorithm consists of the following steps:

  1. In the center of a scrapbook sheet, draw an even circle, using a compass or a special stencil that traces around the outer contour.
  2. Above the circle, draw a horizontally placed oval so that it is in contact with the circle.
  3. Divide the oval with a horizontal line in half. At the bottom of one end of the straight line to the other half-circle is drawn, which will be the mouth. Above the line you need to draw two circles in the middle of the upper half of the oval, and inside of them another circle. These will be the eyes of the snake. Above the eyes trace the eyelids and the back of the snake.
  4. On the one side of the mouth to create a curving line upwards. This will be the base of the tongue.
  5. In a circle traced curved body snake. From the head parallel to the line of the circle draw a line inside the circle. The beginning of the body at the head must be wide enough. The drawn line should resemble a crescent, the horns of which look inward in a circle.
  6. Inside the circle under the head to draw a concave line so that you get a crescent looking horns down.
  7. Inside the crescent draw a hook, which will bent end to rest on the bottom of the head. This will be the tail of the snake. It will be folded into a ball, like a cat.
  8. Draw the body, rolled into rings, from which comes out the upper part with the head and tail.
  9. Draw eyebrows over the eyes, as if hanging in the air. Since the character is good, the pupils should be round and large, shading them with black. When painting, you need to leave a white glare, which will give the eyes volume.
  10. In the area of the smiling mouth, where the tongue is, at the top of the nose should be drawn with two dots. Then a long tongue is drawn, which is bifurcated at the end.
  11. After that, all auxiliary lines are removed with a rubber band and the snake is painted. The contour of the snake is outlined with a dark green pencil.
  12. On the abdomen make horizontal stripes with a light green pencil.
  13. Eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nostrils are filled in black. On the eyes do not forget to leave the glare.
  14. Tongue painted red. Eye area around the pupils to indicate the yellow. The same color is painted abdomen in between the green stripes.
  15. Different shades of green colored outer part of the body snake. When applying the coloring, it is not necessary to press on the pencil, the colors should be applied in smooth strokes. The outer tone should be darker and the inner one lighter.

The finished drawing can be framed and hung on the wall.

How to draw a cobra with pencils

School-age children will be interested in learning how to draw a cobra. It is a dangerous snake for humans, which has a characteristic shape of the head framed by the so-called "hood". It is the kind of snake that opens in a fighting stance, thus warning its adversary that it is ready to gnaw him with its poisonous teeth.

In the presented master class we will tell you how to draw a realistic picture of such an animal. Almost by the same rules cobra can be drawn at art schools in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other major cities of Russia, where children are taught to draw by professional artists.

Before you start, you need to choose a visual example for your child with a realistic depiction of a cobra in a fighting stance. Any user can find a suitable picture for a home drawing lesson on the Internet.

The work will require the same tools as when drawing the cartoon good snake.Below is a step-by-step description of the steps to create a drawing of a cobra:

At the top of the blank drawing sheet, draw a small flat circle that will be the base of the snake's head. Divide the circle in half with a horizontal line.

From the bottom of the head draw an arc, which will be the base of the cobra's torso. It needs to be done so that it is wriggling to form a put on the side of the figure eight.

With two wide lines coming from the head, draw the neck. Lines should start wide and gradually narrowing to the bottom. One concave line goes from under the head, the other about the same shape a little away from the head. The top point of this line should be joined to the top side of the head with an arc. This will be the "hood" king cobra. From the bottom of the head to the line drawn to the side, draw a slightly concave line with a small hook at the end to the top point. This will be the lower jaw of the snake.

Draw the torso with a duplicate wavy line running parallel to the already drawn "figure eight". The closer the lines are to the tail, the narrower the distance between them should be. Draw the very tip of the tail raised slightly upwards.

Clearly trace the outline of the snake, tracing the "hood", eyes and nostrils with tongue. On the resulting abdomen draw a longitudinal strips. On the outside of the body with a pencil to create scales.Erase auxiliary lines in the drawing with a rubber band and move on to color the picture.

Yellow is used to color the abdomen of the snake on the neck. Then yellow is used to color the rest of the picture. This will be the main background, which will be superimposed darker colors.Orange color is created by shading in the place of folds and under the opened "hood". Thus volume is created.

A light brown pencil is used to trace the head, painting its outer part and the upper part of the opened "hood". This color is also used to trace the contour of the body and to create color shadows on the coiled body. The brown shade is used to create shadows that give volume to the cobra's body.

Strokes on the sides should be made of the same size, intensifying the intensity of the color in places where the shadow should be. Using a brown pencil, the texture of the snake skin is created, resembling scales, the contours of the body are traced.After the child learns to draw with pencils, you can move on to the study of a more complex technique of detailed drawing of the snake in a graphic style with a ballpoint pen.

Snake Drawing Lessons Content.

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Black snake tattoos: notes of witchcraft in images

The black snake tattoo indicates that its owner has gone through a number of extremely difficult difficulties, such as illness, but was able to overcome all adversities. Very often the black snake tattoo adorns the hand and is done in a minimalist format. Some instances of snake tattoo in black look much more realistic than the colored version.

The easiest way to draw a snake

Stage 1 - Drawing the head and torso of the snake.

How to draw a snake in pencil step by step - simple snake 1st step - photo

First we draw the head of the snake. It will be in the form of an oval. Then, with one line, we try to depict the direction of our snake's movement, to capture its plasticity. Then we show the thickness of our snake's body. Somewhere you can tweak something, if originally we put the line incorrectly, but it's better to do it at once, at the initial stage.

Pay attention to the fact that the closer the body to the head, the thicker it should be. Accordingly, the closer to the end, the tail, the narrower the snake should become.

Stage 2 - tracing the details

How to draw a snake with a pencil in a step-by-step drawing - an ordinary snake in step 2 - photo

Clarify the shape of the snake, mark the shape and location of the snake's eye, once again clarify the shape of the head and its connection to the body, and erase unnecessary lines. All the time we use a pencil HB.

Step 3 - shading.

How to draw a snake with a pencil in a step-by-step drawing - simple snake Step 3 - photo

Add a light hatch and our drawn snake is ready!

Femininity, fertility, hearth

Two snakes paddling each other are drawn as a symbol of strong friendship or great love.

And in ancient times, tribes believed that such an animal could cause rains, thus saving the field from drought. By worshipping the snake, Native Americans believed that the predator could stop a storm. In Egypt, the goddess of fertility was associated with the cobra. The snake tattoo for girls symbolizes femininity and sexuality.

Workshop equipment

To learn how to draw a snake with our masterclasses, you will need a few basic materials. If you've been following our articles with step-by-step tutorials for a long time, chances are you already have all the tools you need at home.

If it's your first time drawing with us, have these materials ready beforehand:

  • Drawing paper. Watercolor will do, but it's better to take one for drawing, with GOSZNAK written on it.
  • Drawing pencils. In these workshops, we draw with a simple HB pencil. You can read more about hardness and softness of pencils in this article
  • Eraser. Try to choose a softer one.
  • A utility knife to sharpen a pencil.

In general, this is the whole set of materials that you will need for further workshops. Sometimes we also need paper napkins for shading, but we will not need them in these master classes. So, let's see how to draw a snake.


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