Tattoo Mom - tattoo designs and inscriptions, where to apply, creative photo ideas

The best ideas for tattoos about mom

Below let's look at the most interesting options that can be used for a tattoo in honor of mom.


If you want to declare your mother's love in an original way, then her portrait will be a great choice. However, it is worth a careful analysis of the works of the best tattoo artists in this direction. After all, in realistic tattoos not even the slightest mistake is inadmissible, otherwise instead of a beautiful portrait you will become the owner of a partak, from which it will not be easy at all to get rid of.

Tattoo of Mom


Anchors themselves have many fantastic meanings, but adding the word "mother" can add even more meaning to this image. In this way, the body art can represent the stability that many mothers give to their families.

inscriptions about my mom

The most popular style that depicts the heart is the old skool.


What says more about love than a heart? Sure, these are pretty simple symbols compared to some of the new designs that are popping up everywhere these days, but they have the clearest meaning. A heart is probably the best option for a tattoo dedicated to mom, because you can place it anywhere on your body.

mommy inscription
Tattoo mom in the heart


Flowers are mega-popular tattoos because they are very versatile. You can add them to a portrait, an inscription and any other tattoo about mom.

tattoo in honor of mom
You can get a floral tattoo around your arm, on your chest, or even on your finger.


If you see mommy as the queen of your world, a crown can be a great choice for a tattoo. This meaning isn't always clear at first glance, so many people choose to inscribe their mom above or below their crown so people know what it represents.

mommy tattoo

Mommy inscriptions.

This is a great choice if you want a unique tattoo of the word mom. And it actually applies to several types of tattoos. You can score your mother's crowning phrase, or you can put a quote that shows how much your loved one means to you.

Mommy tattoo
Many people who get tattoos dedicated to their mother, apply them in childish handwriting so that their meaning is clearer and looks more original.

The most popular tattoo inscriptions are "Only mother is worthy of love," "A mother's smile is dearer to each of you," and "Thank you mom for life." Most of the sayings and aphorisms are applied in Latin, English and Russian. You can read the translation of these phrases in this article.

Tattoo dedicated to mom


If you want to apply a small tattoo with meaning, you can pay attention to the design with dates. It could be her birthday, the day she passed away, or maybe even a day that was special to both of you.

Tattoo of a mother
The numbers can be applied in either Arabic or Roman: the choice depends on your own preferences.

tattoo dedicated to mom

"Mama's Boy."

This design is amazing for several reasons, because what someone was belittled for in the past is now becoming a point of pride. If, for example, someone used to hate being called a "mama's boy," they can now happily share that fact with the world.

Tattoo in honor of mama

If this applies to you, you might consider getting a "Momma's Boy" tattoo. Everyone who sees it will know that your mother is the most important person to you, and that you wouldn't be who you are today without her. This is one of the best tattoo ideas to honor your mother.

Meaning and meaning of the tattoo

  1. The drawing or inscription Mom protects the wearer from trouble and adversity. The tattoo is made by grateful and loving individuals. The image represents the presence of a parent in the life of the wearer.
  2. Tattoo nabivayut those who miss their family and their parents. Thanks to the drawing, it is easier for the person to experience separation. The image gives strength and energy, helps to overcome the difficulties of life.
  3. Portrait of Mom. Making such a tattoo brave people who feel an invisible connection with their mother. The person is usually creative and charismatic.
  4. Inscription. Tattoo in the form of an inscription of mom has a great popularity. Making an inscription is a good idea. The drawing looks laconic. The image can be an independent tattoo or depicted in composition with various elements.
  5. Religious message. The tattoo is worn by religious people. There are teachings that refer to the appearance of the mother in the faces of saints.
  6. Sense of guilt. A person with such a tattoo, because of his choice, cannot often visit his father's home and see his relatives. Therefore, the image on the body is made out of guilt. The owner does not communicate with his own mother, carry this pain helps the tattoo.
  7. The mother tattoo symbolizes regret for the lost time. The reason for applying this image can be a big fight. The drawing suggests that the wearer wants to forget old insults and start communicating with the parent again.
  8. The tattoo demonstrates sincere feelings for only one person, the mother. The drawing can say about the wearer that he has no luck with partners in life. A person often makes mistakes and suffers in love relationships.


In the photo there are different tattoo options for men and women. Here you will find inscriptions for tattoos, images of hearts, swallows, butterflies, etc.

Common themes of sayings in Latin

Despite the fact that no one has spoken Latin for a long time, until our days came a large number of deep philosophical sayings and quotations on a variety of topics. Girls most often prefer to apply phrases about love, relationships and family values. Men like sayings about life and death. Spirited and creative individuals usually choose quotes about freedom and defiance of fate.

Did you know? The first tattoos with Latin inscriptions date back to the Middle Ages. Members of religious communities applied quotations from the Bible and oaths in the name of Christ as a symbol of unwavering faith in the Almighty and as a sign of loyalty to brotherhood.


Below you can find male and female sketches that can be printed on the hand, wrist, shoulder, chest and other parts of the body.

Choice of location

It won't matter at all how cool your inscription sketch is if the place for the tattoo is chosen incorrectly. The same goes for the font, but more about that below.

First of all, choosing a place on the body for the tattoo, it is necessary to be guided by the meaning of the inscription. To be clearer, what I'm talking about: Imagine how good will look a tattoo in Latin in honor of a deceased relative on the lower back.

Lest this happen to you, we've sketched out some thoughts on inscriptions on different parts of the body.

In recent years, tattoos on the head and face have come into vogue. In the case of the head, the inscription will not look good. Except somewhere behind the ear or on the neck. But on the face, if we ignore all the prejudices, the inscription will look great. The only thing is that it should be one or two short words. Long phrases will not do.

On the front of the body: collarbones, chest, abdomen - will look good tattoos in Latin with any meaning. The same on the ribs and sides. Tattoo with a statement about life under the chest, motivational inscription on the side or your name on the collarbone - hit it, you will not miss.

The main thing is to find the right font for the sketch and don't go wrong with the translation.

On the back of the body, things are a little more complicated. On the back, under the neck and on the shoulder blade, in principle, you can also beat anything. The lower back, on the other hand, is a rather delicate place. Here just do not fit the family and religious tattoos. Among the other subjects, choose the inscription in Latin very carefully.

Separately want to say about intimate tattoos on the buttocks and pubis. It is better except for love and humorous phrases here do not beat anything. Just like with the waist, think carefully about the right choice.

For those who want to get a Latin tattoo on their arms, I boldly declare - all subjects will look good. It doesn't matter if it's a shoulder, forearm or wrist. Yes, even if the hand or fingers, the meaning of the inscription on the hand can be absolutely any.

Just don't go too far with the font.

Legs could be placed in the same category as hands, but with a slight correction. On the thighs, write what you want. There are no restrictions. But below: calves, shins and feet - these areas are recommended not to hammer tattoos about religion, prayers and quotes from holy books.

For tattoos in Latin about relatives is better to use other parts of the body, for example, under the heart. About the ankles and ankles you can not say - it's all the same.

Ideas for family tattoos

The sketch of a tattoo for mom perform not only the text. To create an original tattoo for mom and daughter will help you choose a symbol that represents their close bond.

To create an original tattoo, you can draw a silhouette of a woman holding a child in her arms. Many sons tattoo their mother's name inscribed in the infinity symbol.

If the tattoo is nabied in memory of his mother execution of the image depends on the emotions of the bearer. Deep grief is emphasized by a cross. An angel hugging a child is also considered a good idea for such works.

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Reasons for the popularity of tattoos with Latin inscriptions

  1. Such tattoos look very beautiful, and the sound of the inscription is always a pleasant surprise.
  2. Such tattoos attract many by their interesting appearance. Girls often pay attention not only to the content of the tattoo, its semantic load, but also to the appearance of the tattoo. Of course, men are also concerned about it, but still women attach the most importance to it.
  3. Latin phrases are concise. They are quite small in size, just three words in Latin often contain a lot of meaning. Most girls and young people prefer small tattoos that are easily concealed under clothing. It is the tattoos with Latin inscriptions that have these useful properties.
  4. A tattoo with a phrase in the Latin language allows you to express your feelings, emotions.
  5. Such a tattoo will allow others to know you better, to understand you, your feelings. The depth of your thoughts can be reflected in one small tattoo.

Often they write the names of their loved ones in Latin, tying them together with unbreakable ties - beautiful patterns. Such tattoos contain the names of your loved ones, such as a loved one. You may decide to have the names of your parents or your children tattooed on your body.


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