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Visually, the infinity symbol resembles an inverted figure of eight. This symbol is actively used in mathematics, modern mysticism and esoterics. Also, its image is a a popular element of graphic designMany well-known brands use it in developing corporate logos. But of particular importance are protective talismans with the sign of infinity.

talisman with an upside-down figure of eight
Talisman against the evil eye

History of the infinity symbol

Before considering the meaning of the infinity symbol, it is important to examine its history. If we talk about science, the activity of the English mathematician John Wallis, who lived in England, is most often associated with it. It was this scientist who introduced the symbol into widespread consumption. It happened in 1655, when his work on conic sections was published. There are several versions of why this particular symbol was chosen to represent infinite quantities. "CIƆ" is a word that, in ancient Roman language, stood for 1000 or many. According to another version, the scholar simply used the letter ω, which was the ending of the Greek alphabet in those days.

The history of the symbol of infinity, the meaning of the figure of eight

41 years passed, and the Swiss mathematician in his work describing the algebraic curve, also used the sign of infinity. Despite the fact that this symbol is most often found in mathematics, it has not technical but philosophical origins. Some connection with Ancient Greece is absolutely not accidental here. It was in this country that ancient philosophy developed. On the one hand, there is the opinion that this symbol is taken from the rock art of Tibet. There is also the hypothesis that Indian culture gave this symbol to European civilization.

What the symbol of infinity, or, in other words, the horizontal figure of eight, means, many great scholars of antiquity have tried to understand, among them:

  • Aristotle,
  • Plato,
  • Pythagoras.

Many in ancient times sought to associate the horizontal figure of eight with the incomprehensibility of God. This symbol was considered by many philosophers and only in the 17th century it passed into mathematics, gaining a more technical meaning. Nowadays the symbol is used not only in mathematics or philosophy. It has also been taken up by esotericism, a science that is enjoying increased popularity these days.

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Use as a talisman

This symbol shows that its possessor believes in the laws of the universe and their justice. The serpent evaluates all the deeds of the owner and pays for them on merit. Therefore, a ring or bracelet in the form of Ouroboros at the same time protects against evil thoughts of strangers, and does not give the owner himself to do bad things.

Ouroboros meaning
Ouroboros amulet

Today, in stores, you can find rings, bracelets and pendants with the image of Ouroboros. Such pendant must necessarily be with a through hole, it is convenient to wear at any time of year and with any clothing. Esotericists assert that such jewelry is best of all made of silver and cleaned from time to time from accumulated negative energy.

The first thing you must do is to hold the ornament for several minutes under running water, and then put it on a window so that it will be saturated with solar and lunar energies.

If you have a big heart, you will have a big heart. By choosing such a talisman, you take on yourself an obligation to obey the laws of the universe. If you buy a piece of jewelry only because of its appearance, not thinking about the consequences, the power of the amulet can turn against you.

This amulet is especially dangerous for personalities with explosive temper, intemperate and aggressive. The talisman will repeatedly return all aggression and negativity coming from the person, and his life will turn into a nightmare.

The meaning of infinity in different countries

The meaning of the symbol of infinity in different countries is different. It is considered that the horizontal figure of eight originated from the vertical, the Arabian number, which is considered the most powerful symbol in many cultures. In Feng Shui, the infinity symbol is represented as wealth, good luck, abundance. It is believed that it brings good luck. The Greeks saw the connection between the spiritual and material principles in the common eight. This number in their culture also symbolized justice.

In Jewish culture, the figure of eight was a symbol of God. When turned on its side, this number has a similar meaning. In Tibetan culture in ancient times, a sign of infinity in the form of a snake, which swallows its own tail. Such a symbol was called the Ouroboros, and was the embodiment of the united forces of nature of the beginning and the end - its natural symbols.

sign, symbol, infinity on a red thread

On the site you can buy the sign of infinity on the red thread, which is a symbol of eternity and reliability, the overall harmony. This is the meaning of the symbol of infinity on the bracelet. It allows you to achieve harmony in everything, to live happily for many years. You can also buy an infinity sign with the word love, which will allow you to find your soul mate and keep your tender feelings for life.

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What meanings does the symbol ∞ contain?

So, as it stays in the history of culture, the sign of infinity is gradually endowed with deep philosophical and even mystical meaning.. This process of putting different meanings on the image of the inverted figure of eight demonstrates the eternal human desire to discover a certain hidden harmony, which lies at the heart of the universe.

The Arabic number 8 and its meaning in different cultures

The famous Arabic number 8, from which the figure of the horizontal figure of eight is thought to have originated, is a very powerful symbol in many cultures.

  • For example, in the Chinese tradition of feng shui, it appears as a symbol of abundance and good luck, brings success and wealth.
  • For the Greeks, 8 represented two inextricably linked material and spiritual worlds, and was the number of justice.
  • And for Jews it was the number of God.

An 8, placed sideways, carries a similar, but at the same time its own special range of meanings.

The relationship of the inverted eight and the Tibetan symbol of the uroboros

Discovered in Tibet are ancient drawings of a snake swallowing its tail, the so-called Ouroboros a symbol of the beginning and the end...The symbol of the beginning and the end, their union in the natural cycles of nature, served as an illustration of the inexhaustible desire of the soul for eternity and immortality. Ouroboros, the first known symbol of infinity, represented a constant cyclical transformation of one phenomenon of existence into another - day into night, creation into destruction, etc. In essence, it is an endless perfect cyclicity of actions without end.

The symbolism of infinity in the culture of ancient India

In the religious symbolism of India the sign of the horizontal figure eight marked an indissoluble connection of female and male principles, and also ...the infinity of harmony and perfection.... An inverted figure of the sign of infinity consisted of 2 circles with one of them drawn clockwise, symbolizing a male solar active energy, and another one against that signified a female lunar passive energy. And it turned out that the male right half was forever united together with the female left circle in a single cyclic harmony.

At the same time, the circles, not unlike vertical 8, lie in one plane, which suggests that the sign of infinity implies equality of male and female powers, where two become one. In this regard, like the Chinese symbol of the dual yin-yang pair, the infinity symbol has entered the ranks of many concepts of pairing or duality.

The symbol of infinity in Hinduism is a sign of eternal life and harmonious interaction of all universal energies. This symbol is used to denote the Universe, the universe and to illustrate the Hindu myth of waking and sleeping of the god Brahma. Brahma's sleep corresponds to the left loop (the manifested world), and waking - to the right loop (the higher spiritual world). The singular point linking the two loops together corresponds to the moment of Brahma's awakening or falling asleep, which in modern cosmogony is designated as ...the moment of the Big Bang... and the appearance of the visible universe.

Also in Indian culture, the pattern of the horizontal 8 is associated with the idea of reincarnation - the eternal rebirth of the human soul.

Meaning in magic and esoterics

The question of what the infinity symbol means in terms of esotericism cannot be answered unequivocally. This science is based on much ancient knowledge and puts a deep meaning in this symbol. In magic and esoterics, a lot of attention is paid to this sign. It is considered to be endowed with a rich energy. If the symbol is regularly interacted with through meditation, you can significantly develop the level of your own consciousness and gain access to knowledge that is inaccessible to ordinary people.

infinity with the word love, love, infinite

In magic, the inverted figure of eight is perceived as a symbol of endless reincarnation, the development of the soul in the process of rebirth. This symbol is applied in the form of tattoos and worn as jewelry, so that the higher forces helped to develop and move to a new level, learn to achieve the fulfillment of any desires.

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Magical properties

The sign of the serpent holding its own tail in its mouth is not only a sign of eternity and infinity. This symbol is often used as a powerful protective amulet. It is also considered a symbol of retribution: eternal justice and receiving a decent "payment" for every deed.

This is why it is believed that evil directed against a person carrying this amulet will return to the one who sent it. Because the law of Karma exists only in the Hindu religion, the representatives of world religions do not use it.

The magical properties of the Ouroboros include:

  • The ability to awaken mercy and kindness in people, the desire to help those around them;
  • Give a true assessment of any actions and their consequences;
  • Ability to defend against black magic and unkind people;
  • To fight with own vices and weaknesses, to defeat evil in oneself and to take the path of justice and kindness.

Talismans of infinity

We have already figured out what the symbol of infinity on a bracelet, clothing or human body means. This symbol has a considerable power and allows a person to self-improve, to achieve harmony through knowledge, to connect the spiritual and the material. What does the infinity symbol on the red thread mean? Such jewelry on the wrist symbolizes harmony and eternity, allows a person to understand what others cannot. The presence of this talisman will make life harmonious and happy. If it bears the word "love", the symbol will help find and retain it, avoid mental trauma. It is not in vain that this symbol has a special meaning for many peoples. Its magic has been known since ancient times.

infinity charm, love, bracelet on red thread

Buy a sign of infinity in a quality performance will help site . On it you can order a bracelet simply with this symbol and jewelry with the word "love" in one of the parts of the inverted figure of eight.

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Zeno's Aporia.


Zeno of Aelaeus, born around the fifth century B.C., was known for paradoxes, or aporia, which included the concept of infinity.

Of all Zeno's paradoxes, the most famous is Achilles and the Turtle. In the aporia, the turtle challenges the Greek hero Achilles to a race. The turtle claims that he will win the race if Achilles gives him the advantage of a thousand steps. According to the paradox, in the time it takes Achilles to run the entire distance, the turtle will take another hundred steps in the same direction. While Achilles runs another hundred steps, the turtle will make another ten steps, and so on in descending order.

In a simpler statement, consider the paradox as follows: try to cross a room if each subsequent step is half the size of the previous one. Even though each step brings you closer to the edge of the room, you will never actually reach it, or you will, but it will take an infinite number of steps.

According to one modern interpretation, this paradox is based on the false notion that time and space are infinitely divisible.

Copy and paste

Some people resort to unconventional solutions to print special characters in Worde. We are talking about using the "Copy" and "Paste" operations.

To use them, you will need to:

  1. Find a text document with an infinity sign.
  2. Select the symbol you want and press Ctrl + C.
  3. Position the cursor in the intended place of the special sign and press Ctrl + V.

Now it is clear what the infinity symbol is. The name of the symbol usually describes something eternal.


According to philosophical views, the digits put to the side meant the cycle of human life. Man begins and ends his existence in one loop, and after death passes into a second loop. The cycle repeats, only in another dimension, and continues indefinitely.

Number is considered to be magical for a reason, combining the two opposites, like Yin and Yang, life and death, day and night. Continuity of the cycle, replacement of one by another, inseparability, following each other - the amazing meanings that absorbed the number.

Division by zero


Division by zero does not exist. It is impossible, at least in ordinary mathematics. In ordinary mathematics, a unit divided by zero cannot be defined. This is a mistake. However, this is not always the case. In the extended theory of complex numbers, dividing one by zero does not cause an imminent collapse and is defined by some form of infinity. In other words, mathematics is different, and not all of it is limited to textbook rules.

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The infinite monkey theorem


Another way to think about infinity is to consider the infinite monkeys theorem. According to the theorem, if you give a monkey a typewriter and an infinite amount of time, eventually the monkey will be able to print Hamlet or any other work.

While many people see the theorem as a demonstration of the belief that nothing is impossible, mathematicians see it as proof that a certain event is impossible.

The tools of Word

The second option is to use the functionality of Word. The fact is that the word processor has an operation called "Insert". That's what will help us!

Instructions for printing the infinity symbol is as follows:

  1. Go into MS Word.
  2. Open the menu "Insert" - "Special Symbol".
  3. Find the "infinity" and double-click on the appropriate field.

You can look at the result. Usually this way of development helps to insert any special characters.

Insert Symbol in Word


The last popular method of printing special characters in the Windows operating system is the use of "Unicode". This solution is not much in demand, but it is not worth forgetting.

Insert formula in Word

To print infinity with Unicode, the user needs to:

  1. Write the code U+221E in the text.
  2. Press the Alt + X key combination on the keyboard.

That's all. After the performed actions, the user will see how the combination of letters and numbers will be transformed into a special sign.


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