Tattoo of a dagger with a rose, snake, skull - the place of application (on the arm, forearm, leg), interesting designs and photo ideas

Tattoo - a permanent drawing on the skin, which is applied with paint and special tools. Previously symbolized belonging to any caste or social class, however, at the moment, they can be found in absolutely different people. The tattoo is already a fashionable element of appearance. Someone when thinking up a sketch does not put any meaning into it, and for someone a particular picture has a certain meaning. Snake, owl, heart - all these drawings have a certain meaning. There is its own meaning and a tattoo of a dagger. What is it? There are several, the main ones are described below in this article.

The meaning of a tattoo with a dagger

This element has many meanings, from revenge to suffering. The final meaning of a tattoo with a dagger is determined by the final composition. What is drawn next to it, what actions are performed by this object - all this is important. Also plays a role and the fact, who exactly puts himself such a picture: a man, a woman, a person who has served a sentence in prison.

Dagger with a rose

What are the meanings of the tattoo with a dagger used most often:

  1. Rage, aggression, desire for revenge.
  2. Heartache, heartache, suffering.
  3. Freethinking.
  4. The presence of mental and physical strength, the ability and willingness to help one's neighbor.
  5. Fate, the inevitability and inevitability of any event.

The hilt and blade are also significant. If the blade is short, it symbolizes physical strength, but long - indicates spiritual fortitude. Handle in the form of a cross marks the boundary between the world of the living and the netherworld. If the blade is broken, it symbolizes defeat in some struggle, a spiritual split.

The dagger in history

Daggers have been used since early history in almost all cultures and have been used to attack enemies in close combat or to hunt. Because of their history, daggers have strong symbolism and have found themselves in the traditional tattoo catalog.

A dagger is a martial weapon, represented by a short double-sided blade with a sharp point, used to strike. Most daggers have a full interceptor to keep the hand from slipping on the sharp blade.

In Neolithic times they were made of silicon or ivory. The earliest metal daggers were made of copper, during the Bronze Age, around 3000 BC. In pre-dynastic Egypt, elaborate daggers with gold handles were worn by members of the royal family as ceremonial or decorative objects: in the tomb of

Tutankhamun's tomb two daggers were found. During World War I, soldiers at the front used daggers in trench warfare; after the war, these daggers were displayed with pride as a sign that they helped soldiers on the front lines. During the Vietnam War, many U.S. soldiers and Marines wore daggers.

Seppuku (切腹, "belly cutting") is a Japanese ritual suicide originally reserved for samurai, but later done by those who wanted a dignified death. This ritual was performed with a Japanese dagger called a tanto. The samurai resorted to seppuku for two reasons: to die with honor rather than fall into the hands of their enemies or to get rid of the shame or embarrassment they had brought upon themselves. Dagger tattoos have many different symbolic meanings for those who wear them. Over the years, tattoo artists and owners have put their own creative spin on the design.

According to the legend of King Arthur, he carried a dagger called Carnwennan (or Little White Hilt), which had the magical ability to make its owner invisible. And in Tolkien's stories, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins wore a long elven dagger, which he named Sting.

What does the tattoo with a dagger mean for men

The stronger sex more often chooses this drawing. Aggression, strength, fighting spirit is more typical for men. They put different meanings, depending on the final composition of the tattoo. For example, if the dagger pierces the heart, such a drawing means treason, unhappy love, betrayal of the beloved woman. The owner of the tattoo shows that his mental wound has not healed, he continues to suffer.

Dagger piercing the heart

The amulet can symbolize the skull, depicted next to the dagger, however, such a meaning is outdated, and not everyone knows about it. Fearlessness, desperation, willingness to take risks means a skull with a blade in its teeth. This image came from pirate flags and has retained its meaning.

What does the image of a dagger with a snake mean

With such a sketch, a person is directly related to crime, indicates belonging to a thieving group or is a thief in the law. The position, in which the head is located, can talk about the beginning or the end of his criminal activity. In a separate version, the snake represents wisdom and tranquility, cunning and craftiness. It may seem that two such intimidating signs, carry terrible associations, but this is not entirely true. In Greek mythology, the God of healing Asclepius, always carried a knife and poison, for emergency help to the needy. In combination with a dagger, cobra tattoos are interpreted as victory over hardships, surviving serious illnesses, and the deep pain of a mental wound. They look very beautiful, but they are more suitable for men. Although even girls who are related to medicine can afford such a tattoo.

Tattoo in prison

All tattoos "in the zone" have a certain meaning. What does a tattoo with a dagger mean? It has several meanings. The prison also depicts a blade that pierces the heart, but this will already mean the vindictiveness and cruelty of the person. A dagger that cuts through meat speaks of the cynicism of the owner. If the blade entwines a snake, then most likely, the bearer of such a tattoo is the leader of a thieving gang. When a rose with thorns is depicted next to the dagger, it means that the person is serving a sentence for murder motivated by jealousy. If the convicted person is in jail for hooliganism, you can tell by the blade with the roses and the bars.

Tattoo with skull

History of symbols knife, dagger, sword - representations of the peoples of the ancient world

The knife originated in ancient times. In the beginning people used it as a household item, then it was not made of metal, but a simple stone. The so-called "sharpening" was convenient and perfectly helped in hunting, in cutting up the prey and solving other everyday problems.

Over time, the symbol of the knife began to be used by our ancestors as a magical amulet. It was believed that the images protected from evil spirits. A reliable talisman was drawn in the form of a serrated knife of sickle shape, later - a dagger.

In myths and legends, the gods often had this punitive element, which they used to bring justice to people.

They treated this object with special care also because it was a ritual instrument. It was used in the rites of sacrifice and circumcision.

Here are some religious examples and beliefs that prove the importance of the knife or dagger:

  • Buddhists believe that a person who uses a knife is freed from any fears, tames his pride and ignorance, and begins to appreciate life, forgetting about the material world.
  • Christians associate this object with martyrdom. The knife was used as a cold weapon, an instrument of torture, so it earned disapproval among Christians.
  • American Indians treated the object with reverence. They used it in rites of sacrifice. The shamans would carve or carve two holes in the knife. They were the eyes through which the shamans saw the future.
  • In the East. people believed that the knife brought bad luck. If a person gave a knife, a dagger, it meant that he wished to break up a relationship. One could expect a quarrel.
  • The Europeans came up with a dwarf who would protect the house and the household with a knife from other evil spirits.

The sword came much later than the knife. It was used as a weapon. It symbolized protection, stability, security, dignity, leadership, courage.

This is what ideas about the sword were in the ancient world:

  • In Hinduism. The sword was a symbol of knowledge.
  • In Buddhism The object is a weapon of wisdom, enlightenment.
  • In Christianity. sword represents truth, justice, martyrdom, passion of the Lord.
  • In Islam. the symbol was used to fight infidels as well as in warfare against its own evil.

Tattoos with symbols of knife, dagger, sword did not exist before. Images were drawn on everyday objects, walls of the house as a talisman, and the body was usually drawn on the other symbols and signs. Symbols of the knife and sword were not used as decorations.

Tattoos with knife, dagger, sword appeared already in the 20th century. Now they are no less in demand. Make them both men and women.

Places of tattooing

Daggers are most often applied on the forearm, which is explained by the geometry of the figure. The shin and thigh are also popular locations.

Tattoo on his shin

If we talk about the color scheme, the blade itself is most often depicted in dark colors (blue, gray, black). If the composition includes flowers, they are usually red.

Approach consciously to the choice of tattoo design. Well think through what meaning you want to put in it, because this detail will remain with you for life.

Suitable styles for a dagger tattoo

Stiletto, a fairly simple image compared to the images of animals, people. On the Internet, enough ready-made pictures of the dagger works, decide on the choice will not be difficult. Here it is necessary to be guided by your own taste and preferences.

The most popular styles for this sketch:

  • Oriental - quite ambiguous. If you pick the "right" sketch, it will look good.
  • Chicano - quite a suitable style for a tattoo with a gun.
  • Biomechanics is for experimenters. Here you just need an experienced master.
  • Oldschool - dagger tattoos in this style are the most common.
  • Thrash Polka - suitable for eccentric personalities.
  • Newschool - also a great option in a tattoo with a dagger.

  • Traditional - considers a popular style for similar themes in tattoos
  • Neo Traditional - an interesting style capable of conveying all the nuances of a picture.

  • Sketch style - suitable for those who want to further refine the picture.

  • Watercolor - on girls will look harmoniously dagger sketches in this style.
  • Black and white - a classic, suitable for absolutely any sketches.

For men

Worn drawings with a knife on the male body in most variations symbolize a hidden, unconscious threat, uncontrolled aggression, power and strength of its owner. Such personalities are characterized by inner strength, courage and boldness. Men with a knife tattoo always go all the way to their goal, do not stop halfway and do not leave a conflict situation without a solution.

It is not uncommon that drawings of such a plan are the choice of military men, hunting enthusiasts or travelers. However, sketches devoted to heartstrings with portrait details of the female face are also very relevant. As for the location of the application, the back, arms, shoulders and forearms are considered the most favorable places for a similar sketch, because men prefer the average and more large-scale drawings that are able to fully convey the essence of the image.

Tattoos of the knife with other elements

As you know, the addition of additional elements to the tattoo can significantly change its interpretation. The same happens when the knife is depicted with something else in the picture. Thus, it is possible to meet the following options:

  • A knife with a skull symbolizes death.
  • If blood drips from the knife, then the person is ready to act under any circumstances.

  • The object in the teeth of the skull has a similar meaning to the previous version, because such a tattoo means that the person is ready to give everything to achieve the goals.
  • The item piercing the heart symbolizes betrayal, in most cases it concerns a love relationship.
  • The meaning of the tattoo of the rose and the knife is very interesting, because these two elements combine the opposite meaning - the aggressiveness of the knife and the passionate beauty of the rose. Thus, we can say that this tattoo symbolizes the combination of opposites in the soul of its owner.
  • On what part of the body is better to impose

    Here you need to understand at least one of two things to begin with

    • The place on which one would like to score a tattoo is already chosen, then it is worth to determine the size of the image
    • The desired size of the sketch is known in advance. In that case, it's necessary to pick up a suitable body part for it.

    To have any idea, if your imagination fails, about where you would like to see a tattoo of a dagger - photos of finished works and advice of the master of the salon will help to decide. Proceed from the fact that the shape of the blade itself is oblong, regardless of what fragment will be added. If the tattoo is meant to be large, then the chest, back, thigh are ideal. Smaller images are for ankle, shin, wrist, neck. If the sketch is big enough, at the expense of additional fragments, it would be appropriate to put it on the chest or back, or in the center, which would look symmetrical. Here it should be noted that when choosing a sketch, it is worth taking into account such features of the skin as scars, moles, warts, etc. In addition, it is worth knowing that the areas where the skin is thinner, such as the collarbone, lower back, ankle, hands, head, are quite painful, and patience is needed as never before.

    Tattoo in girls

    Given the above situation, it is not surprising that the tattoo with the image of a knife is not very popular among the fair sex. Very often they are repulsed by the aggressiveness and power, which are inherent in the meaning of this picture.

    However, this does not mean that you can not meet a girl with a knife on her body. As is known, there are many members of the fair sex, the vitality and courage of which may be the envy of many men. That is why for them the tattoo is a great way to express or emphasize their special relationship to life. Moreover, we should not forget that the addition of certain elements can significantly facilitate the meaning of the knife tattoo, which we saw on the example of the cutting object tattoo with a rose.

    Tattoo of a knife on my leg

    Classification of knives

    Many people now think of knives as quite ordinary and simple things. Not all of them know that there are certain classifications according to different criteria.

    First of all, knives are divided according to the type of construction:

    • folding;
    • with a fixed blade;
    • with a detachable blade;
    • skeleton knives.

    If knives of the first three types can be easily recognized based on their name, the fourth type is familiar to few people. A characteristic feature of skeletal products is the fact that both the blade and the handle are made from a single piece of metal. That is why such items are extremely durable, but may not be very convenient to use.

    According to the classification by purpose, the following types of knives can be found:

    • weapons;
    • kitchen;
    • travel knives;
    • universal;
    • Others (e.g., scalpel).

    Well, here you need to understand that the meaning of the knife tattoo can vary depending on what type of product is depicted in the picture.

    Meaning on the zone

    It should be clear to everyone that drawings on regular people and tattoos in the penitentiary are two big differences. A seemingly harmless image at liberty can turn out to be a serious problem if a person is put behind bars. As for the meaning of the knife tattoo on the zone, first of all, this image symbolizes the increased aggressiveness and cruelty of its owner. It is believed that a person with such a picture is ready at any moment to grab a knife without hesitation, if it becomes necessary for him. Quite common is the image of a knife in the neck, which indicates that the prisoner previously knew how to handle knives well enough and was likely to stab someone. If the knife is wrapped in barbed wire, however, then such a crime was committed completely by a person when he was in captivity.

    Thus, the owner of a tattooed knife may have a serious problem behind bars if he has not committed such crimes. When this information is disclosed, most often the person is given a few days to get rid of the image on his body. Otherwise, more severe sanctions are applied to him.

    The various meanings of this tattoo are

    Meaning #1

    The first and most obvious meaning is love (see Love tattoos). The heart is a universal symbol of love from time immemorial. A heart with wings is the first thing people in love turn to. People want to flaunt their love by signing their lover's name (see Tattoos for Lovers). Those who don't want to reveal their lover depict wings around their heart, which signifies that the person has love with an angel. So, if you have love, you think of your beloved as an angel, then this tattoo will suit you, it will certainly impress you!

    Meaning #2.

    A heart with wings symbolizes freedom. A winged heart is associated with the joyful and free spirit of nature. This is one of the most literal meanings of this tattoo. A heart with wings is used not only as a symbol of freedom of spirit, but also freedom from certain things, such as drug addiction or bad habits. A small symbolic representation is also included in the winged heart. Sometimes a heart with wings is used to symbolize freedom in love, the love of freedom to maintain one's will and individuality.

    Meaning #3.

    Wings are mostly associated with angels and fairies. And the meaning of the winged tattoo is also related to angels (see Angel Tattoos). Prayers are believed to go to God, the angels. This is one of the oldest meanings of the winged tattoo, as religious tattoos were not previously full-fledged (see Religious Tattoos).

    Meaning #4.

    Last but not least is the memorial meaning of the tattoo. Many times people who have lost loved ones get such a tattoo. The wings are used to symbolize that the loved one represents an angel in heaven. This is actually one of the most famous designs for the memorial meaning of tattoos (see Tattoos in Memory of the Deceased).

    Sketches and photos of Heart tattoos (slideshow)

    View photos of these tattoos on people

    A heart with wings is one of the most popular tattoos (see also Tattoos with Wings). If you want to get a tattoo with a winged heart, then you should know the different meanings of this tattoo. Keep reading to know these meanings.

    In the past, when tattoos were first invented (about 90 years ago), tattoos were mainly done for body decoration. However, these days, tattoos are not just done for decoration. People now consider tattooing a statement. Tattoos are considered one of the best ways to get attention. Tattoos are seen as a strong means of self-expression. People don't choose a random and just plain attractive design, people choose a design that fits their personality and tells a story about them. Nevertheless, some tattoos are always popular, such as a heart with wings. There are several types of such tattoo - heart with wings, flaming heart, broken heart, etc.


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