Panther tattoo meaning: everything you should know about the panther tattoo (50 photos and sketches)

The panther has been chanted since ancient times by almost all cultures of the world. Its image among the tales of the peoples of the world had similar definitions. Tattoo panther meaning can have the following:

  • strength of spirit;
  • unsurpassed courage;
  • courageous bravery;
  • leadership;
  • protection of family and offspring;
  • a free life and independence from all events;
  • rebirth.

Tattoo meaning panther

Panther tattoo as a symbol of aggression

The panther, which quietly sneaks into the modern tattoo occupies a special place. It marks the rapid flow of human life, its sophistication and unpredictability. It signifies that the thin thread of human existence can be suddenly severed by the actions of a fierce creature. Such a tattoo is a constant reminder of the impending end. The bearer of the picture in the form of a panther constantly thinks about the meaning of his existence, about the transience of life. The panther in the jump marks the aggressive tendencies and supernatural possibilities of the animal. But the owners of the panther tattoo perceive it as tenderness, exquisite beauty, fearlessness and unearthly love for the family. After all, the instinct of family preservation for the panther is dominant.

Panther tattoo old skool on the wrist

We study other people's experience and draw our own conclusions

Awareness and understanding of the deep meaning of a particular image, concept, What tattoos meanThe tattoos, which have been created in the past, allow us to correctly characterize its owner, assess his spiritual aspects, as well as give us an opportunity to approach the issue of tattooing on one's body with an understanding. But before starting to decorate the body with tattoos, it is necessary to take into account the experience of other owners of body drawings, who may regret the deed, because sometimes imitating others is not the best quality.

For a fuller picture of the role of a tattoo in a person's life and an understanding of what tattoos mean, here are some statistics. In 1985, during service in the armed forces, 75-81% of servicemen tattooed themselves, depending on the type of troops. The Navy and Construction Battalions were particularly dominant. While the percentage of tattooed convicts is about 94%. The numbers are very close, but the meanings of tattoos and their meanings are quite different. But the strange analogy of numbers is unlikely to make ex-soldiers get tattooed again, unlike prisoners. Many will say: these are the mistakes of youth. Do you think maybe you shouldn't make them? Whatever your answer, before you go to a tattoo parlor, ask in detail, what the tattoos stand forBefore you go to a tattoo parlor, ask about the tattoos in detail and think hard about what kind of artwork you'll be painting (for life!) on your body.

What do tattoos on the body mean Dictionary of tattoo meanings, designation and interpretation of all tattoos.

Panther Tattoo Meaning in China

The color of the panther also has its own definitions. Yellow panther ancestors associated with sunlight, black - with darkness and night mystery. The yellow animal - signifies strength of spirit and infinite subjugation of other creatures. It is a ruthless animal designed to kill. The leopard was admired but also feared. Chinese culture treated the representative of the feline family with a certain caution. The panther was sung as a mean and evil creature. The panther was considered by other Asians and Europeans as a reliable protector and guardian of the human race. The animal occupied a special place with the Maya. Tribal leaders wore a jaguar skin as a symbol of unearthly power. Shamans also gave it a huge role in their rituals. For the Maya, the jaguar was something special; it was considered a bridge from action consciousness to unconsciousness. The powerful animal symbolized wisdom and strength, but by no means cruelty. In the countries of the African continent in ancient times, the leopard was treated as a deity. That is why the exquisite creatures were kept in the palaces of the nobility as pets. Pygmies depicted the god Thor in the guise of a panther, while the Greeks always believed that the animal's place was next to the god of wine. Very rarely was the panther drawn in the form of a werewolf. Almost no tales of its connection to the otherworld are found. Most cultures regarded the panther as an independent, sophisticated and refined animal. Christians, on the other hand, believe that the panther is a symbol of guile and treachery. But in every other culture it is an animal of mystery and mystery, of unearthly love and hate, of refinement and nobility.


In tattoos lion is a desire for power of its owner, the animal will tell about the courage and indomitable owner, his courage and agility, pride and natural nobility. As the "king" among animals, it will be a reminder of the assertiveness of man, a stern disposition and the desire to be first. Its image can be worn only by people who are ambitious, bright, not ready to put up with the discomfort, subjugating and capable of control. Aggressive grin only brightly declares to society about temperament and the hot temper of the owner of the tattoo with a lion grin.

Panther tattoo: what is the difference between the black and yellow animal

Usually, when it comes to the panther tattoo, people imagine a black animal - Bagheera, from the famous tale of Mowgli. But there is also a yellow panther - although it is actually a jaguar.

By the way! The panther in reality is a large spotted predatory animal of the feline family, the leopard.

But still in the art of tattooing this animal, depicted exactly in yellow colors, is also perceived as a panther. What is the symbolism of these two animals?

  • The black panther. It is said to patronize the forces of the night. It is a good hunter. But not just a hunter, but even a killer. In many Asian countries, legends say that the panther is the only animal that can resist the dragon and even defeat him. Except for the Chinese, where it is believed that even a panther is not capable of fighting a dragon.
  • Yellow panther. This animal is directly associated with the sun, its bright and warm light. It is interesting that not so long ago rich Africans (the nobility) kept jaguars as pets.

black panther tattoo on his shin

Opinions of psychologists on what tattoos mean

American psychologist C. Mahover has for many years studied the question: what tattoos mean and analyzed the personality and developmental features of the drawer, and the variety of applied drawings. As a result, patterns and connections of these objects were identified. The most common ones are:

  • running person: the desire to hide, to hide, to run away;
  • walking calmly - balanced, possessing spiritual and physical strength;
  • a large torso - an acute need, lack, dissatisfaction;
  • A small torso - a sense of humiliation. This should be understood, if you think about it, about what tattoos meanand you don't want to ruin your image;
  • A face with carefully traced features - anxiety about your appearance, relationships with others. Think about, What do such tattoos mean?in your opinion;
  • If the face is covered or hidden under the brim of the hat - it is a sign of the desire to avoid unwanted visual contact. By the way, wide-open eyes are a sign of anxiety, need for protection, anxiety.
  • Understand this before you think about it, what the tattoos meanAnd what you want to say with your tattoos.
  • In the case of clearly drawn teeth you can judge about the excessive aggressiveness of the drawer, take this into account, and study, what the tattoos meanBefore you draw them;
  • A clown-like mouth indicates friendliness;
  • If the mouth is missing at all, or in its place "dash" - it indicates the inability to influence verbally on other people, represents sexuality. Although, this is controversial, argue those who know what tattoos meanand how to decipher them skillfully;
  • Legs, arms - the ability to influence the world, the need for dexterity and physical strength. The legs are a good support in life;

- legs spread wide - inclination to dictatorship, excessive self-confidence.

Knowing all these nuances and understanding, what tattoos mean.You'll be able to better decide on the application of the figure on your skin. Sticking to this or that picture, you should take into account the fact that besides the first meaning, which has a superficial explanation that still means your tattoos, there is also a second meaning, which is interpreted on a subtle, religious and spiritual level. That thread which connects the symbols of the drawing and their interpretations provides an opportunity to understand the true meaning of the tattoo, its depth and soul. Below are descriptions of several images taken from the book "Dictionary of Symbols" (H. Probably, E. Fortunately, Kerlotta).

  • in many cultures, from China to the Mediterranean, a symbol of justice and long life, a pure and righteous soul.
  • A sign of a high spiritual state. In fact, in the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing system, the figure of an eagle, which means day, the beginning of life, is designated by the letter A. Apparently, the Eagle belongs to the elements of fire and air. Indeed, it represents fearless flight, speed and suddenness. Apparently, an Eagle soaring in the air is the same as a lion on the ground, so in some cases, the eagle is depicted with the head of a lion. Think hard, what these weird tattoos mean, and how do they relate to your worldview?

What tattoos mean

How is interpreted the image panther tattoo today

Above, we have already briefly described how exactly it is customary to interpret such an image as a panther tattoo. Let's go deeper into the subject and consider what it means in the modern world. In many ways, the deciphering of the tattoo depends on how exactly the animal is depicted. But we must remember - the panther tattoo has a variety of meanings. How exactly to evaluate the drawing depends on the preferences of each individual. Someone believes that the panther is an undeniable symbol of loyalty and commitment to family ideals. Some are convinced that it conceals inner beauty and outer sexuality. Although there are also those who put dangerous interpretations into the image, believing that the panther is:

  • aggression;
  • danger;
  • power;
  • but also independence.

With this interpretation of the person, stuffing on his body such an image as a panther tattoo, literally states to those around him that he is dangerous, strong and always ready to respond to insults and offenses.

panther realism tattoo on back

What is the meaning of the tattoo panther today

It is generally accepted that the panther tattoo - in some ways even universal. After all, it is worn, both men and representatives of the weaker half of mankind. Often a panther tattoo on the arm or other part of the body is found in those people who:

  • confident in themselves;
  • Ready to act decisively in any situation;
  • Seek to achieve their goals at any cost.

Brutal tattoos for men

Brutal super tattoos for men usually involve the image of wild animals and predators, as well as all kinds of deadly creatures and sacred symbols. Such options always look bold and even slightly intimidating, changing society's perception of men fundamentally.

In the top list of ideas for brutal tattoos:

Crocodile - A symbol of irrepressibility, along with vigilance, strength and danger.

The chain - signifies unity, infinity and integrity.

Doberman - animal symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness along with malice and danger.

Lion - Sign of a strong and wise leader, able to be responsible not only for himself, but also for those closest to him.

Cerberus - Greek creature from mythology, which is a sign of demonic forces, aggression, danger.

Shield - means inner freedom, as well as the ability to defend your position.

Kolovrat - amulet for the Slavic peoples, driving away from the fate of man of darkness and evil.

Sword - Symbol of men's honor and fortitude, strength of will and nobility.

Dragon - mythical creature of passion, power, strength and invincible power.

Wolf - tattoo means loneliness, loyalty to their views and prejudices, the strength and willingness to defend themselves.

Tattoos belonging to categories of different subcultures deserve special attention. Brutal can be considered a tattoo of bikers, mythical characters and religious symbols.

Tattoo panther on the arm: severity and individuality

How much does it hurt?

The key question for every customer: does it hurt more than a machine tattoo? After all, the manual method involves deeper and rougher penetration under the skin. But in fact, the degree of pain does not differ from the machine.

The difference is in the size and detailing of the pattern. Since the manual version is done faster and easier, there will be much less pain. The piercing is not as traumatic and heals faster. It is also possible to check the degree of pain on a special map of tattooists on the websites of the masters.

Features of the panther tattoo: different styles and types

If you look closely at the panther tattoo sketches, you can see that most often it is applied in a realistic style. Only this way manages to fully convey its beauty, strength, power. Given that the animal is a black color, it should not be stuffed small. Because the tattoo will look like a big dark spot, in which it is difficult to see the animal. The image of this graceful and beautiful animal can only be stuffed by an experienced artist who knows how to work with transitions and shadows, to make full use of the play of light and shadow. In some cases, some additional image is added to the face of the animal to form a harmonious composition:

  • Celtic patterns;
  • daggers;
  • flames.

"Do not resuscitate" tattoo: moral aspects and the law

The inscription "Do not resuscitate" on the body of a healthy person raises many questions. Why do they apply the tattoo "Do not resuscitate"? The owners of such an inscription are pragmatists, who apply it to the body consciously. Their choice is explained by the fact that a person wants to live a full life, in full health, feeling his body until his last days. No suicidal person would do such a tattoo.

Doctor registers cardiac arrest
A doctor fixes a cardiac arrest: Pixabay

The moral of the matter

People who have this inscription on their bodies believe that after a cardiac arrest, it is impossible to fully recover and return to a normal life. More often than not, people lose their health and lose the functionality of their organs.

Those around them suffer, watching the anguish of a loved one. That's why Tattoo urges doctors not to waste energy on saving, but to let the person go in peace. But how ethical is this? Wouldn't the person's loved ones suffer more by their decision not to be resuscitated?

Only someone who has experienced the fear of death and seen the anguish of a loved one can understand a person with such an inscription. Owners of such an inscription are trying not to flaunt their decision, so they hide the tattoo under their clothes. Many people hope that such a call will not have to use, but the old and the sick dream of a "good death". What do they mean when they put the inscription "Do not resuscitate" on their chest?

The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, as noted by Medical News Today, has clarified the meaning of "good death. American, and Western culture in general, demonstrates an obsessive fear of death. This is why the concept of "good death" is cultivated, that is, the natural departure of a person without stress or suffering. And these experiences must be avoided by both patients and their family members and caregivers. Therefore, a tattoo with the inscription "Do not intubate do not reanimate" is considered a courageous act. Relatives and friends are sympathetic to such a decision.

The natural care of an elderly person: Pixabay

Tattoo panther sketches in different variants

Often the animal is combined with natural elements - for example, trees or waterfalls.

Tip! To give the figure expressiveness, the panther's eyes should be made bright, colorful. Then it will stand out against the general background of the dark picture, bringing a special atmosphere to it.

Given that a panther tattoo should not be small, the optimal parts of the body for its application are:

  • back;
  • chest;
  • shoulders;
  • hips;
  • lower back.

It is possible to meet the image of the animal on the ribs, on the side, as if the panther is leisurely sneaking.

On what places men often apply brutal tattoos

The main task of brutal and masculine tattoos is to demonstrate the strength and masculinity of the owner. But in addition to the sketch itself, the deep meaning and interpretation implies and place on the body, where the man would prefer to stuff the picture. Most often, this is the back, shoulders, chest, arms, and other places are less popular.


The best choice for a brutal tattoo is the shoulders, because they are responsible for the reliability and ability to defend a man. Here, wild animals and mythical characters are more often hit.


A tattoo on the forearm is more of a demonstration of yourself and your character traits, as tattoos are always in sight of the surroundings. Men put here the animals, different characters, combined with symbols and other details.

Tattoo on the wrist

The wrist is a medium-sized area on the body in the context of tattoos, so this is where they inscribe symbols, different insects and religious signs more often. The main meaning is to protect men from weakness, wrong decisions and evil.

Tattoos on the palm, on the hands and fingers.

The hands are an important part of the man's body, responsible for his ability to influence the world around him and other people. Therefore, brutal tattoos are tattooed here to strengthen the strength of the spirit, enhance the potential and talents of the man.

Tattoo Sleeve

The sleeve is not just a tattoo, it is a whole artistic composition, which provides a demonstrative function. A man with brutal sketches wants to show his strengths, leadership position in life, determination and self-confidence.


Brutal neck tattoos are mostly insects, Celtic patterns, plants, religious signs and symbols. Their main purpose is to influence a man's thinking and worldview to improve his quality of life.


The chest is a special place in the context of tattooing a man. Usually here are applied those sketches, which will be able to protect the owner from danger and harm. This can be predators, wild animals and birds, patterns and abstracts, the struggle of several characters at once or the entire composition.


To apply the tattoo on the side - a bold decision, here is an excellent look large-scale sketches that convey animals, birds, insects and other dangerous creatures. You can complement the work with symbols and various signs. Tattoo on the side are personal and do not include a demonstration of the surroundings.


Brutal tattoos on the thighs indicate a man's temper, his emotionality, perhaps even aggression. To balance the light and dark side, they pad here strong, but balanced and wise creatures, different symbols.


The back is the largest "canvas" for applying brutal tattoos to a man. Here apply large sketches in the form of whole compositions, often depicting several animals at once, complementing them with different symbols and additional details, enhancing the semantic load.

Shovel .

There are tattoos on the shoulder blades, which help to moderate the man's excessive ambition and ego. The priority for such an area is strong, wise, balanced animals or birds, without demonstrating aggression and anger.


The foot is the area on the body that is responsible for life stance and actions. Brutal leg tattoos aim to guide a man on the right path, avoiding mistakes.

Tattoo panther for girls and guys

Typically, this picture girls want to emphasize:

  • their fragility;
  • hidden inner strength.

Features and history of technology

First of all, it should be clarified that handpoke is a tattoo, but not in the traditional sense. The classic tattoo is applied by introducing the paint under the client's skin. Handpoke does not require a needle and tattoo machine.
In this case, the pattern appears due to manual piercing of the skin. That is, we are not talking about style, but about the technology of applying images. But this approach significantly changes the whole aesthetics and result. It is important to clarify for yourself the specifics of this technology, to correctly explain your wishes to the master.

The origin of this trend is in the very tradition of making tattoos. Initially, the authors of the tattoos and so drawings on the body, without any machines. All that was needed was a needle, a sharpened stick or a bone.

Today, in a world with so many technical possibilities, handpoke (from the English words for "hand" and "pierce") interests craftsmen and clients precisely because of its authenticity. And also this method has its own stylistic features:

  • Sketches are used very simple, even primitive at times;
  • The subject is often ironic;
  • The image is intentionally simplified as much as possible;
  • black, monochrome, is mostly used.

This method was very popular in Japan, many Yakuza of mafia groups preferred to order such pictures on the body. For most people Handpoke are simple and unpretentious drawings, mocking, as if deliberately made with improvised tools.

Handpoke is sometimes reminiscent of cave paintings from prehistoric times. Its simplicity, it often confuses, because on the background of complex and multi-colored tattoos look rustic and even limited. But there are many teenagers and connoisseurs who are literally fanatical about Handpoke, loving it precisely for this kind of primitivism, a kind of challenge.


There are no divisions by gender, age or nationality. What matters is the inner content, the meaning of handpoke.

Men's character is often expressed in inscriptions or portraits of brutal heroes of movies, cartoons, famous personalities. Sometimes guys are asked to stuff a whole sleeve with different texts or miniature tattoos, not always connected plot and meaning, the body serves simply as a base. These can be animals, caricatures, plant or animal elements, scenes from cartoons, slogans and emblems, even coats of arms with a motto.

Girls act bold enough, they can stuff Handpoke on their face, neck or arms. It is even popular, especially slogans like "girl power" and other personal or social manifestos.

Drawing can be done in the form of miniature figures, fairy tale characters, Marvel superheroes, as well as a stylized portrait of a celebrity, an appeal, an aphorism.

Now you can see a video detailing the equipment and technique of making handpoke. Society even treats handpokes more loyally, recognizing people's right to express themselves. Handpoke is just another way to make fun of yourself and the bourgeoisness of society, it is like a new kind of creativity.


For women

For Men