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A character from the manga and anime Death Notebook, as well as movies and computer games based on the manga. The God of Death, out of boredom, has planted the Death Notebook in the human world, an artifact that serves to kill people. In order for a person to be killed, it is enough to enter that person's name in the Death Notebook. He then amused himself by watching , a Japanese schoolboy who picked up the notebook and began to use it to kill criminals.

Creation Story

The image of Ryuka was invented and developed to a finished concept by Japanese writer and screenwriter Tsugumi Oba, and the character design was created by artist Takeshi Obata. When Tsugumi Obu was asked why an apple was chosen as Ryuk's attribute and favorite food, the screenwriter explained that the choice was based on the visual impact of the picture.

The character looked good with apples, and the red color of the fruit made a spectacular combination with the black color and Ryuk's enormous toothy mouth. When asked if there were any extensive cultural and religious associations loaded with the image of the apple, Oba bluntly stated that he thought nothing of the sort, just that "apples are cool.

It's hard to believe, but the monstrous Ryuk, according to the artist's original intent, was supposed to look like a human young man, similar in appearance to Light, only with black wings and brunette hair. The artist wanted the death gods to look like rock stars and be appealing to the reader.

But then Obata came to the idea that an overly attractive Ryuk would draw the audience's attention. Then Light would turn out to be a supporting character, not the main character as intended. Later, the editor demanded that Ryuk not look like a human at all, and as a result the character was given a monstrous appearance. In the official Death Note 13: How to Read manga guide, the artist tells us that he represented Ryuk's monstrous face as a mask that concealed an attractive face.

Death Note anime.

The anime series Death Notebook was produced by Madhouse Studios and aired in 2006-2007. A total of 37 twenty-minute episodes were released. The series was directed by Tetsuro Araki, and the seiyu (voice actor) who voiced Ryuka was Shido Nakamura.

The anime creators closely reproduced the plot of the manga, so both the character and the events in which he is involved in the anime are almost identical to what's happening in the manga. In the anime, only some side lines disappeared and a few minor episodes that didn't exist in the manga appeared, but the overall storyline was not affected.

Ryuk is bored in the world of the death gods, where nothing interesting happens: the gods idle and play dice. For fun, Ryuk tosses the Death Notebook into the world of humans, accompanied by instructions so that the person who picks up the notebook can use it. Later, it is revealed that the notebook did not belong to Ryuk, but to another god of death named Sido.

In the human world, the notebook is picked up by Yagami Light, a Japanese schoolboy, son of a police chief, an intelligent but slightly antisocial teenager, who dares to use the notebook to destroy criminals and imagines himself "the god of the new world," where only law-abiding and "useful" to society will be left.

Ryuk follows Light's actions with interest, but has no friendly feelings for the teenager. Ryuk follows Light everywhere, even to school, but no one but Light sees Ryuk. The God of Death has no interest in helping or hindering Lytus, but he has a weakness - he loves apples.

However, Ryuk has a weakness - he adores apples. In exchange for apples, Light manages to "spin" Ryuk for some favors. For example, the god of death told Light about the stalkers who were following him, discovered the cameras that Al had set up to watch Light, wrote fake rules into a notebook at Light's request. All for the sake of being able to eat apples.

The only major discrepancy between the anime and the manga is the ending. In the anime, Ryuk kills Lite under different circumstances.

In addition to Ryuk, there are other death gods in the series, such as Ram. This god of death observes another character, Misa, a girl who has "acquired" the death god's eyes to see people's names and lifespans. In the manga and anime Rem is portrayed as a woman, but in the movies based on Death Notebook, the role is played by a man.

Ram hates people because of their inherent cruelty and feels disgust for Light because of the methods he uses. However, Ram has to help Light because of Misa. Visually, Rem was created as a contrast to Ryuk.

The character also appears in the full-length anime Death Note Rewrite: The Visualizing God, which is a condensed retelling of the series. According to the plot, Ryuk is in the world of the death gods, where he retells to a certain death god his own memories of Light and related events.

Ryuk also appears in the 2006 Japanese mystery thriller Death Notebook, where he is voiced by actor Shidô Nakamura. In 2021, a film based on the manga was released by American director Adam Wingard. The names of the characters are distorted here, the American city of Seattle is the place of action, and the plot is also heavily rewritten in relation to the manga. The role of Ryuk in this adaptation is played by an American actor.

Ryuk in Death Notebook (2017)

The death gods in the anime are supernatural characters who are not essentially responsible for the deaths of humans. In the story, people die just fine without the intervention of the gods. The gods need to kill people by inscribing their names in a notebook in order to prolong their own lives, since the remaining years that a person has not lived because the death god inscribed his name in the notebook are transferred to the death god himself.

  • In the new Japanese mythology there are gods of death - shinigami, but this type of characters appeared relatively recently. It is a personification of death, an image that can be found in engravings and other pictures. It is used in modern Japanese art. Presumably, the image of the Shinigami entered Japanese folklore from Europe, where the image of Death was personified in art, or from Chinese mythology, where there were different types of gods of death. The image of the Shinigami first appears in Japanese literature in the middle of the nineteenth century.
  • Ryuka's design was so catchy and recognizable that some fans began to get themselves a tattoo of the character. Other fans of the series have done very effective cosplay, convincingly portraying Ryuk, or drawing art to show their love for the character.

The "Creation of Adam" mural reference

  • There are many references to the real world in the series. For example, in the title sequence that opens each new episode, there is a moment where Light and Ryuk are "painting" the Creation of Adam mural. Ryuk is in God's position, Light is in Adam's position, and Ryuk takes an apple from Light's hands.

Meaning of the tattoo.

The bony death tattoo with a scythe first appeared in the early 14th century. The gloomy figure in the Middle Ages was depicted only in a dark tone. The symbol signified the equality of all people before a sudden death, regardless of how old a person was, what gender he or she was, or what position he or she occupied.

Almost all of the storylines had the same meaning: careless lovers, young boys and girls suddenly faced the inevitable arrival of death.

Ominous drawings often depicted a skeleton holding a bow, sword or trident - a weapon that brought death and symbolized the mass demise of people during the plague. Such a character as the rider of death appeared as a result of this epidemic, which had terrible consequences.

Drawings of skeleton riders in black robes have always symbolized the approach of death. They were especially relevant during terrible diseases and wars that raged.

Our ancestors always remembered that people, unlike the gods, are mortal. This inspired them to adorn themselves with body art of death with sacred attributes in their hands. Often there were tattoos of death with an hourglass, symbolizing the finitude of life, the onset of the end. Such a tattoo has a profound philosophical meaning - it reminds us of the shortness of human life and the need to use every moment to realize their desires and aspirations.

Quite dangerous tool in use - the scythe, in a sacred sense, was a means to free up space for the birth of a new life. By analogy, the grass cut by the scythe gives way to young greenery.

In the modern interpretation, the image of death is used as a strong and powerful amulet designed to protect the wearer from hardships, dangerous situations and various diseases. Those very "lucky" people, graced by fate, are especially fond of such tattoos. Only a fearless man would dare to tattoo himself with the imprint of death.

Quotes from

"But if you kill all the criminals, in the end you are the only criminal left."

"Apples are to me like a drug or tobacco addiction to people."

"People... They're so busy!"

"They look for each other without knowing names or faces. And the one they find first gets killed."

"Aren't you going to kill people? How boring you are..."

"Why do people need these pieces of paper... Although you can buy apples with these pieces of paper, so I understand them.

Why do we need tattoo designs? Even if you have already decided on a tattoo and firmly know what exactly you will impose, it is also necessary to decide on the style and as clearly as possible to convey the task to the performer. For this purpose it is necessary to provide a sketch of the tattoo, what the master will rely on. Of course, more and more often people prefer to go to a particular tattooist, who they go to for his unique style, for his vision and for his advice. They "fall in love" with his style and trust him completely. However, if such a master is not in sight, or if the master works with many styles - bring him a sketch of the tattoo.

Here we have selected 5 of the best, in our opinion, resources with free sketches that you can be inspired by or even take as the basis for your tattoo.

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Men's tattoos

Tattoos with the image of death are preferred by men with dangerous hobbies. For them, this image serves as a constant reminder of the possible sudden end of life. Such symbolism is popular with bikers, people with risky hobbies. Men who like to tickle their nerves and often face mortal danger quite often express themselves with such macabre tattoos.

A popular image is of death with a deck of playing cards. Symbolizes faith in one's own good fortune, fate's foreordainedness, and contempt for danger.

Death tattoo is an opportunity to become the owner of an impressive and original tattoo. A good choice for people who want to emphasize their originality and individuality.


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