Tattoo for the zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces for women and men, sketches + 135 PHOTO

Head painting for Aries

What to start with?

By the goodwill of the constellations you are a goal-oriented person who not only easily overcomes any obstacles, but did not notice them in their path, stepping full steam ahead. You like to be in the spotlight, easy to remember even after the first meeting. Fruitless dreams - not for you, because you stubbornly translate all the ideas into reality, no matter what it takes.

What to choose?

Look at the image of the crown - it means that you are in complete control of your own life, not allowing others (events, people, emotions) to take power over you. Also suitable tattoo with an arrow as a symbol of development and forward movement.

What tattoo fits your zodiac sign?

Your zodiac sign tattoo

Pisces There are twelve signs in the Zodiac Circle, and Pisces is the last of them. The period of the constellation is from February 20 to March 20. Pisces are creative individuals who constantly see things around them as more than just an outer shell. They look into the very essence and are often misunderstood by others. This is why tattoos can often be found among people born at this time. The symbol of the fish in the tattoo and astrology looks like two half-moons, turned the outer part to each other and connected in the middle by a perpendicular line. This sign denotes the two fish, swimming in different directions, and that they are inherently connected with each other. It is believed that this symbol signifies Yin and Yang, harmony and balance between all that exists in the world. The same meaning can be invested in the sign of the fish in the tattoo. In addition, the symbol of the zodiac also means striving for freedom in creativity, personal life and work, because this requires the element of water. Drawing on the body may emphasize the desire to go at ease, to become more independent. However, the fish associated and deep dive, that is, the desire to see the very essence of things, to get to the bottom of the truth and find new opportunities. The meaning of the tattoo sign of the fish can be quite different. This zodiac is the last one, so astrologers associate it with the end of the life cycle, death and transition to another world. Therefore, when getting a tattoo, you should be careful and not abuse dark colors. Interestingly, astrologers suggest a rather atypical tattoo placement. They believe that the tattoo, made on the heel, can be an excellent amulet for the person. However, any master is ready to argue with this statement. Not only will the pattern on the heel not be visible to the owner or others, but it will lose its shape rather quickly, and over time, it will be erased altogether. This is due to the increased load on this area. If you still want to please the stars, it is better to choose a place for a sketch in the area of an Achilles tendon (careful - it hurts to put it on!) or on the side of ankle. Placement on the wrist will also be suitable for a talisman. If you put another meaning into your tattoo, it's better to have it on your neck, shoulder blade or stomach - away from prying eyes. Note that a tattoo in the form of the zodiac sign of the fish, printed on the shin, will be an "amplifier" for all emotions and feelings. If you are prone to melancholy or hypochondria, it is better not to beat a drawing on this place. ---------------------------- I really liked the test and the tattoo too +3

Body Painting for Taurus.

What to start from?

You are a real dreamer, escaping from what is happening to your little world in your head, much more comfortable and cozy than life. And although because of this you may be considered a little strange, it is this character trait that usually fascinates people in Taurus.

What to choose?

To express the romanticism of your own nature, give preference to something close to nature. For example, drawings with "scattered" birds on the body, associated with numerous winged dreams. Or a picture of mountains, piercing the clouds with their peaks.

What tattoo suits Taurus

Choosing a tattoo style

When you decide what to choose the most ideal tattoo for your case, it is worth carefully studying all and the design of your future body decoration. Determine for yourself which variant of style is closest to you in spirit: whether you want to score a tattoo in the style or for you the most attractive typical tattoo. Galleries of photos of tattoos in the catalog of our portal or on the site of the selected master will visually demonstrate the most impressive tattoo design and allow you to pick up the most acceptable option. You can take as a basis a drawing from the catalog, and depending on your imagination pick up the original version of his design.

Body art for Gemini

What to start with?

In you, there are always two opposing sides. This is especially noticeable when you need to make an important decision: you begin to doubt and hesitate, experiencing constant changes of mood from good to bad and vice versa. The expressiveness of Gemini has an incredible effect on those around them, because of which they are compared to puppeteers, because they have no difficulty in controlling those close to them.

What to choose?

The first option is the butterfly, which flies from flower to flower as enthusiastically as you walk through life. The second is waves, symbolizing impermanence and majesty.

What tattoo for Gemini

Wearable art for Cancer.

What to proceed from?

You always have ambitious plans for the future, from visiting exotic lands, meeting animals of prey, going skydiving, and getting that same tattoo. In general, you're interested in all the most exciting things and it obsessively tortures you for the rest of your life or until you do it.

What to choose?

An image of scissors that seems to cut through obstacles along the way would work for you. Well, or any beautiful patterns on your hands.

Which tattoo would be right for Cancer

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: what tattoo to choose for representatives of the water element

"Water" signs, according to studies, are the most indifferent to tattoos. This is especially true for Cancer and Scorpio. Astrologers advise representatives of these signs to give preference to memorable images that could protect their owners.

For Cancerians, experts suggest choosing a tattoo that will symbolize for him the success of love, creativity or business. The picture can be very personal, and it is better to apply it to the closed parts of the body, where it will be least visible.

Representative of the sign of Scorpio is characterized by increased sentimentality and sensuality. Images that commemorate love experiences or significant life events would do him just fine.

Sensitive Pisces, as a rule, have a powerful intuition and great creativity. These qualities can be strengthened by applying to the body geometric drawing - square, equilateral triangle or circle. Suitable for them and tattoos in the form of animals.

The main rule - people should like their tattoos. In this case, you will be able to use a talisman in the form of a talisman, a talisman of the body, a talisman of the mind, and a talisman of the body. In this case, you will have the right to make the image on your body, which will strengthen the energy field of your body.

Leo body painting

What to start from?

Excellence over friends and colleagues, the ability to quickly solve professional and domestic problems, the ability to easily make profitable acquaintances - all these words can characterize you. In general, you find success in all aspects of life.

What to choose?

More often than not, Leo themselves are inclined to the image of the animal that gave its name to their zodiacal symbol. Astrologers support this trend, because the king of beasts has the same majestic temperament. In addition, they recommend a tattoo with dice that expresses adventurism.

Which tattoo would be right for a Cancer

Body art for Virgo

What to proceed from?

As a sensitive nature, you remember many feelings and things for almost a lifetime. At the same time, people of your sign perceive love as the meaning of existence and often try to display it in the form of a drawing on the skin.

What to choose?

Although astrologers recommend to refrain from typing the name of your soul mate, you can express your feelings differently: for example, stop at a picture with a heart or with the sign of infinity.

Which tattoo would be right for Virgo

A body painting for Libra

What to proceed from?

There is no word "can't" for you, because you successfully complete everything you take on. Therefore, your zodiac symbol is associated with wisdom, deliberate decision-making.

What to choose?

Get a tattoo with an anchor that signifies firmness in dealing with everyday issues, or use any "smart" quote from your favorite book.

Which tattoo is right for Libra

The general meaning of the Constellation tattoo.

Tattoos on the cosmic and star theme are very symbolic: it is the boundlessness and mystery of the Cosmos, the harmony of the universe, which will show the way and help you find your place in life. Also, as stars are connected in constellations, so the man is a member of society, he can not do without communication and interaction with people.

A constellation tattoo can symbolize the value of family and the close connection with family, friends, love for loved ones and the need to stick together. The stars in the tattoo help to find a way out of any situation.

  1. In men, such a tattoo is a symbol of good luck and heavenly protection, a tendency to introspection and self-confidence.
  2. In girls, the tattoo "Constellation" is associated with romanticism and lofty views. It is also a symbol of faith, peace and hope.

Body painting for Scorpio

What to proceed from?

Just by your appearance you cause envy and irritation to others, because you have inner strength and a clinging appearance. So you're not used to fighting back anyone who tries to hurt you.

What to choose?

A picture of a rose is an excellent option, because this delightful flower, covered with thorns, is something like you. Also a picture with a dagger representing dangerous passion will do.

Which tattoo would be right for Scorpio

A head painting for Sagittarius

What to proceed from?

You have many hobbies, just a whole mountain to which you are constantly adding something new. It's very important to you to be the first to make a discovery or find out something interesting, and then share your observations/conclusions with everyone around you. With equal fervor you are passionate about books and movies.

What to choose?

Astrologers advise Sagittarians to use their favorite characters from movies or cartoons for tattoos. It can be some kind of fairy tale character or someone from the tape that influenced important decisions.

What tattoo would be right for Sagittarius

A body painting for Capricorn

What to proceed from?

Your main character traits: the ability to make the right moves and unwavering confidence in any situation. And you like people with similar qualities, because they are the motivation for new feats.

What to choose?

In this situation, the image of the moon and the sun will do - they create harmony and complement each other. Also a tree striving for development will do.

What tattoo would be right for Capricorn

Ideal tattoos for "air" signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Zodiac signs of the element of Air have, in comparison with others, the greatest freedom of choice of tattoos. These are people who take life easily and know how to enjoy all of its manifestations. And when choosing a tattoo, they can demonstrate their creative abilities to the maximum.

Gemini are fans of bright colors. The images they choose should match the simplicity and strength of their character. In order to complete the bright image of the representative of this sign, fit any extraordinary tattoo.

Libras are better to opt for images consisting of paired objects, as such drawings contribute to the maintenance of harmony and integrity of their energy field. Such people need non-standard tattoos that would promote the development of their creative potential. The amulet tattoos mentioned earlier will also be very appropriate here.

Aquarians are creative types with unconventional thinking, and they will need tattoos that are just as complex and intricate. Highly developed intellectually, Aquarians like everything unexplored. Therefore, the most original and mysterious designs will suit them.

Head painting for Aquarius

What to start from?

You are recognized as a dreamy person who refuses to perceive reality as it really is. You have a good memory for significant events, you like stories with a good ending, you are attached to animals, objects and close people so much that it pains you to part with them.

What to choose?

It's not uncommon for Aquarians to stuff drawings with their tame pets. Also, dream catcher tattoos that chase away negative thoughts will work for you.

Which tattoo is right for Aquarius

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo: What tattoos are right for Earth signs?

Representatives of the Earth signs are very thoughtful and cautious, so they should approach the choice of a tattoo with special attention. This is because if they will put an image on their body that will no longer suit them, it can have a negative impact on their energy field.

For Taurus people, home comfort, loved ones, and material well-being are of great importance. They need a tattoo that will help them make the right choices and not lose their inner harmony. The ideal option - something concerning their hobbies, close to the heart.

Virgo is a fan of all mysterious and unconventional. Men of this sign should choose the tattoo as carefully as possible. The best option for them - an image that means something important, mysterious, spiritual. For some it can be a dream catcher, while others might prefer a cross or a depiction of some planet.

The Ideal Tattoo by Zodiac Sign

Hardworking Capricorns often lack energy and faith in their own strength. Such people astrologists recommend bright colorful images: patterns, life-affirming inscriptions, animal figures. It is important that the tattoo did not cause negative emotions, helped go forward, inspired optimism.

Body art for Pisces

What to proceed from?

Despite your inherent kindness and gentleness, you show great resilience in critical situations, you can prove your right to be where you think it is necessary, and defend your own rightness. In general, you strive to stand up for yourself, if forced to.

What to choose?

Although you are usually considered a phlegmatic man, the representatives of your zodiac sign often make challenging tattoos, which is much surprising to others. About your inner world tells a lot depicted on the sword. It is a symbol of struggle and confrontation. Also, you can choose a drawing with the stars, but not with any, and with a very bright - they will show that you do not want to concede anyone and intend to be always on top.

What tattoo would suit for Aquarius

How to choose a tattoo parlor

Before getting a tattoo, many people think about which place is better to apply. In fact, there are several basic factors according to which you can determine the right tattoo parlor:

  • Reviews. Perhaps the most basic factor is exactly the reviews of the salon. The more people visit it, the more you can hear about the work of the masters, as well as see the style of work and make sure of their quality. Reviews can be found among acquaintances or tattoo lovers. In most cases, people try to find reviews on the Internet. Many tattoo parlors have long ago adapted to the World Wide Web and created their own review sites. However, you should be careful, as the opinions contained on a personal website may be fake or bought. It is better to look for reviews on third-party resources such as forums, communities of interest, and special sites made to get truthful reviews from people.
  • Information and contacts. Before choosing a tattoo artist, it is advisable to make sure that the chosen salon works legally. In the case of illegal work, it can close at any time and the craftsmen disappear. In such an institution it is unlikely that quality work will be done and there may be consequences that will affect human health. If the tattoo salon closes, no one will be held responsible. To verify the legality of the institution can be found on the Internet personal site, where the main tax documents should be listed, confirming the legality of the activities.

Once a suitable salon is selected, the most important task becomes the choice of a tattoo master.


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