"Forever in my heart" tattoo in English, Latin. Photo

Perhaps the most understandable and common today are tattoo inscriptions. The meaning of the figure is often hidden in the utterance itself, so there will be no special problems with the choice. However, it is worth admitting that the tattoo inscriptions and their meaning is not always unambiguous. The words convey only part of a person's emotions.

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Tattoo inscriptions and their meaning. Why are tattoo inscriptions so popular?

Variations on the theme of inscriptions on the body vary. There are instances that only hint at a phrase, there are entire pages of books. Everyone picks up a drawing for himself, which means that the image can be very different. The most common are inscriptions:

  • in a foreign language (the undoubted leader is Latin);
  • from religious books (Bible, Koran, Torah);
  • winged sayings;
  • philosophical aphorisms;
  • words from songs and books;
  • names of loved ones are also quite common.

tattoo inscription on forearm

The meaning of tattoo inscriptions is usually unambiguous. Thus, the names of loved ones indicate strong feelings, sometimes not only positive. With such inscriptions should be careful, life is unpredictable and various events occur, after which the tattoo will have to get rid of. The process of removing the image is quite painful and long.

What kind of tattoos on the chest have celebrities

It is always interesting to see what tattoos are imposed on the body of celebrities. From them you can be inspired and "spy" an original idea for a tattoo.

Not all male celebrities tend to stuff the whole chest with tattoos. Some people prefer minimalist tattoos of small size.

Often you can infer a person's character from a tattoo. For example, Conor McGregor has a fierce devil on his chest. And that is exactly how Conor appears to the public - strong, brave, challenging and fearless.

Translation of the inscription tattoo - don't rely on systems

The world around us is made up of different words. They are everywhere: at home, at work, on the street. With social media, the world has stopped communicating in reality and has moved all its experiences into the world of emoticons and texting.

But there is still one old way to tell others about their desires and thoughts - to make a tattoo. That it reveals the whole essence of man. In doing so Tattoo inscriptions translation meaning

Which is unknown, are of great interest to many people. After all, the words in a foreign language attract its obscurity.

New trends in the world of tattoo inscriptions and their significance

The modern world of body painting has become saturated with different images, no one is afraid of drawings in the style of thrash polka or blackwork. Today the world wants something either extremely new or simple. Body inscriptions are a simple option for tattoos. They are comfortable, straightforward and rarely shocking.

Modern tattoo inscriptions are written in several basic languages:

  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • Latin.

Thanks to automatic translation on modern Internet resources you can make online translation of almost any text. The problem is that it will not always be correct. Therefore, if you want to apply a complex saying, it is worth contacting a specialist.

The most common for the execution of the tattoo inscriptions is considered the English language. The last 20-30 years it is actively studied in schools, institutes and even kindergartens in our country. This language has captured a huge linguistic niche in the world of tattooing as well.

It is the translation of such inscriptions that most often interest the clients of the body art salons. If we talk about what exactly they choose as a drawing, here the preferences are very individual. For those who want motivational words, they suggest applying sayings:

  • "Strong";
  • "Believe in yourself";
  • "Vivere militare est".

Pair tattoos are topical when a girl and a guy get a tattoo that forms a phrase when certain body parts touch. Also common is when words on body parts indicate a special relationship between lovers. Among such images stand out the names of lovers, or certain words, for example "Queen" and "King" (per. Queen and King).

Among the Latin phrases that are especially popular are the purposeful ones like "Malo mori quam foedari," or the commercial "Pecunia non olet," "Money has no odor.

Black and white or color tattoos?

Most often, the single inscription "Forever in my heart" is performed in a minimalist style in black or navy blue. But the tattoo in English or Latin is sometimes performed in the red-pink gamut of hues, complementing the overall composition with several colors or hearts in tone with the text.

The option of adding colored elements to the monochrome inscription is practiced. But the tattoo in the classic black and white version looks more refined and elegant compared to the color.

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Examples of interesting tattoo inscriptions

Among the many different tattoos there are sometimes so extraordinary that they deserve special attention. This includes inscriptions on two hands. Looking at the letters, you are unlikely to read the word at once, but just put your hands together, voila, and the inscription is in front of you.

tattoo inscription on forearm

Inscriptions on the feet look a little bit unusual. It would seem that now nobody can be surprised with it, but masters do it. The inscriptions are performed on the thighs, feet and calves, and often the principle with the inscription on two legs is used. The performance of a paired inscription tattoo is considered original. In this case, the picture is applied either on two legs, or on the legs of even different people. Such a tattoo speaks of complete trust to each other and confidence in their feelings.

tattoo Dnepr tattoo on hands
Among couples tattoo inscriptions there are drawings on the fingers of the hands. Tattoos on the fingers themselves are not the most usual arrangement. And if we consider that the complete phrase is formed when the hands of two people together, it deserves special attention.

tattoo inscriptions and their meanings
Inscriptions can be different, they act as independent tattoos, are complemented by other drawings or combined with large images. Sometimes a tattoo inscription has a deeper meaning than is commonly thought, and the correctly matched font gives an opportunity to enhance the effect of the words.

Tattoo inscription on a man's chest

How to find your style?

In order to find your style, it is necessary to carefully analyze your closet.

First of all you should pay attention to your figure, because it depends on it how you will look like a particular style. For example, the full girls are not always suitable clothing Oversize, which gives even more volume.

Do not forget to take into account the moments that particularly affect your style. For example, if you are used to walking all the time, then you should definitely include this in the list of nuances.

And if your job involves high heels, pick styles that will go well with heels. Usually, these are romantic and business styles.

As corny as it sounds, you need to read a lot of fashion magazines to know what will be fashionable in 2021. Don't forget to consider your status as well. Once you have the information you need, you can make a list of clothing that is suitable to you and will be trendy this year. And then the clothing styles that you selected will work for you and your self-improvement.

Photos of tattoos and their meanings

The world of letters is full of different meanings, every word that is pronounced, the sound - become decisive for someone. Unintentionally thrown words can hurt or save the soul. Each wax drawing with words necessarily means something, done with a specific purpose. The meaning of the tattoo inscription

which are found in every social networking site and simply on the Internet, individually for its owner. The thing is, the meaning of the words can vary depending on who exactly is wearing the tattoo.

tattoo on chest

Cool sketches of tattoos for men on the chest

Sketches of male chest tattoos are needed so that the master can realize the idea of the client. Tattoo parlors have sketches, but it is always better to prepare and come with your own example. That way there will be a chance that your tattoo is original and unique.

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Body writing - the cry of the soul and the voice of reason

Putting on a particular tattoo, the dude tries to give it a special meaning. In cases of choosing the image of an animal - he adopts its power and special qualities. Stopping at the geometric patterns - indicates its straightforwardness. And when choosing an inscription, he loudly declares his intentions and thoughts. For some the expression "la vie est belle" is a call to life, for others it is just a reminder of failed attempts to achieve success and a kind of mantra to set a positive mood.

Pay attention.
In addition, each expression has its own long history, which is not always easy to understand.

The inscriptions on people's bodies are applied in different fonts and in any places. But there are some features that are worth paying attention to when choosing a tattoo:

  • Language;
  • font;
  • size;
  • location.

Today all possible languages are used for tattooing. At the same time most of them belong to the Latin group. Popular inscriptions on:

  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • and, of course, Latin itself.

Although Latin is thought to be long dead, its legacy reaches out to every inscription. Even those written in English, German, or French have Latin as their foundation.

The font of the tattoo is chosen depending on the location and preference. If it is the hands, then you should choose a medium in scope, if the back - you can give free rein to the curls.

The size of the inscription is regulated not only by the place of application, but also by the words themselves. Long sayings cover a large area, short ones are safely placed on a small area of the skin.

Most often the inscriptions are applied to the hands. Basically, almost all tattoos of this type are based in this part of the body. After all, here the picture is printed almost painlessly, and it holds for a very long time.

The choice of a body part

Having determined with the design of the tattoo, a person at the next stage chooses a place for its application. And it's best to do this at the same time. It is advisable to make a decision together with the master. He knows where and what will look better. The most popular question is, "Where doesn't it hurt?" It hurts everywhere, but are there parts of the body where the nerve endings are weaker?

PaulThe most sensitive placesLeast sensitive places
WomenSpine, ankles, ribsGluteus, abdomen, abdomen, shoulders, hips
MenSpine, thorax, abdomenBack, arms

When choosing a tattoo location, consider individual characteristics, social status, job, plans for the future. Popular locations:

  • Forearm;
  • The upper arm;
  • Wrist;
  • The waist;
  • Upper back;
  • Chest;
  • Abdomen;
  • Thighs;
  • Calves;
  • Ankle.

Tattoo inscriptions and their meaning

There are a myriad of words in the world. Learning a new language, we have to memorize a lot of new words, sounds and learn the pronunciation. In such cases, even universal pictures do not save from mistakes and misunderstandings. But the inscriptions tattoos help their owner to say to the world his weighty word. After all, they are clear, carry a simple meaning and rarely change it. Excerpts of favorite works, long poems or short phrases - all are the soul of the man himself. What do the words of love mean to them? For some it is a painful memory, for others it is a confession and no matter what, sometimes in a tender feeling, sometimes in a born hatred. Some people easily go for such a tattoo, others refuse to admit to themselves that they want such a picture.

The bulk of the inscriptions are:

  • winged sayings;
  • names;
  • poetry.

Winged sayings are born from the most sensational works of art. A sharp phrase from a movie or a favorite slogan from a book - that's the basis of these tattoos. The meaning of the inscriptions in this style is very simple, often it comes down to what the words mean.

Quite a large proportion of the winged sayings are applied in a foreign language, usually in Latin. Though the Roman Empire is dead, the legacy of the great thinkers remains. That is why sayings like "Vita brevis", "Homo homini lupus est" - will be in favor for a long time. By the way, the first saying means "Life is short," the second - "Man is a wolf to man.
The names of loved ones have become a separate type of inscription that is found on the bodies of many fans of tattoos. They are chosen to honor those near and those who have already left this world.

Modern mothers choose the names of their children, they are written on the wrist, on the chest under the heart. This location of the name is not accidental, because it symbolizes the bond between the child and his mother, which will never break. Poems are chosen by romantic natures. After all, beloved poets utter words of love, framing them in beautiful form. Such works not only leave a mark on the body, they become carved on the very soul of a person.

The most popular quotes

In literature, music, clothing, there are invariable classics, and so it is with tattoos - there are the most popular. A kind of classics of body art.

Men's tattoos on hand: translated inscriptions, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

These include:

  • Illusion is the first of all pleasures. Illusion is the highest pleasure;
  • Law stands mute in the midst of arms. When guns rattle, laws are silent;
  • I may not have a lot to give, what I've got I'll give to you. I may not have a lot to give, but what I've got I'll give you.

About love

A wonderful feeling that motivates men to do things - love. Everyone has their own methods of expressing it, some even resort to writing the name of the loved one on the body. Often they write quotes from movies, poems, songs associated with the person they love.

Men's tattoos on the arm: inscriptions with translation, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

A few examples of phrases for tattoos about love:

  • All's fair in love and war. All methods are good in love and war;
  • And I love her, the more I suffer. And I love her the more I suffer;
  • I'll never forget you. I'll never forget you in English.

About family

Many men want to declare to the world their devotion and love for family. For example, Angelina Jolie made herself a tattoo on her arm with the coordinates of her beloved children's births. Often men tattoo the inscription "Family" on the hand - short and concise, and gives the understanding of others about the priorities of the bearer of the tattoo.

Men's arm tattoos: inscriptions with translation, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

Examples for tattoo inscriptions on the theme of family:

  • A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband. A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband;
  • Family begins with children. A family begins with children;
  • Marrying means to halve one's rights and double one's responsibilities. Marrying means halving one's rights and doubling one's duties.

About friendship

Often you want a piece of a friend to always be there for you in a difficult moment, when you have already given up. Some people make paired tattoos in honor of their friendship.

Men's tattoos on the arm: inscriptions with translation, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

Some examples of aphorisms about friendship, which can be turned into a tattoo:

  • A friend is someone who gives you the strength to be yourself. A friend is someone who gives you the strength to be yourself;
  • I got my friends, share a rain coat in the wind. I have my friends who share a raincoat in the wind with me.

It will be a real surprise to a comrade when he sees a tattoo already done, in his honor, no doubt it will pleasantly surprise him.

About life

Often men express philosophical thoughts on their bodies in the form of tattoos. And more often they don't make do with brief expressions, men give themselves the opportunity to run wild. Sometimes it comes to the fact that the scale of their backs is not enough to contain the whole essence of their philosophy.

Men's tattoos on hand: inscriptions with translation, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

A couple of variants of philosophical phrases about life:

  • Wer die Menschen einst fliegen lehrte, hat alle Grenzsteine verrückt (German). He who once taught men to fly moved all the boundary stones;
  • One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn`t do. One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his greatest surprises, is to discover that he can do things he previously thought impossible;
  • What have they done to the earth, what have they done to our fair sister? What have they done to our earth, what have they done to our fair sister?

About freedom

The freedom tattoo on a man's arm has a special charm. Freedom can manifest itself in everything: individuality, confidence, independence, fearlessness, absence of stereotypes and labels.

Men's tattoos on the arm: inscriptions with translation, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

Examples of tattoo inscriptions on the theme of freedom:

  • A man is meant to be free. A man is meant to be free;
  • The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. The most important kind of freedom is the freedom to be what you really are;
  • Freedom is not where there are no walls, but where you don't feel them. Freedom is not where there are no walls, but where you don't feel them.

Motivational writing

For men have a great popularity motivational tattoos on the arms in the form of an inscription. A man often lacks motivation and incentive to do things. Men, who write motivating phrases with paint on their bodies, as a rule, are active and constantly developing.

Men's tattoos on hand: inscriptions with translation, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

And everyone can have his own secret of success, his own rules of achieving cherished goals, and this rule they can put on their body to always remember it.

A few examples of phrases that make you not give up:

  • Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself;
  • Never say never. Never say never;
  • Keep going. Keep going;
  • Every morning is the time to start life again. Every morning is the time to start life again.

An inscription not only on the body, but also in the soul

When it comes to tattoos, the first thing people pay attention to is their symbolism. It is rare that the meaning of the inscription remains secondary. Words are a person's thoughts turned into a written form. After all, they are obtained as a result of human development processes.

Which sayings end up on your skin depends only on your desire. Sometimes you want to write just "Don't give up" or "Don't panic" and it's already incredibly motivating, calming, and makes you live cheerfully. All such inscriptions have a motivational meaning. They make you move forward no matter what.

Pay attention.
The importance of inscriptions on the human body is very underestimated, because they introduce a certain dissonance in the course of events. Write the word "Lucky" on yourself and the next day you will be lucky. In essence, such tattoos project a wish into the universe. And she already materializes your desires.
All tattoos are subject to a certain classification. This is primarily a division according to location - the tattoo is most commonly accepted to be worn:

  • on the back;
  • On the chest;
  • On the arms;
  • On the legs.

According to the size of the inscription are divided into large and small. The size of the tattoo depends on the location, so it is difficult to say what is better. Depending on what effect you are seeking, it is worth choosing the size of the figure.

The meaning of the tattoo inscriptions everyone has its own, there are common, but in each case, even simple sayings have an individual meaning. Words from holy books: the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, are chosen for their deep meaning. After all, every word in these books is aimed at human development.

There is a category of inscriptions where only one word is provided for writing. It can be "Love", "Believe", "Strong", "Hope" - such sayings are brief, but filled with deep meaning. They are affirming, in them there is no right to make a mistake, the inscription in this style will look great on the hand of a girl or a man's chest. The choice in their favor will make those who are not chasing pathos words, rather it is a personal desire to tell yourself - it is worth believing in yourself and the future.

Date inscription on the wrist

How to choose a place for a tattoo

The inscription is suitable for placement on any part of the body. The choice of place depends on the size of the drawing, its meaning and the desire to present it to the public.

How to choose a place for a tattoo


This is one of the most popular locations for a tattoo.

The pros of using the hand as a platform to create an interesting drawing are as follows:

  • conservatism;
  • tribute to tradition;
  • ease of application;
  • convenience of location;
  • expressiveness.

Different variations of body art are used here. Texts can be intertwined with images. If a person does not want to put the inscription on display, he can simply wear clothes with long arms. They will hide the inscriptions from prying eyes.

Tattoo writing on the arm


Men and women are equally likely to affix different variations of text tattoos to their shoulders. The popularity of drawings applied in this area goes back to ancient times.

At the time, they pointed to the following aspects of social life:

  • The place they occupied in society;
  • status;
  • marital status;
  • lineage;
  • number of living and dead relatives;
  • participation in the social and political activities of the country.

The main advantages of inscriptions applied to the shoulder area are Simplicity and brevity. The master will quickly score the tattoo. Here it will not deform or deteriorate over time, as the skin is not prone to the formation of slights or wrinkles.

Tattoo on the shoulder will remain in pristine form for a long time, if it is properly cared for. It is also easy to hide it from prying eyes with clothes. This creates an atmosphere of mystery and enigma around the person.

On the shoulder


On the forearms do tattoos very extraordinary people. This emphasizes their individuality and a different view of the world than the rest of the people.

This is where you can post large texts or phrasesconsisting of several words. Each of them looks unconventional, but very beautiful.

One of the most interesting designs of tattoos designed for the forearm will be A puzzle .. The drawings are printed on both hands. Each of them carries a meaning. They are a finished work. But when the hands are crossed or brought together, the two tattoos form a single image. Its secret meaning is clear only to the wearer.

Another advantage of the tattoo on the forearm is practically Another advantage of the forearm tattoo is the absence of painful or unpleasant feelings. Here the process is perceived more comfortably by all people.

The text on the forearm is poorly concealed. It is difficult to fully cover it with clothes, especially in hot weather. That's why it is not worth getting a picture for people whose work implies a certain dress code.

On the forearm


Both men and women tattoo themselves in this place. There are many different designs of inscriptions, suitable for placement on the wrist. Looks good text, complemented by a small drawing. This gives the pictures an individuality. A small detail is perceived not only as a decoration, but also as a key to a mysterious soul. A person tries to fit the most intimate thoughts in a small tattoo on the wrist.

If you need to hide the picture, you can wear it in several ways:

  • wear a watch;
  • use wide bracelets;
  • Wear a shirt or sweatshirt with long sleeves.

Tattoo in the form of a neat inscription itself acts as a decoration. The main thing to pick up for her font and size, so it did not seem too cumbersome on the elegant wrist.

Identical texts on the wrists like to apply in love or couples. Before you do it, it is worth remembering that the tattoo is applied for life, and discord between people can happen at any time.

Paired tattoo


Applying a body art in this area is a painful procedure. Here there is a very thin skin, as well as a large number of nerve endings. Therefore it is necessary to approach consciously to a choice of a tattoo to minimize the number of its corrections in the future. A person with a drawing on the hands needs to know how to properly care for it.

This is done as follows:

  • Minimize contact with household chemicals and other harsh products.
  • Reduce the time spent in water.
  • Avoid mechanical damage to the skin.

Only a master with experience should tattoo. Brushes are a very complex area of the body for tattooing. There are many different bends, convexities, hollows and irregularities concentrated here.

On the brush.


Such tattoos among today's youth have become fashionable relatively recently. Usually palms were decorated by people during rituals. This was done for many centuries by the inhabitants of Eastern and Asian countries.

Stamping tattoos on the palms of the hands is not painful. The main thing is to choose in advance the right design, suitable in form and size. Very beautiful looks the text, applied to the rib of the palm.

On the palms


Here inscriptions began to be placed relatively recently. On the fingers there is little space, so it turns out to put only one word or a small phrase. Tattoos are popular among couples or couples in love. They choose couples drawings or depict on the fingers a significant date for their relationship.

Tattoos in this area Keeps well and does not fade with time. If necessary, they are easy to hide under a ring or other jewelry. Also drawings, on the contrary, can be highlighted, emphasizing them to the attention of others.

On the finger


The inscriptions can be made in different sizes and formats. They are easy to hide under pants, so tattoos are suitable for people working in different fields.

The texts on the body in the leg area are found equally often in men and women. The only difference is the preferred area. For men, these are:

  • thigh;
  • lower leg.

For women:

  • foot;
  • shin;
  • ankle.

A person chooses the size of the inscription, its shape and the way of additional decoration. There are many different sketches, among which you can definitely find a good text for the tattoo.

On the legs

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Inscriptions for tattoos in Latin

Now all the attention is attracted to the cross and the inscription in Latin


For women

For men