All about Scorpio: interesting facts and features of the zodiac sign

Hello all! Today we offer you a new step-by-step drawing lesson, and we will draw an interesting and unusual insect - a scorpion. More precisely, it is of course an arthropod, not an insect. Our guest today belongs to the class of spiders, and he has a very bad reputation - biting, small creature, carrying a deadly poison at the tip of the sting. Indeed, you don't have to be a huge dragon to be deadly, even a small bug can easily send it to the other side. But in fact, only the venom of only 50 varieties of scorpion is dangerous to humans, the remaining 700 species, according to wikipedia, are harmless.

However, to approach scorpions and try to teach them the commands "fetch", "lie down" and so on, we strongly recommend not, it can be very harmful to health. But to draw them is very useful to train your artistic skills, which we are going to do right now. Yes, another thing - if you're looking for a lesson that would talk about how to draw Scorpion from Mortal Kombat - it is also available on our site.

Scorpion drawings

Drawing Scorpion

Scorpion silhouettes:

Silhouette of a Scorpion

Drawing Scorpion frontal:

Silhouette of Scorpio

How to draw a scorpion told you by Marina Novikova.

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A historical retrospect.

African tribes believe that this spider-like insect guards the entrance to the gateway to the afterlife. Touching the legend of the constellation Orion, you can also spot its mark. It says that the Greek giant was killed by a powerful scorpion weapon that plunged into his leg. In many cultures the scorpion stands for danger, death, hatred and pain.

But in Japan, this insect represents justice and wisdom. In combination with the lotus, the scorpion indicates a long and strong married life.

The Bible compares the scorpion with the forces of the devil. As a protective amulet its image adorned personal seals and sword handles of Tibetan monks. In the ancient Mayan culture the insect was associated with surgery, as the scorpion would sting its enemy and freeze his limbs before attacking. In some temples in India, the scorpion was depicted on banners and sword handles. For Buddhists it acted as a helper and protector.

The Egyptians believed that praying to the goddess of scorpions relieved pain during childbirth. The scorpion was considered a symbol of maternal self-sacrifice.

Drawing a scorpion - lesson 2

How to draw a scorpion 13

Hmm, small claws, unassuming appearance... and this one must be very dangerous. Okay, we'll draw carefully.

Oh, good. Just... ow! -I got the count wrong-- there should be five segments in the tail. What should we do? - Maybe we should just leave it alone. No, that's not fair. Since I noticed my mistake, then I'm obliged to correct it and show the readers the true picture. Okay, I'll call on the help of Paint and redo it.

Here comes the second scorpion coloring book:

Coloring Scorpion


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