Try on a tattoo, pick up lipstick and learn to draw. 8 free AR apps that you can download right now

Even ancient civilizations used body art to signify high social status, connect with the gods, and immortalize a tribe's history. Archaeologists date the first tattoos between 3370 BC and 3100 BC. With the spread of Christianity, tattoos became unacceptable in society until the 18th century. In the 21st century we finally have full freedom of expression.

But there is a small problem. Getting a tattoo is a serious step. Once the dye is already injected under the skin, nothing can be changed. Therefore, this case should be approached very carefully. In order not to later have to worry about poorly chosen picture, it is better to think well about the design of the tattoo in advance. The apps in this review will help you with this task.

InkHunter .

The developers of this app have taken care of those who have wanted a tattoo for a long time, but are afraid it won't look good. InkHunter features different designs from a huge number of tattoo artists.

The image you like can be tried on any part of the body and on any scale. To do this, you have to choose a thumbnail from the gallery, draw two vertical and horizontal stripes where there should be a tattoo, and point the camera application. The lines don't have to be neat and symmetrical at all.

Conveniently, the virtual drawing is not only held in a static position: when you move, the tattoo stays on the body and even changes the angle.

Download the app: App Store, Google Play.

History of body art

Artistic tattooing has not always been a subject of body decoration. The origins of body art come from Aboriginal tribes, who gave them mystical meaning. Also, the tattoo allowed to stand out from the crowd certain social classes (for example, priests or warriors).

And now some people put a certain meaning in the artistic tattoo or do it to honor a significant event in life. But more and more people choose body art from an aesthetic standpoint, showing their taste and sometimes their life status.


SketchAR is an app for those who love to draw. Beginning artists can practice their sketches here.

You need to choose a sketch from the gallery or upload your own image and specify what you are drawing on: paper, wall, or floor. The app will recognize the surface and offer to mark it for the sketch. And then it's up to your abilities.

If you are drawing on a sheet of paper it is important that the format is A4 or A5 - the app doesn't support other formats. And when the sheet is on a light table with not enough good lighting, SketchAR has problems with recognition.

Download the app: App Store, Google Play.

Tattoo My Photo 2.0

The Tattoo My Photo 2.0 app allows you to apply selected sketches to your photo. In the built-in editor you can change the size or orientation of the picture, and remove part of the image, if necessary. It is also possible to combine two images. This option comes in handy if you want to make one tattoo from two sketches.

Available for Android and iPhone.

AR Basketball

For those who have a sedentary office job and periodically want to stretch, AR Basketball can be a salvation. The principle is very simple: you need a horizontal surface and a couple of free meters. Then a basketball hoop appears on the screen and a scroll to throw the ball.

The game has four modes: Normal Mode, Time Attack, H.O.R.S.E Mode and Around The World. Up to eight players can play at a time. So now you can play basketball anywhere.

Download the app: App Store. You can find similar apps in both the App Store and Google Play.

Image Placement.

Before getting a tattoo, you should try to anticipate all sorts of life situations in advance. Suddenly she will dislike and will be a constant nuisance.

Women more often make a tattoo "Bracelet" on the wrist. Flirty, playful individuals seek to capture it on the leg. This way of self-expression looks very attractive and alluring.

The optimal place to place the bracelet for men is the shoulder, in the biceps area. Because there is a fairly large surface area, which allows you to apply large sketches.

A great idea is the ankle, which can be covered with clothing. Many guys give preference to images in the area of the calf muscle.

We emphasize, such a tattoo can have different meanings and reflect the character of the owner. The above variety of sketches will help you choose a drawing to your liking.

Before you make this responsible step, choose a master and the most suitable sketch, and preferably a photo. Discuss in advance the details, the estimated price of the work, then the tattoo "Bracelet" will please you for a long time.


Previously, in order to get a plan of the apartment, you had to go to the housing and communal services or architectural and construction bureau, but now you can do it yourself - using your phone and the free app Magicplan.

Where to start measuring, the user chooses himself: it can be a door or one of the corners.

Download the app: App Store, Google Play.

Bracelet Tattoos for Men

Men see more symbolism in tattoos. He more often resort to the symbolism of Celtic runes, choose patterns relevant to their hobbies:

  • Techniques
  • weapons
  • wars

or other hobbies.

Men's tattoos on the wrist are very often wide, made usually in the same color, pronounced symbolic. The drawing or pattern is easy to read and quick to remember. The ornament, more often than not, is decipherable and includes concepts:

  • forces
  • speed
  • success
  • victories.

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And this application can be used in any way you want, because the creators offer thirteen categories: Entertainment, Art, Human, Animals, Food, Furniture and Home, etc.

With ARLOOPA, you can try on the furniture in your room, get acquainted with wild animals, look into Van Gogh's room and even project famous people directly into your room. The only "but": the scale turns out most often unnatural.

The developers also invite users to create their own models. To do this, you have to hold the scanner up to the image, and after a while it should come to life. But nothing happened during the five minutes of scanning a photo from the magazine.

Download the app: App Store, Google Play.


Tattoodo is the largest tattoo community in the world, which is very similar to Instagram, but created specifically for tattoo lovers. Here you'll find more than 600,000 designs from nearly 25,000 studios worldwide. You can search by style, motif, and more.

By scrolling through the ribbon, you can add the picture you like to your collection. If you wish, you can even contact its author. Tattoodo can also be used to find a master. The location feature allows you to find the nearest tattoo studios in your area.

The app is available for Android and iPhone.


The Belarusian app Wanna Nails helps you pick up nail polishes. Here you can try on a particular tone, see the cost, and even order right away - the app gives a direct link to the product on Amazon.

But there are nuances. Just because a shade is authentic is far from certain: all the polishes in this app look matte and don't lay on the nail very well.

Download the app: App Store, Google Play.


Such a tattoo has no specific meaning in most cases, as a floral or geometric pattern does not need to be interpreted. However, there are several "on-wear" symbols that need to be revealed to the wearer. These include:

  • Many Celtic patterns that can symbolize protection, longevity, health, happiness, good luck, prosperity. Such tattoos are chosen by men who are strong in spirit and confident in themselves.
  • Ribbons can symbolize the desire to win. Help to achieve success in a particular area, to climb the career ladder.
  • Bracelet in the form of a band on the wrist means stability, consistency. It may also be a good companion for those who stand up for their views.
  • Inscriptions on the arm most often carry a direct message. They symbolize vows, popular quotes, favorite sayings. This type of tattoo is suitable for both women and men.
  • Latin signatures can be perceived not only as mysterious, enigmatic, but also as reticent for the wearer. Nowadays such tattoos are at the peak of popularity and have a sacral philosophical meaning.
  • Floral and plant motifs represent the flow of life energy and reveal the human soul. It will be a stylish accessory that will highlight any image of a young girl. Reveals her femininity and tenderness.
  • Imitation jewelry (beads, chains, necklaces) can protect from the evil eye, have a powerful energy. The most relevant to the inspired and enthusiastic natures. Tattoos try to be as realistic as possible, so that they are similar to the real jewelry.
  • Barbed wire reflects the protection of personal territory. Such tattoos do not necessarily illustrate a man who served time in prison. They are chosen by courageous men who are willing to stand up for themselves in society.
  • a leather cord is considered an amulet capable of protecting against death and serious injury. The male sex places such a pattern to visually enhance the muscles in the biceps area.


Now the Belarusian app Wanna Kicks features 9 models of sneakers, among the brands - Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Puma, Under Armour, Vans and the famous Lidskie.

The developers advise to try the shoes on bare feet or on socks. Sneakers, of course, do not quite fit perfectly, but to assess how well they will look - just right.

Download the app: App Store.

The most popular choices

There are a lot of successful options for tattoos in the form of a bracelet for both genders:

  • Geometric patterns. Expresses the desire for rigor and order. Do strong and strong-willed natures who prefer to keep everything under control.
  • Inscriptions that run the length of the bracelet are relevant to lovers. Girls like beautiful fonts and quotes about love, guys prefer runic and gothic signatures.
  • Wooden images. Such tattoos are preferred by people who like peace and quiet around them. They are used to draw inspiration from solitude with nature.
  • Mountains and nature. Captured on his body inveterate travelers and dreamers to conquer the mountain and forest expanses. Tattoo expresses a desire for freedom and perseverance in all situations.
  • Ethnic motifs. Usually made by fans of ethnic elements. Suitable for those who seek harmony and tranquility.
  • Notes. The musical station can be inscribed on the wrist not only musicians, but also creative people who love music and poetry.
  • Clock. Owners of such a tattoo value their time combined with knowledge of the world.
  • Snake scales. Snakes symbolize wisdom, prudence and the ability of man not to give in to emotions.


For women

For men