Tattoo anarchy: sketches for freedom-loving people

We propose to understand the meaning of the tattoo anarchy. From the Greek concept of anarchy means powerlessness. Thus, anarchists are people who do not recognize the existing power. In their understanding, the ideal society is an association of people in which there is no subordination. That is, there should be no subordination of one person to another, no coercion, and even less so exploitation. There are many currents of anarchism, but the most popular is considered to be left-wing. Its supporters are not only against state power, but also against capitalism, private property, free market relations.

What does the tattoo mean?

Tattoo anarchy is chosen by members of both sexes. In this case they choose different styles - graphic, tribal, new skool.

A tattoo depicting the sign of anarchy is interpreted in different ways. Today, this sign would mean a protest against the existing regime, a challenge to the government and non-recognition of the existing authorities. Tattoo of the sons of anarchy can symbolize freedom, life against the opinions of others, individuality.

Where to get an anarchy tattoo

Theoretically, you can get a tattoo on any part of your body. In the case of the anarchy tattoo, there is no additional meaning to the location. However, it is worth bearing in mind that this symbol is usually depicted in a small or medium format. So choose the part of the body where such a sketch will fit as organically as possible.

A classic variant is the anarchy tattoo on the arm. It is popular, in part, because the image on the hand is easy to demonstrate, thereby stating one's views. A miniature sign of anarchy looks good on the wrist, and a larger symbol on the forearm or shoulder.

Tattoo anarchy

Tattoo anarchy

Tattoo anarchy on the wrist

Tattoo anarchy on the wrist

Small anarchy tattoo

Small anarchy tattoo

Tattoo anarchy

Tattoo anarchy

Tattoo in the form of a sign of anarchy

Tattoo in the form of a sign of anarchy

A symbolic option is the sign of anarchy on the chest, in the heart area. Also this symbol do on the legs, abdomen, shoulder blades.

And here the tattoo of the sons of anarchy on the back is a tradition, laid down by the serial characters.

For the result corresponded to expectations - address to the experienced, trusted masters. Otherwise, because of one wrong stroke may need to correct the figure or even remove the tattoo.

Meaning for Men

The anarchy tattoo is often chosen by members of the stronger sex. Such a body drawing for them will mean:

  • freedom-loving
  • disobedience to regimes
  • rejection of authority
  • individuality

The anarchy tattoo on the male body will tell about the willful and at the same time freedom-loving character of its owner.

Such a man does not want to obey something or someone and is always ready to defend his position

Technique of execution

Considering the anarchy tattoo photo, you can see that the vast majority of works looks quite expressive, sometimes aggressive and gloomy. The right style will help to better express your emotions and feelings, and convey the position to others. The symbol in the style of thrash polka seems to be a cry of the soul. Blood-red strokes and flowing drops of blood emphasize all the tragedy of the situation. Such a drawing looks equally effective in both large and small scale, on the chest and on the arms.

The letter "A" intersecting with the "O" in minimalist style looks simple and laconic. Larger drawings can feature thematic inscriptions like "anarchy is the mother of order" or the words "chaos. In male sketches there are often skulls, bones, sometimes tongues of flame or an imitation of a symbol burned into the flesh. Tattoos in all styles are dominated by black and red. The lead singer of the Russian rock band "King and Shut" Mikhail Gorshenev, better known among fans of the musician's work as Gorshok, had a tattoo in the form of a symbol of anarchy on a cross.

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Meaning for women

Sometimes anarchy tattoos are also chosen by the fair sex. For women, such a body drawing means:

  • freedom
  • Individualism
  • rejection of authority
  • not subordination

Tattoo anarchy will tell about the freedom-loving nature of its owner. Such a woman does not like to submit to any regime and is always ready to defend her own opinion.

Often such representatives of the fair sex do not recognize the existing power.

Tattoo with anarchy

Freedom, independence, rebelliousness and rejection of authority - all of these phenomena are firmly associated with anarchy. And in today's tattoo culture, anarchy even has its own symbol, which can often be seen applied to the body.

Originally, the word "anarchy" appeared in ancient Greece and meant the absence of authority. People who call themselves "sons of anarchy" do not recognize any official authority. Their ideal is a society in which everyone is free, and exploitation and coercion are completely eliminated.

The movement has several branches, but the most famous is the so-called "left-wing anarchism. Its adherents are categorically against any manifestation of capitalism, they don't like the presence of any property and trade-market relations.

What is tattoo anarchy?

The figure is made in the form of the letter A inscribed in the letter O. At different periods of history, such a symbol was an essential attribute of skinheads, punks, and sometimes sexual minorities. That is why the interpretation of the tattoo can be different.

Most often, the pattern means a social order without coercion, without political regimes and power in general. The owners of such a tattoo consider themselves to be rebellious individualists, not paying attention to the opinion of other people. They are inherent in the desire for freedom.

Sometimes the letter is combined into one drawing with a skull or bones. Sometimes a black cross or a hand clenched in a fist can be seen instead. The main colors used are bright red and black, and all possible shades of them. Such colors just mean aggression and principled commitment to ideals. Each type of tattoo will carry a few different meanings, so you need to be careful when choosing a drawing.

Tattoos with anarchy can be found in both men and women of different social status and age. But still more often such an image is chosen by young people, because their way of thinking is often similar to the radical postulates of the anarchist current.

For men, the anarchy tattoo is a way to demonstrate their willfulness, to give others a signal that he, a man, does not agree with the current norms.

The girl who chooses to tattoo such a pattern is a very defiant and rebellious nature. Her character is complex, it is literally woven of contradictions, in which the girl herself has not yet fully understood. She is willful, confident (sometimes even too), and therefore can easily get into an argument or conflict.

The anarchy tattoo is commonly placed on the arm - it is a prominent place, and the tattoo makes it easy to identify the supporters of the current. A little less often the drawing is applied to the left side of the chest: in this way a person shows that the tenets of the direction are really important to him, because the symbol is near the heart.


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