Tattoo Momento sea meaning. Phrases for tattoos in Latin (with translation)


Currently, tattoos in the form of various inscriptions are becoming quite popular. Given the possibilities of modern masters, on your body you can put absolutely any utterance so that few people will understand its meaning. The thing is that there are special fonts that allow you to turn letters into real works of art. However, in most cases, people want the inscription on their body to be easily readable in order to convey their thoughts to others. Thus, the Memento Mori tattoo occupies one of the leading positions in the ranking of the most popular tattoos with inscriptions.

The meaning of the tattoo

Tattoos that use the phrase "Memento Mori" are among the most popular and sought after. According to surveys, a large number of tattoo bearers with this phrase do not know its historical background.

The modern meaning of "Memento Mori" suggests the predetermination of life's path by higher forces. A person cannot change what is predetermined by Destiny. The second idea of the phrase is the finitude of existence.

Nothing in this world is eternal and death is the logical continuation of life. That's why the phrase "Memento Mori" is so beloved by fans of the corruptibility of life and the predetermination of the future.

According to scientists at the University of Missouri, who have done a lot of research on thinking about death, have been able to find that:

  • The awareness of death pushes people toward altruism.
  • The inevitability of death encourages concern for nature.
  • Understanding death makes people more tolerant.
  • The finitude of life makes one ponder its meaning.

History of the popularity of the phrase

"Memento Mori" became an iconic phrase long before it became ubiquitous on the body as a tattoo. In addition, in ancient times it was rarely used with the prefix "Carpe diem".

It owes its appearance to the Romans, who liked to honor their consuls for military victories with magnificent triumphs at the entrance to Rome. However, in addition to the bright greeting of the victor, a small role of a slave was included in the scenario of the feast, whose duty it was to stand behind the warlord and, holding a golden wreath over his head, constantly repeat: "Memento Mori".

Carpe diem Memento Mori

So the Roman citizens reminded him that he too was a man and that his life too would one day end. The expression "Memento mori" was used by the Roman poet Horatius in his Ode to Leucone. In the Apologetics by Quintus Septimius Florence Tertullian, who lived at the turn of the second and third centuries, the expression is mentioned in another formulation: "Respice post te! Hominem te memento! Memento mori", which translates as "Turn around! Remember that you are a human being! Remember that you are a human being!"

In the 17th century, during the formation of secret societies, the expression "Memento Mori" began to be used as a greeting to one another by the monks of the Brothers of Death.

For the past 300 years, the phrase could be found in cemeteries at tombstones or crypts.

The main places where it is applied are

Carpe diem Memento Mori is a tattoo that can be applied to any part of the body. In combination with meaningful pictures that complement the meaning of the phrase, it can become a real decoration of the body and emphasize the individuality of its owner.

The most common places of application and the options used are reflected in the table:

Part of the bodyInscription sizeAccompanying symbols
HandSmall/mediumBlood, skull
ChestAnyBook, clock, skeleton, candle, coffin, Angel of Death
BackBigWings, blood, Angel of Death
NeckSmallNo additional symbols

This table is a confirmation of the universality of the phrase. The location of the tattoo should be so that it can be seen not only by the surrounding people, but also by the owner himself. This will help not to forget the main meaning of the mysterious phrase.

Carpe diem Memento Mori is not only famous all over the world, but also more and more often found in many people as a tattoo in many countries on all continents. Its popularity is growing every year due to its capacity and versatility.

Author: Mikhail Pushkarev

Expressions with the phrase Carpe diem

Carpe diem Memento Mori - a tattoo is quite popular, because the ancient Roman expression when using the phrase "Carpe diem" gets a different meaning. Translated from Latin, it means "catch the day".

For the first time the expression "Carpe diem" is found in the "Ode to Leucono" along with the other half of the phrase being described. The two words were taken out of context by the Roman poet's descendants. The phrase was "Aetas: care diem, quam minimum credula postero" (time: catch the moment, believe as little as possible in the future).

If "Memento Mori" hints to the man that his way is finite, the phrase of 4 words tells him that he should enjoy every day, every moment of his life, because tomorrow everything will be different. A new day brings new experiences, and yesterday will not come back. In ancient times, these two phrases were not interpreted in the same sense, although they are close to each other.

The expression "Carpe diem" is also used in the music of Lara Fabian, Metallica and Green Day. Features drawing, options tattoo Carpe diem Memento Mori - a tattoo, most often performed in the spirit of mysticism and eternal peace.

Life mottos

People with tattoos, are perceived in a special way. They seem to be strong, wise, purposeful, courageous. They are not afraid to show everyone their views on life, to show their true nature. Sometimes one word in Latin is enough to characterize themselves: Libertas (Freedom), Pater (father), Voluptas (pleasure), Sapientia (wisdom), Victoria (victory), Fortuna (happiness).

Tattoo in Latin "Fate helps the bold" will help to cope with fear in all situations. The famous phrase "Through thorns to the stars," which sounds incredibly beautiful - "Per aspera ad astra" will motivate to overcome any obstacles and show others that you are not afraid of difficulties. The same meaning is carried by Seneca's aphorism "The road will pass by the walker.

The phrase "To each his own" in Latin sounds extraordinary. The tattoo is sure to arouse the interest of others.

Never lose relevance and protective inscriptions: "Save and Preserve," "Under the wing of an angel," "With God.

Always remember the value of time. Life is not eternal, death is inevitable. "Carpe diem" - "Seize the moment." But the rush to carry out plans must be in moderation: "All in good time."

Winged phrases in Latin with meaning, incredibly many: about justice, honesty, friendship, trust, fortitude, the search for the meaning of life. Both male and female tattoos create an individual image, stand out from the crowd and inspire.

Fonts and additional symbols

Applying the phrase on the body, the masters try to avoid simple and mediocre fonts. The melodious-sounding phrase is executed in a carved and graceful style. The letters branch and curve smoothly, symbolizing the curvature of life's path. For "Memento Mori" varieties of Gothic script are also used, creating a connection of the phrase with medieval traditions and the activities of the Holy Inquisition, which had a direct bearing on the life and death of the Christian.

Old style antiqua allows you to recreate the spirit of the Renaissance, when life and death began to be perceived as a joint body and soul, which everyone must go through. Similar to this is the ambigram tattoo, which allows you to embody several themes and meanings in the image at once.

Colored drawings allow you to create abstract plots with a 3D effect. This can be achieved by using a rich palette of colors that adorns the traditional drawing with a play of colors, creating a concave or convex effect.

In professional tattoo parlors masters can offer to put a phrase in their own decorative fonts or unusual lettering, where the letters are applied in italics. Experienced craftsmen often suggest applying a "thrash polka dot" style image that complements the images with realism. This effect is achieved by portrait painting, visual splashing and smearing of paints.

The tradition of minimalism is used to convey the hidden aura of the phrase. The restrained approach calls for humility and blind adherence to the fate that has been ordained.

Useful recommendations

Pay attention to sensible tips on applying a tattoo in Latin:

  1. You need to be careful with the translation into Russian, the meaning of the aphorism can be misunderstood. Read several sources.
  2. If you decide to translate the author's phrase into Latin - ask the experts, online services make mistakes.
  3. Choose the font correctly in order to emphasize the sense of the aphorism. Calligraphy is beautiful, but not always appropriate.
  4. Think carefully about whether or not the chosen statement will be consistent with life's attitudes all your life. Do not do the tattoo in an outburst of emotion.
  5. Decorate the quote with an interesting ornament, a small drawing. It will look beautiful, original.

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Who is suitable for a tattoo?

The tattoo with such an inscription is suitable for both men and women, although it is more popular among the stronger half of mankind.

Most often it is applied by people who:

  • Religious;
  • tend to believe in mysticism;
  • think about tomorrow;
  • care about their good name after death;
  • live for today;
  • enjoy every moment of life.

To such people, a tattoo serves as a kind of beacon or reference point. It encourages to improve oneself, one's human qualities and to remember that every person has his own time on earth and one should use it wisely, because there will never be a second chance.

Tattoos of the Gods of Death

If you are a fan of ancient Egyptian mysticism and admire their pantheon, you will definitely like the Anubis tattoo of the god of death. A deity depicted with the head of a jackal/dog and a human body. He holds an ankh in one hand and a staff in the other. He is both a guide to the afterlife and one of the judges for human souls.

Tattoo of the god of death Anubis

Greek mythology gave us the god Thanatos. He is the patron of all things related to the "other world" and is the sibling of Hypnos, the god of sleep. Some people get a tattoo with both brothers to show how thin the line is between sleep and the process of dying of the physical body.

Also associated with the world of the dead is the name Hades (Hades). He is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. Although this god does not kill anyone, he guards the realm of the dead, named after him. His image is also popular in the art of tattooing, though inferior to his Egyptian and Greek "counterparts".

The Japanese in modern culture have a separate concept of Shinigami deities. Some authors say that the god of death is one, while others write that there are many. With the popularization of Japanese culture, similar tattoos began to be done far beyond the borders of this country and Asia in general. The most popular shinigami is Ryuuk, a character from the manga, anime and Death Note movies.

Interesting are the tattoos chosen by fans of Nordic culture. Here the name of the goddess Hel is associated with the world of souls. Her parents are the cunning god Loki and a certain giantess Angrboda. It is believed that when Ragnarok comes, Hel will oppose the Aesir by leading hordes of the dead. This plot is often used in the plots of not only books, but also sketches of tattoos with death.

There are quite a few goddesses in charge of the dead, or commanding the afterlife. One of the key ones is Mara - Morana, aka the Celtic Morrigan. Old beliefs are still strong in Ireland to this day, and people often get tattoos depicting this goddess.

The Memento Mori tattoo: history and meaning

Currently, tattoos in the form of various inscriptions are becoming quite popular. Given the capabilities of modern masters, it is possible to put on your body absolutely any utterance so that few people will understand its meaning. This is because there are special fonts that allow you to turn letters into real works of art. However, in most cases, people want the inscription on their body to be easily readable in order to convey their thoughts to others. Thus, the Memento Mori tattoo occupies one of the leading positions in the ranking of the most popular tattoos with inscriptions.

The Harry Potter Universe

For fans of the Harry Potter series, very different characters and events are associated with death. The first option is the Deathly Hallows tattoo, a special symbol denoting the Elder Wand, the resurrection stone and the cloak of invisibility. All three objects, thought to be legendary, ended up in the hands of the characters in the story. Fans of Rowling's work often get themselves tattoos with this simple but original sign.

Tattoo of the Deathly Hallows, stylization

The same fans of Potteriana that have always been on the side of the dark lord, whose name can not be pronounced aloud, prefer to order a symbol of the opponents of Potter and his friends. Today, there are quite a few people in the world, on the skin of which you can find a tattoo of Death Eaters - minions of the main villain. It represents a skull, the mouth of which comes out a huge snake.


This phrase has a very rich history. It was first uttered back in the days of ancient Rome. Once a warlord was returning home after an important victory. At that time, one of his slaves followed him and repeated this phrase so that the commander would not exalt himself above everyone else. Even in spite of his unprecedented successes, he was still a mere mortal who was powerless in the face of death.

The phrase was also popular among a certain number of seventeenth-century monks. Members of an order called the Brothers of Death used the phrase memento mori as a greeting to one another.

Modern meaning

Gradually, the original meaning of this winged expression began to be forgotten. Today, however, there are many carriers of the tattoo Memento Mori, who know nothing about this historical background. The modern meaning of this tattoo has two interpretations:

  1. Nothing is eternal in this world.
  2. Everything has long been predetermined by the higher forces.

That is why this inscription can be found in people who want to emphasize the perishability of existence and the inability of man to change his fate.

Thus, if you want to score yourself this inscription, you can safely look at the photo tattoo Memento Mori at any master and choose a variant that will be suitable for you.


Criminal tattoos and their meaning (Part 2)

A tattoo on a prisoner's body can tell you a lot about its owner: from the number of strokes to his character and status in the criminal world. Here is the second part of the material, based on excerpts from the book "Tattoos and Their Forensic Significance" by criminalist Arkady Bronnikov. The first part read here

The tattoo on this prisoner's index finger is a variant of the "denial ring," denoting hostility to law enforcement and the regime. On the middle finger: "Free the Juvenile" or "I've bought time and I'll steal." On the ring finger: "Broken Youth" - the wearer was convicted as a juvenile. The five dots on the wrist are a common sign of those familiar with the prison regime. They signify "four towers and me" or "I've been through the zone" of a prisoner who has served a sentence of correctional labor or a penal colony. Lenin is perceived by many criminals as the "Pahan" of the Communist Party. The letters BOP, which are sometimes drawn beneath his image, carry a double meaning: the acronym stands for "Leader of the October Revolution" or literally means "HOR".

Original designs and subjects. Styles and techniques of execution of tattoos with death

The attitude towards the death and the characters that are associated with this process varies among people, from worship to rejection. For example, the Swedish monarch Charles XV had a tattoo of death to kings, printed on his arm. Quite original for a ruler. Are you wondering how it came to be that the king had such a tattoo? It's very simple - this monarch was a Frenchman who served in the army during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.

During the wars, he was promoted to marshal and was remembered for his wonderful treatment of the captive Swedes. They were so impressed by the generosity of the Frenchman that they suggested that he change his confession and become their crown prince. And so it happened. In the end, the secret opponent of the monarchy himself ascended the throne. In memory of him, many people make a similar inscription on their wrist, forearm. Sometimes it is written on a ribbon around the arm, or next to the crown. Also looks great sketch - a skull with a crown and the words mentioned.

Tattoo of the skull in the crown

Another famous inscription is the tattoo of victory, or death. In different variations, it was used by revolutionaries in Spain, Cuba and other countries. Supporters of General Franco used the slogan "Freedom, or death". "Victory or Death" is the title of one of the episodes of Game of Thrones.

Also found is the tattoo faithful to death. Usually refers to fidelity to a lord, king, homeland, not a partner. But it is possible to interpret the inscription in different ways.

Nowadays, the death tattoo has taken on an all too subcultural meaning. They exploit it without understanding its real meaning or inventing new ones. The reason for this is books, movies, TV series, and a lot of new cults. For example, the horsemen of the Apocalypse, led by Death on a pale horse, were turned into some fantasy characters, and in the series "Supernatural" the main reaper was killed with his own weapon. However, you have to hand it to the authors - in their version this character is not scary, but rather neutral.

Often people order a death tattoo with a clock - a pocket watch, or an hourglass. This is essentially the same "memento mori", only without the inscription. Each is allotted exactly as much as the higher powers decide. However, materialists have a different point of view.

However, there are those who prefer the oldskul and traditional. These types of tattoo art are still popular even in the XXI century.

The image of death on the back is often drawn waist-length, showing bony hands, with fingers that are decorated with massive rings. The scythe is not always a necessary detail of a death tattoo. But if it is the Grim Reaper that is depicted, then it, or the sickle, is present.

Interestingly, the immortality tattoo looks like a skull with a snake climbing out of its eye socket. The reptile in this context means wisdom and knowledge, preserved even after the death of their individual bearers. The phoenix is also considered a symbol of eternal life. The Chinese believed that immortality is symbolized by the butterfly. This is a surprising choice, given the transience of its life in our world.

Tattoo of a skull with a snake in its eyes

There are quite a few very interesting and atmospheric photos of death tattoo in the network. Take a look, study the options. Perhaps one of them will please you, inspire you. However, we recommend ordering sketches of tattoo death individually. For example, if you need to do a death on the shoulder, forearm, the best way will look three-dimensional black and white images with good detail.


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