How to make an easy tattoo pen on the hand, whether long and simple sketches for beginners

Tattoo - a special image on the human body, often conveying his thoughts, the principle of life and desires.

To choose a tattoo it is enough to look at hundreds of examples and with a sketch come to the master. Before making a permanent drawing on the body, it is recommended to conduct an experiment.

Tattoo with a pen on the arm or other part of the body is used in order to understand how the drawn symbol and picture affects the person.

If, after passing a week with the drawing, the condition of the person improved - you can safely apply the drawing permanently.

Algorithm of drawing

Start with the upper half of the body, for which an inverted triangle is drawn. This figure should round corners.

The second half of the body is displayed below. It is shaped like an egg, and its proportions are noticeably larger than those of the upper.

A pair of tentacles, similar to the horns, is added to the front part. They are immediately displayed in solid color.

Then 8 legs are drawn. Each of them consists of 3 segments, resembling a rectangle.

The 2 front tars point forward and the 2 back tars point backward. Their tips are sharpened.

For the image to take volume, we paint it in black. Paint half of the legs and torso.

In such an uncomplicated way we managed to draw a black spider.

When to draw the money nine on the wrist in 2022 by month

There are no unfavorable days for the magic nine, because the main task of the Simoron rituals, is the right attitude and belief in material abundance. But, numerology scientists have identified dates that work well in tandem with the nine and are a kind of amplifier and trigger to open the cash flow in your life.

Month of 2022.Favorable days
January1, 3, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27
February2, 3, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27
March3, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27
April4, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27
May5, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27
June6, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27
July7, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27
August8, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27
September9, 12, 18, 21, 27
October9, 10, 12, 18, 21, 27
November9, 11, 12, 18, 21, 27
December9, 12, 18, 21, 27

Variant for children

Among the different methods there is a scheme for how to draw a spider for children. If we compare it to the previous version, this one will be easier. The same tools are suitable.

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How to attract success and prosperity

So many people dream of having success and wealth. There is simply no specific sign of wealth.

Examine your active palm, find the signs of success in money matters on it:

  • If with an open palm with your fingers interlocked, your fingers are close together, you are not in danger of poverty.
  • Highlighted phalanges of the index finger and little finger have people who can attract good money.
  • People with developed phalanges of the middle finger can save money.
  • Real businessmen have an elongated pinky finger.
  • Trapezoidal nail phalanges are considered a magnet for wealth.
  • Curls on the fingertips are an ability to attract money flows.
  • Nail phalanges in the shape of a square - love of money, but inability to earn it.

As you can see, your fingertips can tell you about the fate of money in your life.

What money fortune has in store, chiromancers also know from the Destiny line. A smooth, clear, deep line guarantees a stable income. Intermittent - shows that there is money, then there is a period of complete absence.

The following signs of money and success can be found on the Destiny line:

  • Life will flow in pleasure if the beginning of the Destiny line rests on the Hill of the Moon. Or it is close to the Life line, there is an intersection with the Heart line.
  • The multiple gifts of Heaven during life are told by a doubled, even tripled Life line.
  • Those who have branches looking at Jupiter or Mercury will draw money.
  • Branches facing Saturn portend earning money through hard work.
  • Money will be made by talent and intelligence if the branches point to the Sun Hill.

How to draw.

First a small circle is drawn, which will be the head.

Then another one is drawn next to it - the body of the insect. Its diameter should be noticeably larger.

We start from the front side to draw the legs. They should be bent in the center, the first 6 - forward, and the last 2 - backward.

On the head you can depict the eyes with pupils.

The final touch - giving the picture realism. Another line is added to the paws, and stripes are added to the belly.

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The triangle is a sign of wealth

Signs of money abundance on the hand can be distinguished by various symbols. Chiromancy suggests looking for the so-called "triangle" on the hand.

A large triangle promises an influx of big money. A small triangle on both palms is a sign of wealth.

A person with a triangle will not necessarily become a billionaire. One thing is guaranteed - he will stand firmly on his feet all his life. It is important to consider whether all of its sides are completely closed. If one side has "gaps", the wealth will flow away like into the sand.

You have an opportunity to stop the leakage of money - to draw this triangle with a red marker.

Realistic image of a spider

We've helped understand how drawings are created for children. Now it's time to move on to more serious schemes. In this section, you will find step-by-step instructions that are sure to help.

It is best to use a pen with black ink and a simple pencil.

The letter you want

The second place in the code is not the letter itself, but its numerical value. But identifying the right letter is very important. Write on paper the first word that comes to mind when you think of the sphere you want to improve. In that word, the letter you want is in the place that corresponds to the sphere number. For example, you are interested in romantic relationships. Thinking about them, you have a wedding in front of your eyes. You write down the word "wedding. A romantic relationship is number 2. So you need a "c."

Let's look at another example. Let's say you are interested in a hobby. You like to paint. Thinking about it, you immediately have an easel in front of your eyes. Write down the word "easel". The hobby comes under number 7. The seventh letter in the word easel is an "r." That's what you need.

The most important trait for a leader is judgment: study results

Opening a savings account: ideas for saving the family budget

Passive recruiting: the art of skillfully poaching the best workers

A situation may arise where the word associated with the chosen field is too short. Then the countdown has to be done first. Let's say you're interested in career advancement. Thinking about it, you imagine yourself as a boss. In doing so, a luxurious leather chair immediately appears before your eyes. Write down on paper the word "chair. It has only 6 letters, but career advancement goes to number 8. In this case, you need the letter "p." Counting up to the last letter in the word, continue counting from the first letter.

In the code, write the number tied to the letter you found. The distribution is as follows:

  • 0 - A; Y; U; E.
  • 1 - B; C; F.
  • 2 - C; L; X.
  • 3 - D; M; C.
  • 4 - E; N; H; Y.
  • 5 - E; C; W.
  • B - F; P; T; I.
  • 7 - G; R; Ъ.
  • 8 - 3; C; Y.
  • 9 - Y; T; B.

Drawing scheme.

We start with a small triangle, the top of which looks down. Each corner is rounded. From below a little space is skipped and the circle is derived.

Both created shapes can be connected by two arcs. In front of the triangle is added element with a wavy shape. At the front you can depict the canines.

From the upper half of the torso are paws, which begin to draw small squares. The 3 pairs at the bottom have three elements, and each one is thinner than the previous one.

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The second pair of legs at the bottom are shorter than all, and the uppermost one is longer. The latter are pointing forward and consist of 4 segments. The middle pairs are also slightly directed upwards, and the two hindmost pairs are directed backwards. The tips of the legs are made long.

In the final stage, the picture is made realistic by painting it with a pencil.

It is recommended to consider the position of light and shadows. Parts that are located above it is desirable to do more light. On the right side do a little shading.

We told you how to draw the spider, and now it's time to go to the additional details, a spider web, for example. If you add it to the composition, you get a more realistic picture.

How to attract prosperity and draw a line of good luck

Luck will not come without your own work, no matter how you draw it. But it is possible to draw something, but it's not necessary to be carried away.

Choose a specific line on your palm. Try to concentrate better on the desired result. Imagine clearly, preferably in colors, what you want to get. Take a pen and draw.

To keep your luck up, draw another Life Line. The extra line will help you become a more resilient, determined, and healthy person. If your financial situation isn't great, someone is sure to support you.

The line of Mind should be brought closer to the line of Life. From the Life line upwards, slightly curved lines should be drawn. This will help to improve memory, increase creativity.

A small "branch" from the Destiny line to Apollo Hill can lead to monetary success. If any lines are missing, draw them.

Pay special attention to the line of Mind. If it is not expressed too clearly, has gaps, then draw it with a solid band. If the line is too short, it should be lengthened.

In reality, do not expect dramatic changes. Start to work to bring yourself closer to financial well-being and success, and drawing lines will help you a little.

Drawing a cobweb

Next we're going to talk about the habitat of spiders. There are no complicated tricks to drawing a spider web. You just have to follow the basic principles of drawing.

Eventually, you will be able to depict a wide variety of spider web options.

Simple sketches for beginners

In order to draw for the first time, experienced masters recommend to choose the simplest sketches for beginners.

Do not think that it takes a long time to draw with a pen - this process takes no more than half an hour with proper dexterity.

Pay attention! The simplest sketches are considered to be the variants without detailed pictures. Inscriptions will also be interesting as a primary application on the skin.

For the first time small pictures will do well. When the hand is full, you can move on to more complex types of sketches of medium size and large.

Let's consider a few options for pictures for self application at home:

Geometric PatternsYou don't have to be a professional artist to draw beautiful patterns. It's enough to look at a pattern and trace it onto leather or parchment. Among the geometric patterns popular Greek, Roman and Scandinavian patterns
FlowersDrawings of flowers can be applied with a blue pen, and the stem itself can be painted in black. It is better to choose uncomplicated versions of roses, peonies, orchids, daisies - they are well suited for the image on the lower leg
Natural drawingsTree branches and leaves are patterns that any novice artist can handle. Acorns, chestnuts, nuts, and berries - all these pictures are done in half an hour, because they do not have detailed details
InsectsThe easiest insect to draw is the butterfly. Two wings, in the middle of the body of the insect - the drawing is done. Not bad get the image wasps, beetles or snakes
Skulls .Guys often choose brutal body drawings: offer them to draw an image of a stylized skull. Red roses with leaves can be placed on the sides: such a sketch is always a delight

How to make it right

First determine the future center, where a point is drawn. From it, lines are drawn, but the point must remain in the middle of each strip. The more rays, the thicker the net will be.

It is necessary that the final figure was similar to a snowflake.

To combine the rays apply arcs. At the edge they should be small, and in the center become more convex.

A simple example will work if you want to place it on a tree, etc.

Choose one direction.

So, you've tried to reset your mind to a positive direction. Now you can do correction chiromancy. Chiromancers advise to examine the palms of both hands. To make a correction, you must choose the active palm (the hand you write with).

Wait for the moon to rise. Take a marker of red or gold color, clearly state what you want to achieve. Don't scatter your aspirations, stop at one option. This is not magic, but a serious action. Therefore, it is not necessary to rush, to joke about this action.

The drawn lines should remain on the hand as long as possible, so start drawing the lines in the evening to leave for the night.

Stages of drawing

First of all, let's draw a spider web. Draw one line and perpendicular to it a second line. You should get a semblance of a "+" symbol.

Next, add 2 more such lines between them.

Then unite them by arcs, and in the outermost row one of the arcs does not need to be drawn, in its place display a spider web hanging downwards, on which the spider will hang.

Then using pen or pencil create the insect itself. From below the thread you draw an oval, under which the circle is smaller. On the abdomen (the oval part above) leave a flare in the shape of a crescent.

If you want, you can display the eyes on the head. Also draw 8 legs, the front pair of which should be the longest and look towards the head.

For the picture to be as similar to reality as possible, add gray tones to the sides.

Now you can draw a spider on your face or any other place depends on your imagination. You can draw colored spiders, etc. on similar principles.

Is it long to do light pen tattoos on the hand and how

Tattoos with a pen are common among children, teenagers. They are performed quickly and easily.

All that is needed is to redraw the chosen picture on the skin, observing the similarity with the source. Easy and simple drawings can draw even a small child.

Temporary tattoo can be performed with a black pen, it is important to pick up the quality of the tool. For the work is suitable gel or ballpoint pen.

In some cases, you can get a long-term tattoo using a needle and gel pen.

Let's look at how to do the drawing with a pen, as well as the duration of this procedure:

  1. Prepare the materials: Gel pen of the desired shade, a simple pencil, scissors, paper or tracing paper, cotton swabs, talcum alcohol and wound treatment solution.
  2. Choose a sketch or stencil. It is advisable to choose a pattern before you begin. Depending on the purpose of the tattoo, it can be inscriptions, pictures, photos of famous people. The main thing is to have sufficient artistic skill in drawing.
  3. Translation. Draw a picture on tracing paper and carefully shaded outline with a gel pen. Later this blank will be needed for a temporary tattoo, which should be done quickly.
  4. Choose a place. Girls drawings look good on the wrist, the boys tattoos look solid on the shoulder.
  5. Translation of the pattern. Apply the prepared template with the pattern down to the skin. Take a cloth soaked in water and put it on the tracing paper for 1 minute. Gently pull the paper away and check to see if the tattoo has transferred.

You can do the tattoo with a needle, punching holes in the skin and filling them with paint from a pen. This method is considered painful, but less traumatic than using a machine.

In time the work will take no more than 15 minutes, depending on the complexity of the drawing.

Picture tips how to draw a spider

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The geography of the body: where to draw the runes

Drawing runic symbols is designed to attract the vibrations of higher forces and create a protective aura.

Here we should draw an analogy with Indian acupuncture techniques, in which by stimulating certain points on the body it is possible to influence various organs. Putting drawings in certain places will bring a positive result.

Below are the names of the runes and their location on the body:

  • Head - Vird, Saulu, Dagaz, Yera, Turisaz, Wunho, Laguz;
  • neck - Gebo, Mannaz;
  • body - Feu, Berkana, Nautiz, Hagalaz, Kano, Otal, Evaz, Pert, Inguz, Iha;
  • hands - Ansuz, Uruz, Algiz;
  • feet - Isa.

When creating a formula of runes belonging to different parts of the body, choose the area to which most of the constituent symbols apply. Each sign of the rune matrix, applied to the corresponding zone, begins to work at the time of the pronunciation of the plot.

The symbol Ostal means birth, the emergence of a new

Dangers and consequences of drawing runes on the body

As a powerful magical tool, runic symbols require careful attention. Runic staked on the body makes it an amulet. Therefore, all drawings must be applied consciously.

Incorrectly drawn script can bring harm, have a negative impact.

Runes are dangerous to apply black and gray color, they attract the negative energy of the other world. It is better to entrust the making of a formula to experts. When you visit them in person, they will write a script on paper, you can also do it online. Such a script can be viewed both on the home computer and on the phone, make a screen saver for the memory of chiromancy.

You can not mindlessly apply the rune signs on the body

Photo gallery of ideas and images for children on Halloween

Creating an image for children on Halloween is very interesting and exciting. And it will allow adults to dive into childhood themselves and get creative with drawing. And this is a great way to get away from the usual perception of Halloween outfits and makeup. You can make cute baby images that will add charm to all the little beauties.

And the following are pictures of a variety of Halloween makeup for kids:

Allowed Characters.

Runes of positive influence can do no harm. Usually they are used to address a specific situation.

Which runes can be applied to the body:

  • Gebo - will help to reconcile with a loved one;
  • Fehu - favors financial undertakings and attracts money;
  • Ansuz - produces activation of thinking processes and intellectual abilities;
  • Berkana - symbol of female attraction, motherhood, care and beauty;
  • Inguz - patron of male energy.

A deeper study of the symbols will allow you not to make a mistake when choosing a suitable sign. At the same time, the risk of causing magical damage to oneself is reduced.

Slavic runes for women and men

Many people prefer to reproduce patterns from Slavic runic symbols. This culture divides the meaning of the signs into masculine and feminine.

Women more often use signs that fill with sensitive energy, help keep the warmth of the home. Usually these are the Moon, Ladinets and the Star of Lada. The runes are applied to the wrist.

Men also choose signs that endow them with strength, tenacity, and courage. The most popular Slavic runes for men are Perun, Valkyrie, Svarog Square.

The Mannaz symbol - the symbol of memory, wisdom, self-esteem

Scandinavian signs for women and men

Among the Scandinavian signs, there is no clear distinction between male and female symbols.

The same symbols are often used to create the amulet formula:

  • Horn - brings good luck and love;
  • Meng - realizes mental abilities;
  • Keng - preserves health;
  • Laju - gives vitality;
  • Ur - opens the way to changes;
  • Jera - grants wishes.

Signs of the Scandinavian rune matrix is most often stuffed with tattoos. This is due to the popularity of the mythology of these countries. Usually the tattoo of these runes on the arm or body.

Totem Animals

To enhance the protective effect of amulets, each rune is further compared to the patronizing animal. Adding the forces of nature multiplies the effect.

Correspondence symbols totem animals:

  • Fehu - dragon;
  • Uruz is a bull;
  • Turisaz - centaur;
  • Ansuaz - pelican;
  • Raido - dolphin;
  • Kenaz is a pegasus;
  • Gebo - robin;
  • Wuño - swallow;
  • Hagalaz - raven;
  • Nautiz, a chimera;
  • Isa, bat;
  • Yera - elephant;
  • Eyvaz - carp;
  • Perto, hare;
  • Algiz, moose;
  • Saul - eagle;
  • Taiwaz - unicorn;
  • Berkana - phoenix;
  • Evaz - bee;
  • Mannaz - dove.

A factual confirmation of the connection between the higher and the forces of nature is the meaning of the correspondence of the totem animal. For example, rune Nautiz, which carries a highly negative charge, belongs to the fire-breathing monster Chimera.

The symbol Dagaz can be applied to the head

On the head.

Sacred signs are applied also on the head. This area corresponds to the runes Vird, Saulu, Dagaz, Yera, Turisaz, Wuno, Laguz. They have an effect on mental abilities, hearing, vision, speech. Their location is interconnected with body parts.

Their symbols have their own symbols between the eyebrow, forehead, eyes, lips, left and right ear.

In order not to write the runes on the face with a tattoo or pen, perform visualization, that is, outlining the symbols in the air in the right place.

On the hand

Runes on the hands, fingers, forearms and palms have creative energy and power. They correspond to the symbols Ansuz, Uruz, Algiz. Place runes on the wrist for women, carry the energy of love and maternal warmth.

On the chest

On the chest, most often you can find an image of the symbols Berkana and Hagalaz. Despite their location in the same area, the signs carry opposite energies. So Berkana represents the continuation of the family, and Hagalaz represents indifference and heartlessness.

On the back

The rune Fehu is responsible for the back. At present, there is no suitable and specific explanation for it. The back is suitable for the placement of various stavs.

Mannaz symbol on the body


For women

For men