Children's tattoos - temporary tattoo designs for girls and boys, how to keep a picture longer, funny photos

Recently, tattoos are in fashion, and many men and women prefer to apply them to different parts of the body. There are many designs that can be done on your body, and the design that you decide to get should be special to you, as the tattoo will follow you for the rest of your life. Foot and baby footprint tattoos are some of the favorites of male fathers, as this tattoo symbolizes boundless love for their children. There are many foot and baby footprint tattoo designs you can get, and here on this blog, we want to give you their best ideas. So we encourage you to keep looking at the images we share here, and you can choose the tattoo design you like best.

Baby Names

When a baby is born, one has the most beautiful feelings. And it is a logical desire to capture this moment in one's memory. A tattoo with the name of your son or daughter is a great way to do this.

The occasion doesn't have to be exactly the birth of children. Even if you already have an older child, you can get a tattoo of their name. Let him know how much you love him.

There are many options for the execution of such a tattoo:

  1. Initials (the first letters of the name);
  2. Name and date of birth;
  3. Name and symbols (infinity, flowers, heart);
  4. Portrait of a child in realism;
  5. an imprint of a child's hand or foot.


It's no secret that children are always trying to "try on" the image of adults. It seems to them that being an adult is much more interesting, more fun and cooler, because the older generation has much more freedom and independence, their opinion is taken into account by others, they have their own privileges. A tattoo is one of the attributes of an adult, which a child associates with "unchildish" characteristics and opportunities.

Children and teenagers cannot get a real tattoo. Up to the age of 18, no licensed salon simply will not take up stuffing a picture without a written permission of their parents and their obligatory presence. However, and the need for permanent tattooing is not - children are growing up, changing their tastes, interests. In addition, changing and the proportions of the body, which can significantly distort the tattoo. That is why temporary tattoos were invented for them.

Children's tattoos, as a rule, have only positive meaning and symbolism. Prison, aggressive, and sexual themes are not used in them. Usually these are beautiful patterns, images of favorite characters, animals and plants. Such tattoos are characterized by brightness, "cartoonishness" and an abundance of glitter. They are a great way of self-expression, when every child can demonstrate their difference from their friends, and at the same time show off in front of their friends.

It should be noted that Children's tattoos became in fashion not so long ago, they will remember only the child of the late Soviet Union, older people by the time of their appearance have already grown up. At that time tattoos were "translators", they were sold together with gum - this technology is used even now. The main advantage of temporary tattoos for children is their environmental safety: regardless of skin type, they do not cause irritation, redness and swelling. In addition, if the picture is bored, you can remove it in a couple of minutes.

Temporary tattoos are especially popular in the warm season, when the body is covered only with light clothing, and arms, legs and shoulders are completely open. - Then you can safely demonstrate personal patterns to friends. Most often, young fashionistas decorate the forearms and fingers. Young adorable girls apply tattoos to face, abdomen, chest and collarbone area.

Place of application

Men usually stuff pictures anywhere: on wrists, biceps, ankles, abdomen, triceps, back, legs, neck. The stronger sex tend to choose bright, large, bold tattoos, often screaming of boundless love for the child.

Girls prefer to place a portrait or baby's name on the wrist, collarbone or stomach, sometimes on the shoulder blade or leg.

Women opt for a "hidden quiet tenderness" - a small, delicate tattoo.

You can meet people tattooed with poems dedicated to the family. The boundaries of self-expression are different for everyone.

An abstract symbol

It is most often found in women. This story suits those who are not ready to use a real picture or the name of the child, but want to emphasize their new status as mothers.

These variations are often made with an image of a pregnant woman

Such variations are often made with an image of a pregnant girl or a woman's face holding a baby in her arms. Often an arm or neck is chosen.

The symbol expresses a woman's joy over the birth

The symbol expresses a woman's joy over the birth of a new person and her immense love for him.

The meaning of the chosen signs

The image of children in any manifestation has always meant a set of kind and warm symbols - it is a belief in a great bright future, and knowledge of the world, and new steps into the big world.

A child is also a need for protection and the ability to

The child is also a need for protection and the ability of the adult to protect, curiosity and innocence of thoughts.

Places for a tattoo with the name of a child and their meaning

The place of the marking says a lot, so the choice of place for the tattoo must be taken responsibly.

  • The right hand is associated with the "fluctuations of the universe".
  • On the left hand is associated with "vibrations of the universe. A person whose name is tattooed on it, may begin to over-idealize the world, will be vulnerable to criticism, will become vulnerable. It also contributes to the development of selfish traits.
  • The wrist is a talisman. A symbol of softness of character. The child will be surrounded by affection and care.
  • The shoulder - self-expression, the desire to show, to express themselves to the world.

According to some superstitions, a name tattoo on the zap
According to some superstitions, the name tattoo on the wrist is a talisman
If it is associated with children, it is better not to stuff the inscription in plain sight, because parents are energetically connected with their child. Outsiders absolutely do not need to see the inscription, images of children, family, so as not to affect the negative energy, not to bring spoilage, the evil eye.

How to wash it off or keep it longer?

In theory there is no special need to wash children's tattoos off the skin, because they will keep on the body not very long without it. As a rule, the life of a transferable picture does not exceed 10 days, a henna tattoo, depending on how it is applied, can last up to 2 months. In a situation where you want to get rid of the body drawing, it is sufficient to simply wipe the picture with a damp cloth, a wet rag or a washcloth.

If the same tattoo came to the child in mind, and he wants to keep it as long as possible, then to extend its life is possible, protecting the birthmark from water and friction. With this approach, the transferable design will last a little longer - up to two weeks. Mehendi can last up to 2-3 months.

Styles and colors

Tattoo "Mother and Child" masters perform in several styles.

Such a picture is applied, using:

  1. Watercolor.
  2. Graphics.
  3. Baroque.
  4. Black and white.
  5. Tradischinl.
  6. New or old skool.
  7. Neo-tradishinl.
  8. Realism.
  9. Minimalism.
  10. Gravure.

Given the nature of the client and his wishes, an experienced specialist will choose a suitable manner of execution of the image.

Themed tattoos depicting a mother and child are never done in such styles as:

  1. Bioorganic.
  2. Biomechanics.
  3. Linework.
  4. Oriental.
  5. Chicano.
  6. Tribal.
  7. Thrash Polka.
  8. Polynesia.
  9. Ornamental.
  10. Blackwork.

Mother and Child tattoo tracing in Thrash Po style
Sketch of a tattoo "Mother and Child" in the style of Trash Polka
The above manners of execution cannot reflect the delicate image of a woman and her baby.


The style "Watercolor" implies the application of the tattoo with bright colors. Such a picture turns out clear, delicate, and the colors can slightly go beyond the allocated boundaries and give free rein to the imagination, changing tones into halftones and smoothly passing into the color of the skin.

The watercolor element can be used in some details, such as painting the mother and child's dress or shading hearts. Tattoo in this style can be both large in area and occupy very little space and be miniature.


"Graphics" - the style for those women who do not like unnecessary details and bright colors. The manner of execution implies the application of the image with clear thin lines. The same strokes perform everything from the shadows cast by the picture, ending with the faces of people.

Drawing a tattoo in this style takes a lot of time. However, the result is well worth it. The picture looks stylish and harmonious. The area of the image made by a graphic is usually not large.

Baroque .

The style called "Baroque" suits those girls who like to challenge society and themselves. The manner of execution of such tattoos consists in combining elements which, at first sight, do not combine.

Such pictures do black, brown, dark green, gray or dark blue ink. The area of the picture made "Baroque" is usually large, and the images on the body look three-dimensional.

Black and White

Black and white style some masters call "the benchmark"Because such tattoos are always fashionable and in demand. The name of the manner of execution received because of the colors used.

The advantage of such a picture is that over time it burns out less and it is less likely to have to be "adjusted". Also well and interestingly obtained in a black and white manner and color sketches.


This style is sometimes also called "European". This is due to the fact that the first who began to apply such pictures to the body were sailors from Europe.

Despite the fact that the image in the style of "Tradeshinl" mean more drawings of anchors, ribbons and other maritime elements, some girls are happy to wear tattoos "Mother and Child" made in that manner. The pictures are applied in different shades of black paint. The style is distinguished from the others by its thick, distinct dark lines.

New and Old School.

New and old school style of body art are closely intertwined with each other. "New School" appeared in the early 80's and became popular due to the bright colors and unusual technique of execution of drawings. Such a tattoo would suit a creative mother with a good sense of humor.

"Old School" appeared before the new school and became popular in the XIX century. The difference is that the colors of the image do not go beyond its borders and tightly cover the necessary details. Such pictures attract with their brightness and crispness of lines.

Neotradishinl .

This style appeared and developed due to the traditional manner of execution of tattoos. The main difference is that the Neotradishinl drawings are always understandable for people around. Besides this tattoo in this style can be both black-and-white and classic.

Some masters note that Neotradishinl is well suited for applying images of people. Such pictures can be stamped on different parts of the body, and their size can be both large and miniature.


"Realism" is the style that is most suitable for depicting faces from paintings and photographs on the body. Tattoos in this manner of execution are always bright and colorful. At the same time, the shades of colors in them are close to natural and do not catch the eye with bright spots.

Such nudes can only be made by high-class specialists. Some fans of Realism are sure that the tattoo in this style on the body really "lives and breathes".


Those who want to get a "light" and elegant picture of "Mother and Child" will suit "Minimalism". The manner of applying such a tattoo is to have as few lines as possible on the skin. At the same time, the picture is understandable to others and looks stylish.

The advantageous thing about "Minimalism" from other styles is that such pictures heal quickly on the body. At the same time, there is practically no need to do any adjustments, because the lines of the drawing are distinctly seen on the skin for a long time.

The engraving .

Tattoos, made in the style of "etching" resemble a printed picture. Such pictures are characterized by sharpness, all shades of black and neatness of lines. At the same time the image on the body is clearly visible.

Some people like the engraving because it resembles a medieval style. A mother with a child, made in this technique, looks gentle and organic on the skin.

Options for creating temporary tattoos

Nowadays, there is more than one way to create a temporary tattoo pattern for children. The most common and popular are:

  • henna tattoo;
  • With the help of airbrush;
  • glitter tattoo;
  • transfer sticker.

Tattoo made with natural henna can last on the skin for up to a month. Very spectacular and original look various symbols, amulets on children's hands made by henna.

Airbrush tattoo is very popular. To create it use a stencil, but true masters of their craft, can without the stencil, and immediately airbrush to create the desired pattern. It is also very good that you can mix a few colors of paint to get the right tone, so the picture will be more interesting. Tattoo done in this way stays on for about 2 weeks.

Glitter tattoo is also called glitter tattoo, to create a colorful glitter and special glue. The tattoo is made in such a way is capable to remain on a skin about 2 weeks.

Sticker-tatoo easy and simple enough to be applied at home. It is necessary to remove the protective film from the sticker, put it on your skin. Wet the back side well with water, press down with your hand for a few minutes, then carefully remove the sticker. This way you can quickly get a beautiful stylish tattoo.

Photos and sketches of tattoos in honor of the family

Masters post interesting works on the Internet for inspiration. Explore all possible options and pick the one that expresses your feelings to the fullest. Save the examples so that in the future it will be easier for you to explain to the master what you want to get as a result of the procedure.

Temporary tattoo ideas for girls.

Every girl loves everything bright, attractive and a tattoo is no exception. Girls get tattoos in any way: henna, airbrush, glitter tattoo, transfer sticker. Most often, girls for the application of a tattoo choose an image from the following categories:

  • flowers;
  • butterflies;
  • Favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters;
  • The image of an animal;
  • Various patterns, symbols.

Even girls are not indifferent to hearts, different phrases. Girls with pleasure select and make their own tattoos under outfits, accessories... Most often they choose bright small stickers, as well as black and white pictures.

There are many options and ideas for creating temporary tattoos for children. A variety of options pictures can be found on the Internet, printed on the printer stencil and do yourself with an airbrush, do it in the style of glitter tattoo, or cover with henna.

In stores you can easily buy whole kits to create different tattoos at home for both boys and girls or just buy a sticker for a transferable tattoo. Any way a tattoo made will bring a child delight, a lot of positive emotions and a good mood...


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