Trends in creating a fashionable interior - writings on the walls

One of the simplest, but interesting and original ways to decorate the room is the use of writings on the wall. The text is not only an element of decor, it also carries a semantic load.

With its help, the owner of the house can express himself, to demonstrate his own individuality. Due to the possibility to choose a font, size and color of letters it is easy to create an inscription, which will look harmonically in the room, decorated in any style.

Options for creating inscriptions on the wall with a photo

Today there are many ways to make text wall decor. Most of the techniques can be applied at home.

A variety of materials are used to make inscriptions:

  • paint,
  • metal,
  • wood,
  • plastic,
  • cardboard
  • fabric, etc.

There are no clear rules and regulations for the placement of inscriptions: the words can be arranged horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or cross, as in the crossword puzzle.

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According to the stencil

Manufacturers offer a mass of the most diverse stencils, among which it is easy to find a suitable one. With the help of such a device, it is very easy to apply the text on the wall.

It is easy to use: the stencil is attached to the wall, fixed with scotch tape or pencil glue, and the cut out holes are painted over. After the paint dries, the template is removed, and the letters remain on the surface. This method allows you to quickly and accurately, without errors, stains, to apply an inscription of any complexity on the painted or wallpapered wall.

If you could not find the desired one among the ready-made stencils, you can make your own. To do this, use letters printed on an A4 sheet, connected into the desired phrase.

By hand on squares

The method using squares is borrowed from artists, who use it to transfer a drawing from one surface to another.

Its essence is as follows:

  1. The image or inscription is printed on a sheet of paper.
  2. Using a ruler and pencil, it is divided into several segments. The more complex or larger the inscription, the more squares.
  3. The area of the wall allocated for the text is also ruled out in squares.
  4. Consistently fill in one segment after another, strictly referring to the original, printed out.

This method is more time-consuming than others, and requires precise, painstaking work. However, it allows maximum precision to transfer an inscription of any complexity, with lots of details.


Vinyl stickers are a popular way to decorate walls. They are available not only in the form of images, but also inscriptions.

The main advantages of such a solution:

  • ease of use (it is easy to attach, if necessary you can remove, no traces of glue will remain on the wall);
  • durability - for the manufacture of stickers durable and thick material is used, water-resistant and does not burn out in the sun;
  • quality - letters thanks to plotter-cutting have neat edges, precise form, equal size, which is difficult to achieve by printing text with a hand;
  • the ability to choose your own font, color letters (in the manufacture to order).

Stickers are easily attached to tiles, plastic panels, paper wallpaper.

They can also be used on some textured surfaces:

  1. embossed wallpaper,
  2. plastered
  3. wood,
  4. concrete walls.

Vinyl lettering can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

By hand

The easiest and budget option to make a decorative inscription - making it by hand. You can do it yourself or asking for help from an artist, decorators provide a similar service. This method allows you to create a decor of any shape and size, The imagination is limited only by the area of the wall.

Wallpaper or a painted surface can serve as the basis for the decor. On the selected area with a simple pencil, the outlines of the future letters are drawn, and then painted over with a marker or paint.


Wood is a material that looks appropriate in the room, decorated in almost any style: from classic to loft. The most advantageous and harmonious inscriptions made of wood letters fit into country, eco or ethnical style.

Wood allows the realization of any ideas. Letters can have clear angular or rounded contours. They can be varnished to emphasize the texture and natural wood grain, painted, artificially aged, inlaid or illuminated. The inscription can consist of individual letters or connected with each other.

Simple letters can be made yourself, using a jigsaw, and to create complex carved letters will require not only a special tool, but also the appropriate skills, so it is better to order them from a specialist.

To fix the letters made of wood on the wall use:

  • double-sided adhesive tape;
  • dowels and self-tapping screws;
  • hangers for pictures.

It is not recommended to use heavy-duty glue - later dismantling the inscription without damaging the finish will not work.


3D letters are a spectacular and fashionable interior decoration. Elements of the inscription can be placed directly on the wall or on a wall shelf. Such designs are easy to remove or move to another place during rearrangement, repair or if you want to change something in the appearance of the room.

The letters can be made of:

  • Fabric. Most often used for decorating inscriptions in children's rooms, bedrooms, less often in living rooms. Soft letters with filler and sintepon or other stuffing material can be purchased, ordered or sewn yourself. For their decoration use ribbons, beads, sequins.
  • Metal. Strong, durable, stylish-looking elements with strict outlines are optimal for rooms decorated in the loft, minimalist or high-tech style. Forged metal constructions with soft lines, painted in calm soft colors will be appropriate in the bedroom or kitchen.
  • Plywood. It is easy to make beautiful inscriptions with your own hands using a hand jigsaw. It can be varnished, painted or decorated with the technique of decoupage.
  • Cardboard. You can make it yourself by printing out special 3D letter templates. There are many ways to decorate (pasting with colored or wrapping paper, glitter, covering with fabric or leather, etc.). Made of cardboard letters weigh little, they are easy to hang on the wall. Among the disadvantages - short-lived, unstable to moisture.
  • Foam. For the manufacture use packing foam, cut out the letters with a clerical knife. Covered with fabric or painted. Used to decorate children's rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or hallways.
  • Solid wood. Wooden letters are almost universal: durable, do not need additional decoration. It is difficult to make them with your own hands, but they are made to order. Excellent for children because of its environmental friendliness, they are used to decorate interiors in rustic, classical, eco or provincial style.
  • Wires. Thick wire, folded several times, give the shape of a letter, from individual elements make words, phrases. Inscriptions made with this method look good in the living room in the loft style.
  • Plastic. Durable and moisture-resistant designs are suitable for rooms decorated in a modern style.

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Framed inscriptions

Decor of this type is easy to place on any part of the wall, and then as quickly remove or re-hang it if necessary. Another advantage of an inscription placed in a frame is the possibility to change an outdated or boring text for a new, inspiring one in a few minutes. To do this, simply take the sheet out of the frame and insert another one into it.

Today, stores offer a large selection of framed lettering, but if you want, it is easy to make it yourself: choose from ready-made designs or print the desired phrase yourself, print it on the printer and insert it into a frame of suitable size.

In the interior

When choosing a decorating option, you should consider not only the style of the room, but also its purpose. Decor is appropriate in the space of any room, if you choose the right material, style and size. The following ideas will help to orient:

  • Living room. The place of rest of the family can be decorated with any variants of decor. In a classic interior to the place will be paintings with inscriptions; in the interior, decorated in a modern style, will fit the phrases or separate words (for example, "home").

In the recreation area Source

How to choose an inscription for the interior

Choose text decor should be selected, taking into account the general style of decoration and the purpose of the room. For the bedroom, we recommend relaxing and restful, calming phrases, written in letters with soft outlines, calm pastel or muted colors. For the kitchen, bright, appetite-exciting and mood-enhancing juicy colors are appropriate.

The lettering can be:

  • initials or names of family members;
  • individual words that support the overall design concept, giving the necessary emotional coloring (motivation, relaxation, entertainment, setting for study or work);
  • Winged expressions;
  • quotations from favourite books;
  • a slogan for life.

They are made both in Russian and in a foreign language - English is the most popular.

Funny ideas

Raise the spirits of housemates and guests is possible with the help of funny inscriptions. A good mood helps to relax, tune in for a friendly conversation, feel freer.

You can write on the wall humorous wishes, house rules or a unique recipe for family happiness.

Ideas for funny inscriptions:

  • For the hallway - "Life is a choice: take off your shoes or mop the floor."
  • For the kitchen - "First come, all the best";
  • For the bathroom, "Don't dive in!"

Words with meaning

In the bedroom or living room often place excerpts from favorite works of literature, aphorisms, philosophical sayings - the words that make you think.

The options for inscriptions are:

  • "Life is not a zebra, life is a rainbow. Enjoy the palette!".
  • "Miracles happen every moment, nothing else does."
  • "Appreciate this moment, it is your life."

About Family

Sayings that reveal the concept and value of family usually decorate the rooms where all relatives gather: in the living room, in the kitchen, in the dining room.


  • "Our family is eternal."
  • "The family is one of nature's masterpieces."
  • "The family is a small world created by love."

What inscriptions are appropriate for a teenager's room

It is worth leaving the owner of the room to decide for himself what he would like to see on his wall. Often teenagers choose inscriptions in the form of his own name or the name of his favorite music or sports teamWords related to hobbies.

Will look appropriate in the bedroom phrases that motivate to achieve success in learning, sports, achieving goals.

Wall inscriptions in the hallway

In the room where the guest enters first of all, it is best to place welcoming friendly inscriptions: "Welcome", "Be like home!", "Home Sweet Home". You can let people know that it is customary to take your shoes off in the house by putting up a sign that reads, "Here we take our shoes off.

For loft style

Characteristic features of the loft style - concrete, wood and brick surfaces. On their background will look harmoniously rough fonts, sharp corners, white, black and gray colors, metal. The inscriptions can be applied directly to the walls or placed in frames of silver or black colors.

Overly bright and saturated colors is not recommended. Not a very good technique - multicolored inscriptions.

In the kitchen

In the kitchen are appropriate inscriptions that set a good mood and set the mood for eating. Great will look wishes of a pleasant appetite, the names of favorite dishes, vegetables, fruits, drinks.

Variants of humorous phrases:

  • "A round of applause for the cook!"
  • "My kitchen, my rules."

WARNING: Remember that all kitchen surfaces get dirty quickly, so choose materials that are easy to clean: vinyl stickers, painted wood, frames with text.

Inscriptions that change.

Many people are in no hurry to get equipped with a letter decoration, because not without reason they fear that any, even a brilliant quote or motivational phrase sooner or later will get bored. If you like the idea of filling a room with new meaning every day, consider the following possibilities:

  • Roller (wall holder) with kraft paper. It looks stylish and allows you to record not only today's menu, notes and grocery list, but also your mood as well as inspiring ideas and everyday joys of life. Such an accessory can be hung not only in the kitchen, but also in the bedroom, study or living room.

Chinese Style
Chinese style Source

Chalkboard in the living room
Slate board in the living room Source

  • Slate (chalkboard). It also helps to update the interior as often as you want, and manufacturers offer a wide range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses of the accessory. The slate board would fit perfectly in a children's room or in the kitchen, where it can be made part of the apron, for example.

Kitchen idea
Idea for the kitchen Source

White on Black
White on black Source

  • Magnetic board. Consists of a magnetic surface in black or white, and a set of letters, numbers and signs. The possibilities aren't as mobile, but you can use it to lay out your kitchen lettering for ambiance.

In a kitchen with style.
In a stylish kitchen Source

Scrabble style Source

How to make cool lettering on your own

Before you get started, it's worth exploring a few guidelines to help you choose the most appropriate color, style of lettering, and placement:

  • The most successful text decor looks on the background of a monochrome wall. If there is a pattern on the wallpaper, it is advisable to choose an inscription in a frame. Otherwise, the words will not be clearly visible.
  • The color of the letters should be combined with the overall design of the room or be contrasting. The inscription should stand out, be easy to read.
  • Text decor is used as an accent in the interior, so only one wall in the room should be used. Do not get carried away and do the inscriptions on all the free surfaces - it will visually overload the space, and the desired effect will not be achieved.

To make the inscription on the wall with the help of a stencil, you will need letters printed on A4 sheets, double-sided tape or glue stick, scissors, a box cutter, tape, paint, a brush and a painting cuvette.

Paint should be taken for interior decoration, odorless, water-resistant and UV-resistant.


  1. On the Internet, a magazine on interior design find the necessary template. If you can not do this, create it yourself, choosing the desired font and color of the letters.
  2. Print out at the desired scale.
  3. Glue each sheet on both sides over the entire surface. This is needed so that later the paper is not deformed and does not sprawl from the paint.
  4. On the sheet cut holes in the shape of letters.
  5. Connect the sheets with duct tape, assembling letters into words and words into a phrase.
  6. The resulting stencil is applied to the part of the wall where you plan to place the inscription. Fix it with glue or double-sided tape.
  7. Paint the holes cut in the paper with a thin layer of paint. After each dip of the brush in the reservoir with paint, the excess is removed with the help of the ribbed surface of the cuvette. If this is not done, runs will form.
  8. After the first layer dries, carefully apply the second one.
  9. Remove the stencil when the paint dries.

Spray can paint cans can be used instead of conventional paint - It is easier and faster to apply it, it does not leave runs, dries faster and is applied in an even layer. But then it is necessary to close the wall around the stencil with film or paper to prevent the paint from staining the wall.

To prevent the inscription from fading and getting dirty over time, it can be additionally covered with a colorless varnish.

The role of wall inscriptions

Choosing a particular design, every owner wants to create a unique interior. A lot of time is spent on making the living room or kitchen a reflection of the tastes, aspirations and personality of the owners.

Funny inscription
A lettering with a funny twist Source

Achieving the desired goal can be achieved in different ways. More often than not, various décor comes to the rescue: art, textiles, tableware, fixtures. But more recently, uniqueness can also be emphasized with inscriptions; they solve the following problems in the interior:

  • Decorating a free wall and zoning the room.

Studio decor
Decor in the studio Source

  • Accentuate the chosen interior style.
  • Serve as an accent, helping to highlight an object.

Philosophical approach
Philosophical approach Source

Sticker in a Scandinavian interior
Sticker in a Scandinavian interior Source


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