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To understand the meaning of the penguin tattoo, let's remember what is remarkable about this bird.

Non-flying penguin is able to make the transition of hundreds of kilometers. Overcoming ice hummocks, similar to mountains, and huge drifts of frosty desert to get to their nests or pastures. An organized column of birds moves through loose drifts and ice, moving down hillsides on their bellies, helping themselves with their wings. But as soon as they encounter a similar group of penguins furrowing the endless snow, the penguins stop and noisily greet their friends for a long time, raising their beaks to the sky and bowing.

Then, obeying the established order, they line up again to continue their difficult journey. On their return to the nesting grounds, the penguins begin their "weddings". Day and night, they "serenade" by stretching their necks, or, with their eyes closed, they sit for hours in front of each other without moving. Having formed a pair, these extraordinary birds together take care of their babies and remain faithful to their "mate."

Psychological image

The image of the "Penguin" is always memorable to the eye. This cute creature is able to win the hearts of rugged men, who often and stuff it on their skin. It will be appropriate to note that this tattoo has serious meaning for people serving time in prison.
This tattoo is often represented by the inscription PINGWIN. Even without the evocative image, it means a lot. The name is deciphered as follows: sorry and don't be sad, no need to look for the guilty. This tattoo is especially meaningful for people who live by excellent life principles.

It is very difficult psychologically to maintain the principles of human society life in prison. Therefore, such a metaphorical sign helps a person to preserve the lost meaning of life.

Where to get a tattoo in the form of a penguin?

Despite the not so strong distribution of tattoos of such a cute and clumsy animal for European residents, it has an extraordinary demand. And also causes interest in the stronger sex and especially in the beautiful half of the population. To be satisfied with the executed work it is necessary to address in a tattoo-salon where work the qualified masters with experience of creation of similar extraordinary tattoos. The salon must prove itself from the best side in your city, to have positive feedback from satisfied customers with their images. As a rule, good tattoo salons use quality materials and good equipment to create tattoos on the body.

Image, loved for the prostate.

In everyday life at large people also often get such tattoos. They are interesting for both women and men. Women get tattoos to emphasize their femininity, men get tattoos to attract the opposite sex. The master performs the "penguin" drawing on the developed sketch.

The master performs it as in black and white colors, as well as in bright colors. People who caused the tattoo, thus emphasize their sincerity and mental fortitude to the existing circumstances in life.

Often, to create a tattoo, penguins from all the well-known cartoons are used. People who like this kind of image emphasize their kindness and romanticism. Especially women like poetic images. Ladies are so attracted to bright chubby penguins, that often such tattoos on their bodies can be found at once a few.

Penguin meaning

Australia was the first continent where people encountered penguins. Bird bones were discovered during archaeological excavations of ancient human camps. Judging by the state of the find, penguins were eaten back in prehistoric times.

Europeans were not introduced to penguins until the beginning of the 16th century, when seafarers from Portugal reached the coast of South Africa. It was there that Vasco da Gama first saw penguins and described them. They were donkey penguins, this species was one of the first to be scientifically named and became the main species in the lineage of the bird family.

The other species were discovered much later; they were discovered in the 18th and 19th centuries in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The handsome waterfowl were completely unafraid of humans. There was even a version that humans are perceived by penguins as similar to them, a friendly creature. The image of a funny bird moving on land is in demand in art and culture, many cartoons loved by children and adults precisely because of the cute penguin characters. The image of the bird is found in heraldry and on the emblems of sports hockey clubs.


The penguin tattoo speaks of a person's friendly disposition. It is often applied to the wrist, forearm or shoulder blade. This image is imbued with positivity and often suits a very creative nature.

The cute appearance of the bird indicates that it loves comfort and warmth. Although the penguin itself lives in colder areas. His importance and his feigned seriousness suggest a love of consistency and a measured life. All penguins are capable of reaching significant heights when it comes to career advancement.

Nakolka means love for home, the desire to be close to the people you love. The image of the penguin symbolizes order. Scrupulous people often tattoo it in order to emphasize the love of cleanliness and order.

Such a tattoo would be appropriate for high-ranking people who behave "like a bird in the water" in service. All penguins in water are graceful and easygoing. They gladly travel long distances. Penguins swim fast.

Drawing "Penguin" can emphasize the self-confidence of the person, to emphasize his love for everything unusual and beautiful. Therefore, such a tattoo would be great for all creative people who like to develop their creativity.

Behaviors of the bird

Most people find penguins, which live mostly in Antarctica, very cute. Perhaps it has to do with their gait, which Charlie Chaplin so masterfully portrayed, with their body proportions, and with a certain clumsiness. The latter, however, does not leave a trace when the penguins find themselves in the water. There they behave like real sports swimmers, hunting for fish or evading their worst enemies - sharks and killer whales.

These birds don't look like birds at all. Perhaps this is why people who choose for their tattoos the image of a penguin, consider themselves special, unique. And this, in most cases, corresponds to reality.

In addition to the meek disposition of penguins have an extraordinary endurance. Suffice it to recall the conditions in which they live. Fifty-degree frost, blizzards, rocks and ice - that's all that these birds are used to. In other words, when you see a tattoo with a penguin, you can find in its owner not only a charming do-gooder, but also a person resistant to hardship.

paired tattoo

Who does such tattoos

Similar drawings like to prick on the skin musicians and DJs. For all activists and leaders of civil movements, the penguin symbolizes resilience and self-sufficiency. For programmers, the penguin is a whole story. He was chosen by Linox representatives as a bird as a strong and noble symbol.

It is interesting to note that a man with a penguin tattoo is intuitively perceived as a gentleman. Over time, the bearers of this pattern become more self-sufficient and ambitious individuals. They are resourceful and agile. They are able to become leaders and always lead the way.

It is possible to schedule graphically what types of tattoos with the image of a penguin, the most popular. There are:

  • paired penguins;
  • penguins written in watercolor;
  • penguins linux;
  • penguins with a machine;
  • penguin on the background of a variety of geometric shapes;
  • penguin on an ice floe;
  • penguin and fox;
  • penguin with a knife.

At the same time, the penguin tattoo can be performed in different areas of the human body. This can be the wrist, arm, leg, hip, coccyx or forearm area.

The penguin tattoo is so relevant today that it is still increasingly seen on human skin. At the same time, the penguin can be surrounded by specific geometric patterns or depicted in natural prints. The penguin tattoo has a certain mystical meaning. It is unique. Just looking at such a cute creature like a penguin, you want to calm down, get rid of all the negative and continue to lead a measured, full of harmony life.

The cost of a tattoo often depends on its complexity. The more complex the image, the more it will cost the customer. But if you do even a simple tattoo in a specialized atelier, its cost will increase significantly. The customer needs to compare the work of the masters and discuss the sketch with the professionals of their business.

What does a tattoo with a penguin look like?

Despite all the listed features of this bird, a tattoo with its image does not always speak about these or those traits of character. Sometimes it is just an expression of sympathy for penguins.

Men prefer to apply such tattoos in an old-school style or in a monochrome version. Sometimes the tattoo is just a guessing silhouette of a penguin. Such tattoos look attractive and stylish.

Girls (especially teenagers) prefer cartoon characters such as Jasper, Lolo, Pororo or one of the four penguins of the acclaimed "Madagascar". As a rule, such tattoos are colored, but small, as they are often performed on the wrist. At the same time, the penguin tattoo can be seen on the scapula or forearm, where it also does not occupy a large area.

Emperor penguin chick hatch in winter

Surprisingly, living in a harsh environment, emperor penguins even breed in the winter, when other birds move from these places to warmer climes. The female lays just one egg, which the male hides from the cold in the abdominal fold. The male stays in the colony and the female goes out to sea to feed. When a chick hatches in mid-winter, the returning female feeds it with half-digested food stored in her stomach. The male, who by this time loses more than half his weight, passes the chick to its mother and goes to sea himself, where he spends a month and a half. It should be noted that the chick hatches from the egg naked and then within a few weeks grows feathers.


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