The best ideas for women's tattoos on the wrist: Trends 2021

For a tattoo requires a certain courage and stamina, it used to be used in common rites and initiations with different peoples. Tattoos were not worn by everyone, but only by the bravest, strongest or wisest, most often by shamans and warriors. Since those times the art of body painting has stepped far ahead and the opportunity to impose a tattoo is even a teenager, and for this purpose it is not necessary to be able to do magic or dress up in military ammunition. Now let's talk about the tattoos that are located on the wrist of girls.

Small tattoos on the wrist: the best ideas

Nabit yourself a volume tattoo will dare not every woman. Therefore, from year to year increases the popularity of small tattoos in the wrist area for girls. Tattoo master recommend to study carefully all the "pitfalls" of this art, to choose a picture for yourself, which you will put on your soft skin and only then make the final decision. Obligatory moment is to know the meaning of your picture, agree that it will be unpleasant to walk around with Chinese characters, which carry the message of your stupidity or, even worse, an insult to others. Lovely ladies are much more likely than the stronger part of the population to get tattoos at the wrist site. And in this, of course, the key importance is the level of professional training of the master, it depends, in the main, how painful will be the process of application and quality of the result, because at the wrist skin is very thin and sensitive, respectively, is high. And also whether you will avoid contracting such diseases as hepatitis, AIDS, dermatitis, etc. It is best to go not to a "famous" master in the yard, most often to an "apartment" tattoo artist or self-taught, but to a specialist with a name that has established itself in the professional environment.


In order to learn how to draw hands, first of all, you need to learn the proportions and be able to apply your anatomical knowledge in practice. This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Just remember a few simple rules and you will improve your drawing skills several times over, and your hand drawings will miraculously become believable and natural.

General ratios

An interesting fact is that the hand is a bit like a scapula, which is made up of two parts of the heel and fingers.

The length of the fingers is equal to the length of the heel.

This ratio must be respected. You can start by drawing a hand with a schematic representation of its shape, and a line to show the line dividing the hand into two equal parts.

Drawing a baby: portrait and full-length

The length of the whole hand can be very different. There are people with short and long fingers, and therefore the brush can be square or elongated.


The fingers are movable and flexible and consist of joints. The bones of the metacarpal are the largest and longest to which the finger joints are attached. Each successive phalanx is smaller and thinner than the previous one.

The hands of our hands are arranged according to the principle of the golden ratio, that's why women's hands are so attracted to the eyes of men around them. The proportions of the phalanges are in the ratio of 2/3 of the length of the previous phalanx.

The picture below shows the first phalanx in red, the second in orange, and the third in yellow.

All fingers except the thumb consist of four joints: three phalanges and one joint in the metacarpal. The thumb is set back to the side, slightly turned in relation to the rest of the fingers, and consists of three joints. Its length usually reaches the middle of the first phalanx of the index finger.

Length little finger almost reaches the curve of the last phalanx of the ring finger. This is shown in the illustration above.

The best wrist tattoo ideas in black and white ink

Tattooing, like any fine art, has its own fashion trends, so before you get a tattoo, decide what style it will be done in. Choosing a tattoo girl in the first place must pay attention not to the beauty of the picture, and on his meaning and relatively small size, because the tattoo on the wrist involves a relatively small drawing, inscription or sign. The most proven and classic option is a black and white tattoo. A drawing on the wrist of a girl made in this style is a good complement to any image that the owner wishes to create. Black and white tones allow you to deeply penetrate into the message of the image, to understand its main idea. Smooth thin lines on the girl's wrist look beautiful and neat. White tattoos are one of the best options for women. Lace drawings are barely visible on the girl's body, and that's why it creates a visual illusion that the picture is intertwined with the skin, or, even, is under it. The color of the tattoo should not differ significantly from the skin tone of the girl. White tattoos are less noticeable than regular colored or black, but on a tanned skin they will be perfectly visible and accentuate.

Inscriptions not worth doing

It is not a good idea to write ambiguous, rude or vulgar inscriptions on your body.This is a sign that seems funny and witty at first glance, but over time will turn into a stigma. Also do not do body art with words of love near the intimate areas, as they can get ambiguous.

Tattoo inscriptions for girls - with meaning, in Latin with translation, beautiful styles, sketches, photos

Many girls have made mistakes by applying names, initials or any other distinctive symbols associated with lovers in a fit of passion and love. Falling in love is a strong feeling, but unlike a tattoo, it has the ability to disappear. And not every guy will be able to adequately perceive the eternally flashed at his girlfriend's reminder of the "ex.

This can also apply to many other things: for example, the names of favorite music bands (today they are in the top, but who knows what will happen tomorrow). Inscriptions should refer to eternal things that will remain unchanged.

Tattoo images for girls - meaningful Latin tattoo with translation, beautiful styles, sketches, photos

do not do body art with words of love near intimate areas, as they can acquire ambiguity.

Deciding to get a tattoo is not always easy, but for an easier decision A girl should carefully think over every detail: drawing, style, font, translation and meaning of the phrase.

Tattoo inscriptions for girls - with meaning, in Latin with translation, beautiful styles, sketches, photos

Having solved all the disputable questions about the desired body art, having thoroughly studied every detail, it will be possible to be sure that the tattoo at every glance will cause only joy. And not only the owner, but also ordinary people who will see the picture.

Tattoo on the wrist for girls: the best ideas in color

Most often, colored tattoos are used to create any complex drawings, in which an important part is to highlight the smallest details with the help of contrasts of colors and in general bright colors. When using different colors, the master opens a whole new range of possibilities, which he can apply in creating a whole masterpiece on the girl's body. But do not forget that you intend to apply the tattoo on a sufficiently small area of the hand, the options in this arrangement become less. Colored tattoos are usually used when applying flowers or representatives of the animal world to the hand. 3D tattoo is a relatively new way of tattooing on human skin. The colored drawing can be presented in the form of colored shimmering, inscriptions or three-dimensional pictures.

How to draw a man's hand

Step 1:

Draw a vertical, slightly oblong circle to create a base for a man's hand brush.

Step 2:

Draw a vertical straight line in the middle of the oblong circle, and use the straight lines to mark the wrist.

Drawing an airplane in pencil for children

Step 3:

Draw a base for the thumb, using straight lines and a curve curved to the left.

Step 4:

With straight lines schematically draw a framework for the fingers of a clenched fist.

Step 5:

Using curved lines, draw the thumb of the hand in more detail, and mark the fingernail.

Step 6:

Trace the man's hand in more detail with a pencil and erase any unnecessary sketches. Detail the fingers a little more.

Step 7:

All that's left to do is paint and the man's clenched fist brush is ready!

Best pseudo tattoo ideas on the wrist

As mentioned earlier, the area where the tattoo will be applied is relatively sensitive and the skin is thin. Because of this, the procedure does not promise to be the most enjoyable in a girl's life. To achieve a good result, you will have to suffer a little, but it will be worth it. During the process of applying the tattoo you may have a burning or numb hand, do not be afraid - this is normal. For girls who can not decide if they want a tattoo or not, provided a great option - temporary tattoos. When applying such a tattoo to the skin of an insecure girl, henna, which is a natural dye, is used. Tattoo masters do not consider it a real tattoo, but jokingly call it "drawing". This procedure is completely safe, it will not harm your skin in any way. Temporary tattoo lasts about two weeks, after which it completely disappears from a girl's skin.

The best henna tattoo ideas on the wrist

With the use of henna on the skin you can transfer any pattern. Having a ready-made sketch, the procedure can be carried out by your own efforts at home, but if you, as such, have no experience, it is better not to take the risk. Natural henna has some positive aspects:

  • It will not harm your skin in any way.
  • The image can be applied anywhere on the body.
  • The procedure is quite quick and painless.
  • There is no sticky substance left in the place of the drawing after the procedure.

If properly cared for, the temporary tattoo will last on your skin for two weeks. This type of tattoo is particularly popular in India with newlyweds. Before the wedding, the bride and groom are drawn from the elbow and finish it on the fingertips. Also such tattoos are actively used in the film industry, when according to the idea of the film the actor should be covered with various tattoos.

Interesting drawing ideas for active girls

More recently, the trends of 2021 included interesting drawings as tattoos: an image or the name of your favorite city, a map of the world, a drawing of an airplane. These tattoos are more suitable for girls who are actively travelling and they want to leave on their body a piece of the path that they overcame during their travels around the world. Such tattoos do not go unnoticed. Because it looks really modern and original.

Tattoos on the wrist of a girl have long ceased to cause surprise to others. However, thanks to the variety of styles, drawings and fashion solutions that we can provide experienced tattoo-masters, every girl can create himself, though a small, but very original and memorable tattoo on the wrist.


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