Beautiful little tattoos on the arm for girls - the best photo ideas and trends of 2021

If you decide to decorate your body with a beautiful tattoo, it is not necessary to do large and bright tattoos. The best option for girls will be charming small tattoos, which are now very fashionable and popular.

Even the smallest tattoo can become a special symbol for a girl, an expression of uniqueness and a way to overcome some inner complexes. Therefore many girls having a beautiful tattoo on the body feel more confident and free.

A small beautiful tattoo always looks stylish and coquettish, and the most popular place for a small tattoo for girls is the hand. Women's fingers and wrist are the most popular and ideal places to place a small tattoo.

The best ideas and photo examples of small tattoos on the arm for girls 2021 we are ready to show our readers in today's material.

The most current trends of modern tattoos for girls allow you to choose a small tattoo that will meet not only lifestyle and mood, but will also become a real amulet or a symbol of its mistress.

Beautiful little tattoos on hands of girls - the best photo ideas and trends of 2021

Even the smallest beautiful tattoo can carry great meaning, so the choice of theme and subject of the figure is not always simple. Complex Chinese characters are not in trend now, tattoo masters are more inclined to clear simple drawings in the style of minimalism.

What beautiful small tattoos on the arm fashionably to do in 2021, we will try to understand below.

Beautiful tattoos on the hand in the form of inscriptions

Beautiful little tattoos on girls arm - best photo ideas and trends of 2021

Pretty popular among small tattoos for girls, which mono make on the hand enjoy a neat inscription. Depending on the length of the text beautiful tattoo can fit even on a phalange of the finger.

Elegantly small tattoo inscription will look on the wrist. It is very important to choose a suitable font for the inscription, depending on which tattoo will acquire a different style and design. It is fashionable to do any inscription on the hand, from the name to the iconic or symbolic expressions.

An alternative to the inscriptions can be no less fashionable small tattoo 2021 in the form of numbers. A lucky number, a special date, or just an iconic number with which a period in life is associated can be immortalized in a beautiful tattoo on your arm.

Do not forget about the hierarchy of muscles

The deltoid muscle is always at the top (Image courtesy of Patrick Jones)
This is where the most important thing begins. At this point, I overlap the pectoralis major with the biceps muscle, which is under the twisted deltoid muscles. Knowing the hierarchy of muscles helps me understand depth and form. "The deltoid muscle is always on top" is a good phrase to remember for the future.

Small symbols and signs in hand tattoos

Beautiful little tattoos on girls arm - best photo ideas and trends of 2021

What only beautiful small tattoos on the arm can be found in girls - from banal simple hearts to complex patterns. Everything that likes and makes sense to you can be embodied in a stylish tattoo.

In a trend 2021 are small tattoos with the zodiac sign, popular and the symbol of infinity or the arrow, and the black and white ethnic and pagan symbols and signs in the graphic version.

The most creative and extraordinary individuals can afford to make a small tattoo on the hand with a smiley face and even a mathematical or chemical formula.

Popular designs

In order to fit the sketch into the palm of your hand, it must be compact enough.

The most common drawings:

  • A rose and a bouquet of roses:
  • A snake with its mouth open and entwined around itself;
  • an eye pupil brought into the triangle;
  • a butterfly flying or sitting on a flower;
  • symbolic crosses and crossed keys;
  • a skull or spider sitting on a web;
  • playing dice connected by a chain;
  • SpongeBob and other cartoon characters;
  • a helm, mast or anchor;
  • a snake woven around arrows;
  • a blotch or any inscription;
  • a heart pierced by a sword;
  • a map of the world, a country, or a particular region;
  • an Egyptian eye or swordfish;
  • a dog's or cat's paw print;
  • a fox chasing a mouse;
  • a flock of moths or birds;
  • birds perched on tree branches;
  • religious symbols;
  • bells or sakura branches;
  • a lucky horseshoe;
  • hieroglyphs or diamonds;
  • a barrel floating on the waves;
  • atoms or chemical elements;
  • Chiromancy symbols;
  • shrimps or clams;
  • geometric shapes;
  • objects on the theme of biomechanics.

Tattoos on the palm for girls, men's. Sketches, photos
Sketches of tattoos on the palm for girls
Quite often, tattoos on the palms are performed in 3D style and appear to be three-dimensional.

Men's tattoos

Tattoo on the rib of the palm belongs to a separate category and is most often practiced among men. The most frequent drawings on this place become inscriptions like "Airborne Forces" or "Navy". The abbreviation is in a sufficiently prominent place, so that coworkers relatively quickly can identify each other even at a great distance. Also, such inscriptions are an indicator of mutual respect and devotion to a certain branch of the military.

Tattoo on the palm of the hand for girls, male. Sketches, photos

All tattoos differ in the stylistics of their application, which depends on the way of thinking of the customer and his artistic preferences.

Tattoos on the palms of the hands of men are most often performed in styles:

Style NameFeature
BlackworkRepresents a pattern applied with black paint. This style combines well with other styles, the most successful with Dotwork. Usually such tattoos resemble geometric figures, ornaments or religious patterns.
DotworkA tattoo is applied with numerous dots, thanks to which the contrast, density of padding and shade of the pattern is formed. Most often it is used for body padding of geometric figures.
Old skool.This style is the most popular in European countries and the United States. In this style, tattoos with skulls, anchors, angels or ribbons are performed. Drawings are printed in very bright colors and bordered with black lines.
PolynesiaThe Polynesian style is a mixture of curved lines that intersect and twist in a spiral, usually symmetrical in relation to each other. As a rule, images of sea animals or Polynesian mythical deities are used in the drawing.
OrnamentalThis style has pronounced, distinct lines. It is mostly used in sketches of Celtic symbols, spirals, straight lines, broken geometric elements or knots. In addition, there may be vegetation and sea creatures, images of the moon or the sun.
EthnographyTattoos are distinguished by the visible volume of drawings. Sketches are usually taken from cultures: Indian, Celtic, Polynesian, Majori or Mayan. They are usually printed in the form of images of animals, plants or mythical creatures.
WatercolorThe most romantic and expressive tattoo that emphasizes a touching personality. The tattoo is performed in a monochrome style and can combine images and objects that do not match.
BiomechanicsSuch a drawing represents the mixing of human skin with mechanical parts. It is reminiscent of the robot scenes from the movie "Terminator.
BioorganicApplies a rich color and is characterized by the vivid elaboration of shadows and the contours of the picture. It has a juicy and dense coloring, as a rule, the picture is improvised.
MinimalismIt is characterized by simplicity, elegance and conciseness. Usually there are geometric figures, symbols, book illustrations, flowers or animal images on the sketch.

Also as men's tattoos on the palm can be quite often found miniatures in a realistic form, Japanese characters or anime drawings. As a rule, they are part of a full sleeve and are sustained in the same style with the overall composition.

Women's tattoos

Tattoos designed specifically for girls, when placed on the palms of the hands are usually beaten in watercolor and graphic styles. Girls, as a rule, most often in tattoos use intricate Indian patterns imitating mehendi or circular patterns with deep meaning called mandalas. Usually such images are applied on the back side in order to add femininity and elegance to the image.

Tattoo on the palm of the hand for girls, male. Sketches, photos

Very popular is the drawing of the hamsa, whose main meaning is good intuition, kindness and good luck.

For girls, such a drawing, printed on the palm, has several meanings:

  • The need to find a protector;
  • the desire to have a child;
  • expectation and faith in the future.

In second place in polarity is the image of plants and animals. The most popular among feathered animals are the eagle, owl and raven. They are depicted in full color and black and white. No less popular is the image of a hummingbird, which is printed next to the little finger or on the phalanges of the fingers. The tattoos of the tiger, lion, elephant or bear have a certain sacred meaning that must be known before the design can be printed on the body.

Tattoo on the palm of the hand for girls, male. Sketches, photos

The animal world is primarily associated in tattoos with tigers, lions, elephants or bears. Sometimes you can find tattoos of frogs, cute dogs and horses. They are depicted in realism or stylized form of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis. To decipher such a tattoo, the expression of the muzzle plays a big role. An animal with a grin is a clear sign of aggression, as opposed to a calm expression that speaks of the restraint of its owner and of his strength of spirit.

The arthropods and insects drawn on the palm play the role of amulet and talisman for its owner. Worn Egyptian scarab is the guardian of the afterlife, a small bee on the palm is a symbol of diligence and assertiveness. Dragonflies, night moths and butterflies bring good luck to their owners.

Quite often on the palm of a girl you can find images of plants and flowers.

The most common:

  • branches of laurel;
  • clover leaves;
  • roses or peonies;
  • lotuses or sakura;
  • dandelions or daisies.

Some people prefer to depict sea animals on their hand.

The most popular are:

  • dolphins or sperm whales;
  • whales or seahorses;
  • dolphins or snails;
  • Sharks or jellyfish.

Beautiful tattoos for girls with a flower on the arm

Beautiful little tattoos on hands of girls - the best photo ideas and trends of 2021

The most delicate and beautiful variants of small tattoos for girls will be floral style. The latest trend were drawings of four-leaf clover on the hand, especially in watercolor technique with painted green leaves.

Feminine and stylish will look any tattoos with a flower. Choosing a flower, look not only at the appearance, but also familiarize yourself with the meaning of the tattoo. Of the small floral tattoos it is worth highlighting the rose as a symbol of love and beauty. Such a tattoo on the arm of a girl is always relevant and trendy.

A small black and white dandelion and a small daisy or lotus tattoo on the hand will look original.

Emphasize the highlights

Use a soft eraser to create soft highlights (Image courtesy of Patrick Jones)
Using charcoal and fabric, I create a gray hue in the background that visually "highlights" the glare of the flesh, thereby providing the right contrast. For softer highlights I use a soft eraser, moving my hand up and down - in the rhythm in which the entire drawing was performed.

Laconic animalistic tattoos on the hand

Beautiful little tattoos on girls arm - best photo ideas and trends of 2021

In addition to flowers, you can do beautiful small animal tattoos on the hand. If you think that such tattoos are more suitable for men, you are deeply mistaken.

Look at the little swallows, cute fish, cats and chanterelles, silhouettes of which are often depicted on women's hands.

The most fashionable small tattoos for girls 2021 became funny animals: a cute panda, a sloth, a sleepy owl or a smiling dolphin look very cool.

Small tattoos for girls with an original design

Beautiful little tattoos on girls arm - best photo ideas and trends of 2021

Unique and unusual small tattoos on the hand have always been very highly valued. If your own imagination is not enough to invent an original beautiful small tattoo, of course you can trust a tattoo master.

After David Beckham made a tattoo on his arm on the sketch of a child's drawing of his child, tattoos with a little girl became popular. Images of a mother and child look very touching and beautiful.

The original idea of a small tattoo for a girl on the arm can be a favorite business, work, theme of vacation or travel, because it is not necessary to imitate others, if you can make a really unique and unrivaled tattoo.

Very cool and beautiful tattoos for girls 2021: photo ideas tattoo on the arm in the style of minimalism

Tattoo in blackwork style

A feature of this style is the predominance of black color. Thus, it is possible to put on the shoulder, as a simple geometric figure, as well as a whole picture. Blackwork is also suitable for the restoration of old tattoos. Thus, with the help of a black tattoo, you can skillfully hide an obsolete drawing or add a highlight to the picture.


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