Tattoo chain - meanings, interesting photos on the arm, neck, leg, chest, wrist, sketches

The chain is one of the most mysterious and ambiguous images that can be seen on tattoos. Philosophically, it symbolizes the connection of individual elements-links by a sequence of others, each of which seems to derive from the previous one, and the interdependence within any pair of such elements. The meaning of the chain tattoo is also continuity, infinity, completeness, if for each pair of adjacent links there is a third, uniting them. At the same time, the chain as a material symbol is an object that, according to the context, can carry the meanings of wealth, power and humiliation, power and hopelessness.

The chain: the meaning

Originally, the drawing with the chain was stamped on African slaves. This was done so that they would not escape. And if this happened, it was possible to determine their class affiliation by the tattoo. In this context, the tattoo symbolizes despair, compulsion and deep sadness. The days of slavery are long gone, and later such tattoos began to be imposed on recalcitrant prisoners who repeatedly attempted to escape.

Among lovers it is often possible to meet a tattoo with chains, when one partner puts a picture on the right hand, and the other on the left. With the help of such symbols, a guy and a girl immortalize their love, swear loyalty to each other and promise to be together for the rest of their lives.

In Northern Europe, the image of a ghost in chains was popular. This drawing was a talisman against evil spirits. The ghost was doomed to spend a whole eternity in confinement, paying for his misdeeds.

A chain can be put on people who have committed a grave sin. In this case, the tattoo is a reminder that its owner must remember his deed all his life and atone for it. Such people, as a rule, believe in karma, so they strive with the help of virtue to stifle their sin, so that in the next life they will not be punished.

In Christianity and other religions, the chain was used to wear divine talismans. Such a drawing represents the interconnection of heaven and earth and testifies to the belief in God. With the help of a tattoo with such a pattern, a person receives divine power and is charged with the energy of the earth.

The chain in different interpretations symbolizes:

  • slavery;
  • atonement for sins;
  • hopelessness;
  • disappointment in life;
  • wealth;
  • luxury;
  • liberation;
  • independence;
  • deliverance from guilt.

Symbolism of the image

Celtic-style cross tattoo on the shoulder

The Celts used the sign to indicate the cyclicality and unity of all the forces of nature, and in Africa it bestows the patronage of the gods and power.

Ancient Indians depicted the cross as an attribute of Krishna, and the Chibcha civilization - over the cradles of infants, so that the symbol protects them from dark spirits. The Chinese called the symbol a stairway to heaven. The Tengrians even tattooed the cross on his face as a sign of obedience to the supreme deity Tengri.

If he could not prove his Christian faith, he says, he would not get the distinctive tattoo of the Coptic cross. "The Cave Church, formally known as St. Simon Tanner Church, is located in the hills of Mokattam. To get to this seven-church complex, you have to go up through the community of Coptic Christians known as Zwablain, or "scavengers."

Gerges said that for him, tattooing small Coptic crosses on his clients' wrists is "more than a business; it's a service to my people." For his clients, he said, the tattoos carved into their wrists or hands are also "a way to feel the pain Jesus felt when he was crucified."

The Christian cross, of course, did not emerge without influence from pagan traditions. Originally, the cross was an instrument for torture. But after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, its symbolism was inextricably linked with martyrdom, guilt, death, but at the time with rebirth, resurrection and eternal life.

It is at least within 10-15 seconds that he takes it to make small ink marks, usually on the inside of the right wrists, although some have them in even more visible places, such as on the hand, in the space between their thumbs and pointers.

The Gerg case began three decades ago, but for the Coptic Egyptians it is a tradition that dates back several centuries, although its origins are somewhat unclear. Some argue that it dates back to the 8th century, when monks began decorating their hands with Christian symbols. Others, however, argue that it was seventh-century conquerors who began the practice when a Christian refused to convert to Islam.

Cross on the side of a girl's body

Meaning of tattoos for men

Young men most often choose images of massive chains to emphasize their masculinity, brutality and charisma. Large drawings look more effective and harmonize with a strong male body. A popular image is a wristband, as well as a chain around the neck.

Widespread tattoos with chains used among bikers and representatives of rock culture. Often the bracelets are depicted as barbed wire and various sharp elements. For men, the tattoo symbolizes strength, power, the ability to defend their positions and determination.

Tattoo Chains in our day.

For modernity, the criminal meaning of such a tattoo has become a relic of the past. The image on the skin of chains, chains or a few links has acquired a different meaning. Often they have only a decorative function.

They are applied as a real jewelry chain on the neck area, collarbones, around the ankles, on the wrists. Today not only men can boast of this tattoo - women can also get chains that don't need to be constantly put on and taken off.

A few massive links or even a whole metal product in the biceps area will emphasize the muscle relief and give masculinity. Thin, colored, graceful patterns, on the contrary, will enhance the femininity and fragility of girlish features.

However, not always those wishing to impose a tattoo on themselves to their liking. Today, you can also meet a girl with a powerful chain on her forearm, which is complemented by barbed wire, a rose with spikes and other aggressive elements. Such a choice can mean a complicated character of a lady, hidden under a mask of calm and simple-mindedness.

Meaning of tattoos for girls

Girls most often stuffed with thin chains as jewelry. Drawings can be decorated with flowers, jewels, hearts and butterflies. Recently, the most popular are bracelets on the legs. Such an image looks beautiful and emphasizes the tenderness of a woman's nature.

There are images of chains on which hangs a broken heart. This tattoo indicates an unrequited love or a difficult parting. If a girl has lost her lover, the tattoo communicates eternal memory and devotion.

Features of the location of the tattoo

Choosing a tattoo bracelet, the representative of the fair sex is concerned about the question, on what leg is better to do a girl tattoo, in terms of fashion and style. Here we need to be careful.

In Eastern countries, both legs are considered suitable for tattoos, they are usually performed in the technique of mehendi.

In the West, however, the hallmark of lovers of the ancient profession is a tattoo applied to the right leg. The left leg is reserved for drawings of married ladies.

In Christianity, the cardinal feature is the opinion that the left leg belongs to the devil, so it is appropriate to make a girl a tattoo bracelet on the right leg.

Especially tattoos are noticeable on the beach, so going on vacation, girls tend to stand out from the monotonous crowd in this way. Effectively look different bracelets and in each case look exclusive.

It is important to get a tattoo from professionals who will prompt the subtleties of preparation for the procedure and how to care after manipulation.

The best tattoo bracelets for girls on the hand look here.

Chain with a cross

This pattern is used to express their religious commitment. The tattoo is stuffed with representatives of Christianity. Most often it is done by people who often lose their chains. In order to ensure that the religious talisman was always with its owner, apply a tattoo of a chain with a cross. The symbol plays the role of a talisman and communicates a deep faith in God.

The chain on the neck

A powerful talisman for attracting wealth and prosperity is a gold chain around the neck. Such a symbol is a magnet for success and material prosperity. Tattoo makes a person attractive to the opposite sex, so it is used by people who want to find a soul mate. The tattoo indicates self-sufficiency, self-confidence and solid character. Such people know how to make money and even in the most difficult times will not be a pauper. They follow fashion, choose clothes of expensive brands and love luxury items.

What the cross means

Before choosing a tattoo, it is important to clearly understand what information this image will carry. After all, the picture will remain on the body forever.

The meaning of the cross tattoo on the neck in the Celtic version indicates a developed person's sense of spirituality. Because the cross has no beginning and no end, it is also considered a symbol of infinity.

The image of the iron cross was considered a symbol used by the Teutonic Knights. At the end of the XIX century this symbol was taken for the German military. The meaning of the tattoo on the neck of the cross of this type were the concepts of honor, strength, courage.

Sketches of tattoos in the shape of a cross

To apply the image on the neck practiced the use of the Gothic cross. It was drawn in conjunction with a sword, knife or cloth.

In Chinese culture, the cross is often depicted as a ladder that leads to heaven. Placed in a square, such a sign symbolizes the earth. In Mexican culture, the cross is considered a sign of reverence for the gods of the natural elements such as rain and wind.

The meaning of the cross tattoo is also a symbol of the cosmos. The meaning of the divided space is a sign of the four phases of the moon, the four elements, the four sides of the world. At the point where the intersection of these elements and life is born.

According to the Egyptians, the meaning of such an image could be considered as immortality, or the key that opens the way to the comprehension of divine truths.

In the Christian interpretation, the cross is considered a symbol of certain religious beliefs. In the Latin version, it can be depicted as wooden, with an obligatory crucifix.

Religious subjects

Broken chain

The tattoo with broken chains has a special meaning. The owner of such a tattoo feels liberation from the burden of guilt for the evil deed committed. He finally got rid of the past and is ready to live in the present moment. The tattoo symbolizes purification and redemption.

On the other hand, broken chains represent inner freedom, getting rid of other people's influence and independence. These tattoos can be given to people who have worked all their lives for one person and unconditionally obeyed him. They could not imagine how they could live any other way, because they were under a strong influence. The broken chain is a symbol of happy liberation, a new stage of life and a happy future.

Meaning of the location of the tattoo

This image is considered universal, as it can be placed on many parts of the body, up to the fingers. The cross is compact and concise.

Deciphering the meaning of the cross can be considered the meaning:

  • Life;
  • suffering;
  • beginning, rebirth;
  • destiny, the path prepared for man;
  • honor and nobility;
  • spiritual development;
  • cyclicality, eternity, immortality.

If a person decides to put the image of the cross on his neck, he confirms the idea that he is at the mercy of fate.

A chain on the wrist

Such a wrist drawing is a sign of a tough character. The owners of this tattoo have clear convictions in life and hardly perceive another's point of view. They tend to believe that everything in life can be bought. Such people know how to make money, but they can use other people to do so, without regard to their interests. Good relationships can establish only with those who obey them.

Sketches of tattoos on the leg for girls

Determined with a place for a tattoo and carefully analyzing what techniques are preferable to use in this area, you can proceed to the selection of the sketch.

The coolest tattoos and sketches are performed in the following techniques:

  • Minimalism;
  • Ethno-style;
  • Contour or silhouette;
  • Linework.

You should also decide in advance whether the tattoo will be large or small, colored or black and white. In order to quickly decide, you should read the following options for tattoo designs on the leg for girls.

Original minimalism

Minimalism implies any size tattoo. Its distinctive feature is a small number of elements in the sketch. Often such work is done in one continuous line.

Also belong to the minimalist works in the style of linework or Dotwork. Among other things, minimalist tattoos can be complemented by colored elements or be completely multi-colored - to taste.

Stylish drawings in ethnic style

Ethnic style in tattoos appeared long ago, but gained popularity relatively recently. Ethnic tattoo refers to the presence of Celtic or Slavic patterns.

The most stylish subspecies of the ethno-tattoo can be considered mehendi.

Also very popular is the image of a dream catcher. By the way, dream catchers can be made in two techniques: ethno + minimalism.

The inscriptions with meaning on the leg

The inscriptions on the leg is the type of tattoos, which must necessarily contain a certain meaning. Inscriptions are made in different languages: Latin, English, French, Italian, and Russian.

Most often, the words are inscribed describing the girl (strong, brave, loving) or the names of her loved ones and family members. Also, most inscriptions contain anniversaries.

Fashionable silhouettes for mini tattoos

Silhouette is a type of linework and minimalism. Mostly the outlines of animals or female forms are chosen as silhouettes. A distinctive feature of silhouette tattoos is the absence of colored elements.

And in most cases, such a tattoo is performed in one solid line and painted with black paint.

Cool big and delicate small tattoos

Not only technique matters for the choice of a worthwhile tattoo sketch on the leg. The size here also plays not the least importance. Basically for a drawing on a woman's leg will suit or large, or small sketches. Medium sized ones are quite rare, as they fit very few people.

It is worth considering that small objects in the original size should not be made too large. While large ones are allowed to be made smaller.

Spectacular color and black and white designs

The color of the tattoo is also very important. Depending on the chosen technique, you can determine whether the tattoo will be colored or black and white. Both options are in fashion. However, the most stylish solution is considered a combination of black and white and bright colors in one tattoo.

For example, the main part of the tattoo is stuffed with classic black, and additional elements with colored paint.

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