105+ fabulous Alice in Wonderland tattoo design ideas 2021

Alice tattoo in Wonderland

Tattoo Alice in Wonderland - Perhaps the most interesting and insightful cartoon tattoos. No wonder they are so popular, as this fairy tale is beloved by children and adults alike. It has been adapted dozens of times. And everyone sees something different in the image of these fairy tale characters.

A bit of history

The book called "Alice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland" was written in 1865 by the famous classic Lewis Carroll. This work influenced all modern literature. From its first publication until today, this tale has never stopped being published. It has been translated into 97 different languages and sells large copies worldwide.

In 1951, Walt Disney animated this fairy tale. The cartoon became very popular with children, because it helped them adapt to adulthood. Many sketches of Alice in Wonderland tattoos are taken just from this cartoon. To this day, this animated film is considered one of Walt Disney's best creations and a model of classic animation.

In 2010, the story of Alice again appeared on television, its creation was the work of director Tim Burton. This film was a huge success, so in 2021 came out a sequel titled "Alice in WonderlandAlice in the Looking Glass" directed by James Bobin.

The book

Many of the stories have several different adaptations, giving fans lots of interesting ideas. For example, Alice was first introduced in the Lewis Carroll books with illustrations by John Tenniel. These iconic images have been recreated on various products and people, as seen in the example.

What you can see in the tattoo is that the scenes from the book are framed with beautiful frames that are not necessary, but make this work really stand out. In addition, this example shows two scenes at once, one at a tea party with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, and the other with the star of the story himself.

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The meaning of the tattoo Alice in Wonderland

If you are interested in Alice in Wonderland tattoos, most likely you are a fan of classic fairy tales and movies. For many, they serve as a reminder of childhood, or rather of a lost childhood. Both the movies and the book bring up the theme of a confused child trying to adapt to the adult world.

An Alice in Wonderland tattoo will help you immortalize the memory of your childhood, as well as being a reminder of your pristine innocence and genuine curiosity.. You can use this theme tattoo as a keeper of your inner childhood, which will not let you grow old with your soul.

Alice tattoos can serve as symbols of The inner search for knowledge and journeys of self-discovery. Especially these tattoos attract lovers of psychedelic substances. A tattoo such as the mushroom from Alice in Wonderland perfectly demonstrates the connection between the outside world and the inside.

The meaning of the Alice in Wonderland tattoo from the movies or fairy tale of the same name can be explained in the words of the editors of the book:

Alice is involved in a romantic search for her identity, growing up, understanding logic, the rules of the game, power, time, and death.

Although many people prefer Alice in Wonderland tattoos reflecting general themes, some individuals find personal resemblances to very specific characters in the fairy tale. A tattoo of a character from a fairy tale allows you to express a person's character traits, to point out certain characteristics.

For many, images from Alice in Wonderland are great tattoo designs that will symbolize the inner quest, the confusion of growing up, the retention or loss of the inner child.

Explore popular motifs for Alice in Wonderland tattoos and discover the hidden meaning in each one.

Cut off her head.

The Queen of Hearts is an infamous villain, and some are true fans of her. For some, she is the ultimate inspiration and they perform tattoos depicting her.

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This rose, which is colored red, just like in the fairy tale, and it has the popular inscription of the queen "Cut off her head!" on it.

Alice in Wonderland tattoo ideas

Alice. The most popular character for tattoos of the theme in question is directly Alice herself, who is the main character in the fairy tale. Regardless of your personal preferences in tattoo styles, you can always find a suitable sketch of Alice in Wonderland, ranging from the portraits of the girl traced to the colorful cartoon images in the style of New Skool.

Cheshire Cat. At the link you will find 60 photos of tattoos of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. This character can also be depicted in many styles, including black-eye and watercolor. As for the meaning of the Cheshire Cat tattoo - it is a symbol of a guide, as this character accompanied Alice on her journey and gave her valuable advice.

White rabbit from Alice in Wonderland is also a favorite tattoo sketch. You can find a lot of meaning in this tattoo. The white rabbit from the fairy tale can be seen as a kind of catalyst for Alice's spiritual awakening, which leads her down the rabbit hole, symbolizing the search for knowledge. Thus, one of the meanings of the Alice Rabbit tattoo is the personal search for enlightenment.

«We're all crazy here." is one of the most popular quotes from Alice in Wonderland by the Cheshire Cat. Many people prefer to tattoo this quote specifically with the Cheshire Cat, although some get a tattoo of just one phrase.

Mad Hatter.. Whether you use a portrait of Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter or an image of the character in a Disney cartoon, such a tattoo will always look relevant. The Mad Hatter tattoo can be presented in many styles and images by changing the motifs of his hats, sleeves and other details.

Absolem caterpillar - Another motif for the Alice in Wonderland tattoo. It can be tattooed in a variety of styles, from Disney colorful pictures to realism. Absolem will always be a recognizable and symbolic character in the Alice story.

The Queen of Hearts Would make a great sketch for a tattoo. Many people prefer to take a portrait photo of the character of actress Helena Bonham, who played the Worm Queen in the movie, as a sketch. Equally popular is the image of the queen from the Disney cartoon.

A tattoo of a clock from Alice In Wonderland. The clock held by the White Rabbit is one of the most important symbols of the fairy tale. The clock symbolizes the meaninglessness and non-linearity of what is happening to Alice. The clock tattoo can be combined with Alice's winged phrases. The Alice clock tattoo looks great in black and white, but modern color options also have their place.

Sonia's tattoo from Alice in Wonderland symbolizes the working class or proletariat, unable to change their status in life, and working hard for a chance at a better life. This interpretation of the meaning of the Sonia tattoo allows us to make it a symbol of human awakening and changes taking place. If you are looking for a small but deeply meaningful tattoo from Alice in Wonderland, Sonja is a great fit.

Humpty Dumpty - An Alice tattoo that is unusual and wacky. The Humpty Dumpty tattoo, usually printed in a classic style, is able to convey much of Alice's story. A character in the tale explains the importance of language and naming things.

Tattoo Alice falls down the rabbit hole. If you are looking for a profound Alice in Wonderland tattoo, this motif would be a great choice. In the fairy tale, Alice's fall symbolizes her knowledge of the unknown and her spiritual awakening. Thus, this tattoo will be a symbol of a spiritual journey and a reminder of the journey that was taken to achieve the goal.

Curious oysters. - characters from a fairy tale, symbolizing the horrible way in which adults use made-up stories to king their children. For those who want to keep their inner child, the curious oyster tattoo will be a great reminder of how children's stories changed their path of self-discovery. The oyster motif works beautifully in a variety of styles and color schemes, and embodies the very essence of what Alice in Wonderland was achieving.

Character of the male possessor.

Hares and rabbits were distinguished by their dexterity, cunning, quickness and vitality, and vigilance. But the innocence of the animal on a man's skin can also hide other qualities:

The symbol of Playboy magazine is the big-eared rabbit, who loves a beautiful female body, earthy pleasures and eroticism. The owner of the "hare" tattoo - clearly a connoisseur of ladies' charms, connoisseur of love games or wants to seem that way.


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