Why in Ancient Greece the laurel wreath became a symbol of victory

The sweet taste of victory, deafening applause, world fame and rapturous cries of admirers in honor of conquered peaks and new open horizons ... All this is inextricably linked in our minds with such expressions as "to win the palm of victory," "to be kissed by Fortune" and "to put a laurel wreath on your head. All this has become so familiar and commonplace to us that few people think about the meaning of these words at all, much less delve into the history of their emergence. Nevertheless, it is the realization of the simplest truths that often turns out to be one of the most difficult tasks, and therefore it is very important at times to understand the essence of such.

Addressing Flora

Like many other realities of our modern life, the concept of the "laurel wreath" dates back to ancient Greece, to the very origins of our cultural traditions, beliefs and views on art and the world in general. You don't have to be a biology major to understand what this expression actually refers to.

laurel wreath

The name of this object is quite obviously connected with one of the most ancient symbols borrowed from the world of flora - the laurel tree, widespread in the Mediterranean. However, the history of the origin of this symbol is much more complex and romantic. In order to understand the essence of the meaning, we should turn to Greek mythology.

The plot for good luck in everything

Since the laurel is considered a plant of winners, it also carries a charge of success and victory. Many ambitious people use the laurel leaf to attract good luck and success in work and personal life. What is needed to perform the ritual. You need to take a large white candle and a piece of paper with wishes written on it.

The candle is lit and dripped on the sheet of paper so that the written words are in a wax circle. A large, beautiful lava leaf is placed on top of the sheet. Such rituals are performed during a full moon.

While the ritual is being performed, a conspiracy on the laurel leaf is read:

Call upon the heavens and spirits of higher ranks to hear me and help in realization of your plans. I am attracting luck, I am winning, I am going out, I am securing wax with a laurel leaf, I am turning fortune to me. All my cherished dreams will come true and my wishes will come true. As I said, so shall it be. From now on and forever and ever, good luck will accompany me in my affairs. So be it!

After the incantation has been pronounced, the candle must be blown out. In the light of the moon, roll up a leaf in an envelope so that in the middle there will be a plant. The candle will be in your pocket or in a purse. In this case, you must not forget to repeat your wish periodically in your heart. Soon, all conceived and wished will come true.

make a wish on a laurel leaf

The connection with the gold-blooded god.

For a person who understands antiquity, the laurel wreath is inextricably linked with the name of Apollo - the son of powerful Zeus and the goddess Leto. Traditionally, this representative of the Greek pantheon is depicted as a handsome young man with a bow in his hand and a harp behind his back. Because of his amazing beauty, grace and virility, he is considered to be a kind of ideal of masculine stature and appearance in general. And Apollo's head is adorned with the famous laurel wreath, whose appearance is associated with a romantic but tragic love story.

How to make a wish on a laurel leaf

In order for the laurel to help, an odd number of leaves are used. They are placed in the palm of their hand and addressed as a person. When they have finished speaking, they feel a sense of relief.

The magician lives in all of us. If you didn't know it until now, perhaps it's time to discover it in yourself. You don't need a magic wand, a hat with a tassel, a chicken paw, or cryptic words that put all the uninitiated in awe. The wizard lives in all of us. If you didn't know it until now, maybe it's time to discover it in yourself. You don't need a magic wand, a hat with a tassel, a chicken paw, or cryptic words that awe all uninitiated people.

Magic can be done anytime, anywhere. All you need is a positive attitude and faith in your abilities. For fulfillment of a wish any subject, any situation can serve as the magnificent tool.

For example, a laurel leaf, which is in every house, can be a banal aromatic spice or a dried exhibit in a herbarium. But you can arrange for yourself a magic ritual for the fulfillment of a wish with a bay leaf.

Make a wish

In fact, there are quite a lot of proven magic rituals. You can always choose something to your liking. But there is one secret. The laurel has a rich history and it has long been attributed witchcraft power. Therefore, just holding a bay leaf in your hands, you can already be sure that everything will work. It is not necessary to adhere exactly to conditions and recommendations. Show imagination, think up your own ritual, because the main thing in this case is faith. The only condition which is necessary to observe always and in everything: DO NOT HURT. This time, you must not direct your desire against someone, it shouldn't be negative, vengeance, ill-will and bad thoughts. Otherwise, everything will return boomerang to its beginning. This is how not only magic works, but also everything in our lives.

So, step one is to think of a wish. It must be squeezed within the limits of reasonableness.

Next, choose yourself a beautiful large laurel leaf - it should look imposing and inspire respect, because it is the mediator between you and the heavenly chancellery.

Now you need to think hard again, and write down your wish on a laurel leaf. Some advise making the inscription in gold or silver. But if there is no such ink, and you can't wait, then any pen will do.

And now there is very little left - to burn the laurel message and let the smoke go straight to the right place. You can decorate all the action very solemnly: white candles, music and a bowl for burning, and then you will have a feeling of satisfaction and confidence in the result.

If you want to make a wish with a laurel leaf, you must use it in order to get a good result. You could say it's an express method of getting your dreams to their destination. All you have to do is to grind a laurel leaf in your hands, breathe in the spicy smell deeply, and on the exhalation say out loud your wish.

You can perform these simple laurel rituals whenever you want. But connoisseurs advise to wait all the same for a suitable day, when nature itself will be most conducive to the fulfillment of the desire.

On the new moon and the rising moon, it is recommended to make all sorts of acquisitions, and after the full moon, on the waning moon, on the contrary - to get rid of anything.

Full moons are very special days of the month. All rituals and ceremonies acquire power with a "plus" sign. On a full moon, it is good to start a new life, move, repair, start new projects and perform money rituals. You can make a wish on a laurel leaf during a full moon, but be careful with your wishes. They tend to come true.

Meditation on Wealth

The Arrow of Eros

According to the myths, the beautiful son of Zeus, in addition to his keen eye and the gift of foresight, also had an excessive egotism, for which he later had to pay the price. Eros, who had decided to teach Apollo a lesson, pierced his heart with a magic arrow of love, and the young man fell in love with Daphne, daughter of the river god Peneas.

Fate was not kind to the beautiful god, and the girl did not share his feelings. Obeying the anguish of his heart Apollo ran off in pursuit of Daphne, but was never able to catch up with her. Exhausted, the nymph cried out to her father asking for his help and salvation. Peney answered her beloved daughter's plea in a very peculiar way - Daphne's thin waist was covered with bark, her hands turned into branches stretched to the sky and her hair was replaced by green laurel leaves.

Laurel wreath meaning

Realizing that he was not destined to be with his beloved, the son of Zeus wove a wreath to remember his undivided love for the beautiful nymph, which later became his symbol and permanent attribute.

The laurel leaf is often a symbol of wealth and prosperity

That is why laurel branches are often hung around the home or workplace (office, store, workshop) to attract customers and money flows into the business.

It is not uncommon for a laurel leaf to be present in a person's personal belongings, for example, in a purse. So you can attract success, which will accompany not only in business, but also in work.

Laurel career amulet (job search)

1. To create an amulet that helps you find a job, it will not require any serious effort. One laurel leaf will be needed. Its magical properties will strengthen three seeds of cardamom. Take a sprig of rosemary - fresh or dried. All elements of the future amulet should be placed in the middle of a scarf of green color. Instead of the handkerchief, a simple scrap of fabric will do. Corners of the handkerchief should be assembled together, wrap the ribbon around. It should form a knot. If you have a good dream, you will be able to use it as a talisman, and if you have a good dream, you will be able to use it as a talisman for a good dream. The magical properties of the laurel leaf for a career are also difficult to overestimate - this plant brings prosperity.

2. Another ritual that helps you find a job has gathered many confirmations of its power. It must be performed only under a new moon. You will need a sheet of paper, on which you need to write the desired position and the amount of salary. Then the sheet is torn into small pieces, mixed with crushed laurel leaves (for this rite, the laurel must be dry). This mixture should be placed in a beautiful ashtray and set on fire. The cooled ashes should be wrapped in a banknote, the more its value, the better! Carry such a talisman in your purse or wallet.

Many athletes carry a laurel leaf even before the results are announced in competitions, which they believe brings victory and prosperity in the competition, as well as recognition and a self-sufficient life.

But if you came to a job interview with a laurel amulet, and you were still rejected, don't despair! It's just that the laurel leaf saved you from a place that wouldn't have done you any good. The magical properties, the reviews of which are surprising, are manifested as quickly as possible. Those who have already tried themselves in the role of a magician, assert - the laurel works without fail! To do this, it is necessary to imagine that the desire has already come true, and not to sit around waiting for a miracle!


Ritual for achieving the desired with the help of a laurel leaf

In the ritual, which is performed in the Full Moon, the key role is played by the number 3. For magical action, it is necessary to prepare three laurel leaves, paper and a red marker.

You should write down your cherished dream three times on the prepared paper and also express it out loud three times. Then fold a sheet of paper three times, put leaves of laurel in it, and again fold it three times to make a small roll.

The bundle with leaves is hidden from prying eyes. This magic wand is necessary for any person who wishes to attract and receive good fortune, for example, a drunkard. In order to strengthen magic, it is also possible to visualize a ready result. When the wish will be executed, it is necessary to take out a package and burn it. While it burns, thank the Higher forces for realization and assistance.

The main rule for creation of an effective amulet is that the plant must be fresh. If it is not possible to get the leaves, you can use a small but effective cunning - put a few drops of bay essential oil on dry leaves. And it is important to believe in the magical power of the evergreen symbol of success and victory, and also to want something badly.

A pledge for money with a laurel leaf

1. In order that financial difficulties bypassed your life, you should carry out a certain ritual. You will need to take in your hands a dry plant, put on it a couple of drops of essential oil of orange. Imagine in your mind how the wallet is filled with money bills. After that, it is required to put the leaf in the wallet. Oil can be applied to the remaining leaves and placed in those places where money is often kept. For example, in a chest, closet or nightstand. It is important to buy exactly orange essential oil, because since ancient times it is considered a magnet for wealth and money. Such money traps can be prepared by anyone.

You can distribute a peculiar home amulet to all the household members. Experts say that the laurel leaf is the strongest money magnet. Such rituals attract money streams, and stimulate a person and himself to learn how to earn good money.

2. To have money in the house, there is one more ritual, for which you must take seven large and undamaged leaves of a plant. The leaves should have long stalks. You will be able to make money with the help of a candle. Tie either a banknote or a coin symbolizing money energy to the thread. Such a peculiar amulet is hung over the front door with the words:

Power of the laurel, call to my house grace and good luck! Money into the house and poverty out of the door.

Such incantations are best read on a rising moon, sitting alone and in silence with a lighted candle.

Then place the amulet created with your own hands over the doorway in the apartment. It will be useful for creative people.

This evergreen tree or shrub is a truly unique plant. Thanks to the laurel, a person can not only satisfy his gastronomic desires, but also find good luck in many aspects of his life. Conspiracy on the laurel leaf can be strengthened if you perform it with sincere faith and pure thoughts. Positive attitude on the success of the event will provide good luck in magical rituals.

Conspiracy for money on a laurel leaf is best done and read on a growing moon. It is believed that it is in this phase, open streams that contribute to an increase in profits and material well-being.

3. There are many rituals that are used to improve financial well-being. Among the strong conspiracies for money and wealth, this laurel leaf conspiracy is more effective, so it is widely known among many people.

To have money and not to transfer money everyone dreams. It is not difficult at all to make a laurel magnet, which will attract income. Here again the magic number 3 comes in handy.

It is simple: it is enough to sprinkle or rub three laurel leaves with orange or patchouli essential oil, and the talisman is ready. Now magical leaves should be placed in money places - a purse, a safe or a cherished box. Presence of money magnets should be kept in secret. If you wish, you can renew them from time to time during a full moon, but you should not move them from place to place.

If financial contributions are urgently needed (to pay off a debt, pay off a loan or buy something), the laurel leaf will help to get the necessary amount of money. For this purpose, prepare a note with the figure we need and seven coins of any kind. The note is folded and placed in an opaque jar, preferably a tin one.

Then, with a ringing sound, one coin after another is thrown into the tin, and at the same time, utter a phrase:

Sparkling coins, coins ringing, more and more I have them. The coins come, whence I do not wait, from now on I know no more need.

Next, we put three laurel leaves inside and close. The magnet for attracting our amount of money is ready. Every day throw into it any coins, in any quantity. After two months, you can use them, and bury the note and laurel in a secret place.

4. If you have an important deal or discussion with your superiors at stake, you can also talk a leaf, as in the case of a house. Take a twig and tell it all your wishes. Most importantly, take it with you to the deal! The laurel will do everything so that circumstances will allow you to complete it successfully. It is quite possible that the result will exceed your expectations.

5. Do you want your boss to be kinder to you? A laurel leaf will also help. Take a photo of our boss, talk to the bay leaf for good and warm relations and wrap it around the photo (if you have leaves, then put the photo on a layer of leaves). In this way, the bay leaf will influence the person, and in your case, the boss. Believe me, soon the promotion will come to you too!

Fortune Pursuance

Laurel and other peoples

The profound meaning and power of this tree was not only for the Greeks and Romans, who inherited their traditions. The laurel wreath had other meanings as well. For example, in ancient China it symbolized eternal life and rebirth.

laurel wreath symbol

In the Christian tradition, the tree is almost inextricably linked to the funeral ceremony, as laurel wreaths were used, as a rule, at funerals.

The laurel in early Christians

Early Christians borrowed many symbols from ancient religions. The symbol of triumph, the laurel branch, was also not forgotten. In the aesthetics of early Christianity, the laurel symbolizes chastity, purity, health and longevity. Its evergreen leaves were the best symbol of eternal life, which would come after the atoning sacrifice of the Son of God. Christ was also often pictured with a laurel wreath as the one who had conquered death. Some early Christian martyrs were depicted with laurel wreaths. The laurel was also revered as a plant, universally used in medicine and in cooking. In an era when spices were valued by weight of gold, laurel leaves were indeed a precious gift that could even be presented to a king.

Transformation of Meaning

It is no secret that the ancient Greeks, and later the Romans, placed great emphasis on sports, staging numerous games and grand contests. Decorating the head with a laurel wreath as a reward was in those days available only to outstanding wrestlers or, for example, javelin throwers.

Nevertheless, times change and traditions change along with them - in the modern world, not only athletes, but also outstanding figures of culture, art, science and even journalism are now and again honored with the privilege of crowning their heads with a wreath of laurel leaves.

laurel wreath symbol of victory

The biggest difference is that today it has become more of a common figurative expression than an actual material embodiment of the victory won. Nevertheless, medals, cups and diplomas decorated with this plant ornament today cannot be called a rarity at all. This symbol of victory, which originated in the remote Antiquity, has survived until our days, transforming over time without losing its greatness.

The magical properties of the laurel leaf

Magicians and sorcerers are well aware that the energy of the aromatic tree serves as an excellent complement to rituals and ceremonies. What are the magical properties of the plant earned such popularity in the magical world? So:

The laurel perfectly protects your apartment from otherworldly forces, negative energy and unwanted guests. The laurel leaf as a talisman for the house is very powerful. To get its support, for each corner of your dwelling, prepare one sprig. In addition, this simple ritual will help you to keep family harmony and come to a compromise in disputable situations.

If you want to have a good time, you will have to make a decision about the time of your trip. This will keep you from dangerous contacts.

♦ A magical laurel leaf will fulfill any of your dreams. On a large and undamaged leaf, write down what you are striving for and immediately burn it.

The magical spice changes destiny and promotes personal growth. Tell to laurel your wishes, your innermost thoughts, while rubbing it between your fingers. You will succeed - believe me.

A wonderful helper for insomnia, for sleep disorders, for nightmares. Put a few leaves under your pillow, and soon your sleep will be the envy of you. Choose a large leaf for this purpose. Sleep will improve noticeably, becoming stronger. After waking up, a person will feel a burst of vitality and energy. The laurel will transmit a great mood.

The laurel leaf is often put in a purse to attract money streams, braided into bundles and hung over a door to protect against evil forces. For the same purpose, the smoke of the laurel leaf is used to smother the rooms.

♦ If there is a sick person in the house, it is recommended to place the leaves under his mattress or bed.

If there is a difficult question to which you can not find an answer on your own, you must put leaves of laurel on a saucer and put under the bed, in the area of the pillow. For three nights, be sure to have a dream that will give insight into how to get out of this situation.

In a house where quarrels constantly occur, it is necessary to plant a tree of laurel. It will absorb the negative energy and help the household to find common ground. It works especially well when representatives of several generations live together.

People who have magical and psychic abilities also often turn to the plant for help. It is believed that it is necessary to chew a leaf of laurel for several minutes to activate all your abilities.

If you hide a bundle of laurel under your entrance mat, it will attract a lot of luck to your house, including financial luck. And the pleasant smell will drive away all demons and evil spirits from the door.

A plant can even help with work! With the help of a special ritual on a new moon, you will find a great place with a high salary (about the ritual a little below).

The laurel is a money magnet. Rituals with a laurel leaf change your financial situation and help you feel stability and independence.

As mentioned above, the mystical energy of the tree can attract a good job. More specifically, the laurel will guide you down the right path in your search for it. It is important to understand that if you are going to lie all this time in front of the TV, chewing a packet of chips, all magic will be powerless here.

symbol of wealth

Locations and application technique

Thanks to the ideal structure of the leaves, the plant composition on the body looks flawless. Symmetry of oval leaves does not lose its strict beauty in a bent state, the most graceful drawing looks in black and white graphics.

Masters choose the linear geometry of blackwork, the art of minimalism, the detailed drawing of dotwork, the airiness of linework patterns, the style of ornamental symbolism.

The restraint of color works with the predominance of green surrounded by silver or gray decorative elements attracts special attention. The regular shape of the almond-shaped leaves without branches effectively shades the blackness of the alphanumeric inclusions in the tattoo area. Among the original additions of the laurel wreath, in addition to inscriptions, there are sketches with flowers, ribbons, even skulls.

Large tattoos are ordered rarely, but small pictures look great in any place - on the shin or thigh, shoulder and forearm. The image between the shoulder blades and around the neck, at the wrist or the back of the head attracts the most attention.

Before choosing a sketch, the master of the salon will introduce the sketches on the photo, will advise the place where it is more profitable to apply a drawing, not forgetting about the meaning of the tattooed sign for the client.


For women

For men