Tattoo with Popeye the Sailor. Tattoo with Popeye - is it necessary or not? Who is suitable for such a tattoo?

To many, Sailor Popeye became known by cartoons, which began to "spin" in the 30s of the last century. However, few people know that originally it was a comic book character. Naturally, the book character has its own story. For example, Sailor Popeye lived in the fictional town of Sweethaven. The cartoon character also has a family: nephews with the same funny names as his uncle - Pipay, Pupay, Pipay and Pupay. Meanwhile, Popeye's appearance is quite colorful. The strongman himself, in spite of his powerful muscles, is very short - only 165 cm. By the way, despite the fact that Popeye was drawn according to the real person's build, he did not turn out quite proportional. His legs are too short and his arms are too big up to his forearms. He has a tattoo of two anchors on his arms, and in his mouth he holds the unchanging smoking pipe. Popeye often squints at one eye, differently in different episodes. The sailor's name is derived from the English word pop-eyed, which means "moon-eyed. Popeye has a peculiar way of speaking; he constantly "swallows" sounds or mutilates words. Popeye is unusually strong, but in a difficult situation, he eats a can of canned spinach and becomes simply invulnerable.

Sailor Jerry gives Sailor Popeye a tattoo.

Sailor Popeye in a modern artist's interpretation

Tattoo on the forearm of Sailor Popeye, photo from:

In the twentieth century, tattoos depicting Hollywood pumped-up actors (Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger) were very popular. In the period from the fifties to the sixties, the sailor Popeye was very popular. This character was popular among young people for many years and still has not lost it.

The meaning of the tattoo Sailor Popeye

Sailor Popeye was created by cartoonist Elsie Chrysler Segar , and the birth of this character falls in the thirties of the last century. It was then that he appeared in the daily printings of comic books. Later, Sailor Popeye became an adapted character in the series. Also after the invention of computers became a character in computer games.

The sailor's appearance is very interesting - he has disproportionately developed body parts (forearms, calves). There are tattoos on his arms depicting anchors, in his mouth there is a corncob smoking pipe.

He mutilates words when speaking, and eats spinach to gain tremendous strength in critical situations. He also always has one eye squinted, apparently signifying some kind of injury or its complete absence.

For his use of spinach as an empowering food in comic books and cartoons, and for the high popularity of the character among children, several monuments have been erected to him in U.S. cities. This is the result of the promotion of the consumption of spinach, which is high in proteins and vitamins.

Significance for men

It is safe to say that the sailor tattoo is not for the female half. And of course, not everyone will dare to apply such a tattoo. This is quite a serious step.

A man with such a tattoo usually dilutes the image with other nautical attributes, like a ship, an anchor or a smoking pipe.

This is all done to make the drawing more appealing. Such a tattoo in most cases are acquired by people of maritime occupation and with a dense pumped physique, although mostly they do not belong to the carriers of "tattoo-culture". Images of Popeye the sailor symbolize:

  • good luck;
  • success;
  • courage;
  • power;
  • courage.

The meaning of a tattoo for men

Papaya in the tattoo ennobles a man. It softens his character, makes him more romantic, helps to set goals correctly, achieve them quickly and do not go astray in the pursuit of quick profits.

This fruit is intended mainly for couples tattoo. It promotes the formation of a family with a loving and beloved girl, ennobles man's temperament and makes him a model family man, who is ready for anything for the sake of his beloved.

However, the man is soft only in a close circle. In a working environment he is collected and confident. Papaya will help him not to retreat, to choose the most optimal ways of achieving what he wants and, with proper luck and persistence, to achieve success in record time.

Also the papaya in the tattoo sketch will keep the man from temptations. He will not lose his way to his goal, he will not be squandered on trifles. The energy flow of this symbol will always help keep your head clear and your thoughts collected. It will help not to harm yourself or others throughout your life.

Places to apply

The main body locations for tattooing are the back and shoulder blade. Also pumped large men do drawings with a sailor on the hands.

Very peculiar images are obtained where the arm of the sailor passes into the hand of the bearer of the tattoo. The rarest is the image of a hero on his head. This is under the power of only very brave owners of tattoos.

It is desirable to apply a tattoo of a Popeye sailor using a different color spectrum. Also for the best combination of the figure it is desirable to use additional elements in , ships or other marine paraphernalia.

Tattoo of Popeye the Sailor - video

Surely everyone as a child wanted to have a tattoo. We'd look at grown-up guys who were pumped up and we'd be amazed at how cool they were. That coolness came from having a tattoo on your shoulder or some other part of your body.

The idols of the youth of the last century were Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, or someone else. For the 50's and 60's such an idol was the sailor Popeye. Today, he has not lost his popularity, because at this time, many people want to do tattoos with the sailor Popeye.

The meaning of tattoos for girls

Papaya in a tattoo reveals all the brightness in a girl. It enhances her beneficent qualities, opens her to peace and happiness, protects her from the troubles and hardships of life.

In the tattoo, the fruit helps the girl to keep her relationship with the person she loves, brings happiness and lightness to them, does not let her feelings fade away. It is especially effective in paired tattoos with papaya. A girl who chooses to apply the sketch with this fruit on her skin, will definitely be happy in relationships and marriage, they will be long and lasting.

Also a tattoo with this fruit for a girl will play the role of the not unknown bracelet - a red thread. With the only exception - it will remain forever. However, wishes are fulfilled only one by one: it is impossible to load a tattoo with papaya with new dreams-goals before the previous one will be fulfilled.

Also, girls are more susceptible to the "brightening" influence of papaya: they become incapable of evil intentions, deception, and violence. However, in exchange for these qualities, they receive the luck of fortune, which will always be on their side.

Who is Popeye and why does everyone like him?

Popeye is a sailor who first appeared in comics in the '30s. Toward the '40s, he moved into cartoons, where he immediately appealed to a lot of people. He squints his own one eye, most likely injured. He has disproportionate shoulders and calves and has two anchors tattooed on his shoulders. In his mouth he has a smoking pipe made from an ear of corn, which he uses, as we all know, as a whistle.

Young people are fascinated by his great power and strength. He simply manages to lift an elephant, a piano or an entire airplane. Eating just one can of spinach makes him much stronger. It helps him in a critical situation. And it has increased the enthusiasm of kids and teens for healthy food and, specifically, spinach itself.

In the U.S., in the town of Crystal City, which is located in Texas, set quite a big monument of local farmers, dedicated to the navigator Popeye. This is, in its own way, a thank-you for helping to sell spinach.

As you have already figured out, the benefits of the tattoo with Popeye a lot. One-1st, it's beautiful. Many friends will treat you with reverence, knowing that you have such a tattoo. Do you also wish to capture it on your own body? Then you just need to look at the photo tattoo navigator Popeye in the Web and elect more appropriate for you picture.

Who is suitable for such a tattoo?

Certainly, the sailor Popeye - a tattoo is not for ladies. Well, not every young man dare to do for himself such a sketch on the body. In most cases, this tattoo can be found on the dense build of men.

And in particular popular tattoo such as Popeye sailor among our sailors. Although, the sailors themselves, most likely, do not include themselves to the representatives of a particular "tattoo culture".

The fact that the tattoo is only listed as an element of their existence. Making the body tattoo Popeye, many add a picture of an anchor, a grip, a ship, so that the picture looked more fascinating. And it is clear that the "sea" tattoo previously perceived by people not only as a reflection of involvement in this or that profession, but also served as a specific protection for man during the shipwreck. And to this day, many sailors impose for themselves on the body tattoo Popeye, which represents strength, courage and fortune.

The general meaning

Papaya around the world is the patron saint of love and fulfillment of desires, protects against interference of dark forces and evil spirits. It is one of the most powerful conductors of light energy, a strong amulet.

This fruit is capable of beneficially influencing "love" (mostly romantic) relationships between people. In some cultures, a piece of papaya, eaten for two, forever bound the hearts, strengthened the marriage and kindled passion. However, this fruit patronizes only "light" mutual love, therefore it is ineffective in charm rituals.

In this way, you will be able to make a wish, and you will have a chance to make a wish. In the past, ribbons, ropes and vines were tied around its sprigs, thinking of their dreams, and believed that the thing wished in this way would surely come true.

The papaya has retained its significance as a "wish-fulfiller" to this day. It creates a strong energy corridor, which allows you to concentrate on your dream and direct all your forces to its realization: in this way, the dream becomes a goal and is achieved faster. Moreover, one communicates directly with the universe and receives support from it. However, papaya never helps to realize "dark" desires: revenge, harm, misfortune, illness, etc.

As a conductor of "light" energy, it is a strong amulet. It does not allow absorption of a person by dark forces, protects from evil thoughts and vices. However, this fruit is useless in protection from other people: it is not capable to reflect their energy, not capable to harm others. It protects a person only from himself and from evil spirits, facilitates the fulfillment of the life plan and tasks of the universe.

Is it worth it to get a tattoo?

Everyone decides for himself, because everyone is a person with his own worldview. At a glance it is clear that the person doing for himself tattoos, necessarily a creative person. The average person is unlikely to be able to depict any sketch on paper, and on the body he so much the less nothing will turn out. Tattoo artists are creative people. Their tattoo is a complete reflection of their inner world.

Do not be afraid that it will hurt. Will it hurt or not, it depends on the body and the mood of the person. Practice indicates that the procedure is painless, but if the tattoo is applied to the ankle, ribs or elbows, then you have to suffer a little.


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