Meaning of the Lotus Tattoo: Who Suits for Such a Figure. 10 Sketches for Girls and Guys.

Choosing a tattoo is a responsible thing. That is why it is so important to study all the features of the pattern you prefer and understand what exactly it symbolizes. One of the popular is the lotus tattoo, the meaning of which allows you to understand what exactly lives in a person and what his inner world.

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In particular, the image of this flower indicates:

  • That the person has a rich spiritual world;
  • that he is pure of soul and pure of heart;
  • lives or strives to live in harmony with the world.

Pay attention!
In most cases, the sketch of a tattoo depicting a lotus is usually performed in color. The monochrome - or black and white version - is very rare.

If you type "lotus flower tattoo meaning" into a search engine, you can get a few more interpretations. Quite a common explanation - it is the union of light and darkness, the opposite worlds. Due to the fact that the roots of the plant out of the dark depths of the earth, and the petals stretch to the sunlight. That is, the lotus allows you to connect the two opposites, but mutually dependent on each other.

Tattoo lotus: general meaning

lotus tattoo meaning

Flowers have a rich history and deep spiritual meaning. The generally accepted meaning of the plant was formed against the backdrop of different cultures. Philosophers use the flower as a sign of the unity of opposites. They believe that light and darkness, which live side by side, mean nothing separately, and therefore must go shoulder to shoulder. The roots of the plant symbolize the female body: fertile and alive. The symbolic meaning of the lotus is a person who believes in the harmony of the two beginnings of yin and yang. The meaning of the lotus tattoo is on the body of a person who believes in the harmony of the two beginnings, in the yin and yang. In India, the flower symbolizes fertility and femininity. It is depicted as a bowl. It is used for both permanent and temporary tattoos. It is believed that even a henna drawing can have a positive effect on the body and soul.

A symbol of life and love.

The plant's upward rush, toward the sun, persistence - is regarded as a manifestation of life force. Hence the symbolism of birth, love, high feelings as the main value of being.

Meaning of tattoos for girls

Flowers and plants are very popular among women as tattoo designs. Tattoo lotus: meaning for girls is a combination of opposites. In girls who choose such a tattoo, combines energy, calmness, passion, chastity and femininity. In many cultures the plant is considered a symbol of seduction. In the East it was customary to confess one's feelings with the help of this flower or its image. In the east, it was customary to confess one's feelings with the help of this flower or with the help of its image. The most advantageous tattoo of the lotus looks on the following parts of the body:

  • back (in this part you can place both large and small drawing);

lotus on his back tattoo

  • Neck (it is believed that the tattoo in this area awakens creativity in man);


  • lower back;

lotus tattoo on girls back

  • ankle;

lotus tattoo on legs

  • ankle;

lotus tattoo on legs

  • lower leg;

tattoo elbow

  • Abdomen (located near the navel symbolizes fertility);

tattoo meaning of lotus for girls

  • wrist;

lotus tattoo on wrist

  • Chest (found in people who are fond of Eastern culture and religion);

lotus tattoo meaning for girls

  • hips;

tattoo of a lotus on her leg

  • side.

lotus tattoo on hip

Symbol of perfection

The leaves and flowers of the lotus form a circle in shape. This is due to the structure of the plant. And this has led to the emergence of the interpretation of the image as a symbol of perfection, perfect harmony.

The meaning of the lotus tattoo for guys

The meaning of the lotus tattoo for the male sex is deciphered as a willingness to take responsibility for what is said and done. The lotus tattoo adds confidence in one's abilities. In Eastern culture, the sign symbolizes spirituality. Tattoo with a flower could be found before at the monks who took a vow.

Men place the drawing on:

  • hands;

tattoo elbow on hand meaning

  • neck;

What does the lotus mean in tattoos?

  • chest;

lotus tattoo meaning

  • shoulder blades;

lotus mandala

  • shoulders;

lotus meaning in tattoos

  • legs.

lotus mandala

Please note! In a tattoo with a lotus it is recommended not to use a large number of other elements. If you want to add something better limit yourself to 1-2 items. Well combined with plants dreamcatchers.

In combination with carps, the lotus tattoo brings happiness. Such a sign can be called a talisman. The image of flowers together with the dragon will give its owner the qualities of leadership. It helps to find inner strength and pivot. It is believed that Oriental plant shows the high IQ of a person and his logical mind.

Symbol of femininity

A halo of sensuality seems to surround the lotus. Young girls, depicting the flower, fill it with the desire to please, seduce, attract men.

Colored tattoos with a lotus flower

Most often, colored tattoos with an unfolded bud in the shape of a bowl are found among the followers of Eastern culture. Meet such natal drawings can be found among the inhabitants of India and China. The advantage of colored designs is realism. For a tattoo in this style to look good and not to lose its brightness, it is necessary to choose high-quality materials. Savings on paint will lead to a rapid burnout of the colors. In case there are doubts about the color image, it is worth applying a tattoo of a white lotus.

lotus tattoo on hand

Born of mud

So the lotus flower is not only related, as we said, to deities such as Buddha or the Indian gods, whose culture believes that they sit on thrones made of this flower. The lotus flower is a true survival specialist, as its seeds are capable of going hundreds of years without water, only to eventually germinate one day.

In addition, another very powerful symbolism associated with this flower is that it grows in places full of dirt. Attitudes toward the beauty of this delicate perennial flower will change if we see a place that used to be considered damp, muddy and not very attractive. In short, lotuses don't give up, no matter how bad the circumstances.

Mini lotus flower tattoos in the photo

Mini images on the body are more peculiar to women, as they are more peculiar to the aesthetic component. The small lotus tattoo is ideal for application in the neck area, on the wrist and ankles. Combination with geometric figures or ethnic ornaments looks good on the shoulders, the lotus tattoo on the hips and chest can be depicted in combination with other plants. Elongated versions are suitable for application to the forearm or hand. The lotus tattoo on the wrist for girls is an ideal option for the first tattoo. It looks neat on the body.

lotus tattoo meaning

Black lotus tattoo styles and techniques

The black lotus tattoo is a popular option among monochrome tattoos. More often than not, masters draw the black drawing in a graphic style, which is dominated by shadows. The meaning of the lotus tattoo in black is not distorted. Black flower is chosen by people with unconventional thinking and those who have creative abilities. The famous lotus mandala is also performed in black colors. The drawing symbolizes unity with the world around. It helps to find tranquility and harmony. The mandala can be applied in the chest area. It is believed that this is the best place, because it is close to the heart. Pregnant girls are recommended to apply a temporary image with a mandala on the stomach.

lotus mandala

Sketches of tattoos with a flower

The tattoo sketch can be performed in different styles. There are drawings based on the graphics of India, China and other eastern countries. The Egyptian flower symbolizes eternal life. Can be used to protect the soul. Colored lotus tattoos on the hand are now very popular. A variety of shades can convey the mood and spirit of the drawing. Choose only quality materials and a proven master so that the tattoo does not bleed on the skin. Lotus tattoos will never go out of style. Such images will remain a classic in the art of body art.


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