35 Anchor tattoo: the meaning of the symbol on the body in girls and guys

There are many motifs in tattoo art, which have a rich history and deep symbolism. One of them is the sea anchor. These attributes appeared in the time of the Sumerians (2000 - 2500 BC), so they are one of the oldest motifs in body art. And the reasons are clear: such a tattoo not only looks beautiful and spectacular on the body, but also carries a number of symbolic meanings. In this article, let's analyze what an anchor tattoo means, as well as consider female and male sketches and photos of finished works.

Anchor tattoo


Anchor - a symbol of stability and security. Suitable for people capable of maintaining composure and helping others.

Other meanings of the symbol:

  • Strength and tranquility;
  • Resilience to danger;
  • Love of the sea;
  • In religion, the anchor is self-sacrifice.

Anchor tattoo

Prison Meaning

In prisons, the tattoo shows fearlessness and hope for imminent release. The drawing of a broken anchor is a symbol of a grieving person and crumbling hopes - it is stuffed with the loss of loved ones.

Anchor tattoo

Initially, which is very logical to assume, such tattoos were made by people in one way or another associated with the sea. If we look deeper into its meaning, an anchor is a symbol of something permanent, stable and unchangeable.

It can refer to the personal qualities of the person, that is, the one who puts an anchor on the body as a tattoo, wished to show that he himself is a faithful, reliable person, you can rely on him and trust him.

The anchor could also act as a kind of amulet, it turns out that the bearer of such an image is protected from the troubles that may occur in the sea, or simply they will pass for a person with the least losses, but most importantly, the owner of such a symbol will return home, because the amulet as an anchor will pull him back, to his native land.

But this is the historical meaning of this image, now the symbolism of the anchor has undergone some transformation, and, understandably, nowadays, anchors are depicted not only by sailors and people whose profession is associated with the sea.

It turns out that the owners of such a tattoo can become the following groups of persons:

  • People professionally connected with the sea;
  • People who simply like the element of the seas and oceans, living near them, etc.;
  • Young girls;
  • Guys;

As well as people who are presently, or have been in the past, in correctional facilities.

Let's discuss in a little more detail the meaning of the anchor for each category.

Popular Anchor Tattoo Styles for Men

  1. Old school - the most popular;
  2. Engraving - a black and white drawing made with simple lines and strokes;
  3. Realism - simple and crisp, done both in color and in black and white.

Tattoo anchor in the style of old school

Old school is performed in black and white style. The traditional style of application for this symbol:

Old School Tattoo

Tattoo in black and white style.

Black and white is not only old school: Followers of realism often use these two colors to show the sternness of character.

Black and white anchor foot tattoo

Small Tattoos

A small tattoo indicates caution, a reluctance to stand out and an attempt to deal with difficulties alone.

Anchor on the ribs tattoo

The small size of the tattoo is combined with the engraving style and black and white palette, so as not to attract unnecessary attention.

Anchor in couples in love

Also sometimes such images are made by people who are in love and ready to devote their lives to each other. In this case, the tattoo carries the following meaning - the readiness to support each other in all situations, throughout life, to be faithful to each other, not to leave and not betray the beloved.

Places of drawing

The favorite place of application of the tattoo - the shoulder: so it was accepted at the sailors.

Often the picture is printed on the chest, showing the tranquility of feelings, or on the back, as a talisman. An anchor on the thigh of a girl speaks of fidelity.

Anchor tattoo on chest

  • Small tattoos are done on the wrists and legs.
  • Couples put an anchor on their ring fingers as a symbol of fidelity.

Tattoo on a girl.

For girls, such a tattoo can acquire several meanings, most likely, each person himself is determined with the specific meaning that carries for him such an image.

So, speaking of the meaning of a tattoo for girls, the options may be as follows:

Constancy, loyalty, reliability. And we are talking about these qualities in relation to both love and romantic relationships, as well as in general about the personality of the person, his characteristics;

Self-confidence, the ability to fight for their independence hard and strong.

Most often, the fairer sex apply such an image on the feet, back, stomach or on the side. A girl with such a tattoo wants to say that she is not a windy person, she knows how to be faithful, and you can rely on her.

Styles of application

In addition to popular male styles stand out:

  1. New school - repeats the old school, uses a wide color palette

Family Anchor

  1. Watercolor - colorful and passionate manner of execution.

Anchor tattoo in watercolor style

Choice of location on the body.

An anchor tattoo is attractive because it can be applied to any part of the body. Many people do an anchor tattoo on the arm. For example, the model Kate Moss made an image of an anchor on her right forearm and explained her choice by her habit of getting attached to people. And no less popular girl Kelly Osbourne, daughter of famous rocker Ozzy Osbourne, made a similar tattoo with her mother's name - so she expressed her boundless love and attachment to home.

The size of the image can be anything - from a three-dimensional drawing on the arm, thigh, shin, to a tiny image on the eyelids or earlobe. Women and men prefer to make such a tattoo amulet and complement the drawing with various elements:

  • rose,
  • a lily,
  • a dagger,
  • a massive chain,
  • hearts,
  • bows.

As a rule, body art is done in color and the choice of tone is also important. Girls, seeking to express an emotional state, choose cold tones if they seek peace and tranquility, or warm, expressing sociability, thirst for new adventures.

Men, on the contrary, this tattoo shows responsibility, the ability to find the right solution in any situation. The image also gives mystical meaning and makes to protect oneself from various hardships, dangerous situations in life. Be that as it may, the symbol of such a tattoo can be very deep, so it is better to choose a sketch under the guidance of an experienced master.

Color scheme and compatibility with other symbols

In combination with other symbols, the meaning of the tattoo changes:

  • Drawing with flowers - romantic nature, the desire for beauty;
  • Together with the helm - freedom, independence, the ability to act independently;

    Anchor and helm tattoo

  • Combination with a snake - cunning and intelligence;

    Anchor with a snake tattoo

  • In combination with a shark - freedom of the raging sea;

Anchor and shark tattoo

  • The wings show freedom and openness;

Anchor with wings on the back tattoo

  • Anchor with a lighthouse - confidence in the choice of destiny

History of origin

The history of this maritime symbol tattoo goes back several thousand years. It was loved to be stuffed with both brave, bloodthirsty pirates and peaceful sailors constantly sailing in merchant ships, which were often hit by pirate raids. Nowadays, this symbol is popular among members of the maritime service. Sailors assigned this tattoo function as a talisman - a protector from a dangerous profession.

This sign can be seen in the culture of different peoples of the world. In many corners and countries of the immense earth it has left its characteristic features:

  • In ancient mythology representing the world's civilization, this symbol of the sea can be seen in the image of gods, goddesses who had a connection with it. The Greek goddess of sailors is Amphitrite. The Hindu god of the world's waters, guardian of those lost at sea is Varuna. Neptune is the god of the sea with the Romans.
  • In Christianity, anchor images were associated with the sign of the cross. It was raised as a sign of faith in salvation. It later became the symbol of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  • The people of Egypt symbolized the anchor with peace, goodness and spiritual harmony. The contact of male and female, the beginning of life.
  • In India, a deck of divination cards has always been in great demand. One of the main drawings there is an anchor, which has the meaning of a sudden barrier formed in the way.

Nowadays, the anchor tattoo is worn by more sushi people, complementing it with other components, and making different sketches. They give it new meanings without losing the underlying meaning.

Disguising scars

In some cases, the meaning of the tattoo is not so important, because its purpose may be to disguise a certain area of skin. For example, tattoos on scars allow you to hide unsightly scars. Especially attractive this way of disguise for girls. A graceful tattoo will turn a defect into a virtue.

If previously a person had to hide the defect, now he can proudly demonstrate it. It is also possible to get a tattoo on the scar after a cesarean section or after surgery. In this case, the meaning of the tattoo can be individual. For one person will symbolize loyalty to ideals, for another - good luck.

In combination with the cards

1Anchor and RiderAn event that will give the querent pleasure. A professional athlete, a cab driver, a job with a lot of traffic or animals, a job that requires a lot of travel. Letter carrier. Courier. Guide.
2Anchor and Clover.Part-time, part-time, part-time job. Croupier.
3Anchor and Ship.The beginning of the movement after the stagnation. The leader of the tourist group. Forwarder, truck driver. With appropriate cards, this combination can indicate a change of job or residence. Cruise ship. Shipping. Shipbuilding. Captain.
4Anchor and House.Conservatism. Work at home, homemaker, stable job. Real Estate Agent. Broker. Architect, builder. Family life, "home-building". Laying the foundation. Homeland. Sedentary life.
5Anchor and Tree.Medical profession. Work with wood, forests. Lumberjack. Lumberjack. Carpenter. Deep roots, strong foundation.
6Anchor and Clouds.Working with chemicals or gases. Chemist. Work in air traffic. Lingering trouble.
7Anchor and Snake.Professions related to medicine (doctor, pharmacist, pharmacist). Working with medicines.
8Anchor and CoffinDamage due to excessive trust in someone. Unemployment. Working with the sick. A hospice or intensive care worker. A funeral director. A black job. Stagnation.
9Anchor and Bouquet.Artistic creative profession. Working with flowers and herbs, with decorations, textiles and fabrics. Hairdresser, beautician. A practical and useful gift.
10Anchor and Scythe.Unexpected parting. Breaking of a strong bond. Professions related to metal, electricity.
11Anchor and Broom.Journalist. Interpreter or a profession where you have to talk a lot. Police officer. Janitor. A pernicious addiction.
12Anchor and Birds.Telephonist, announcer, DJ. Everyday routine.
12Anchor and Owls.Philosophy, theosophy, history.
13Anchor and Child.Professions with children, school. Maternity leave. Kindergarten teacher.
14Anchor and the Fox.Manager.
15Anchor and Bear.Lawyer. The financier. Warden. Judge. Justice, financial confidence. Powerful support and patronage.
16Anchor and Stars.Fulfilled hopes. Spiritual work or winter work. Astrologer's esoteric branch.
17Anchor and Stork.Midwife. Stewardess. Pilot. Working at an airport or train station. An urge to change.
18Anchor and a DogProfessions connected with dogs. Employees, security guards. Animal breeder.
19Anchor and TowerGovernment work. Post office. School. Hospital. State bodies. Traditions. Naval Academy. Hermit. The Independent Man.
20Anchor and Garden.Public relations, gardener, salesman, restaurant owner, waiter. Toastmaster. Public relations work. Long-standing connections and acquaintances. Community support. Helpful work acquaintances. Beach. Yacht club. Parking for boats and yachts.
21Anchor and Mountain.Success achieved by hard work. A guide in the mountains. Stagnation. stagnation. Limitation of personal freedom, a subordinate position.
22Anchor and Rift.Bus driver. Courier. 2 important themes.
23Anchor and Rats.Unemployment, cleaning related jobs. Garbage disposal. A chronic illness that is difficult to cure. The cards warn you against being too stubborn and meticulous.
24Anchor and Heart.Physician. Professional matchmaker. Deep stable feelings.
25Anchor and Ring.An employment contract. Work in a jewelry store. A lasting alliance. Loyalty. Commitment.
26Anchor and Book.An occupation connected with books or school. Publishing. Educator. Librarian, accountant, security officer, detective, investigator. Traditional Knowledge.
27Anchor and Letter.Late information. Profession in communication. Working with advertising.
28Anchor and Male.A querent or partner with a stable temperament. Conservatism. The workaholic.
29Anchor and a Woman.The Querent or partner with a stable temperament.
30Anchor and Lilies.Family enterprise. Noble lineage, "pedigree," deep aristocratic roots. Legacy.
31Anchor and Sun.Success in a professional field. Work in the energy industry, with electricity, in heating networks, in a boiler room, in a sauna, or in a solarium. Stable success. Restoration of stability. Waterfront, shore.
32Anchor and Moon.Working the night shift. Caregiver. Nurse.
33Anchor and Key.Locksmith. Work in security services. Jobs in research activities. Professions related to metal, computers, IT field. Maintenance.
34Anchor and Pisces.Inheritance. Work related to the extraction and sale of seafood. Food sphere. Banking. Stable income, government bonds, fixed interest rates.
36Anchor and Cross.A heavy cross. A yoke around the neck. Heavy obligations, possibly karmic. Final Completion.

Anchor card pair combinations in Lenorman

Popular compositions.

Anchor is a maritime symbol, because the subjects of tattoos in very frequent cases originate from pirate themes. Particularly in demand are emblems of pirate flags with an anchor and skulls, chests with anchors, or just a single anchor with a piece of cable and a mermaid.

Depending on the style, the image may be cartoonish or close to reality. For example, clients often stuff an anchor with a snake instead of a string, and instead of a mermaid, a skeleton in a pirate hat sits on the anchor. At the same time, the meaning of the tattoo can be completely different. Sometimes the headband of the anchor is supplemented with a bowl with a snake, which is a reference to the doctor's work on seagoing vessels.

Military sailors use the symbol as an identification mark of a particular branch of the military. For example, an anchor with skulls and muskets with Roman numerals was previously used by sailors of the French Special Forces. In the Russian Federation, an anchor with diving gear is used by military divers as a sign of belonging to special forces.


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